February 27, 2011


This is a special message from Roger Hayes of the British Constitution Group.


Please attend if you can.


A single 'Spectacular' event - to wake the nation up.

We will be engaging in a 'spectacular' event on Monday the 7th March... that is guaranteed to get national media/TV coverage - the event meeting time is at 1pm - Hamilton Square - Birkenhead. Wirral. It will start at 2pm. Details of what we are doing will be released minutes before it will happen.

We will have our own camera crews on the ground... but expect that national TV news crews will soon turn up to cover the event... they would be embarrassed not to cover it (and that includes the BBC) if we have the numbers there to demonstrate the national anger at what's going on. It will be broadcast live on the internet... it should go viral. Australians have already said that they intend staying up to watch as events unfold.

We are asking that people turn up with black umbrellas (nothing to do with the weather) and please be early... if you are not there well before 2pm - our initiative could fail.

THIS IS ALL ABOUT NUMBERS - NUMBERS - NUMBERS. It is essential that we have a good turnout.

Everybody has been saying for some time that we must DO SOMETHING - that will make a significent impact... and that is exactly what this event will do... provided we get the support.

A few of us will be putting our necks on the line... the POWERS THAT BE will be unable to isolate us if we have the support on the ground as things unfold... but the PTB will almost certainly retaliate if we do not have the support.

This event will be both lawful and peaceful. We have deliberately left the publication of this event until the last week to minimise the chance of the PTB getting wind of what is happening.

Please spread the word... if there is one event that can make a difference and for which we need the numbers - this is it. We know it is a Monday... but that is for a very good reason... and for maximum impact.

This event will take place under the banner of 'Lawful Rebellion' - we are all indebted to John Harris and TPUC for getting this initiative off the ground in the first place... so let's now give this a major push.

Thanking you all in anticipation of your support... please spread the message near and far.

Roger Hayes
The British Constitution Group


nominedeus said...

Hey Captain, think its going to kick off now/soon theres sommat in the wind thats for sure, any chance you will be there, its a long way I know but it would be good to meet up if youre coming.

wv satie, isnt that the indiaan rite of dying on the pyre with your husband???

Captain Ranty said...

Sadly I will be around 3000 miles away in West Africa.

This event sounds intriguing though!

Lemme know what happens.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

In the States here but with you in heart and prayers!

With the Tea Party here (no offence) and wish you Gods' speed!

nominedeus said...

Stay safe out there Captain, we need you to get back here for the struggle m8

Thanks Christopher, will be blogging it as soon as after the event as I can, your good wishes are most welcome, no offence taken promise!

sike said...

Just a short ride on Merseyrail for me so I shall go.

mescalito said...

This is a chance to shake the system, please attend, if you don't then never make complaint about our system or the PTB again.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it is just a co-incidence that this is the anniversary of the day Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone in 1876!

NewsboyCap said...


I'll be there and will let you know what fun was to be had.

Stay safe out there, don't drink the Nescafe it might turn you into a rebel. HaHa!

Anonymous said...

This is going to be big my friends trust me..:)