January 23, 2013

Cameron's Big EU Speech...

....was underwhelming, to say the least.

I think he was trying to please everyone, but you know what happens when you try that? Everyone remains dissatisfied.

There was yet another promise made: we will have our referendum. Maybe. Perhaps. If. Possibly.

Before R Day arrives however, he will try to rearrange the deckchairs on that rapidly sinking behemoth. IF the chairs are not arranged to his liking, and IF he wins the next election, we may have a referendum.

Anyone else getting a blast of deja vu? Haven't we been here before? Something about a 'cast iron guarantee'?

If you missed his rambling, vague, and at times, schizophrenic diatribe, you can find it here: New Fairy Tale From The Tories

 Several other bloggers have had their say too. Have a look at the sites I link to here if you want an alternate opinion. Although, we all seem to be saying the same thing: we are consumed with indifference.

I have studied body language in the past-I'm no expert-and when a statement is made, immediately followed by scratching ones nose, it is almost invariably a lie. When we are kids we clamp a hand firmly over our mouths when we tell mum or dad a fib. As we get older the signs are more subtle but they are still there. We may adjust our tie, or scratch an ear-lobe, for instance. When Cameron says "The people will decide" he reaches up and scratches just under his nose. He did this several times during this bed-time story for the insane. Of course, he may just have had an itch.

His Master Plan is to tweak what we have today. To somehow reconfigure Treaties, those same Treaties that say "No tweaking allowed"-to better suit the UK. It is an exercise in futility. The unelected and unaccountable in Brussels will not have their game spoiled.

The EU is a monster. It is out of control. The mandarins in Brussels are like ours in Whitehall. But their lot are on steroids. They impose hundreds of thousands of regulations-whether they suit all 27 nations or not-with a fervour that defies comprehension. This monster cannot be contained.

Yet Cameron thinks he can tame the beast?

This image sprang, unbidden, into my mind:

He said that we can plough our own furrow and crucially, his hands went nowhere near his face, indicating that he at least believes that.

So do I.

I want out, sooner, rather than later. I believe that we can be strong voice in the world again, and that trading with other (non-EU) nations will be given a massive boost.

I do not care what the Conservatives want. I do not care what Labour want. The Liberal Democrats remain, as ever, irrelevant. I do care that our national sovereignty has been cheaply sold, by all political parties over the last 40 years, to our detriment. Many politicians have leapt from the British gravy train directly onto the EU gravy train. Nothing mattered to them but their own personal gain, their own death-grip on some tenuous power they believed themselves to have over us.

There is a sensible way out. What form that exit takes is neither here nor there.

We could invoke Article 50 in The Treaty on European Union (Lisbon Treaty as was).

We could repeal the European Communities Act of 1972.

Or we could just stop paying them £55 million a day. Or all three simultaneously.

All would have the same effect: we would be in control once again.

We would regain the right to decide our own destiny.

Just like we did for hundreds of years before this nightmare was ever a reality.



F***W*T TW****R said...

could be the best speech I ever heard C.R. See here http://t.co/HCUXO106

Anonymous said...

Here in Smalltown we have held our own referendum and decided that we no longer wish to be part of the United Kingdom but unlike Scotland we do not want to be an independent nation within the EU

We have our own behemoth organisations and do not need theirs. We have the Town Society and the Parish Council. What more do we need?

Well, perhaps just the Cathedral choir.

Anonymous said...


I'm surprised that you actually watched it. Why? You know he's lying. Politics is merely political leaders lying to the public, in order to maintain interest. They're all on the same train going to the same destination, just in different carriages. I bet theyall bet with each other to see who'll win, even though they all implement the same agenda.

The bottom line as I said is sacrifice. To stop all of this people need to stop paying all taxes. The police need to tell their superiors they're not going to arrest them. The politicians will then draught in foreign police whom our armed forces must immediately repel. Will this all happen? Nope. People won't make the call. Police won't refuse orders and the armed forces will continue being mercenaries and the assassins of the Rothschilds.

There will be no referendum. This is a re-election ploy. If there is one, guaranteed it will be fixed.

