February 17, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different II

It's been a tough ten days or so. Lot's of posts, lots and lots of visitors new and old, a fair old slagging off for me on various forums, so I thought we'd kick back and do exactly what the bible says we shouldn't do.

Let's go and judge some people.

More specifically, people who get dressed with their eyes closed and then bugger off down to Walmart. (Asda, to you and me).

Toupee shrunk in the wash, mate?

No sense leaving the pets at home, rodent or not.

When you just aren't sure what to wear.


Redneck vittles.

Sexy, non?

All the rage....in Mississippi.

Roo's a pretty girl then?

Now he's just taking the piss.

Did someone put her head on backwards?

And lastly, for GILFers everywhere, heeeeeere's Granny!

If you want more of these images searing into your brain, pop along to this site.



Dave said...

It's not just me then? I always try to avoid ASDA and have done for years. They seem to target the chav market. Deliberately!!

Just think, those pictured probably have sexual partners. Would you like any of them spending a night in your B and B even if they were married?

Captain Ranty said...


I trawled through the first 110 (of 561) pictures to bring you these *ahem* samples, and I doubt I will ever sleep peacefully again.

And now you tell me that they may breed!



Francis Urquhart said...

Just the sort of decline in standards that my government is seeking to redress.

William said...

Not often I stray completely off topic and promote my own site but I was pointed in the direction of Maily Dail story that shows us what happens when the politicians lose control.


Groompy Tom said...

Picture 7.
The only known photo of my good self in existence.

Now, for cultural reasons I will ask you to kindly remove it, CR.

Michael Fowke said...

You hang out with some strange people, man.

Anonymous said...

I thought that was me in the first photo.

Luckily ALL these people are Freemen and Freewomen and dont care one jot what you think of the way they look.

Lets see YOUR picture Freeman CR.

William said...

Anonymous said...
Let's see YOUR picture Freeman CR!

Captain Ranty said...

Ask, and ye shall receive.


William said...

I was meaning how ridiculous someone afraid to sign themselves as anything other than anon demands to see what you look like.

Captain Ranty said...

I know.

I was responding to Anon!

Sometimes I wish they'd make up a name though.