February 07, 2013

Generation Meh

Ever hear that old joke: what's the difference between ignorance and apathy?

Answer: I don't know and I don't care.

There is nothing funny about apathy.

Apathy, combined with decades of programming, got us into this mess in the first place. And please, none of that British "Stiff upper lip" stuff. Being stoic in hard times is one thing, but rolling over completely, on everything?

This has to change. We need to learn how to complain. Loudly. And often.

Don't people care about being tracked by freaks in GCHQ all day long?

Don't people care about being watched by overweight civilians on a host of screens every day?

Don't people care about being robbed blind by their own government?

Don't people care about being hoodwinked lied to over our entry into the EU?

Don't people care about being lied to, almost constantly, by Alex Salmond and his indy wet-dream?

Don't people care about being forced (by the govt) to give their hard-earned money to charities they wouldn't normally support?

Don't people care about being stiffed by energy companies because some twat at the Environmental Department says we must reduce our carbon footprint?

Don't people care about those 1,200 patients killed by the NHS in Mid-Staffordshire?

Don't people care about being treated like cash-cows by incompetent MPs?

Don't people care about being subjected to a two-tier law system?

I guess not.

Because if they did, we would have burnt the House of Commons to the ground a long time ago.

Welcome to Generation Meh.



mikebravo said...

It seems that those of us who do give a shit that we are being used as slaves are in a minority.
Those of us that fight back in any way are even fewer.
Most of the rest are just happy to watch big brother and eat their cheap, suggary, doughy, fat goo.

When the shit does finally hit the fan (probably fairly soon) due to our debt of 900% of GDP there will be a lot of whining.

Captain Swing said...

Spot on Capt.

More and more sensible people are aware whats going on but they are the same people working their arses off to keep their families head above water.
Unfortunately the only people with the time on their hands to do something about it are the ones reliant on the state for their income.

The crap will hit the fan at some time and all we can hope for the benefit of future generations is that the enlightened ones will be better prepared than the drones.

DC said...

It's beyond frustrating Ranty. I'm ashamed to admit that I've had a quick browse on fstdt.com to see the comments made about 'conspiracy theorist' bloggers such as myself. According to them 'the government aren't evil they're just representing the majority who hold different views to the nutjobs' (that's the polite paraphrasing).

How literate people can excuse this government is beyond me. As I, and yourself, have said before. If the government is inept it deserves to be dismantled. If it is malicious it deserves to be dismantled... and the rest.

So if we're convincing ourselves the government is okay, then we've only got ourselves to blame when they walk all over us. Problem is - some of us are awake and active to the threat and we don't deserve the same fate as those who love their servitude. I now fully understand why our colonial cousins' ancestors founded new nations - to escape the tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Given the "path of least resistance" is a reasonable way to approach getting what you want you might want to consider Alex and his Independence thing.

Voting YES in the independence referendum is not a vote for the SNP it's a vote for the people of Scotland and Scotland it's self.

The day after the vote has been won Alex will be on his way out. To mange this we need a mechanism which ensures he does nothing until there has been a debate.

The debate will lead to being like Norway i.e. no EU apart from what we decide we want, restoring the sovereignty of the Scottish people, restoring the Statement of Rights and having the democracy which that implies.

Pipe dreams? As you say only of we don't get off our backsides.

Do you have a better plan?

Start planning to use the independence referendum as a means of getting shot of the bad old and gaining what we, mostly all, want.

Keep ranting Ranty!!!!

Billy Boboes said...

No Income tax
No Council tax

Not now, Not tomorrow, Not ever.

Wake up Generation Meh, it's time to walk the walk and forget all the tough guy talk talk about "Giving a shit" and "Waking up and revolting" and then nicely handing it all over when you get paid.

If you pay Inocme tax and Council tax then suck it up muppets, cos you are paying for it.

DC said...

