January 24, 2013

Conflicting Referendums

I have a new problem.

As do hundreds of thousands (millions?) of Scots who want to leave the EU.

Fast forward to 2014 when Slippery Alex gives Scotland a referendum on remaining in the Union and combine that with Cast Iron Dave's new improved promise to the people that we will get a referendum on the EU. Let's imagine that the referendum in 2017 actually takes place with an actual in/out choice. Let's pretend that the promise is real.

If Scotland does vote for independence next year (highly unlikely, in my opinion) that means I lose the chance to get rUK out of the EU in 2017. The SNP are determined to go to Brussels to beg entry into The Stupid Club, although, if today's news is anything to go by, entry may be a long and protracted thing.

Look: No, We Do NOT Want To Talk To You

Assuming a 'yes' in the indy referendum, Scotland will have to apply to join the EU just like any other nation.

It blows my mind that a nation 'shackled' to another would replace those chains for another, more tightly-fitting set. 10 seconds after the Act of Union was signed in 1707 a group sprang up crying "Foul!". This group morphed into the SNP. That same SNP, led by Wee Eck, has consistently lied to the Scots about legal advice held/received on Scotland's continuing relationship with Brussels. He has lied about job creation in the new Scotland. He has lied about the revenue renewable energy will create. Hardly a man we can trust with our future. His familiars sing the same song, so we cannot trust any of them either. Scottish Labour? Don't get me started. Let's not even discuss the one Tory MSP. The poor man is outnumbered by pandas in Scotland.

Now, however, the SNP has been told, in no uncertain terms, that there will not be a conversation about entry. Not, at least, until Scotland begins formal negotiations with Brussels. How long will that take? No-one knows. Will they be accepted? No-one knows. What will the terms be? No-one knows.

I have choices. Just like everyone else:

Vote no in 2014. (Despite wanting Scotland to be independent)

Vote yes in 2017. (Because we absolutely must leave the EU)

Don't vote at all. (Go to the pub instead. Get drunk. Stay drunk).

I had decided to dump my voters card forever, but now, on principle alone, I may need to use it two more times.

I loathe the EU. I make no secret of that. I know them to be a damaging, out of control bunch of psychopaths hell bent on creating a United States of Europe. This is not in my interest, and it is not in your interest. I already believe that MPs have too much power. And they are elected.

How bad would life become if we are to be governed by a group of unelected, unaccountable gibbons in Brussels, forever?

The very thought has me sweating like Jimmy Savile at a youth club.



William said...

Each to there own but my research shows me that voting for or against anything is a total and utter waste of time.

Voting is an illusion that TPTB need to keep the peeps quiet. If TPTB came out and told everyone they were in reality slaves they risk death, just about the only thing they truly do fear, by mob.
So keeping people voting keeps the lid on dissent and hey presto TPTB can continue with their perverse pleasure of keeping the masses under their control.

Why they bother is beyond me. If I were one I would be seeking another planet and leave the masses behind but that's me.

I know you understand this, I know many on here also understand this but many don't. Many actually believe that voting for someone or something makes a real difference right up until I ask them
"Who voted for the current Government of Great Britain & Ireland?"

This is usually followed by a deathly silence without a penny dropping because if they allow the penny to drop then clearly their precious vote doesn't matter and then what do they do?
Shit themselves clearly but that too is not an option for the masses.
Better the devil you know and all that.

Unknown said...

On a more positive note, that also suggests, by inference, that a Scottish vote for independence would get the English/Welsh out of the EU without the need for a referendum. Twatty Dave could then offer a referendum on whether or not we should apply to join, but I wouldn't rate that as very likely.

NewsboyCap said...


Have to agree with William, he is spot on.

Also like you I have sent Notice to Brenda, and can't participate in their charade until she starts to do her job. The fact that she won't is irrelevant, but hey allows me to have more fun with her Govt.
Unlike William and others I see more people waking up to the corruption and Corporatisation of the State especially at the local level. More people are asking the awkward questions, more are saying NO and enjoying saying NO.
Keep at'em captain they don't like it up'em.

Bill said...

I too can see a change in some folk, not many too be honest but at least enough to notice but these folk are stuck.
If they accept voting, saying no and asking questions is the thing to do what lies ahead?

On the one hand they want the government brought to order, slimmed, trimmed, crushed or whatever but they don't want anarchy.
The reason they don't want anarchy is because they have been told since birth that anarchy means violence and chaos.

How to persuade or show them that anarchy simply means no government especially when huge numbers of people are totally reliant financially on government is the crux of the matter but what the hell do I know?

Whatever is offered up to 'Jock Public' is stage managed to generate the right outcome... the right outcome that is for TPTB not you or I.

NewsboyCap said...


@ bill
" saying no and asking questions is the thing to do what lies ahead?"
Well Bill I don't have an answer to your question but, I do know that whatever 'we' choose cannot be any worse than the present non-sense. Even a return to a fully accountable Parliament without the spectre of the Eu vomiting rules out day after day would be better than what we have now.
Personally I would prefer Anarchy, with power limited to a county or local level. Local councils provide most of the services a community needs at present, with a local Militia for defence of said community what more could we need?
Most people live within a reasonable commute of where they work and spend most of their time and money in their local area what is the point of Central Govt.? Surely we have enough Laws and experience in the Judicial system to survive and rid ourselves of central Govt.
It seems to me that Govt. is only there to make new Laws,create more offences and by definition more criminals, to Tax the Fucking life out of us and make WAR to take the the lives of the younger generations...... Fuck 'em not needed.

James Higham said...

It blows my mind that a nation 'shackled' to another would replace those chains for another, more tightly-fitting set.

Absolutely. We look on with quiet bemusement south of the border.

Anonymous said...

As I said numerous times before:
All that is required is a slight change in the method of protest.
Instead of pointlessly trudging all the way to stupid London (or not bothering), you go up the road and protest in front of your local MP's house. It would mean that every MP is personally and directly affected by a protest.
You're not going to do it though because you are a bunch of impotent whiners who are even scared of your own women.

Anonymous said...

Call me Dave began a speech earlier this week with the words
"I am a low tax conservative....."
That's two lies in 6 words. Is that some kind of a record?
Paris Claims

William said...

Voting For Dummies

A NAME has to be on the GOVERNMENTS Register of Electors if the GOVERNMENT is to send a voting card to the name attached to the address on their Register.
A NAME in use by a human living at an address but not on that Register of Electors will NOT get a voting card and so these names are inelligible to vote.

Every CARD that turns up at the Polling station is checked against the REGISTER.
The register is ticked and another voting card is handed to the human who brought the voting card to be checked against the register. Thus the human is conned into believing that they have voted in an election.
The sealed boxes are taken away to a central place to be opened and counted. The people involved in every step are paid employees of the Government.
It gets even dafter though because the humans who believe that they are 'exercising their democratic right' are voting for a NAME. That name is either the name adopted by a human as in Alex Salmond or it is the name of the PARTY allegedly fighting the election.

Every NAME which is on the Register of Electors is liable for all charges, penalties, taxes that arise from the GOVERNMENTS ever increasing Book Of Statues and Their Transgresions. The people in Government know NAMES are just words and if enough humans figure that out their jig is up so they have to constantly keep the false belief that you are your name going throughout the individuals lifetime.

I know it sounds totally bizzare and to some will seem to be consipracy lunacy but don't take my word for any of it
If you have voted even once during your lifetime sit down for ten minutes alone with a coffee and go over what the voting process actually involves and see what it actually changed be it locally, nationally or internationally and then come back here and prove to me I am talking bollocks.