January 28, 2013

This Is Why We Need Our Guns Back

And no, they aren't (just) for shooting burglars with.

We need to defend ourselves against the very people who suggest stupid shit all the time.


Fucking ridiculous.

Fucking spot on.

Politicians: just fuck off.

Lately, your stupidity has reached record levels. Give it a rest, FFS.



Barman said...

Yes fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck ooorf.

Dr Evil said...

You can always trust local councils to be utter bastards. They are tryimg this on with a bereaved family who are maintaining their dead daughter's bedroom as a shrine.

l am Stan said...

Bang bang!

Captain Ranty said...

Barman: seconded

Dr E: I read that story. Insensitive pricks.

Stan: Yes yes!


Captain Ranty said...

Sorry mate!

At least you know you are not alone.

My walls need extensive repairs as well.....


Anonymous said...

This bedroom tax is a fucking joke, how many old people who live in a 3 bed house, paid for, will be able to afford this tax, with a state pension ?. This is a land grab by stealth. My old mum lives in a 3 bed house, and trust me Capt, when I have finished it will be a house with 3 bathrooms. Look forward to that battle.


Anonymous said...

Hey, lighten up.
The global financial utter, devastating, collapse, will square the circle.
After a long period of hell.

Anonymous said...

If these bastards put as much effort into stopping wasting our money as they do to inventing new taxes we'd all have some extra money to spend on what we want.
Paris Claims

Dave Allison said...

REAL 3 MEN hang out at DARK CITY RADIO and typo in the chat room.

Look out for Bob and Prajna
[of AutoLift fame}

C Ya there

I am, Dave

Anonymous said...


If the family in Hull vote then they don't deserve any sympathy. If they don't then it's disgusting. The system was created by the rich to keep them getting richer at the expense of the poor who are getting poorer. The police are the protectors of the elite and not the public. Until people realise this nothing will change.

As for guns, well, if I want to walk down the high street with a rifle no one has the right to tell me otherwise. That's liberty, after all the government allows the police too and their private bodyguards and what makes them different to us?

The elites created 9/11 (amongst many others) to take them into a war in the middle east. I think we, the people need the same to take back our freedoms. We should grab all politicians from their cabinets, forget about a court trial and hang them high in their respective home cities/villages and leave there to rot and become carrion food. As for the Queen and her "the hills have eyes", inbred family, take away everything they have and leave them to be wretched homeless, to fend for themselves on the city streets. And the lords and ladies? The same. Taking away the wealthy's money is the worst punishment they could ever have.

Fuck the aristocracy, politics and the filth.



Treble9man said...

I dislike the way the so-called authorities control us, impose taxes, remove our freedoms and so on.
I agree it would be better if things were truly democratic.
One thing puzzles me though....all these people commenting on blogs, twitter etc, but yet not one, NOT ONE actually stands up and manges to successfully lead any form of meaningful rebellion.
The nearest I can recall in recent history was the fuel price protests a few years ago and that faded to nothing. Fuel prices are even higher now and yet we do nothing.
This country used to have a reputation for fairness and doing what was needed and until we get that back, we will just lie back, take it up the a*** and whinge on blogs.
Just saying.....

Anonymous said...

Here in Smalltown we all have shotguns. Well, except for the beaters of course. We have to have someone to shoot at.

Anonymous said...


One thing puzzles me though....all these people commenting on blogs, twitter etc, but yet not one, NOT ONE actually stands up and manges to successfully lead any form of meaningful rebellion.

Have you asked yourself why? How does one go about creating anti establishment organisations without them being infiltrated? And the 'lone wolf' scenario, although admirable and certainly epitomising individuality and self responsibility, will be slapped down by the police and ridiculed by the controlling media. The people need to be reprogrammed before anything will happen. I will never say what 'I' will do. That gives the authorities reason to attack me and the internet IS heavily watched, especially this site.

When ALL people experience financial hardship and life changing experiences they'll start to ask questions and dig deeper than the superficial layer, that facade the controllers have created to keep everyone in a deep slumber. People today are conditioned, nothing but domesticated animals.

I remember reading a great article of a letter written by a Russian soldier in WW2. He spoke of people going to a zoo and pitying the caged animals. However he said that these animals deserve no sympathy for they are proud beasts who WERE ONCE FREE and would escape at the first opportunity from their captivity. He said it was the people in the zoo who should be pittied, for they are slaves, nothing but domesticated animals who accept their imprisonment and have no desire to change.

Therefore would you sacrifice your life for a majority of ignorant, mindless, indoctrinated automatons who would most certainly jeer at you because the media tells them to, not realising you held the door open to freedom? I wouldn't. Fuck 'em all. A slave is one who accepts he's/she's one. I put myself on the pillorying platform daily, trying to wake people up. That's as far as I'll go with personal sacrifice. People need to rise up as a group of all knowing individuals, not as group led by an all knowing individual. This is what has happened throughout history.



Anonymous said...

Agreed, Captain.

But now that we're disarmed, we have to use the tools that are at our disposal.

If the 10% of the population which are truly p!ssed off stop buying from corporations, stop spending, pay cash for everything and get as darn near off the grid as possible, I reckon we can take a few corporations down, get some to bugger off elsewhere - and force the government to stop spending.