@ Captain Swing: Great point and one rarely raised. The economy (through the artificial creation of money) could actually be rigged so that we all work half as many hours as we do with the same quality of life. This would be enhanced by a non-usurious government and much lower taxation. However, that would leave us with time to research and plan the re-acquisition of our liberties. Perhaps that's another reason Thatcher's lot told us to 'get on our bikes' - to eat up even more precious hours of our day.

Fortunately, the ones who know the truth behind all of this will be the ones preparing for the coming social collapse and therefore in a better position to rebuild a righteous world. Then again, we'll also be the ones first on the 'gulag collection list' so I do believe the time is coming when many of us are going to have to abandon our attempt at waking others up over the Internet and retreat to the less traceable real world where we can smile at the 'Europol' troops as they patrol our streets whilst knowing in our minds that we are part of the resistance.

Dave Allison said...

not many deed (so far)


James Higham said...

Think a lot of people are just shellshocked and demoralized.

Anonymous said...

You need to learn a lot more than "complain", old fruit!

NewsboyCap said...


Anon@ 8:14

What would you suggest we learn a lot more of?

Anonymous said...

I told you before:
Shit isn't going to hit any fan unless you throw it. "Comnplaining more" is just utterly pathetic. People have done nothing else but whine and it makes fuckall difference, why should they care?
If you have protests they must be outside MP's houses,650 of them, anywhere else is a proven waste of time. This is what you should be promoting. (And you could stop reading the Daily Mong, it rots the brain.)

F***W*T TW****R said...

re the eu malarky.just this interesting piece and the two other internal links. http://thefrogsalittlehot.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/article-50-2-years-and-eu-law-part-3.html

Anonymous said...

Anon (23:34),

In reply to NewsboyCap you state:

'If you have protests they must be outside MP's houses,650 of them, anywhere else is a proven waste of time.'

And what good will protesting outside MP's houses do? Do you really think they are, firstly, blind to reality and ignorant to the consequences of their party's actions and secondly working towards the overall benefit of the people?

Protesting outside their houses is comparable to standing in front of an incoming tsunami with a blowtorch expecting to turn it into steam before it engulfs you.

Anyone with a modicum of common sense should know what needs to be done and understand writing about it would be futile, the violent approach that is.

The cap'n writes what he does because he clings onto hope. He's an eternal optimist unlike myself, a realist what an optimist calls a pessimist. He also hopes to wake some people up by breaking reality to them far more gently than others. He or others commenting do not whine. They simply discuss the status quo trying to make people tear away the facade they believe is reality.

I, unlike the cap'n and others on here, don't believe the implementation of a tyrannical one world state, run by oligarchs will be avoided (NWO). I think it's destined to happen simply because the nature of the majority are worshippers of Mammon. They have lost whom they are and choose to live in the material world than the spiritual one. How appropriate then that the world has chosen to live under Marx and Engels' Dialectic Materialism, that which you can see, unlike a creator whom you can't.

You can stand outside MP's house until the cows come home but regardless, they will remain in their job, as lobbyists for big corporations until next election, where the public will decide their fate in the political world. What people fail to see is that the four years of a politician's life is no different to a student's in university - it is an apprenticeship for a position in a major corporation where their outcome depends on how well they successfully lobbied.

Like I said, protesting will do fuck all, anywhere and for whatever reason. All it will do is get you photographed by the filth as potential troublemakers. Did the the miner's protests effect anything, other than many being bludgeoned by police truncheons? Did the pre Iraq war protests solve anything other than show 2 million + people in London disagreed with government? Protesting shows people disagree and? What good does it do?

The elites know that you can achieve more in 5 years of war than 50 years of peace. I think it's worth realising they not only have a point but if society wishes freedom and to avert the plans of the NWO, then it had better meet the elites head on and play them at their own game. Yes, I promote war, not peace, but that war must be an intelligent war. Not all wars are violent, in fact our government has declared war on the people through low wages, no jobs, flooding the UK with immigrants, thousands of oppressive legislations, poisoning of the food and water supply, spraying of the sky with toxic chemicals, creation of deadly vaccines and GMO foods and promotion of minority demands to the detriment of the majority.

