January 03, 2013

Sneer And Loathing In The UK

Alternative heading was "MPs Discover That Brits Think They Are Vile".

In a study by Labour MP Gloria de Piero she discovers first-hand that Joe Public universally despise MPs.

This is no shock to most of us. In recent decades the quality of MPs (no matter their background) is embarrassing. Their greed, their unfailing incompetence and their whiny excuses are now legendary. No lows are plumbed quite as frequently by any other group of people. They are uniquely ignorant and arrogant and if I could, I would make this study mandatory reading by all 650 of them.

It won't happen though. Almost nothing penetrates that Wastemonster Bubble. It's like living under a dome through which they can speak, but cannot hear. The term "out of touch" has never been more applicable. One of the reasons Labour lost the last election was because they stopped listening. The Coalition government, bless 'em, never even started listening. If they listened, even for a moment, they would hear the roar of over half the country screaming "Get us OUT of the EU. Now!" but, it is a peculiar affliction of MPs to go stone deaf once the ballot count has been announced.

I don't particularly care what their sexual proclivities are. I don't care what colour they are. I don't care how much money they have. I don't care where (or even if) they were educated. None of that is any of my business. None of it. The only thing, the only qualities I look for in MPs is ability, honour and a wee dash of integrity. Those that possess those traits are as rare as hens teeth.

I do care when they waste my money.

I do care when they shower fake charities with my hard earned.

I do care about my money going directly to some tinpot leaders' bank account in Zurich.

I do care about the criminal mismanagement of my country.

I do care when they routinely ignore our pleas to leave the EU.

I do care when they tell fecking great lies in their manifesto's.

I do care that they would even consider Sharia law having any place in our system.

I do care that I am forced to eat halal food.

I do care about that immigration door being nailed open.

I do care that our NHS has failed.

I do care when they gift failing banks with billions when they should be closed down.

What happens to these people when they gain entry to the Wastemonster club? Are they briefed on the way in? Are they told, in no uncertain terms, that the people who elected them no longer matter? Is our system of law explained to them? Are they made aware that we have a constitution of sorts and their first duty is to us, the people of this nation?

It can't be much of a briefing.

I imagine it really does go something like this:

"Welcome to your first morning at Westminster. It has stood since 1265 and we fully expect you to respect its new traditions. First things first, the Expense Claims Office is over there to your right. You will spend an inordinate amount of time there. Knock yourselves out. Any complaints, just say this:- 'It was within the rules!" and you should be okay. If any of you should seriously bend or even break the law, for, oh I don't know, something as trivial as killing a foreigner on the motorway, worry not! You are special people now and we will try to keep you out of gaol but if you must serve a sentence it will be brief and it will be comfy. Now, a word about lawmaking. You are here not just to get access to free money, cheap booze and discounted meals *chuckles heartily* you are here to make law. As much as you can in any given year. In 2012, for instance, we crapped out 4,062 pieces of legislation. Disappointing, I know, but we DID break the record in 2011 with 4,116 so you need to get your game face on. What was that? No, no, no! You don't need to read it! No-one does. You just need to nod it all through. Most of it comes from the EU anyway and they know what they are doing, right? That's pretty much it. Go do the voodoo that you do, so well!".

Back to Ms de Piero.

This is a typical paragraph from the piece:

"Each meeting started with her asking the group to list the words they associated with politician. The results were not kind: them and us, the old man, upper class, completely different, liars, selfish, self-seeking, privileged and arrogant, spiv, jargon talkers, people who did not live in the real world. When she asked whom the politicians worked for, the reply was "themselves"."

If you need cheering up, you really should read the whole thing: Why We Loathe MPs

I think my faith in the British public is beginning a Restoration Phase....



nisakiman said...

A few good comments on the article; I didn't read many, but this one particularly caught my attention:


31 December 2012 9:30 PMLink to this comment

@markstallard - NO: not just the media; the closed party system.

Any political system that can throw up candidates of the quality of Clegg, who will sell out any principle in order to win or stay in power; Cameron who will I am sure fight for a principle when he eventually discovers what one is; and Milliband who, heaven save us might yet be prime minister despite having absolutely zero working experience with anything other than a state-sponsored photocopier; any such system is rotten and unfit for purpose.

Add to that a civil service where sackings above a particular grade do not happen and a media establishment which is either bought-and-paid-for by influence brokers or is a bloated self-fulfilling repository for failure.

Why do we hate politicians? Because for decades you've tolerated this and despite words you haven't done anything to fix things yet.

