February 04, 2011

UK Uprising

If ever a video needed to go viral, it's this one.

It comes to us from the utterly brilliant mind of Max Farquar. A couple of you have sent me links with a nudge for me to check it out. Including a note this morning from our old pal Gotty.

I have some instructions for you:

1. Turn up the volume and press play. Even if you are in an office. Risk a bollocking.

2. Let these images remind you that we live in chains. Most are invisible, but they exist nevertheless.

3. Share the link with all of your friends. If you don't have any, share the link with complete strangers.

4. Fucking. Wake. Up.

5. Repeat as necessary until we are ALL awake.

EDIT: William is a regular commenter here. I like him, and I respect him. So much so, that I want to share his thoughts on the UK Uprising video. It will not please everyone, and for that I make no apology. Just read his opinion, and disagree. If you can.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the vid CR and for that most excellent set of instructions ... wish I'd thought of those ;-)

Captain Ranty said...

My pleasure Max.

You keep producin' 'em, and I'll keep postin' 'em.

This one lifts the soul. Thanks for that.


TTC said...

Interesting anecdote - Alex Jones sites are all you'll find in the links page on the official Muse website (or at least were, last I checked).

James Higham said...

I muttereth with you, Cap'n.

Captain Ranty said...


Odd, isn't it? Or is it by design?


Captain Ranty said...


I am pleased that you are on our side.

Now, how do we get another 61 million team members?


mescalito said...

for Ranty and all....

a freeman who knows his rights and exercises them quiet bluntly but i like it, these uneducated, negligent police need telling!!!



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XeRCiYH ... re=related

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhVtgz6g ... re=related


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Mesc.

Watching now. Will report back later.


Harry J said...

Sorry but I have to sound a note of caution here.

Firstly there's much more to Muse than meets the eye.

Secondly, Yuri Bezmenov, the ex KGB Russian defector, spoke of the four steps it took to subvert and destroy a nation and bring it under their control.

1: Demoralisation (too many examples to give)
2: Destabilisation (pretty much all the things in the Muse video)
3: Crisis (violent change of power structure and economy - violent revolution/rebellion)
4: Normalisation (presumably EU troops on the streets etc)

Remember most of those whipped up into a frenzy of 'action' will be the manipulated left in the form of students, union activists and groups like the UAF. What's required to defeat those behind the New World Order agenda is unlikely to be being pursued by the 'left'.

If we ALL 'rise up', then what? Do we have a carefully thought out set of aims that will both guarantee the freedom of all and protect us from the machinations of the elite?

The 'game' has always been to get us to destroy our 'government' so that they can step in to 'normalise' the situation in the resulting 'chaos' (order out of chaos/phoenix rising from the flames). The likes of Blair, Brown, Mandelson, Cameron etc are just members of the management level of the system. It's the pyramid controllers we have to identify and defeat.

If we are to defeat them, we have to be much cleverer than mindless and inevitably violent 'action' on the streets.

Anonymous said...

this is the beat he was playin.

Lost said...

Good vid, thanks Cap'n (and Max Obviously)

Harry, interesting links cheers!

Been poking around the net for free e book content lately (xmas gift, I'm tight) stumbled across a book

Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes, By Andrew M. Lobaczewski.

Snappy little title eh?

Anyone read it? If its true and I understand it correctly it changes the playing field in ways I never thought.

I'd post links to the free pdf but it involves torrents and blatant copyright infringement:)


Harry J said...

Lost, I've read it and although it's heavy going I'd certainly recommend it. There's links from my blog if anyone's interested.


TTC said...

@ Revolution Harry, 16:40

Really appreciated that post - some thought provoking points in there which I think do need contemplation.

My solution is that we just revert to upholding the Bill of Rights, Magana Carta, Habeas Corpus et al; shredding anything that contravenes.

defender said...

I fully agree.
Starve the Beast.
It can be a bit inconvient but you dont get something by conforming.

nominedeus said...

excellent !