February 11, 2011

Mubarak Fucks Off.

With his $70 billion.

Egyptians everywhere say "It was a good deal".



Angry Exile said...

Now it gets really interesting.

Captain Ranty said...

Yes indeedy. They don't want Unkie Omar, and they won't put up with the military for too long.

I just hope they get what they wished for.


Me said...

How do you tell the Egyptians that hanging fire for a couple of years while proper movements for change with fully formed ideas get themselves sorted to fight a proper election?

Don't let your first proper election for decades be your last for decades.

Captain Ranty said...


They are going to have to work bloody hard to keep the elections clean.

Constitutionally, they have to hold an election within 60 days.

An awful lot can happen in that time...


mescalito said...

the call for the new world currency has happened.


Captain Ranty said...

I saw that.

The cheeky bastard.

Have a look at The Taps blog. He reckons the stars are aligning for a one world currency. (Through engineering and manipulation, no doubt).

Deep joy.


GoodnightVienna said...

I'm glad Mubarak's gone and, like you, I hope the Egyptian people get the government they want. One-world currency has been on the cards for a while - spoken of in secret for decades - and only now coming out into the open. Just like so many other things. Muppets. On past performance the Egyptians won't get the government it wants or deserves, it will only get a semblance of the government it wants. Or they'll be manipulated in some way or another.

Angry Exile said...

I noticed the one world currency yesterday and was halfway to the kitchen for the bacofoil before I knew it. However, once I'd sworn a bit and lightened up it occurred to me in talking to Groompy Tom that they could never prevent two people coming to an arrangement between themselves. The barter economy would always be there, and for that matter there'd be nothing to stop other media of exchange being used if more convenient and if the official currency seems no good (see Going Postal by Terry Pratchett for a fictional example - people start using stamps as a de facto currency). And as other commenters pointed out to me, a single currency hasn't even coped with the difference between the economy of Germany and that of the PIGS. How the hell could a single world currency manage 200 or so economies from Zimbabwe at one end up to the Switzerlands and Lichtensteins at the other? How the hell could you even align and prepare them all for it? It might be attempted but I'd have thought it would self destruct before long. The trouble is I suspect it would also be ruinous in the meantime, though that'd be even more reason for people to go below the radar of the official currency and do as much of their business as possible by barter and unofficial exchange.

DAD said...

A possible candidate for the socialists in the 2012 French Presidential is.....

.....Dominique-Strauss-Kahn (see Mescalito above)

westcoast2 said...

Apparently Swiss banks have frozen possible Mubarak assets.

Let's hope the Egyptians do get a good deal.

On a world currency, TAE makes the point. Of interest is Robert Zoellick, the president of the World Bank, making suggestions about reference point gold.

English Viking said...

On Egypt - I predict about 1 month of relative calm (note the word relative) and then a vicious suppression of all and sundry by the military. This will be followed by the installation of a Islamist dictatorship.

On the single currency. Some seem to think that it could never happen, because if it did, the disparities between national economies would cause chaos in certain countries and ultimately lead to the utter ruin of those nations and their peoples.

That's the whole point, and it's all going along swimmingly.

The death toll will be unimaginable.

Angry Exile said...

EV, that chaos and death might be the result I'll go along with but that it might be the whole idea is the point at which I have foil left over. Well, apart from the Gaiaist loonies, of course. Some of them have actually said they want the population of the world to be capped at a few million, and presumably would like everyone else just to be capped. But the other lot are worse in a way because they're doing it 'in our interests'. They probably do believe it, but they also have the mistaken belief that even a large group of intelligent people, as opposed to the large group of fucking imbeciles we're actually dealing with, can possibly know what's best for 6 billion people. It's less a conspiracy than a shared delusion that the whole world could be made all fluffy and nice for everyone if everything's done their way. You know what the road to hell is paved with? Looking at what we're standing on that's exactly what I see.

English Viking said...


You are (IMO) partially correct in doubting an organised conspiracy, but if I told you what I really think is behind it, you would laugh me to scorn.

banned said...

The Military and the Moslem Brotherhood have been enemies for decades and in any case the MB is a bunch of old guys left behind by the actions of the younger generation, a bit like the old IRA.

The Egyptians are more than capable of producing a secure 'liberal' democracy but 60 days might be too short a time to organise themselves into functioning parties. We should be pleased that there was no sign of the usually customary burning of effigies of Uncle Sam or the Union Flag.

As for the currency thing, before the Euro Italians did use stamps as currency, as well as parking meter tokens and even sweets but that was more to do with a shortage of small change Lire.

Angry Exile said...

EV, I might not take it seriously but I'm not sure I'd laugh. We may have to agree to disagree on intentions but I think we'd both say that the results wouldn't be remotely funny.

Angry Exile said...

Banned, I'd never heard that about the Italians. Regardless of the reason it's interesting that there's a contemporary real world example of this happening in an industrialised nation. The only other one I was aware of is that in parts of Africa call credit can be sent from one mobile to another via SMS and that this has been used as an unofficial currency:

"Recently when the violence in Kenya flared up, pre-paid cell phone cards became the most valuable good around. Most people don’t have monthly cell phone usage plans – they just buy pre-paid cards as they need them. But when the stores and kiosks that sell the phone cards were closed due to the violence, they became really hard to come by and soon, cell phone credit became more valuable than cash."

Funnily enough the Wikipedia article on this reckoned that Egypt was in line to adopt this system. Perhaps the Captain can enlighten us as to whether this has happened? Just curious, not saying it's had any effect on recent events there. BTW, have a look at the Wiki article about the use of this mobile system to pay policemen in the 'Stan. Again, interesting.

Lost said...

Just a brain fart but..

From what I've read the UK, USA & Israel have been propping this guy up for a long time. If so there's obviously a big interest possibly just the worlds largest irrigation ditch, or maybe something more.

Me thinks the real emperor will just change clothes so to speak.

EV The more theory's the better imo helps us all, I'll not laugh give us a hint.


Anonymous said...

And now Egypt will get 'western style' democracy. That is voting, which won't be worth shit. The bankers will move in and buy up everything, introducing debt in order to further control Egypt. And of course there will be civil conflict between various Islamic schools of jurisprudence.

Wow, Egypt's got such a lot to look forward to.

Captain Ranty said...


I mentioned that in my latest scribblings.

It ain't all beer & skittles.

(Unless you own a kegelbahn).


David Davis said...

How can he spend $70 billion, quickly enough, before he dies?

Jack Savage said...

It is still one of the great pleasures in life that all tyrants have, eventually, to die.
And all their money cannot help them.
Worryingly, there is every possiblilty that in the not too distant future the rich will have the means to artificially extend their life span. (One could of course argue that a certain amount of this happens anyway)
When this really kicks off in earnest,then the world will spawn a whole new ugliness.