January 25, 2013

Spreading Dissent-Updated

One of our pals, a regular reader and commenter here, has asked that I publish some images he has designed for use in an upcoming campaign.

I am delighted to do so as they will help wake some people up.

He asks that you download*, print* and distribute them so that people learn there is an alternative to sitting in front of the telly wishing it would all stop.

As the old saying has it: if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Stop wishing, start printing, and use it as a talking point. Join this campaign!

*PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have printing facilities, contact votenobody at virginmedia dot com and for the cost of posting, a quantity of posters will be sent to you.

I don't do much on the NWO but there are many sites to go and look at for research into what these clowns are up to. The EU is one of my biggest bugbears and there is plenty in my archives but there are others who do it far better. Dig out information, educate yourself, then educate others.

It often surprises me to see other bloggers castigate me because I cite treason all the time. It is as if the crime of treason should be overlooked in favour of arguing the politics or the economics. I strongly disagree. The law can be used too. There is a ton of evidence to support all of my accusations and again, you can search my archives or look elsewhere.

Treason, whether you think the crime is an archaic one or not, remains the most serious crime on our books. Look it up. Learn what Treason is. Look up Misprision of Treason and while you're at it, study Compounded Treason. Then, take a closer look at your elected MP, and your Monarch, and decide whether they are guilty of any or all of those crimes.

When you are loaded up with the facts, get printing.

A bit of paper and ink, and you will have a hot debate on your hands to liven up the pub session. If you still have a local pub, that is. If not, go and wreak havoc in the library or local cafe.

Get people thinking. Let them know that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Teach them to recognise the stench of corruption.

Lead them out of the darkness.

If you don't do it, nobody else will.


I only printed a small part of the story. There is much, much more.

Blogger is playing up and I cannot upload an A4 pdf that I was sent for you to look at. Please contact the email address on the posters above for more details.

In the meantime, this email, shared between a few people, was partly the inspiration for the campaign:

"A Plan For Peaceful Rebellion - a Proposal

‘What should we do’ has been a question I have asked myself many times over the years. It seems that we are up against a great deal and that the odds are stacked against us. Nevertheless, I also feel that there are a great many people who have woken up, and that there are many more who will do so as events unfold. The problem, to my mind, is how this mass of people should proceed to turn things around.

As it appears, we are all isolated individuals unsure of how to proceed, admittedly some doing more than others according to the level of ones’ bravery/foolhardiness/apathy/fear/knowledge. I would suggest that right now most awakened people are just sitting tight waiting for ‘something to happen’.
What is needed is some sort of coordination between all the factions of the resistance, whether they go by the name of patriots, freemen, nationalists, lawful rebellionists, freedom fighters, Constitutionalists, or just people who are sick and fed up of being lied, to, thieved from, and manipulated by the ‘powers that be’/ Elite / politicians / banksters / etc. Then there are the ‘special interest’ groups - everything from the anti-Europeans and anti-cuts campaigners, to those fighting the surveillance state, the assault on natural health care, wind farms and fluoridated drinking water. And everything else besides.

Imagine what could be achieved if all these people joined together for a planned and systematic attack on the ‘system’, which I suggest means basically reconstructing society from the ground up along more humanitarian and sane lines, adhering to Common Law, with our Constitution to the fore, whereby true democracy rules, and where all the people are truly represented as to how our nation is managed.

Let there be no mistake, such is the depth of the corruption, the deceit, the lies, the theft from, and the total disregard for the British people and their needs and wants, that whatever plan is enacted at reversing this is never going to be an easy option. I would suggest that in short the huge mass of discontented must act as one voice, and in unison with each other, regardless of individual idiosyncrasies; in short, we must rebuild from the ground up the kind of society we want, and as the first step we must collectively say ‘No More!’ to the current wave of sickening lies and deceit and manipulation. 

We must remember that whilst we are each individual free spirits, by necessity we must adhere to certain standards of self-control if we are to live peacefully; this is of course living by Common Law. Those who might think that this is a call for doing just what they damn well like, and to hell with everyone else should go elsewhere. 

Obviously such a course of action by the controlling ‘Elite’ would not be taken lightly, and resistance to the ‘New World Order’ on our part is to be expected, but successfully resisted, if done as part of a mass demand for (genuine, and for the better) change.

Though the gradual awakening is to be welcomed, the problem is very much that everyone is acting more or less alone, which makes each of us easy targets. No surprises that true heroes willing to stick their necks out are few and far between. Easier to do little, sit tight, and continue to complain whilst our country disintegrates around us, and our few remaining civil liberties continue to disappear. All this is understandable; it is human nature to not put oneself in harms way, and furthermore the human animal is basically a herd animal; an animal that likes to be led by others - the very reason we find ourselves in this situation, of course. As this is unlikely to change for a long time, if ever, then someone must put into place the structure and momentum for the sort of resistance that many are crying out for. It is the problem, and so is the problem that needs addressing.