I've just blogged about this very thing, so I'm still blowing steam!

Pesky Anonymous said...

"When ALL people experience financial hardship and life changing experiences they'll start to ask questions and dig deeper than the superficial layer, ..."

I got a feeling that situation is not far off.

Then it will be our job to explain to the poor dears where the faults really lie, so their ire is not misdirected.

James Higham said...

they must have been on the truth serum in those days. We could inject it into the Westminster vipers.

JuliaM said...

No problem with them maintaining their dead daughter's home as a shrine, so long as they pay for it.

But they aren't asking for that, are they? They want US to pay for it!

Anonymous said...

Pesky Anonymous,

'Then it will be our job to explain to the poor dears where the faults really lie, so their ire is not misdirected.'

Erm... Pesky? We have been trying to explain to the deadheads what's going on. Have they listened? Being skint isn't enough to make people change their ways hence why I added a 'life changing experience' with it.

As the Fabian system has been the eroding of society over a period of time, so to has been the lowering of time to wage rise so people won't notice. Add to that, the gullible fuckwits will happily part with money to compassionate appeals from the government to save people here or animals there.

Look at the recent London riots; it started with the police murder of a black (mixed race actually but mixed race people prefer being black to white even though they're neither) drug dealer, which gave disgruntled youths the chance to smash up property and loot shops. It was a riot driven purely by materialism and headless chicken violence. The initial spark of police assassination faded into the background as the desire for PS3's, I-Pads & I-Phones, Nike Just Do It trainersand other high sought after goods took charge. In other words, the utter deadheaded morons wouldn't give a fuck if their street was burning for as long as they had their technological gadgetry everything was just peachy. Now, had the mob turned their attention on the cop who shot the youth, dragged him out of his habitat, beat the shite out of him and strung the murdering cunt up on the nearest lampost, then at least the riots wouldn't have been in vain. By inacting an eye for an eye policy on the police for their government enforced assassination policy of UK inhabitants, the filth would think twice next time they decided to squeeze the trigger to make it go click, removing yet another human from existence, with total immunity from prosecution.

You won't teach these fuckdongdangleberries anything. Until they start educating themselves through their own desire, nothing will ever change and the mob will always remain as a monster without a head.




People may say, I can't believe Harbinger's advocating murder of the police..... Why not? They're armed assassins and we're their target. You've got to be completely braindead to back the pigs. It's the same mentality of sheep attacking the black one for stating to the herd: 'Are you insane to allow these wolves habitat in our pen?'
The police SHOULD NOT BE KILLING ANYONE. They are not judge, juries and executioners. Their job is restraint and bringing people in for a court to carry out judgement. I have no qualms of killing murderers and police who do, are just so. With all the latest technology they could stun their assailants with electricity or hit them with ketomine tranquilising darts. Their refusal to do so means their policy is one of KILLING the public. I don't know about you but that makes them my enemy.

Dave Allison said...

3 MEN Listen to

Dark City Chat is Live chat off the main page

Pesky Anonymous said...


I think you have missed the point.
You Said:
"When ALL people experience financial hardship and life changing experiences
they'll start to ask questions and dig deeper than the superficial layer, ..."
I have said on this blog 3 or 4 times (not my orig. quote, but):
"Mr & Mrs Moron won't wake up until their creature comforts are taken away"
So here I am agreeing with you.
I merely pointed out that when that time comes, and in my opinion it won't be long, I will be ready to answer their questions.



Captain Ranty said...

Apologies for not publishing comments earlier. I am in Germany and cannot access the blog as often as normal.

Back tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

Harbingers comms are spot on. If the public were armed and saw policy men shooting an unarmed man they wouldn't hide, would they ?,

Dave Allison said...





Furor Teutonicus said...

"Hooper family....disabled daughter..."


Aye OF COURSE there is a spasy bastard somewhere in the story.

Isn't there ALWAYS?

giant bee said...

Hey Cap,

I tried to summarize the "Labour vs Tory" argument to my sister just now, who was complaining about Cameron being the enemy of the free people of middle earth and yadayada.

Here is my reply (name of sister changed). Am I doing it right ? I think I am :)

"But the thing is Derpina, Labour are the same. They're two cheeks of the same arse. "UK Government" is an oxymoron and has been since 1972. Policies are not decided there - they are imposed by Brussels, Westminster is a just a rubber stamp for the EU. Don't believe me ? Do your own research as I did, and be horrified.

If you want to change you will have to vote UKIP. They are the only party who make sense; the rest of them are career politicians with no concept of ordinary life. Cameron is an idiot and so are his government, but so was Blair, Brown, Balls and the rest of them.

I haven't voted for years because none of them were worth voting for - it made no difference; but now you can make a difference by voting for a party that will restore control of the country to you. Don't believe anyone who says leaving the EU will be "catastrophic" either - the EU is a political union, it has nothing to do with trade. Our membership of the EEA (European Economic Agreement) guarantees free trade within Europe, and members don't have to be part of the EU to participate. Just ask Norway and Switzerland - both members of the EEA but not in the EU, and currently have the highest standards of living in the entire world.

Don't vote Labour or Tory. They're all troughing treasonous bastards.


Anonymous said...

2013: The year Humanity fights back.