February 26, 2011

Am I Done?

Have I/we taught you enough?

Do you still need me/us?

Can you stand on your own two feet?

These are genuine questions. I have other fish to fry. Do you really need me/us to keep banging on about shit you already know?

Or can I get on with it? All you need to know is here, in one blogpost or another.

I can update you on my progress, but it is time you flew on your own. You have wings, and (hopefully) you know where you are going.

Sometimes, most times, to know, is to do.

Can you do, or do you still need some help?

If you can cope on your own, I am superfluous. I am just a fifth wheel.

With your permission, I will fuck off, and do what needs to be done.

This is NOT one of those wanky, needy posts. I don't care if you like me or loathe me. There is no ego here. Never has been. If you need/want me to keep squeezing out these posts, posts which resonate, (and I know they do), then I will keep on keeping on.

Let me know.



Smoking Hot said...

Cap'n ... drop us your e-mail addy.


Captain Ranty said...


You can reach me on captainranty at btinternet dot com


Steakthmode said...

This is my fave blog man - please don't stop! :)

TheVinegarStrokes said...

Definitely the web is a more interesting place to be with your perspective in it. You keep posting things that I haven't thought about when I already think I have a good enough handle on the freeman thing. You are needed here. Keep on keeping on.

Anonymous said...


You have to do what you want to do. Continue this blog if you want to and don't feel pressurized into continuing for others. You've given people lots and they should respect that.

Do what you desire Cap'n as it's no one else's choice but your own.

subrosa said...

Ranty, I agree with Harbinger on this one. It's your life and you have to prioritise it, nobody else.

Mind you, once to twice a week wouldn't go amiss, even if it just directs the reader to a subject you've already written.

But please, put yourself first.

Bemused stare said...

Perhaps just pop in every week or two to keep the blog fresh and welcome the youngun's.

The Mad Bomber said...

Personally, I think it would be a tragic mistake for you to simply stop blogging.

Even if I were to agree that lawful-rebellion theory requires no further elaboration on this site - which I don't, by any stretch - there is still the question of providing readers with status updates on your own situation. At the very least, you should continue to provide updates (as appropriate and in whatever level of detail you wish to provide) as to the ongoing status of your own rebellion.

On another, separate note, I will predict right now that your own rebellious non-payment of taxes will almost certainly culminate in court appearances and a highly contentious trial, and I think you will find having regular postings on this blog will help you in defending yourself. I don't have the time or the space to fully explain what I mean; suffice to say, you could learn a lot from my friend Mr. Clare Pieuk of CyberSmokeBlog.blogspot.com. In terms of his defending himself lo the past 5 + years in a bizarre defamation lawsuit brought by the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF), Clare could teach a university course in using an internet blog to wear down and, ultimately, stop plaintiffs.

MU said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MU said...

Do as you feel is appropriate.

When you sit down and think, what the hell that's fresh am I going to write about now.. that's when I've found it's time to leave.

I only post at EngSec whenever I have something I feel compelled to say on the topic, and not before. Forcing posts is not good method for maintaining writers integrity, imo.

For me, I feel that all non-news blogs come to end - They're an expression of a personal process of learning and staking out new journalistic territory. Although news filter/counter comment blogs can trundle on indefinitely, as Obo said, There's only so many times you can deconstruct it to first principles before it gets tedious. Your blog is not so much that as a compendium and exploration of freemanry in depth, and so I think it would be fair to say that the lifespan of such an endeavour is a measure of subject matter and documentation of application of theory. If nothing else, you have certainly left your mark on the blogosphere and opened up the freemanry avenue for a great many who would have never heard of it. I can only hope that the serious notch you've made in the legal fiction dike is enough to ensure it is washed away entirely in future. Whether you continue CR as a freeman perspective blog indefinitely, or press on to yet unexplored avenues of life, there can be no question that you've accomplished a considerable amount of work on cultural enlightenment, and all you could in what you set out to achieve in the current timeframe (As TPE has observed, there is still fresh ground to tread in documenting your own personal fight against the state). The decision is now yours whether you wish to rest on your laurels, change the nature of this blog as an opinion place that is not strictly Freemanry, or press on with or without CR on your freeman journey. Despite the fork in the road, the blogosphere is certainly a richer place for everything you've written thus far.

Goodbye, and if it is, Farewell. You shall be missed, and it makes me smile to think I've been on something approaching professional terms with a blogger of your calibre.



Sue said...