I truly believe that there are great numbers of us out there ready to ‘do something’. As everything goes to pot these numbers are growing, though many will perhaps have little understanding of the ‘agenda’ behind what is happening - that the social collapse has been planned - but rather they are simply pissed off with how they are being treated. That’s fine - for now - so long as they are willing to do something about their plight.

The rebellion, therefore, must be one of a united resistance, guided loosely by those who know the score. Alone, few of us will, or perhaps even can, make that much of a difference. In great numbers we can change everything. 

So, what I propose is the setting of a date when we basically decide to say ‘No!’ en mass. That famous scene from the film Network comes to mind here - the moment when we collectively decide to say ‘No, I am not going to take it anymore.’ I propose that prior to the announcement of this day a call is put out to all concerned individuals, groups and relevant organisations to attend an assembly somewhere to put forward the proposal for the Great Day of Change, in order to gauge expected levels of support. Naturally, if a large majority think the idea crap it is hardly likely to work if it went ahead. With the support of those attending the date would be announced, and this circulated and promoted widely.

Yes, much would have to be discussed prior to the assembly. What exactly would we propose people do from day one? Should the rebellion start lightly - perhaps a refusal to pay the TV licence from that day onward perhaps? Call it a step-by-step approach whereby we become bolder as out actions achieve success and hopefully gather momentum. Or should it be an all-out refusal to cooperate from day one? That’s for the organisers to discuss. 

Perhaps the event could be streamed live on the internet to reach the many who for whatever reason could not, or did not wish to, attend in person.

I propose also that the following is put into place:

a) A panel of people who can offer free advice on matters relating to lawful rebellion.
b) A communication network so that we each look out for our colleagues; ie safety in numbers.
c) A new judicial system is put into place so that we can start to make headway in bringing to justice all those who have acted treasonously towards this nation and her people.
d) Everyone to be encouraged to motivate and educate others as to what we are doing. A website and printed literature would be there in order to provide information to newbies and the masses who so far continue to bury their heads in the sand by losing themselves in Corrie, X Factor, gossip mags, etc - though we must recognise the fact that there are many who will never understand.
e) Everyone is encouraged to sign up to Roger Hayes’ Lawful Bank, and I know that he has also spoken about eventually putting in place our own system of policing based on Common Law. 

The militarising of the police; increasing surveillance; financial oblivion; loss of our rights and liberties; threat to the freedom of the internet; attacks on our mental, emotional and physical health: all gather pace on a daily basis. We all know that ‘something must be done’. Many of us believe that time is getting short before the point of no return is reached - if that point has not been reached already. A peaceful, lawful rebellion must be instigated in the near future, and this is one proposal for such a rebellion.

I stress that everything the movement - if we wish to call it that - recommends to its followers must be by way of suggestions, not orders, because though all may be following the same route we each need to decide the speed at which we go. 

Nevertheless, all advice given, and recommendations made, for the way to proceed must be made by genuine, sincere, and committed people. The history of any number of ‘movements’ is littered with examples of initially sincere, genuine people being replaced by the other sort, leading to the eventual and deliberate ineffectual nature of said movement. Infiltration is very real, and most be guarded against at all costs. Hopefully, once sufficient momentum has built up any sort of leader would be unnecessary; the thing having taken on a life, so to speak, of its own.

Though the thought of another un-elected ‘official’ telling us what to do is initially repugnant, the fact remains that the rebellion must have such a person at its helm, at least in its early days, simply in order to keep the whole thing on track. For my part I certainly know who I would like to lead such a movement, and I imagine many others would feel the same about that choice, but once more that is a decision for others to make.

My proposal might be workable, or it might not. It’s just my take on things. However, if it stimulates debate - which eventually leads to ACTION! (rather than more words, words, words) - then it will have served its purpose."



Dioclese said...

You are right to sight treason, Captain.

The biggest traitor of the lot was Heath who reversed the course of the second world war at the stroke of a pen.

Heath did more damage to this country with his lies than Hitler did with his bombs. He surrendered without even starting a war!

We voted to join a free market not a United States of Europe. I have no problem with returning to that, but have a big problem with joining the Fourth Reich. Remember that classic quote of Heath's? "If we tell them the truth, they'll never go for it!"

I would do to him what the new King Charles did to Cromwell - dig up his body, cut it up and distribute it to the four corners of the kingdom and stick his head on a pole on Westminster bridge as a warning to all traitors.

Unfortunately, I think the bastard was cremated?

(...and don't start meet on the next King Charles...)

Barman said...

Is there a bigger version available for download anywhere...?

F***W*T TW****R said...

You can't make it up C.R. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/tory-ministers-who-back-eu-exit-must-quit-cabinet-8466128.html

NewsboyCap said...


A couple of mates and myself are starting a meet-up next Thurs. 31.1.13 to endeavour to do as you suggest.
The Cattle Market Hotel in Bolton Lancs.(appropriate place name eh!)