Both perspicacious and amusing, I thought.

Woodsy42 said...

Excellent post CR.
The UK public are very slow to anger but fear not. They are getting there. When it happens life will begin to get seriously interesting!

Captain Ranty said...


I didn't read any of the comments. I almost never do lest it colours my piece.

I do get tired of blaming the inept politicians though: after all, we are the morons that keep voting for them.


Captain Ranty said...


Do we dare hope that change is almost upon us?

It needn't be a negative change but many will try to convince us otherwise....


William said...

A belated Happy 2013 to you good sir.

So I nipped over as you asked to that loss making MSM site and read said article.

The only gem for me was this
"the former GMTV journalist turned Labour MP".

Anyone who seeks a career in politics should be taken out and given a damn good thrashing until they come to their senses. Perhaps then we could get a world worth living in.

Sorry to burst your bubble but the circles I move in don't cover politics at all. The are too busy complying with rules, regulations etc and earning enough to be able to 'do their duty' and pay their taxes whilst keeping food on the table and a roof over their heads.
To a man or woman they feel they have no say in anything the government does but neither will they stop doing what the government tells them.

Try as I might I cannot make them see that the people who claim to govern can only do so with their cash and consent. I should know better than to try.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Will. Best wishes to you too.

"Try as I might I cannot make them see that the people who claim to govern can only do so with their cash and consent. I should know better than to try."

Please never stop trying. I have been pleasantly surprised to learn that people do actually listen. It is a bonus, when meeting up weeks or months later, to learn that they tried saying no just to see what happened. Several told me that they had bills reduced or even written off. They are (slowly) learning to argue a little.

Naturally, I would want everyone to argue (with the government) all the time but I am learning to be happy with any progress at all.


Woodsy42 said...

I wish I believed it was 'almost' CR. But yes I do think change is on the way. No doubt it will be uncomfortable while it happens and may lead us from the frying pan into the fire but something has to give.
Just talking to people, and these are traditional middle englanders, neighbours, local folks etc the change is obvious.
People have always grumbled about politicians, taxes, regulations etc, that's normal. But now almost everyone is annoyed or angry about something. Rules, hoops to jump through, injustices, dishonesty - discontent is building up a decent head of steam.

Captain Ranty said...


Our old friend 'discontent' has been the driving force behind change since we climbed down out of the trees.

Let's fan those particular flames!


Dave Allison said...

I whacked some of your text and it will appear in another place.


Yer chum, Dave

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Wouldn't it be great to see the sleeping giant awaken?

Stand by for the forehead and that other lisping twat to announce that 2013 will be their year of "listening to the people"

Happy new year btw Cap'n, onwards and upwards eh? Nil carborundum and all that....

Bucko said...

I've just popped across and read that whole article.

It seems some of the people quoted in it hate politicians for different reasons to you and I.

There was the mothers trying to save a sure start center, the workers struggling on the minimum wage, the woman who can't afford child care and so on.

I got the impression their distaste was based on not being given enough of other peoples money.

I was nodding along to all the reasons you gave but none of them appeared in the article.

I fear when serious change does come it will take us in the direction of looting and spreading the wealth rather then one of freedom and liberty.

Captain Ranty said...

Nae problem Dave.

What's mine is yours.


Captain Ranty said...


Wonders never cease....

Best wishes to you too!!


Captain Ranty said...


Yeah, I used the piece as a springboard for my own demented ramblings. I did spot the lefty claptrap but decided to ignore it.

If history teaches us nothing else we should remind ourselves that writing stern letters to one's MP never changed a damn thing.

Ask Gadaffi, Mubarak and soon, Assad, and they will all agree that violence changes everything.

I just don't really want that happening here. The cat can (and should) be skinned differently.

Clog up the machine. Say no. Be awkward. Be defiant. Grow a pair. Man up.

And so on.

Then they will start paying attention.

The longer we say nothing the worse it will get.


nisakiman said...

...after all, we are the morons that keep voting for them.

Very true, but the problem comes at the ballot box.

"Put an X in the box.
Your choices are:

1) A chinless wonder who thinks poverty is only having one plasma screen TV.

2) A schoolboy in short trousers.

30 A clueless ideologue."

Or, of course, "None of the above".

In which case you get what everybody else voted for.

It's a conundrum.

Caratacus said...


That's the word that does it. You may enter Parliament with an iron-hard resolve to be virtuous and unbending in your dedication to truth and integrity. This all dissolves to bollocks the first time it's put to the test and "compromise" is required. This is outlined patiently by the whips and 'old hands' who explain the facts of life to you. And instead of telling them to fuck off you meekly say, "OK", and enter the lobby as instructed. You claim your exes as instructed so as not to upset the apple-cart, and, anyway, it's all OK. Isn't it?

