February 13, 2011

I Want To Know


The government can increase our national debt to over £1 trillion but are allowed (by law) to bankrupt people for running up debt of just £750?

The government fines people £50 for dropping a cigarette end that will biodegrade in 6 years or less yet they will happily bury nuclear waste which has a half-life of 500,000 years?

The government will fine people £50 for smoking in a bar yet allow MPs and their guests to smoke in the bars where the legislation was created?

The government will, for decades, chip in to prop up dictators and then switch sides when the public get uppity?

The (present) government speaks ever so sweetly of liberty when they are not in office yet when they have the power to undo 13 years of oppression they move with the speed of a striking slug?

The government feel able to take money from us with threats of menace and on the other hand label it as theft when an entrepreneur tries the same tactic?

Of all human traits the one that sickens me the most is hypocrisy. Why do we excuse it when someone becomes a "lawmaker"? Are they somehow above us? They may think they are but a quick glance at my "Hierarchy" piece confirms that they are not.

Why do we put up with them? When will we have our Day of Rage?

These questions disturb me. They keep me up nights. This piece was inspired by something Ron Paul said in the video I linked to today: "Governments should NEVER be allowed to do anything that you are not".

And yet they do stuff daily that they punish the slaves for.

Please add your own examples of hypocrisy in the comments.



MU said...

Because we're the government.. and you're not.

;Wink, double barrelled fingerpoint

Smoking Hot said...

Many talk the talk Cap but not that many walk the walk ... sadly.

Oldrightie said...

"£50 for smoking in a bar yet allow MPs and their guests to smoke in the bars where the legislation was created?". To also booze on cheap alcohol they are close to making too expensive for mere mortals. Arses.

Furor Teutonicus said...
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PT Barnum said...

Another example? Prosecute someone for warning other drivers about a speedtrap, but merely go through the motions of investigating deaths caused by the speeding and recklessness of drivers who happen to be police officers.

Or invent planning restrictions for "fast food" outlets while their triple chins wobble when they blink.

Or harrass and prosecute the desperate parents of children whose lives have been taken over by drugs or drink, while keeping their own straying offspring far away from the legal consequences of their crimes.

I'll stop now.

Anonymous said...

Or stopping people from taking photos in public when they take our photos and record us every day

Doug Sign said...

Dear Captain Ranty,
I have just come across your blog. Strike out the word "come" and replace with "spotted" as it could be misinterpreted.
Anyway I like the idea of the "straw man" but cannot really see an easy use for it.
I suppose if you have "bugger all" it might be worth being a "pain in the arse" to the "authorities" but for someone who has a few bob, a nice car and a paid up mortgage it could get you a whole bucket of grief.
I like the idea of "sticking-it" to the "man" but would like to do it with little "come-back" as possible.
The "state" is a big ugly geezer with a knuckle-duster and a gun, whereas I'm only a little bloke.

What do you suggest? I have already asked Mr Groompy but it looks as though you're the main agro merchant..

Doug Sign

MU said...

Well, that's what happens when you put the mirage of utopia by government on the horizon and insist that no matter how many wrongs, it's just a matter of getting the right guy in power or another regulation

MU said...

Doug, lawful rebellion is unlikely to result in violence payback by the stasi - The state hates violent showdowns with non-nutters because it makes them look bad. It's likely if you walk the freeman path that they'll let you go on quietly over things like parking fines and whatnot as long as you don't push your luck (For example, importing depleted uranium, etc)

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Nightwatchstate said...
The state hates violent showdowns with non-nutters XX
That is why stste paid trick cyclists are falling over themselves to invent new ways to declare every one mentally unstable, and why the have the "mental health act".

will said...

Great minds think alike! Just reposting a comment I made over at the radical Conservative party, I mean 'libertarian' alliance...

will | 3 February, 2011 at 8:58 am | Here’s an idea for a private members bill – possibly the last that will ever be required… In response to the TSA airport security furore in the USA senator Ron Paul introduced the “American Traveller Dignity Act” (H.R. 6416). This was inaccurately reported as“saying the government can not do to us what would be illegal for us to do.” The bill was in fact limited to applying physical assault laws to TSA staff. However such a suggestion as raised by this simplification of the bill does pose a tantalising idea. What if law applied consistently to all including the state? Taxation would become extortion, fiat currency would become fraud, offensive war no matter how legitimate would be murder and conspiracy to murder and so on until we were living in a rothbardian libertopia.

Captain Ranty said...

Good God!

How does a thing like that happen?

Is there anything I could/should do about it?


Sue said...

I'd like to know why a terminally ill patient in hospital can't have a ciggie unless he/she drags herself outside and a murderer in prison can smoke!

Sue said...

If its deemed a human right for somebody in prison to get the vote, isn't it our human right to have a referendum on the EU?

Dioclese said...

I hate hypocracy but of course that rule only applies to me.

William said...

'They' do whatever 'they' like because we let them.
It isn't rocket science.
In order of ease

Awkward questions annoy the hell out of the people who work for the state. They also show the that we who don't work for the state don't agree with them who do. An awkward question might even switch a a braincell back on in a state drones mind

Saying NO is the best way I have come across to stop the state in it's tracks. It is dead easy, causes no physical harm, shows the people who work for the state that you won't be pushed around. What's not to like?

Withdrawing consent is harder but you can ease yourself into this one. Withdrawing consent bit by bit so you gain in confidence or withdrawing consent from the bits you feel comfortable with are two ways to approach it.
You don't have to declare it to anyone, you don't have to ask anyone's permission, you do not have to label yourself freeman, libertarian, lawful rebel YOU JUST HAVE TO DO IT.

The state loves labels. It gives them something to attack.
The Egyptians didn't have labels of any sort and look what they achieved as did the Tunisians.
I am truly astonished the Irish are allowing themselves to be shackled by government, again, especially when the Belgians, of all people, PROVE it is perfectly possible, indeed desirable, to run a western economy without government and yet the Belgians have no label.
In reality they are anarchists but who in their right mind would label Belgians anarchists?

Anonymous said...


I thought you might be interested in the following article over at aangirfan's blog:

2% below poverty line in Egypt

Very interesting indeed eh?

Smoking Hot said...

Yo Captain, Belgium achieves World Record ... Longest time country hasn't had a government ... and who's the President of EU? ... yep Rumplestiltskin, Rumpy Pumpy or whatever he's called .. where's he from? ... yep, Belgium!

Which country held that record previously? ... Iraq!


Michael Fowke said...

"The government will fine people £50 for smoking in a bar yet allow MPs and their guests to smoke in the bars where the legislation was created?"

I didn't know this. It's bloody outrageous!

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the link. It made interesting reading.

Not to be found in the MSM, I suspect.


Captain Ranty said...


Farage has long insisted that it isn't even a country.

But it DOES prove that you do not need a government for a country to function.


Captain Ranty said...


It's because it's a palace. Laws don't apply there, which is nice.

So much for us all being equal under the law.

Out of interest, Freemason lodges also allow smoking.

Maybe we should start up some Freeman Lodges?


Captain Ranty said...


There is a ton of information here and in the links to the right.

Have a ferret around and come back with any questions. I am happy to help.


richard said...

"try not to panic - remember you don't own anything that is worth getting hurt for"
This from the police, our servants, the ones with machine pistols and body armour which they kindly let us buy for them. Carrying the means of self-defence is legal for them, but not for us.

Anonymous said...

Valid point Killemall - particularly when the selfish b*tards are in the one and only carriage on the train with posters and notices clearly saying Quiet Zone! JC