January 27, 2013

"Deniers" Were Right All Along

In what is described as a 'truly sensational' report we learn that those who rightly condemned all of those climate lies over the years were spot on.

AGW, Climate Change, call it what you will, (they do, they change it to suit the ludicrous agenda they push), is complete and utter tosh.

You might want to bear that in mind when the Green Freaks start howling about CO2.

CO2 is that stuff that trees need to live. The trees very kindly suck it up and release it as something useful to every living thing on the planet: air.

The Greens want to save the planet, but in order to do so, they want to radically reduce CO2 emissions which will kill the trees which will kill all the animals and plants, and it will most assuredly kill off the people too. What is it about these freaks that drives them towards a pristine earth containing no people, no fauna, and no flora? Is that the dream? A nice shiny earth but completely devoid of life?

It's the same with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), whose members almost never come across a healthy animal that they didn't want to put down. PETA euthanises 90% of the animals they pick up. How lovely for the animals.

We also have the depopulation mob. Despite empirical evidence showing that the planet can sustain 118 billion people, they insist that 7 billion souls are already too many. Naturally, all those espousing this claptrap want to kill off the brown people. We white folks will be just fine. I never yet saw a brown depopulater. Funny, that.

Hypocrites. All of them. Mind you, it is easy money. If you have a PhD in talking shite, the government will shovel millions at you. Politicians: the most gullible sub-species on the face of the earth.

Have a snippet from the report:

"New research produced by a Norwegian government project, described as "truly sensational" by independent experts, indicates that humanity's carbon emissions produce far less global warming than had been thought: so much so that there is no danger of producing warming beyond the IPCC upper safe limit of 2°C for many decades."


Renowned Swedish climate boffin Caroline Leck, who was not involved in the research, commented:

“These results are truly sensational. If confirmed by other studies, this could have far-reaching impacts on efforts to achieve the political targets for climate.”

The whole thing is here: Climate Change Freaks Are Full Of Shit, Report Says

It seems that the Green Freaks emerged way too early. We do not need their shrieking until 2050 at the earliest.

So governments around the world can now cancel the cheques, or better yet, claw back the billions they gave to these imbeciles in the first place.

And for fucks sake, get my electricity bill down to a sensible level again. All the lies told by warmists achieved only one thing: more money flew out of my wallet than was strictly necessary.

I'd like a refund please.

And then I want every warmist flogged. Twice.



Anonymous said...

"AGW, Climate Change..."

Ha ha, you are already behind the curve Capn'... and it's not even lunchtime yet.

The new moniker is...

Climate "Variability" and Change.

Anonymous said...

Oh BTW... good piece Ranty.

As yet another aside, I remember watching one of the original founders and directors of "Greeenpiece" (did yer see what I did?)... decided to leave and have nothing further to do with it, when it started to try to eliminate chlorine gas from the periodic table...


Captain Ranty said...


Are you suggesting that the weather is changeable????


We are supposed to now believe that every sudden downpour or cold snap is a result of human activity.

I never bought into that fairy tale.

It's good to be vindicated.

But the outcome is predictable: even more of our money will be hurled at the whiners.



Dave Allison said...

die krieg es ist kaputt

We have moved on to a new JOOML site


Anonymous said...

As a general rule, if leftards support a policy/agenda it is the wrong choice.If you stick with this principle you will be right far more often than wrong.
Paris Claims

Span Ows said...

Goodo, have blogged and linked. The cracks in the wall are getting deeper and more frequent.

Twisted Root said...

It looks like they've finally given it up. A good scam while it lasted. Watch out for the fall back plan - OCEAN ACIDIFICATION.

Anonymous said...


Seems to me that "extreme weather events" is phrase cropping up in the latest propaganda.

Also, I have only heard the phrase 'wintry showers' instead of sleet or snow in the last year or so.


Anonymous said...

Dear Capt Ranty

The whole purpose of government is to empty your wallet. Peddlers of snake science are just one group enriching themselves by helping government spend it, which is government‘s biggest problem.

Wasting taxpayers’ money is a challenging business.

I, Robert*

* Actually, he’s my brother. DP

Dave Allison said...

FREEMEN listen to

and go in live chat room

James Higham said...

A nice shiny earth but completely devoid of life?

I'm just amazed people haven't latched on to this. "Devoid of life" is the key phrase. This is the oldest game in the book - for a fictional account - see Mordor.