There comes a point where you just feel like you're repeating yourself and you've probably reached it ;)

However, please don't delete the blog. I often point people to it so they can can get their first lessons in being truly free.

It would be great if you could keep us up to date with your fight against the establishment too. A post now and then will remind us that you're still around and fighting fit!

From the comments above, I think we would all love it if you just didn't disappear completely.


Anonymous said...

Ranty, you live your life mate.

We've been introduced to your way of thinking; it's up to us to choose our path.

When the dreaded long car backs up to your house it's not a dummy run.

Thank you for your rantings and I hope you beat the bastards in the future.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks for the feedback.

Having slept on it, I am not entirely sure that I could give up blogging. I really quite enjoy it.

I was looking for reassurance that you lot weren't nodding off out there. My self-esteem is at a healthy level so it wasn't me I was concerned about, it was you.

I will carry on, but I will endeavour to find interesting stuff for you to read.

Perhaps this subject, and various topics within it, bear repeating.



Sue said...

How about the legalities of the EU? That ties in with the Common Law and we could do with another voice.

PS I don't think we could ever get tired of your blog ;)

William said...

I am amazed you feel the need to ask this old man. Hasn't it clicked yet?
It's YOUR blog and it is ENTIRELY up to you what you do or don't do with it. You are a living breathing human being and you don't need to ask your peers what is the right thing to do!

With that said I know you are trying to wake the herd. But you only have to look at the comments on the census posts around the web to realise the majority see spoiling the census form with silly answers is as much rebellion as they will do. They really do like slavery but are not willing to admit it.
This country's population is too comfortable, despite all the lunacy you have so ably highlighted, most are on the right side of happy so even though they may see and understand what is going on as long as they can get through to retirement without coming to the attention of the self proclaimed authorities they will put up with anything and I really do mean anything the state does to them.
Imagine where we would be now if the Romans had come up with the 'comfortable slave' concept!

It's only when they fall foul of some statute or other or are arrested, fined, penalised, imprisoned for doing something they felt was right will the individual wake up and realise NOTHING in their country is what it seems to be. Most people will pay up to be left alone even though they know they are not really left alone. As long as the wage keeps ahead of the taxes, fines, penalties, licences and any other state run theft they will do NOTHING.

I suppose it can be summed up with...

You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.

I'm not go to advise you or tell you what you should, hells teeth we 'talk' on web pages and for all I know you could actually be some old lag locked up in Belmarsh with delusions of holidaying in Libya and other top notch African destinations. I will say don't ask just do but most of all DO NOT ASK PERMISSION.
Didn't Stefan tell anyone who actually listens "Slaves ask their masters for Permission" the readers of this blog are NOT YOUR MASTERS!


Captain Ranty said...


Good point. The EU bears in depth investigation. I will do more on it.


Captain Ranty said...


I just wanted to know if readers felt that I had said it all or had more to say. It's not really about asking permission. Your (collective) feedback is a barometer.

And I don't think it was ever just "my" blog.

It doesn't matter what I say. What matters is the reaction it gets. I have lost count of the times I have been stunned by comments left here. You guys make me think as much as I attempt to make you think. It really is a two way street.

I asked your opinions out of respect. Nothing more.


Jacobite said...

Capt the blogesphere would be a dull place without your wisdom and wit.

Oldrightie said...

Above all else, Cap'n, do it for yourself. The spin off is it informs others and is one in the eye for the MSM and the elite. All of whom hate blogging. if you like blogging then carry on. The Middle east is a good example of the power of communication. One never to tire of.

Woman on a Raft said...

Well, I like 'em. They send me off on other searches.

The Friday one about West Mids OSU is shaping up interesting, and I wouldn't have known about it if you hadn't said.

So yes, when you feel moved, I appreciate the posts.

Tygereye said...

My first port of call every morning. Would miss it immensely but I agree with the above posters...it's your thing and yours alone.

I'm dead keen on the 'legal fiction' stuff......think I'll give it a go.

The Passenger said...

I'm glad you're not committing to shutting the blog, Cap'n. I do like to have a dig through the archives sometimes and am sure many others do too.

I think, given that most of us frequenting this blog are all awkward sods in one way or another, that for any of us to tie ourselves in to quitting permanently would probably only spur us on to come back again with vigour in the future. We don't even like our own rules ;-)

However, we've all got to do what we've got to do, and even if you only post once a week, twice a month or thrice a year, you'll be free of the pressure of feeling you have to do something daily when family and work commitments are thrust upon you.

