February 04, 2013

Random News...

Not a pretty start to the week, so if you are of a weak disposition, look away now.

Nothing To Hide?

A Minister gets it. Well, almost.

Look fucksticks, you have my name & address. That's pretty much all I want you to know. The fact that various government departments sell this information to others is bloody disgusting and, I suspect, unlawful. Given that you abuse even this small piece of data, why the fuck would I want you to know anything else? You cannot be trusted.

Get fucked.

It's Illegal To Criticise The EU

It has been for 12 years.

*Predictable comment klaxon*

Listen up Herman: you and your familiars are a bunch of cretinous, greedy, unelected, unaccountable, fascist, mouth-breathing fuckstains with no idea of democracy and you have serious mental health issues. The EU is a rabid monster and the kindest thing, if it were possible, would be to put a couple of rounds into its head. I curse you. I wish death and destruction for the EU. I wish it immediately. To not criticise you and your inept power-grabbing group of arseholes should be a crime.

Get fucked.

Wee Georgie Makes A Promise


We believe that, George. We also believe in fairies, pixie dust, unicorns, wands, elves and goblins.

YOU have no control. The whey-faced pox doctors clerks (AKA mandarins in Whitehall) run the fucking country, not you. Stop talking bollocks and keep doing as you are told. Banks are special. Unlike any other industry, they must, and will, be protected at all costs. No more lies, sonny. Keep shoveling money at them. Don't stop until every Briton is destitute, and every banker has two Ferrari's on the drive.

Get fucked.

Let's end on a high note.

Writ Of Mandamus

Sounds archaic. And it is.

In law, it also has the equivalent power of a 50 megaton thermonuclear device. Following on from the Australian sovereigns, the Brits are doing the same. Read this information and know that some people, more awake than most, are taking action on your behalf. Get involved if you want to be part of something huge. In direct contrast to the weasel words of wee Georgie, this will have an effect. Note that this Writ is not a request. It is a command.

Get ready banks. Get ready to...

...be fucked.



George Speller said...

From the "EU gagging" link I'll repeat the insult, just to establish my credentials:

Economic and Monetary Union [is] a threat to democracy, freedom and "ultimately peace".

You have my address also.
No calls after midnight please.

microdave said...

"Let's end on a high note"

Chris Huhne pleads guilty!

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Morning Cap'n. I had a read through that letter and whilst there was some good stuff in it, I'm a bit puzzled. The letter appears to suggest that the Country should print debt free money and provide it to people thereby avoiding adding to the national debt burden - but is this not just QE under another guise? and who would they provide it to, who decides who is genuinely needy of it. Surely injecting sums of what is basically "Lagermarken" just devalues the rest of the currency in circulation?

I'm not decrying it, nor trying to play devil's advocate - I just don't get it.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks George.

We can share a cell together... :)


Captain Ranty said...


The twat has also resigned as an MP.



Captain Ranty said...


In the good old days, when money was lent, it was lent interest free.

The system we have in place today is called usury.

The private banks, those printing the money, have made trillions upon trillions off us.

The government can do the same job.

For fuck all.


Anonymous said...

Daily Mail pull story.
Rebublished here.


Original link here, no longer works.


Of course it could be a clever hoax, but I am not so sure.

Stinkier and stinkier?

Captain Ranty said...


I wouldn't trust the fuckers as far as I could spit.

War is good business. Civil agitation drives weapon sales.

Suspect everyone. Believe no-one.


William said...

They are waking up

Daily fail headline again but the woman is on the money... and she was arrested!


Dave Allison said...

I am concidering reporting myself to police.

SE crime at http://www.muirmatters.co.uk/


Dave Allison said...


Has been reported to CRIMESTOPPERS
by an Anonymoose chap.

It "Has been "PUT THROUGH" to the eCrime Dept.

Do your bit REport crime
where ever you find it.
Report your Grannie if you have to.
Kepp Scotland safe.

NewsboyCap said...


commented earlier, may be in spam

Captain Ranty said...


Nothing in the spam bucket.


NewsboyCap said...


I mentioned earlier (last week I think) we held the first Bolton Meet. It went very well.
Mostly the awakened but, pleasingly some new, generally pissed off locals attended.
We will be concentrating on the Corporatisation (Fascism) of the Public sector and how best to reverse this Common Purpose inspired takeover of Councils, Courts, etc.
As mentioned in your excellent post, The Writ of Mandamus, we had one of the Authors give us a talk about it and everyone signed up to it.
I urge your readers to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Just followed the link and found my way to Bernard Connolys Wikipedia page; I just love the turn of phrase in his Bio:
“He previously worked 11 years for AIG, where he gained a reputation for insightful global economic analysis with hedge funds and investors following his advice making substantial money trading on the economic weakness of troubled European economies such as Greece.[1]”
They managed to edit in all the evil doers in a single sentence.

Tickety said...

Capt, Sir,
Just followed the link to Writ of Mandamus but came to an abrupt end.. I would have signed up as a suporter but the page goven had no link, the only reference was to Veronica chapman at FMOTL. i went there also but found no way of supporting the protest. Could you please get them to make our suport a little less difficult.

Dave Allison said...



ha ha ha

Captain Ranty said...


I'll see what I can find.