January 07, 2013

New Year, New Job.

I quit my job late last year. I found it stifling so I ran away to join a different circus. I started this morning.

New year, new job, new challenges, new risks, new threats, new dangers to be encountered, new countries to visit, and new friends to make.

Naturally, our glorious government will take 73% of my earnings this year for taking absolutely no risks, and for facing absolutely no danger. I wouldn't mind taking all the risks for all of the reward.

I really enjoy my job but I bitterly resent working just to keep these arseholes in funds.

Which is why I will be creating as much havoc as I can for the government. I will be awkward. I will say no. I will be defiant. I will be difficult. I will clog up their system.

And I will laugh like a demented hyena on nitrous oxide while doing so.

Get ready, lickspittles.



Anonymous said...


When it comes to paying taxes I'd consider going down the following route:


It is infact illegal to pay your taxes as in doing so you are contributing to the funding of terrorist organisations as defined by the British government and UN.



Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the link.

I already informed the Solicitors Office at HMRC of the facts. They ignored me. Four times.

Mind you, they also shut the fuck up about the £5K I "owe" them.....

Maybe they think they got a bargain?

I'll have another pop at them.


James Higham said...

73% ?

You might have to live in France.

Span Ows said...

Hi captain good luck in new job. By the way, not sure whether you know/know of this chap in the Highlands but he seems to be further down the same road re taxes and useless greedy councils/governments:


Span Ows said...

Just noticed, he posted a comment (or two...) on your Saturday chuckle!

Caratacus said...

"At last he rose and twitched,
His mantle blew tomorrow too,
Fresh woods and Pastures knew ..."

Or something like that .. my memory for poetry is not what it was :-)

Hope that new job goes well and that the new bosses aren't too much like the old bosses!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks lads.

Going well so far!


Dave Allison said...

Tech Probs.
Teck Guy has been shafted BIG TIME.

Be Aware this may happen to yoi dear reader.

Remain CALM.

Go for a walk - talk to der kinder -
smile not grit teef.

Anyways .........


Dave Allison said...

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