So, hope to see you round in the future, Cap'n. In the meantime, be well, and thanks for much useful information and a healthy amount of entertainment too.

Angry Exile said...

As always your choice to make, though as I've said before I for one would hope you stick around with updates. You've said that the information is all here in your blog but perhaps what people need to see, or are waiting to see, is posts about how Captain Ranty kicking arse and taking names, with links at the bottom saying see posts here, here and here for more info on how whatever victory you've just had was achieved. In between those just do as you do anyway and blog on other things. No need to keep belabouring the LR/FotL points if it's getting frustrating. Come back to it whenever or when there's something new to add.

My 2¢ anyway.

GoodnightVienna said...

I haven't read the comments above but I probably agree with them - we'll miss you if you go but do what you have to do. You've done sterling work, had a fantastic following and opened the eyes of many people to the possibilities of FotL and just saying 'no'. If you do go, leave the blog up.

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of this blog even if it does take a long holiday.


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks again.

As long as you are getting something from this I will carry on. It IS frustrating thinking that I am repeating myself, and I condone it because we are brainwashed by TPTB and I think we should fight fire with fire.

As I said, I enjoy writing about this subject and I enjoy producing the random stuff too.

I have not tired of this, but last night I thought that maybe you guys had grown weary.

The blog will stay up in any case. There is a ton of good stuff here (not necessarily mine) that deserves to be left as a reference section for all.


Caratacus said...

Captain, there are few people I hold in any sort of respect - you happen to be one of them. Whatever you decide is fine by me.

But there must be some continuing pleasure to be had in throwing well-aimed mud pies at the wankers in our midst? Believe me when I say that there will never be a shortage of targets. Whether your arm gets tired is up to you... :-)

Ben said...

Might it be an idea to consolidate all your blog posts, comments and all, into downloadable PDF format files so people can have offline access to all this vital information? A lot of valuable information that you have posted in the past gets forgotten about because it's languishing in your archives. Which in turn might be part of the reason you feel you may be repeating yourself all the time.

I consider this blog to be an extremely valuable resource, but as other readers have already pointed out - your priority is to yourself.

DAD said...

CR. If you , or anyone else, wants to pursue the EU have a look at

I am sure that Albert will welcome you with open arms. He needs documents/CDs to be presented to all Police Stations in the UK and to Embassies abroad anent the Treason committed by Heath's government. He has official documents from the Public Records Office, released under the 30 year rule which show (to those of us who have read them) that treason was committed.

richard said...

I'm not weary. Please keep us up to date re: your own experiences with LR, officialdom etc. But in answer to your question, yes, you've provided enough to get people started, and no, there is no point in repeating yourself.
For me, your blog was like this:

Woodsy42 said...

Sorry CR, you will never be done!
As things continue to get stupider and increasingly idiotic there will be more and more people coming along looking for the information, links and perspective you are supplying. You may be repeating yourself but the audience will renew itself.
The question is only whether you enjoy the 'outlet' and you are prepared to keep at it. I hope you do, on both counts.

terry said...

Captain, Plese keep up the good work,i visit everyday and enjoy your blog.well done for all your hard work.

CrazyDaisy said...

took time out today to watch Plymouth consume & consume with Mrs Crazy - we get the msg Lima Charlie bud!

Now is the spring of our discontent - look at the slaves consume and devour - fucking sickening when u understand "the game" and watch patiently from an awakened position - look at the citizens living in their high-rise hutches mortgaged and thinking they're free...

Mate we is missing our pish up, I await your return.


Ancient and tattered airman said...

Timing is all, as they say. There are many people who have still to learn of your site. If you quit now they may never be adequately informed. One of them could even carry your torch sometime in the future. I only stumbled across the site a year or so ago - and I have learned quite a lot from your observations.Quitting is for losers.

Twisted Root said...

CR, you are no more your blog than your birth cerificate is you. It is a valuable resource however, and I for one would miss it.

I repeat what I said last time, just post when you have something to say and resist the pressure to 'entertain'. As another commenter said, there is always the pleasure of taking pot shots at the PTB for their latest insanity.

Andrew Hunt said...

Make no mistake, the majority of the population of the UK are unhappy but don't realise that anything can be done and have no idea your blog exists. The continued success of fighting back will gradually percolate through society, ever more people will join us and then we will win.

You still have plenty to say and an appreciative and growing audience.

Caratacus said...

What Andrew Hunt said too... :)

gareth said...

Previously i said i couldn't be a freeman BECAUSE. now i just say because, and that's progress.