All are welcome, especially MPs., councillors, small business owners and the Generally Pissed Off.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck has Denmark got to do with this? Or am I missing something?
I'm going to hold my nose and vote UKIP. And, Farage, if you're reading this, don't even think about selling out.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Hi Capt'n

What I find rather amusing is that six plus years ago I was speaking about the New World Order and of course being laughed at. Conspiracy this, conspiracy that, tin foil hat wearing loon, although I could never understand what my discussion in geo-politics had anything remotely to do with UFO sightings, was the usual reply I would get when I tried to speak of this diabolical agenda. It wouldn't matter if I backed up my argument with solid facts, even quoting world statesmen who had spoken openly about the coming new world order.

Now everyone's speaking about it, although guaranteed, it's just a catchword with the majority having no clue as to the real implications of it and the impact it will have on their future generations' lives.



James Higham said...

The NWO which you don't do much on, Cap'n is the very thing you're going on about on the blog. It's the bastards up top.

Anonymous said...

No Friday funnies CR?

Bradford City have just announced that Cup Final tickets will cost 40 rupees each and tickets will be restricted to 60 per household.
Paris Claims

Tickety said...

Capt, Sir,
Would the British Constitution Group plan for Magna Carter 2015 be of use....
Magna Carta 2015 is the name given to a series of constitutional conventions, concluding in 2015 with a declaration of sovereign governance for those British citizens who choose sovereignty.

Our aim is the peaceful and gradual transfer of the authority of governance from the Brussels/Westminster collective toour owndemocratic and sovereignstate.Our intention is tobe governed under our own system of laws and to operate our own courts, police service and monetary system. We will set up a body to oversee issues where the Brussels/Westminster system comes into conflict with our own sovereign authority. This body to determine also how shared resources should be managed to avoid unnecessary confrontation. Where the Brussels/Westminster collective will not engage in a dialogue re these matters, then we will make unilateral decisions as to how we will access common resources such as roads, rail and energy and what contribution (if any) we should make.

The declaration of sovereign governance planned for June 2015 will be preceded by 3 constitutional conventions each building on the work of its predecessor with the first convention to focus on the building of a national network of contacts whose responsibility it will be to build regional groupings.

Our success will be determined by the popularity of our objective and in this we are confident that our message will strike a chord with millions of Britons who feel ignored and betrayed by a political elite who have been prepared to dismiss entirely the wishes of the majority in service of the whims of a minority.

This initiative is being instigated by The British Constitution Group with an open invitation for all comers who want to play an active role in the development of our sovereign authority to put themselves forward.

For more info. please contact - info@thebcgroup.org.uk

Tickety said...

Capt, Sir,
Very sorry, should be Magna Carta.
On my second bottle of red wine in mitigation!!

Dave Allison said...

Hi Capt.,

Been busy workin on ma Joomla site

bear with us regular readers.

Meanwhile visit:

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Highly recommended

Free Suffolk Saxon said...

The word "refusal" gets people in trouble. We can achieve the same goal if we drop that word and instead adopt a policy of non-cooperation which has been to my benefit for many many years.
I have owned a tv set since 1987 and I have NEVER once paid for a tv licence. I am not REFUSING to pay the tv licence, just that I dont cooperate with the TV licencing people. Letters to "Legal Occupier" at various addresses I have lived at go straight into the bin. Result? Well I have NEVER had a visit from the enforcement people and I have never had any knocks on doors etc.
When it comes to council tax, well this will only work if you are a private tenant. If you own your own home (or rather pay a mortgage to the bank who really owns your house this will not work). I never fill in the electoral register form which drops through my door every year. Yes the council sends the form 3-4 times and even hand delivers a copy - I am not on the electoral register and I have NOT paid a penny in council tax for the three years I have been living at my current address. They cannot take a council tax offender to court if they dont know the name of the resident!
Income tax and NI contributions. This one will test your mettle - I am one of the generation that will see naff all State pension if I am ever allowed to retire in 25 or 30 years time; the bastards have given away what was due to me to some troubled bank/3rd world despot/family of bogus Somali asylum seekers/some Saudi landowner of 20,000 prime farming land in East Anglia by way of subsidies so I am not likely to get a penny in state pension so paying NI contributions means naff all. I spent 6 years self employed and not once did I fill in those bleeding forms they send every year - self assessment forms. I self assess my professional competence every day thank you very much and I dont need to prove myself to HMRC. The forms went in the bin year after year. The letters from HMRC are particularly vicious and threatening. Most the the recipients of those letters and demands would quake in their slippers but I binned the lot and while I still get the occasional threatening letter the frequency has reduced and they must have moved on to a softer target.

Don't "refuse" - they like to use the language of refusing to pay to their advantage. Just dont co-operate with the bastards in every way possible.
I will send some more tried and tested suggestions through like what to do with your car to avoid (legally) paying excise duty to DVLA.

Lion of England on a distant shore said...

Their is only one way to bring them to their knees and that is starve them off what they crave for MONEY AND YOUR WORK.
when MILLIONS down tools see how fast things would move and don't start work until we get what we want,starve the banks
as well remove your money asp,better to suffer a short time than to live in a gage


Let us the people of this once fair and cherished land meet on the fields of Runnymede yet again, to show them that we have not forgotten and not ask!But demand our homeland and our right to self determination.