January 05, 2013

Saturday Chuckle. Or Not.

Yet another absurd demand by an idiotic politician: ban Frosties.

Ignore the fact that they have been sold, and by association, approved of by the public for 6 decades.

Morons, all of them.

Have some piccies.

Now that, is a bargain.

A truism if ever there was one...

Defiance. Give it a go.

"Right you malingerer, get your arse back to work. We are all in this together".

Attention to detail. It's important.

Labour: deciding what you eat. And it ain't Frosties.

"I've warned you before about dancing with a hat on. Out!"

Know the difference.

Lastly, it isn't rocket surgery, is it?



Mick Anderson said...

I know you didn't do the sums, but there are two errors in "Lesson #1". The "credit card" should read $162,710, and the budget cuts should read $385.

Not that I'm being pedantic, but perhaps the ability to read numbers properly is why I'm personally not in debt....

Now, time to cut up this rocket!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Mick,

You are quite right, on all points.

Good luck with that brain science!


Captain Ranty said...


That would be the Federal Reserve, which, as its name does NOT suggest, is privately owned.

But ultimately, it is Joe & Jane Public that pays for the folly.....


Unknown said...

I ate Frosties as a child prodigy and now I have NO Teef.
I blame bad parenting rather than my beloved Frosties.

On a lighter note I was in Inverness, Scottish Highlands,
[Near England, for our Amerikan readers].

I observed a raucus buffon standing with a vid cam and a MEGAPHONE.

Apparently this loon is called
Dave, Freeman on the Land,
or such buffonery.

He shouted obcenities like,
SMILE, Everything is OK,
Buy me ciggaretts,

the lieges were terrified.
Even the Police passed by on the other side of the road,

I expect we shall hear more of this Enemy of the State.

If you dont EAT it dont SHOOT it.

James Higham said...

I was looking for this on Friday - shows how much I know.

Anonymous said...

'Who the fuck's lending the US gov the money?'

As the cap'n correctly states it's the Federal Reserve. There's shit loads on the internet about the despicable thing but in a nutshell, the American congressmen signed a bill without the public's consent allowing a private bank the freedom to print money and charge whatever it wants through lending with of course USURY (Jewish created debt). It's owned by Jews as are all world monetary organisations. It's never, ever been audited and it's overwhelmingly a branch of the Rothschild banking empire.

Brilliant cartoon:


From Freedom to Fascism:


The House of Rothschild:


FIAT EMPIRE: Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution:


Banking like politics, oil, precious metals, Academia, Education, Hollywood/TV/print media (all MSM), is merely another tentacle of Jewish control of this world and their oppression over non Jews (goyim).



Anonymous said...

Just to add to Harbinger's little piece...

Since Christmas Eve 1913 when that piece of legislation was pushed through under cover of darkness...

...the $US has fallen from it's 100% baseline, to less than 7cents.

Someone, has stolen 93% of US citizens' cash.

Mind you the yanks are so thick that when faced with a general election and the possibility of voting for somebody (Ron Paul) that understands that government is (by its nature) a bad thing, and that there is a very comprehensive constitution which government ignores, they choose either "Mitt" or Obummer.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the US Treasury is lending the US the money. And if you're thinking, "How the fuck can that possibly work?" then take full marks for observation.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

International economic equality is the stuff a women's dreams; are made of.

Dave Allison said...

Dear CR,


I read on the web and Utube so many are revolting that the great awakening may be this year.

My concern IS, what will we do when the war is over?

Concerned of Inverness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain,

Just spotted a film on Bearwatch where Max Keiser explains whats going on with our economy and how we are fucked because of the corruption in Westminster and the City of London.

Very interesting and serves as a very good warning to us all to sort our shit out as soon as.