Don't target the politicians, target their controllers. Take all your money out of the banks. Stop using them. Buy from local butchers and greengrocers especially ones who deal directly with the farmers. Buy local and national. Yes, that T-shirt from China cost you only $3 but in doing so you've kept British people out of a job not forgetting helped China's economy flourish and our's plummet. You've also contributed to more sweat shops being created resulting in more horrific working conditions, on a par with Victorian England and more suicides.

There is much the individual can do, simply by saying 'no'. Fuck protesting - LOL. Fuck politics!



Anonymous said...

I can't be bothered to read your longwinded prattle, "Harbinger" of hot air. You are also not very bright.

You would find over a thousand angry people outside your and your family's front door possibly the most sobering experience of your life. Exactly the kind of experience the troughing, corrupt bastards need to remind them that they are our servants.

Anonymous said...

And you "Harbinger" are the cause, not the solution. Vacuous pretentious windbags like you who endlessly prattle on and on and achieve nothing are precisely why GB is where it is now.

GB is actually famous for being a nation of muddlers.
I've already stopped using banks, not that it makes any difference, because your pitiful stash is insignificant in the big picture. I'm certainly not going to buy locally, because british made goods are mostly unreliable overpriced crap.

The main problem with British Politicians is that they they are just not scared enough of the people. The only way to get their respect is by not letting them get away with things. The next protests should be nice and personal and directed at the very person supposed to represent you. That way the whole government would be put on their toes.

Anonymous said...


And you "Harbinger" are the cause, not the solution. Vacuous pretentious windbags like you who endlessly prattle on and on and achieve nothing are precisely why GB is where it is now.

Oh do explain please? This should be interesting.

I'm certainly not going to buy locally, because british made goods are mostly unreliable overpriced crap.

And therein lies the problem. You would rather prop up foreign economies and keep aliens in employment while our economy continues to plummet and the dole queues increase here thanks to ignoramuses like you? You really are bloody dense aren't you?
You are obviously oblivious to economics. If your country does not create enough and imports more goods than it sells you run a negative balance. You therefore are at the mercy of your foreign suppliers as you have no say in pricing.

The main problem with British Politicians is that they they are just not scared enough of the people.

Lol. Really and you think if they were things would change? Do you not realise that the very reason our society is such a heavy monitored one as it is with thousands of liberty destroying legislation keeping everyone in check IS BECAUSE THE MASTERS FEAR US? Didn't that ever once occur to you you fool? And yet you think making politicians scared will sway their loyalties back to the people?

And yet you call me a vacuous pretentious windbag and that people like me are the reason GB is where it is now? Tell me, do you even think before you write or do your fingers run ahead of your mind?

Are you that naive to believe politicians serve the people? Tell me, who do they along with the judiciary, police and armed forces swear allegiance to - us or the crown?

You are dense because you promote politics and government when you fail to see that the governing aren't governed and hence do what they do. Does a child tell it's nanny what to do? Until utter mindless fuckwits like you pull your heads out of their arses and think before launching your imbecile ideas, nothing will change. Politicians do NOT work for the people. They work for the corrupt system.

I have unfortunately come across many individuals (are you an individual or merely another of the herd?) such as you. I say unfortunately not because of having to reply to you mindless automations but because you exist and you are most certainly not the few. If you choose to best me in debate at least educate yourself first. Your arguments are not only laughable nonsense but sadly a sign that society is the way it is because it's filled with such jellyheaded fuckwits as you. Lol



NewsboyCap said...


Harbinger & Anon

I wasn't trying to start an argument, just wondered if Anon had something new for us to research.

H, you are correct as usual about what has brought us to where we are now.

Anon I appreciate that you believe protests outside an Mps. home may be more effective, but would they not just call in their 'Enforcers' to move or arrest any body they were told to.