When in the fuck will people wake up to see that the powerful won't relinquish their power and control? Politics is nothing but enforcement of banking will.

And lastly cap't, national sovereignty.... What national sovereignty? Even if we had sovereignty, there is nothing national about any land in the UK & Ireland. Everyone speaks English, buys, eats and drinks foreign produce and are programmed with American culture. The UK is merely a globalist state filled with people who do not follow indigenous culture. Even if national sovereignty was a possibility, the factors needed to implement any form of cultural identity are too extreme to be considered. It would mean instituting totalitarianism in order to flush out globalism and the millions of immigrants here smashing national uniqueness and indigenous culture simply by being here. It won't be done because people ARE globalist in the UK.

So with all that said there's no point in worrying yourself about the EU. We'd all be getting fucked over by another body were we not in it. It's the way it is cap't. Society's changed. We live under commuism. It won't change. There is no cultural identity. The youth of today are young Americans and nothing more.

People need to see reality, but they won't. They deserve the hell they've created quite frankly. They have only themselves to blame. The suckers are killing their prize roses but then what do you expect? After all they put them there, didn't they?



Captain Ranty said...


In that sense I agree: the debate begins.

Thanks for the link. Nigel will use this to his advantage.

Watch now, as the propaganda war kicks off.


Captain Ranty said...



My version would absolutely include the right to make big decisions locally. Someone eight hundred miles away deciding for me is not right at all.


Captain Ranty said...


Why did I watch it?

The simple answer, as Sun Tzu once said, is this: "Know your enemy. Know his strengths and know his weaknesses. Only then can you defeat him".

Did I believe anything Cast Iron Dave said? Not a word. We will hear more bullshit between now and 2017 (when the goalposts will be moved) than any living human should be exposed to.

Why do I care?

Because to do nothing is an act of cowardice. To do nothing is to announce to all that follow me: "Couldn't be arsed. You deal with it".

Fighting losing battles is sometimes honourable. But I and others will fight nevertheless.

The alternative, as I have said many times, is to fold up the tent and fuck off into oblivion. Forever looking inward, forever saying, "I'm alright".

When in reality, the system is corrupt, and it needs cleaning out.

I intend to help clean up, as and when required.

Will you?


Anonymous said...


Tsun Tsu's strategy is hardly appropriate here. You know the strength and weaknesses of politicians. Their strength is deceit and their weakness is public non compliance amongst many more.

How can you clean up a corrupt system that was created with corruption? The only way to stop this corruption is to destroy the system completely. You cannot create a non corrupt system that by definition will always be corrupt.

And you ask if I will help clean up when required. How and when are my two starting points. How will people clean up a corrupt system other than through armed insurrection? We are a disarmed populous. The policy enforcers will put a bullet in us if they hear any murmur of armed rebellion. So it looks like that's off the agenda doesn't it? And the political, peaceful protesting? When has that ever worked? I was on the anti Iraq war march in 2003 and what good did that do?

I, as you know am a realist. I merely point to certain facts within society. If armed and political struggle won't work HOW on earth will one clean up the corrupt system thus negating any need for a when?

I'm asking questions. I know the powerful won't relinquish their power. It's the same families that have controlled society in the past as today. So how do you do it? Well I've already said many times what needs to be done but this will mean saying NO to the system which many won't not just do but can't for survival. You can't start up a business unless you have this license or that document signed. You need council permission for a business property. You need a bank account in order to receive moneys.....the system was planned to be the controlling monster it is. It's an age old agenda that's coming into fruition. PEOPLE ACCEPT THE SYSTEM.

Are you prepared to go self employed and withhold payment of taxes? Even if you do, how do you get around not paying tax on everyday goods? You would be arrested and imprisoned. How would you support your family?

Cap't, you know I have the utmost respect for you and this reply is really to all within the system. It's about personal sacrifice most are not prepared to take. It's about arming oneself and physically taking back the country which Americans are realising and beginning to do. You won't beat the system using the system. Politics, the judiciary, the police and armed forces ARE the system and ALL needs to be removed for liberty and freedom to reign. Who wants that? Why would a slave want something that's completely alien to its existence?

