February 03, 2011

One Gurkha Versus 40 Bandits

The gurkha won.

I don't think I have ever used the word awesome on this blog before.

I am using it today.

Go here and read this heroic tale.

This is the man who took on, and beat, FORTY bad guys. Absolutely stunning.

I have a suggestion. Let's sack all those useless coppers and replace them, at a ratio of 1:40 with our retired gurkhas. Naturally, they will not need stab-vests, tasers, truncheons, Health & Safety Guidelines in their top pocket, a thieving group like ACPO to "administer" them, two-way radios, Blackberries, or even blue serge. The gurkhas can dress however they wish. You will never know when they are nearby, armed only with a kukri.

Crime will be eradicated overnight.

Tip of ye olde beret to William for this fantastic story.



microdave said...

"Let's sack all those useless coppers and replace them, at a ratio of 1:40 with our retired gurkhas"

Only as long as they remain on OUR SIDE...

If a few of these guys ever became "Got At" by the authorities we would be doomed!

Sue said...

Actually, I think I read somewhere that they were starting private security firms up in the UK. Homewatch associations were hiring them to patrol their estates and also escort their children to school.

Couldn't get better security!

Anonymous said...

They ARE being hired as security for some car parks. Dressed in suits, very smart and polite. Put's many to shame.
I was a bootneck in the 70's and worked with them, happy memories.

Jacobite said...

Worked with them briefly in the late 60's tough natural fighters, a close affinity with highlanders and they love the bagpipes.

Anonymous said...

I was so proud to have worked with them in the late fifties and early sixties. Told a group of MPs once to hire them instead of the police and all violent crimes, muggings etc would cease overnight. They looked interested but were probably only being polite.

This is one of the reasons I am madly in love with Joanna Lumley.

Dr Evil said...

I read it yesterday. Apparently they were going to rape a girl in front of her parents and the ex soldier decided "No" and did something about it, klling 3 and wounding 8. He gets medals and a reward. A very brave man indeed.

Captain Ranty said...

To be fair, Killem, Phil Woollas always looks like a cunt.

Ampers, puh-leeeeze! We don't need a reason to be madly in love with JL. We just are.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Great story! The soldier on trial should be released immediately and given an award.

Captain Ranty said...

I fully agree.

He improvised, he adapted, and he overcame.

The guy got his head back. (In the end). No harm, no foul.


The Lizard King said...

"Ayo Gorkhali" .

Anonymous said...

Our LibLabCon are terrified that our Gurkha friends would form too much of a bond with the British people.

defender said...

Very good story, but we need our own men to stand now.
A Wow moment and its very good

A Tory speaks out in support of the EDL.



See you in Luton this Saturday for some lawful rebellion

banned said...

Great story. Gurkhas were hired to provide security at a north London IKEA after sales monsters mobbed each other and someone died in the aisles.

A forces medic told me of an incident in the Falklands where he was directed towards a building that had been cleared of Argentinians by a unit of Gurkhas. Each and every one of the enemy had been incapacitated by the Gurkhas (ie cut by knives) but not one had been killed or even seriously wounded. This allowed them to move on and not worry about guarding prisoners.

richard said...

The valiant wee man gets a medal. What do we get? Some Eastender actress telling 10 year olds about knife crime. The only crime here is that the right to carry arms has vanished. Unless you're a politician, in which case you can get the disarmed public to pay for your heat-packing goons.

JuliaM said...

That was a brilliant story. And to think the Labour government wanted to block them from resettling here after Army service, yet was happy to let in the scum and dregs of humanity from every other country...

Caratacus said...

Remember saying years ago that if I wanted a team of bodyguards, would I choose Gurkhas or Italians (the only army in the world with sunburnt armpits)? If I wanted a manager for my chain of shops would I choose a Jew or a West Indian? If I wanted someone to cheer me up would I choose an Irishman or a German? If I wanted a team of diplomats would I choose Americans or Australians? The list goes on. Now is that racist or racialist...?

Back to the Gurkhas - owe my life to two of them. Giants among men.

William said...

Thanks for the link love. The story illustrates how far down the shitter this country has gone. We aren't round the U bend yet though.

My brothers friend served in the Falklands immediately after the liberation and he said the islanders told him that the Argentine conscripts were absolutely terrified of the Gurkhas.

Had our 'intelligence' and generals been a tad wiser they could have inflated the numbers of Gurkhas who were actually there and maybe lowered the loss if life, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Just glad they are on our side and even more glad McSnotty was kicked in the goolies by Patsy.

William said...

On another subject go watch the four videos here. The guy is hilarious, he manages to insult everyone and guess what they all laugh...
Unlike some lazy Mexicans currently occupying MSM column inches!