I think there is room for both your ideas.Shop local as much as is possible,protest but in the right places, I'm thinking Council meetings, MPs. surgeries, local ward forums. Ask the awkward questions, make demands of them, tell them what you expect from them. Let them know there are many like minded people in the area that expect more from them.Offer them positive alternatives. Be robust, be angry but stop just short of personal attacks, but don't letup they will get the message, eventually.

Anonymous said...

And there you go again, Windbag, prattling on and on because I said that the most effective thing one can do to knock the government into shape is to have demonstrations in front of their homes instead of wasting your time going to London.
In fact, you could even go and see your MP in person and hold them to account. Much more effective to have a few hundred people outside their home though. But you better do it while you still have a right to protest.

Billy Boboes said...

Prattling on isn't the word for the prick Harbinger, it's a complete a utter wanker who comes out with:

"They have lost whom they are and choose to live in the material world than the spiritual one".

for fucks sake what hippy dream shite is he smoking?

as for protests not working he trots back to the miners strike and misses the Iron curtain, the middle east spring...and what about the poll tax....Protests worked then

Protests work you soft cunt.

Economic chaos by bank destruction is the preferred option for rich hippies who can survive the chaos cos they are already sorted.

Fuck everyone else- right Harbinger!!..let's fuck the country up cos i'm a selfish cunt who won't be touched by it.

Anonymous said...


Thankyou as usual. I replied to Anon to instigate debate and it has albeit with ad hominem attacks.


Again your courtesy knows no bounds - lol. Listen up you twit, for that is what you are. How many years of politics and what good has it done for the working man, that is the lower and middle classes? Politicians are for self gain and regardless what they do to make life worse for all, pricks continue electing these cocksuckers, proving the definition of sanity - doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results each time.

When are people like you going to wake the fuck up? You should never give anyone power over another. By voting for politicians you merely pump more electricity into Frankenstein. People never learn. If politicians really gave a fuck about people they wouldn't be politicians. They'd have dismembered Westminster and murdered the vile beast. You want to prolongue the insanity by marching outside these arsehole's homes and protesting, getting the usual bag of lies in due process. If they choose to ignore you, the police will be called as NewsboyCap crrectly states, meaning your protest would be in vain.

I'll spell it out for you A-N-A-R-C-H-O-S, from greek, meaning 'without rulers'. Take personal responsibility for your life. Don't give people power over you EVER. You are truly deluded that if you think government will ever be transparent. It may for a short term, that is if you make the government out of people who don't want to govern, but eventually it will be infiltrated by psychopaths as they always gravitate to the top, seeking power over others.


Anonymous said...

The thing is that for big protests like in London they call in plod from numerous forces to help out. The difference is that since they would have to Police 650 individual protests, they would be very low on manpower.
Conversly there may be far more protesters overall because people only have to attend a local protest just down the road instead of trudging all the way to a big city.
Thirdly, I doubt many Politicians are even in London when there are protests
They simply aren't affected, why should they give a fuck what you think? They have never been held to account individually. Having a thousand people outside their own front door would be nice and personal and they would twig how vulnerable they actually are. It should give them an incentive to behave.

I don't actually care about GB any more, I am emigrating, however people who do go out and protest should be made aware of this alternative tactic.
The ball is in your court.

Anonymous said...

Billy Boboes,

"as for protests not working he trots back to the miners strike and misses the Iron curtain, the middle east spring...and what about the poll tax....Protests worked then "

Nice to meet you too. lol
When you say Iron curtain I'm presuming you mean the fall of the Berlin Wall in '89? You do realise that was the letting in of communism to the west? Four years later after the Maastricht Treaty was signed it was officially established and the western soviet was created.