I'm just playing devil's advocat here. I'm trying to make people think. Why fight for national sovereignty when one's been programmed with and to accept a globalist identity?



Captain Ranty said...


I have begun to hate your replies.

I cannot fault any of the facts you spell out.

Yes, violent rebellion is one answer but they have all the guns. They have all of our guns.

For years I have openly encouraged civil disobedience. Defiance. Non-compliance. Open hostility. The use and re-use of that powerful little word "No".

I have produced lists of ways to say no, to create havoc in the system.

How many readers here make the change from slave to free man?

How many defy these idiots?

How many win small (or large) battles?

How many lose?

I have no numbers. I just know that failure to try is the worst position to adopt. Leaving the chains on and praying that you don't get noticed is humiliating.

There is so much wrong and there is so much we can do to protest.

We can do it quietly, peacefully, and lawfully. From the comfort of our armchairs.

Bur how many try?

I don't know.

I do know that we need massive numbers before the elites wake up.

In the meantime, I'll just crack on. I have discovered that it feels good to be awkward.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cap'n

Politics is just a game played by the toff puppets riding the gravytrain... they dont even care that we know.. dont forget this when you get stuck in the discussion of what will/should happen... look outside the woods and you see the whole forest.

Dave's just saying what he has to to keep the plebs arguing... and waiting.. while the Agenda tiptoes...

Blair .. Brown.. Dave.. the same agenda tiptoes with little 'change' (what o'bammy and dave both campaigned under)

We have no choice of any value - example Scotlands 'independence' - the only options we have are :

Status Quo... under the 'Crown' (no not Lizzie Battenburg)

Independent state in the EU.. still under the Crown

Consider the Sovereign nation of Eire.. WHY does it still have a 'Crown' court system?

Its the Crown who rule the world, is a state within a State and pay no Taxes...

Scotland IS already an independent SOVEREIGN nation - the union of the crowns was just the first time the same monarch had the right to wear both hats.

As for the legislative 'union' that is just the same thing as two companies - say Burgerking and KFC joining to make BFC...

Did Scots lose their Sovereignty? no.. the vote is a fraud to validate the Crowns position, because they cant take our Sovereignty away... they can only pretend to us that reality is what we see on TV

We really need to remember this ..

Bob Edinburgh

James Higham said...

Waste of paper in fact.

Dave said...


This is a stitch up by ALL parties - the Cons maintani we'll have a vote after the next election (which they'll lose - and they know it) and Labour do all they can to avoid the question of whether they'd honour any committment to a vote. The Lib Dems aren't even worth mentioning.

Cameron is a LIAR. Not only a LIAR but a CUNT of a LIAR. I've never been so incensed by such a SHIT as Cameron is. Even Bruin doesn't get that much ire from me.

Says a lot for Cameron.

wayne said...

I really am sick to death of the EU and the wankers that run this country, in power and faux opposition..... However the problem is people don't care, they're lazy and not enough will stand up and confront the status quo. While that is the case, we are just going to continue being fucked with much of the same. More people need to say NO.

DC said...

Harbinger's two posts here could have been typed by my own hands, word for word. I like to think there are quite a few of us who see the reality of the situation (and are aware of how old this agenda is).

The way I see it there is only one realistic solution and that is detachment from society and then the attempted creation of a parallel society (sometimes referred to as 'PLE'). Self-sufficiency is the name of the game and whilst we still have to rent or purchase property at unreasonable rates, we can avoid tax, homeschool, grow our own, avoid debt, avoid TV and media, and prepare for self-defence.

If we can come together to do the above in groups then we might just stand a chance of preserving a fraction of our people and culture. It may even mean becoming immigrants ourselves and banding together with other relatively similar peoples in more spacious lands.

We cannot win this game, upon this court we are born into. The umpire invents the rules as he goes along and constantly favours our opponent. There is no possibility of the UK leaving the EU, but that hope will cause many patriots to spend the next 5 years procrastinating rather than doing what must be done. Cameron knows this. His role, if nothing else, is to stall (genuine) revolution for as long as possible. It gives them more time to prepare for it (and to import a few million Romanians & Bulgarians) so that in 5 years our freedoms will be that much more impossible to reclaim.