February 27, 2011

Work. Buy. Consume. Die.



Do it gently, but firmly.

Make a solemn oath to yourself that from this day, to your last day, you will live.

Most of us just exist.

And we, you, all of us, deserve so much more.


It will not hurt. I absolutely guarantee it.


*Tip of the beret to Inquiring Minds where I spotted this great video.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Captain,,, I tend to agree with this very poingent video with the exception at the 4:56 mark.

There is indeed good and bad or better stated good and evil, this is not perception but reality.

I ask all to dare to differ on that when looking at current reality say in Libya, is Qaddafis' actions only perception or is it bad or again, evil?

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

p.s., I wish to know if you can link to 'All Seeeing Eye', I cannot seem to do so here?

Captain Ranty said...


You would need to walk a mile in Qaddafi's sandals.

From his viewpoint, he is the hero. He is the saviour. He has convinced himself that he is good, he is right.

History is littered with people who were convinced they were right. Some were, some weren't.

Perception tailors itself to the individual.

I bet if you were to ask five people who had witnessed a car accident to say what had happened, all five would have a slightly different story.


Captain Ranty said...

Nope. I tried to go there from Max's place but his link is FUBAR.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Ah Captain,,, You use the keyword there "individual" and in the context of self-esteem not how others, be they individual or groups, see them which the video claims to be perception.

That is the difference of which I speak, perception of ones self can be either dillusion or reality but those who see us for what we are is reality.

English is a wonderful language but we all must use it properly in order to communicate clearly.

p.s., I hope Max is OK.

CrazyDaisy said...

Jonah Broon thought he was right and doing good - perfect example of another deluded fuckwit, I would not walk a mile in his wellies, I'd need waders!


Frank Davis said...

Nice music. Bjork? If so, it will be about the first thing by her I've actually liked.

Frank Davis said...

In fact, it's wonderful...

The first bit seems to beJoga by Bjork. The second Goodbye Forever by Arovane.