And you speak of the the middle east spring. I'm presuming you mean the Arab spring? You do realise these protests had nothing to with the indigenous of these lands, instead they were filled with agent provocateurs, trained in the west in order to destroy any threat to Israel, moreso to have them accept the IMF and have their countries destroyed, their indigenous cultures smashed and become globalist automatons? You do realise that these agent provocateurs were following direct orders from the west such as the CFR and RIIA?

And then you speak of the Poll Tax riots.....So great they were they exchanged the Poll Tax for the Council Tax. Fat lot of good they did.

What really amazes me about people like you is you think you're rebelling yet continue believing the shite you gorge on from the msm, as you're programmed to.

"Economic chaos by bank destruction is the preferred option for rich hippies who can survive the chaos cos they are already sorted."

Really? I'm a rich hippie now am I because I dared to suggest that man worships Mammon and chases a materialist lifestyle, making them slaves in due process? I am neither a hippie nor am I rich.

Listen up you moron; I don't know how many times I've said this but the reason society is in the mess it's in is because of BANKERS. They have created a west, sinking under a debt that they created from thin air. They created money out of nothing and lent it all out making billions on interest for themselves to the detriment of the people. They instigated all world wars to the detriment of the people that they all greatly profited from. They created free trade, whom their puppets Marx and Engels promoted in their manifesto which succeeded in destroying national industries and thus their economies. The only country that's smashed the banks is Iceland and it's growing with prosperity because of it.

"Fuck everyone else- right Harbinger!!..let's fuck the country up cos i'm a selfish cunt who won't be touched by it."

The country is fucked up because of the banks you ignorant cunt. And you think I want to fuck it up because I won't be affected by it? I've already been affected by the Bankers fucking up of the land. I am one of the many unemployed, fighting for a job in a country whose indigenous are competing with a growing number of Eastern Europeans who have settled here, again brought in by the banker wankers.

Until idiots like you and Anon wake up to see that protesting HAS NEVER WORKED, nor will it nothing will change. It will never work because the many organisations who like to protest with you are in bed with the enemy, created by them. If the police swore allegiance to the people along with the armed forces, instead of the crown, then protests may work as the police would be arresting the crooks causing the reason for the protests in the first place. But this won't happen because the police were set up to protect the elites, just as the armed forces are their bulldogs.

If you're going to attack me then at least get your facts right first.


Anonymous said...

Just in case some of you missed the point, behind the distraction of "Harbinger's" endless barrage of drivel:

We are discussing the advantage of protesting in front of the culpable politicians very own houses instead of marching around somewhere else that doesn't affect them.
I think that tactic should be pointed out to people who do go on demonstrations and don't hide at home whining impotently. Quite possibly the mere idea of it could start a few of the corrupt slime feeling uneasy.
Kindly forward the suggestion to whoever you think would consider it.

Admiral said...

Harbinger, you thick Twat:
The reason most protests haven't worked is because the corrupt scum don't feel personally addressed (because useless whiners like you are scared to).

Anonymous said...


"behind the distraction of "Harbinger's" endless barrage of drivel"

You have not been able to refute one word simply because you're unable.

"We are discussing the advantage of protesting in front of the culpable politicians very own houses instead of marching around somewhere else that doesn't affect them."

And again I pose the question - what good will it do?

Case scenario one:

X amount of people turn up outside a politician's house. He she stays inside while you all whinge and moan at whatever bollox you're whinging and moaning about. He gets up next day and goes back to work.
Outcome - nothing is achieved.

Case scenario two:

As above but he gets scared, the police are called and either arrest on grounds of either trespass on private property, blocking a public thoroughfare, not asking for permission to protest or all three.

Outcome - nothing is achieved.

Case scenario three:

All the above, the police catch wind of it, install their militant branch of undercover agent provocateurs who instigate violence through smashing up the place, people join in.

Outcome - not only is nothing achieved on behalf of the protests but government creates more legislation to protect politicians such as protests outside MP's homes will be met with arrests instantly.

