January 21, 2013

Up Is Down, Right Is Left

Welcome, my friends, to Dystopia.

Today is Orwell Day.

He must be screaming from his grave.

Today, Barry O'Blimey gets a second bite at that cherry. Americans must be so very pleased with themselves for electing him.

He casually signs Executive Orders allowing domestic security agents the right to kill US citizens. How nice.

In fact, as well as UAV's patrolling US skies, he needs a lot of rounds to shoot those US citizens.


He must have dum-dum rounds to ensure those US citizens remain dead.

On Wednesday, this lunatic will tell us a pack of lies. Just like he does every time he wibbles on about the EU and referendums.

"So the UK population is upset? Aww, diddums. I am in charge around here. Fuck democracy".

Whoops! His big speech on the EU is on Wednesday. My apologies.

And finally, there is an awful lot of bullshit on the news. Not least of which is the "Asthma rates plummet" fairy tale.

I have eyes like a young hawk and I see no decline at all.

Your instructions remain the same: question everything.

Believe no-one. Ever. (Not even me).


PS-if one of the above images is yours, thank you. (I find it is easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission).


Anonymous said...

Yer have to blame the Republicans for this:

"Today, Barry O'Blimey gets a second bite at that cherry. Americans must be so very pleased with themselves for electing him."

They chose someone called Mitten, or something of the sort to run as one of them...

He is just a dumb hang'em'an'floggem fascist, and therefore actually worse than Bummer. O.

Which was difficult, but somehow, they managed.

Anonymous said...

Oh and your last bit Capn' (re: smoking and asthma)... The corruption of facts is just unbelievable...

...I went to school between 1961 and 1972 (got completely bored by the time I was 16). During that time, there was ONE boy who had asthma...ONE... And he died, when he was around 1, I still miss him.

When I first recalled that little story, my youngest daughter was about 15, and she reported that there were at least 8 in her class with asthma (and steroid puffers).

Another totally unrelated factoid might be that smoking (in those days) was almost compulsory...

...Teachers used to smoke in the corridors and playgrounds, both parents would smoke (usually at home or work) while you were WALKING to school on your own, or with a couple of mates. The trains and buses were full of smoke, and parents were probably smoking in bed and wondering why they only had 10 kids... (must be the lowered fertility :) )..

And so on.

James Higham said...

I was in a reasonable mood until I saw those pics.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back Captain. The bar stewards are still fcuking the place up.