The very act of becoming an MP unmans you. Unless you are of very special material like J. Enoch Powell, or Kate Hoey.

And they wonder why they are despised .. daft bastards.

Antipholus Papps said...

The very act of becoming an MP unmans you. Unless you are of very special material like J. Enoch Powell, or Kate Hoey.

Say what you like about George Galloway, but he ripped his inquisitorial US Senate Committee a new arsehole!


Anonymous said...

FFS! I keep telling people that if they want to have protests and demonstrations they should have them in front of their local MP's houses!
It's actually easier than going to London!
Imagine a crowd of a thousand+ angry locals outside your house. It would leave a lasting impression of who you are supposed to serve. That's what you should be promoting instead of your incessant impotent whining.
How many more times do I have to tell you morons this before anyone twigs?

Anonymous said...

Finally! Now tell people who don't read this blog:
XX if they want to have protests and demonstrations they should have them in front of their local MP's houses! XX

James Higham said...

If you need cheering up, you really should read the whole thing: Why We Loathe MPs

I think my faith in the British public is beginning a Restoration Phase....

Don't relax too soon.

Anonymous said...

Yep and the self and same people who "hate" politicians are perpetuating the bullshit by voting for them! It doesn't take a genius to work out that if you can't choose between them, don't fucking vote! It's not rocket science really. Just write on your ballot paper the reasons why you are spoiling it. Now if the majority do that, it will at least get the debate going!

Talk about cognitive dissonance!

In my opinion, another reason why we are fucked!


Dave_G said...

Has anyone studied Piero's voting in Parliament? Has it been 'independent' or does she vote exactly how she's told?


She has ALWAYS voted according to parties wishes......

and she wonders why we despise them???????

Anonymous said...


I hope you don't mind Ranty, but I'm sure some of your readers would also enjoy this blog.
By the way, where are the friday funnies?
Paris Claims

NewsboyCap said...


"Has anyone studied Piero's voting in Parliament? Has it been 'independent' or does she vote exactly how she's told?"

And how would she possibly get her future job as a director of a bank or a Global Corp. if she didn't vote the way she's been told to and 'paid' to vote.

It's not rocket science, the Banks, Global Corp. the EU can pay them and promise them far more than 'we' ever could.

Stop voting, remove the name from the electoral register,and stop or at least make it hard for them to get your earnings.

You know it makes sense, so just do it.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Just write on your ballot paper the reasons why you are spoiling it.
And just WHAT is THAT meant to achieve?

I have taken part in a few counts, and, although "spoiled voting papers" are counted, WHAT is said on them is no more taken notice of than the petty scratchings of some juvenile arsehole, on the wall of the public bogs.

You think some politician goes home at night and has a nervous breakdown because some pre-pubescent wanker wrote something nasty on the ballot slip???

Anonymous said...

Furor Teutonicus,

Did I insult you in anyway? Did my opinion offend you personally? If not why the insults?

Having never taken part in a count I wouldn't know but to imply I'm some sort of child and a wanker is a bit over the top. However if that is your mentality I feel for the people around you......

If that's what they do with spoiled ballot papers then STOP FUCKING VOTING!

Does that make you feel batter. I was going to give you my thoughts on you but you are not that important......


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX and a wanker is a bit over the top. XX

Can not read either.

Or do you think "Arsehole" means the same as "wanker"?

In which case, I feel I have proved my hypothosis.

Of course, "IF the hat fits, WEAR it" springs to mind.

Anonymous said...

Furor Teutonicus,

Read your profile, says it all really. Like I said I pity the people around you.

Law enforcement? Anyone who works in this field doesn't advertise it to keep their family safe so that leaves me with one conclusion: You're a two bit supermarket security guard..... how sad that you feel you have to put "law enforcement" on your profile along side "security". Nice to see you have fulfilled your potential in life with the levels of intelligence you are claiming to have.

You were the one splashing out the insults which just reflects the sort of person YOU are. Now it also states you live in Germany, so when and where did you partake in a vote count in the UK? I suspect someone is a sad little individual that tells quite a few porky pies......

Epic fail on your behalf me thinks....


Anonymous said...

Also...... If you spoil a vote here in the UK it stops the MP's from getting their deposit back so in reality YES it does pay to spoil your vote because it hits them where it hurts the most..... In their pocket!


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