Case scenario four:

All the above and the politician suffers a nervous breakdown, claims thousands in compensation, leaves politics and takes his place on the board of some multi conglomerate with a six figure middle end salary. Meanwhile the elites bring out another programmed puppet, guided through university to take his place and continue their will.

Outcome - nothing achieved, the tax payer forks out more cash and another puppet politician joins the ranks.

Now you may believe of a case scenario five where the politician will listen to the people......then your alarm clock will ring, playing the breakfast show while you get out of bed, have a shower, a shave, a shit, your cornflakes and cup of tea and then off to join the rest of the oil in the machine.

This is why protests never work. Nothing is ever achieved other than police taking photos for their databases of people against the system.


P.S. You attack me because I explain myself thoroughly. You are also unable to refute me because you know deep down I'm right. You may call me negative because I have better things to do with my time LIKE EDUCATE MYSELF instead of following along with your hair-brain ideas of protest that prove fuck all for fuck all.

Anonymous said...


"The reason most protests haven't worked is because the corrupt scum don't feel personally addressed (because useless whiners like you are scared to)."

Really? You think psychopaths care if 100, 1000, 1000,000 people turn up outside their door to protest? Do you really? If there were no police and armed forces to protect them, then the fear of being personally addressed and moreso, being lynched would certainly make them submit to the people's wants. But I really hate to burst your bubble but that's why there are police and the armed forces to back them up.

If there were no police to protect the elites, there would have been no wars, at least from the last 150 years or so. There would have been no educational indoctrination from the Frankfurt school because there would have been no WW1, leading to WW2 and Hitler would have executed them before they fled to the west. The current societal problems wouldn't exist today otherwise were there no police or instead a police force that swore loyalty to the people. There would not only be no wars but no elite control, no free trade, no communism, no bankers, no mass immigration........

You're living in cloud cuckoo land.


Admiral said...

Harbinger seems might keen not to have angry people protesting on Politician's doorsteps. I wonder why that is?

Funnily enough it's exactly what compells an awful lot of the corrupt bastards around the world to flee their countries or swing from lamp posts.

mikebravo said...

Seems to me that this is all getting a bit personal and bad tempered.
I think that H is just stating that protesting outside politicians houses is a waste of time.
In answer to Admiral above.
It is not protests and the like but a pissed off military that usuall does away with corrupt politicians and leaders as with Coucesceau and his ilk.

Anonymous said...


Is that the best you can do? Is it? At least make a fucking effort instead of trying to denounce me as somehow involved with tptb. It's really quite pathetic to say the least.

I have fully explained why it is an act of total and utter folly and yet you are still unable to refute any of the reasons I give. Instead like liberals denounce white nationalists and patriots as racists because they object to mass immigration destroying what left they have of their cultures, you imply I am a protector of the elites, of tptb, here on cap'n's blog? Don't you think that's sad? I disagree with the idiocy of protest and you say I'm working for the enemy?

ALL REVOLUTIONS going as far back as the English Civil war were created and planned by the elites. You're just too stupid to realise this.
Those people in Eastern Europe protest because unlike the UK they are a nation united, with a culture and proud of their difference. The only thing that separates the English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, N.American and Australasian whites is dialect. They have no culture other than what comes out of Hollywood, HBC and MTV.

These people were conquered a long time ago by their 'still' ruling crown; a corporation many worship, which destroyed their nations, cultures and individuality.

You are a moron and epitomise the saying - 'the public is an animal without a head.'

Unlike you I know how this country could be taken back, along with all others under the control of the elites, but stating my plan would not only warn the elites and get me arrested but I really do wonder if the required number of people would make the sacrifice needed not forgetting actually carrying out the plan to restore the economy and their indigenous culture in the long run.

Society will forever be a slave to the elites because they WORSHIP MAMMON. I was called a hippy becaused I correctly stated that man has given up his spirituality for dialectic materialism (communism).

You and 96% or so of the population are 100% globalists and you're to stupid to see it. Protesting will accomplish fuck all. As usual, you're barking up the wrong tree. Charlie Veitch protested all the time and he was a bloody MI5 informer. LMAO



Dave Allison said...

