February 26, 2011

Step One: Learn The Rules.

Step Two: Win In Court, Every Time.

Watch this.

Watch and listen.

Watch, and listen, and learn.

When you have, you will know all that I know.

Dispute, if you can, anything that Veronica: Chapman has to say.

I already know that you cannot. What Veronica says is mired in common sense and Veronica has studied, and told us, all about the law as it stands today. As it has stood,  since time immemorial.

Be amazed. Then wise up. It is a game.

Veronica is merely explaining the rules.

Learn them, and grow a pair. Man up.

And you will never be unmanned again.



DAD said...


Beware that the title changes at (I think) part five to just 'Veronica'.

Listen carefully, mark and learn - as my old teacher would say.

William said...

Watch them on the Youtube channel as they go all the way up to 10.

As I said on many occasion nothing is what it appears to be or we are being told it is by a state desperate to keep their secrets hidden in plain sight.

Styx said...

The opening "I promise to pay the bearer on demand etc.' is rubbish.

Nothing wrong with a promissory note. And yes I have seen the sum of ten pounds...

I asked the question of my father when I was a child: "Suppose I go to the Bank of England, present (at that time) a pound note and ask them to honour their promise?" He replied that the Bank would probably give me another pound note. Nothing wrong with that of course...

Veronica should accept that of course modern finance is based on trust. That is not to say that trust can be abused, as it has been recently. To cite the example of the ten pound not is disingenuous to say the least

Anonymous said...

A pound of what ?, pound is a measurement of weight.