The WAR on The Scottish Government is progressing apace the various embassies and consulates in Edinburgh were contacted and put on Alert.

The Austrailian Amb called me back and was most supportive, asking after my health and mentioning gales we knew in Montys Bar Circular Quay Sydney.


Dave Allison said...

War against Scottish Government progressing appace.

SEE http://www.daveallison.org/war.htm

Anonymous said...

How about you actually put names to your alleged "Elites", Harbinger?

One might otherwise assume that you are fantasising about some invisible evil earth-pixies that you are determined everybody must remain slaves to, you Crackpot.

Got any links to C. Veitch being an MI6 informer or is that just more strange scaremongering and naysaying by you / whoever you work for?

Meanwhile I prefer the idea of 650 simultaneous protests happening all over the country in front of MP's houses instead of big pointless ones in London.

Anonymous said...

Best wait for mikebravo's military to depose the British Government or for "Harbinger" to divulge his Top Secret plan, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Paris Claims

Bill said...

Protesting at the MP's work or home address is an utter waste of time because they are actors.
Get on a bus/train/plane/donkey and head for the BIS in Switzerland and then protests in person might get somewhere.

The only two things that will bring about dramatic change sort of violent rebellion are
Enough people stop paying taxes.
Enough people start saying NO enough is enough.

Just my 2 cents of course

mikebravo said...

Ok nonny.
Where is the first protest outside an MP's house.
lead on........hmmmm.

Anonymous said...


There are many, including the cap'n who will vouch for me when I say I've already mentioned the elites in many of my replies. As for links to C.Veitch you can do your own research to find out the truth, something you badly need to do.

The fact you hold onto a political system and wish to be governed not only proves your inability to live your life without big brother but also your overwhelming ignorance to reality. It would therefore be totally pointless naming elites because it would mean nothing to you in the grand scheme of things. I would then have to tell you why, something I have no intention doing (as the whole process of realisation is a self process of joining the dots) and if I did you would still rubbish my thesis because it's contrary to your programmed mind understanding of life.

Just stick with your insane house protest theory. In fact why not test the water and protest on your own like the late Brian Haw who protested outside Parliament daily, in fact lived. Tell us how you got on. If a politician won't answer to one human, what makes you think he will 50, 100 or a thousand, especially when he has the police and law to defend him.

I have a better idea anonymous. Hand yourself over to medical science. You'll achieve so much more. With any luck they'll give you a lobotomy and maybe replace the defunct object with a pound of mince? The benefit being a much higher chance of you thinking and speaking common sense. Lol



You have to laugh or you will as fucked up as Harbinger said...

Yes since the dawn of time (middle ages) the "Elites" have been running the show....yawn.

Well there you have it folks fucking nonsense.

who is the top elite now Harbinger running the show is it the great great great great grandson of old bastard daddy elite, the spotty faced cretin "gumbo the third"...once he starts to shave he will take over the world and control all the other elites.

Gumbo has an arranged marriage with the queen of the lizards from zaaarg, whose is step sister to the duchess of cambridge

aint that right Harbinger, you tell em how it is.

Anonymous said...

FFS, will someone employer that knob Harbinger, get him working for the man, so he's got less time to blog.



NewsboyCap said...



Yes, alternative actions are a way to Rebel against the system,totally agree.
Ignoring or Refusing to pay unlawful fines, not paying for licences,paying in cash for everything, questioning MPs, councillors at their surgeries and making it Personal to them. Shopping in your local shops, staying away from the Supermarkets as much as possible. Raising awareness in YOUR local area and asking the locals to do all of the above.
And Yes, making protests Personal, I imagine, would focus 'their' minds.
I rule-out nothing, we need to try everything, attack from all sides.If something works we keep doing it, if something fails we adjust it until we get remedy.
The PTB, if they are reading this, will just love our attacks toward each other. They will be pissing their selves.Look for positives FFS, negatives are what 'they' do best.

Anon 14:11 said...


Can you name the Elite in control of the World. This person must known because you can trace the Elites back to the middle ages.

Perhaps you could just name him/her without riddles or links to conspiracy websites or by telling us to educate ourselves so we will find out in months or years.

I could say Gumbo the third is the Elite in control , if you don't believe me, fucking educate yourself.

Put up or shut up Harbinger!, why do you have to call the controllers of the world Elites and not their real names.

You use the term "Elites" cos you are a fucking fruitcake who has his head up his own arse, completely brainwashed into a conspiracy filled la la land who believes protests change nothing.

World history has been about protests and changes.Wars are protests,revolutions are protests.

Protests have changed everything this year , last year, last century.

Grandaddy bastard elite and his family including his descendant Gumbo have no control over 6 billion.

Name the Elites in control, where they live how they control governments.

I will start you off...

live: North pole
control governments by: mind control
Elite in charge: Gumbo

Over to you fruitcake?

mikebravo said...

"...Wars are protests,revolutions are protests".

Protest : an expression or declaration of objection, disapproval, or dissent, often in opposition to something a person is powerless to prevent or avoid:

War : a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air.

Revolution : an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.

Clearly not the same. Protest means lack of power.

Anonymous said...


If you only knew just how clueless you are you wouldn't write the drivel you do. As I said, once you start educating yourself on reality, doors will open to who's pulling the strings but that knowledge is only obtained once you destroy the dialectic by dissecting both sides' propaganda there to pull the wool over your eyes.

Your continued ignorance is shown in your belief that protests are about good people getting together to make a better change for all. All protests/revolutions come from the top down, not the bottom up. The 'elites' make all changes through the hundreds of thousands of organisations they control. And I have mentioned who many of these elites are in previous replies to the cap'n's articles.

Your replies do continue to make me laugh because you are oblivious to just how programmed you are. Until you wake up you'll think like many who believe they are, ignorantly, awake.

Like I said; if you want to know who pulls the strings pull your head out of your arse and educate yourself for once in your life instead of being spoon fed by other people's hard work.

My last reply to you anonymous (BillyBoboes/Admiral/Neutrino). Any future replies will be ignored. Don't waste your time.


Anonymous said...


I no longer read what the moron has to write. Anyone who thinks that war is a protest shows not only how stupid they are, but how ignorant they are.
A protest can certainly devolve into violent conflict but the intention to go out and kill people, defend/take land/resources/enforce culture, as is with war, is not what protest is about.
I realised from his ramblings that he's simply a stupid individual, beyond ignorant I'm sad to say. And regardless that I state I no longer have time for and will continue to ignore him, he still replies (I see he's replied again above of which I ignored)?

Don't waste your time on him, really, he's not worth it. This comment section has turned into a flame war because of it and I have nothing else to add on the matter. I think I've explained myself well enough on the utter futility of protests/MP house protests.



Anonymous said...

Quite a few of the anon's aren't me posting. Did you know the term can apply to various people? I've mostly avoided addressing Harbinger because he doesn't want MPs affected in any way which is a bit weird, plus he comes out with endless drivel. Best ignored.

@Mikebravo: I don't give a stuff about GB, I'm emigrating. I thought I'd mention the idea of the tactic of protesting outside 650MP's houses instead of keeping it to myself. The protest could be about anything people normally protest about, just the location is by far more effective. MPs are supposed to represent you, not the buildings at Westminster or wherever, that's why protests rarely work, they are held where nobody cares.

I just got me a 3D reprap plastics printer so I've got better things to do than try to free born subjects, girl's blouses and weird Loons. These comments pretty much prove it's a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

...furthermore I note that Crackpot Harbinger still hasn't actually named a single "Elite" and keeps repeating that MPs must not be personally pressured to change things. Eeerm...WTF ?