January 28, 2011


I haven't put up any videos for a while.

Have this:

If that tickles your fancy, watch the whole movie here:

Fascinating and scary, but never dull.

As those countries in the Maghreb have shown us, in order to progress, first you must tear down.

Out with the old, in with the new.

The transition begins.



I am Stan said...

Yo Capitan,

The sleepers have awoken......well at least in North Africa anyway, I pray the`re not butchered and an even more authoritarian rule takes over.

What`s Zeitgeist?

Keep your eyes and ears open and your powder dry!......;)

Captain Ranty said...

Hi Stan,

Zeitgeist was a movie released several years ago. Among other things it explained why religion is a pile of mince. Even the pope condemned it, so it is worth watching!

Since then they have made two more films. "Moving Forward" is the latest. They are long but they give you a different slant on the shite we read in papers or see on the tellybox.

BTW, I really like your new banner!


Harry J said...

The only problem is CR is that it didn't 'explain why religion is a load of mince'. It attempted to debunk Christianity but it failed. If you can back up the claims made in the film you can earn yourself a few quid.


If you follow the above link you'll see a link to 'debunking videos'. Both of them deal with much more than the misrepresentations about Christianity. In particular there are clear links to Theosophy and much more.

In addition try the link below to another film as well as various websites that show Zeitgeist up for the elite deception that it is.


I'm surprised a controlled and planned world government, such as the Venus Project, appeals to you CR.

Captain Ranty said...


The first film helped me to open my eyes a little bit.

I watched the "debunking" and I wasn't convinced.

I liked huge chunks of the first film but did not swallow all of it. This latest movie will have bits that attract and bits that repel.

The Venus Project too has bits I like and bits I don't. I neither support nor condemn the plan.


Anonymous said...


Zeitgeist is disinformation sadly. And it's such a hit because it's been made to look as though it's the fighting the NWO. It isn't it's promoting globalism and more importantly theosophy, the New Age religion of Helena Blavatsky, which also happens to be the same religion that the Freemasons worship, that goes back to the worship of the Sun God, which is in reality the worship of Lucipher.

I remember seeing it before I had gone down the rabbit hole and was like WOW, now I watch it again, it's nothing but propaganda, i.e. this is the Brave New World society that Huxley promoted and the one they're against is Orwell's 1984. Either way Captain, it's controlled opposition.

Captain Ranty said...


I haven't watched the first one for years.

Maybe I should do what you did: compare it with what I have learnt in the interim.


Jiks said...

The Zeitgeist films are must-see IMO.

You might not agree with all of it, or even any of it but they really make you think.

Regardless of whether their claims are true or not I've never seen such a well structured explanation of how the world doesn't work...

William said...

Nice to see you are avoiding goal and the rioting. Have you heard about the French elephants not allowed back to France, and currently stuck in Morocco due to the EU's lunatic officials and some barking EU rules?

Just as an aside could you 'ask around' and see your African friends have heard anything about the long running icebreaker rescue.

Finally are there any plans for the Libyans to ban farting?
Apparently Malawi is actually introducing just such a ban.

Keep safe.

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for commenting. I don't recall seeing your name before, so welcome!

The world isn't working, is it?

It isn't just 3rd world countries falling apart. Today I saw that Biffo Cowen's Irish govt has dissolved. Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Albania.....will we be the first 1st world country to revolt?

I hope so.


Captain Ranty said...


I perhaps should have mentioned that I got back to the UK late last night. I asked the Libyans if they would rise up and they "No, we'll just wait for that lunatic to die. He can't live forever". The next leader is most likely to be Saif al-Islam, (Moummars son) and Saif has a good brain. Very progressive. He will be good for the country, I reckon.

I have been visiting Libya since 2001 and I haven't heard a Libyan fart, so maybe the law of common decency is still holding up!

I'll ask about the icebreaker. My next trip is to Douala (Cameroon).

I get all the good places, don't I?


Jiks said...

Thanks for the welcome, CR.

I know a lot of people feel really threatened by the Venus Project for some reason but I really don't get that. I mean, a society with no government, laws, or slavery and instead of property open access to everything ... what's not to like?

Anonymous said...

Live revolution feed from Egypt!


Try and weasel out of this Hilary!

What a brave and fearless bunch of people.


Steven UK said...

Venus project? Computers to rule over the collectivised masses? No thanks. Sounds worse than now.

Manu said...

Hi CR,

Thanks for posting the link - I started watching the video and it began well enough; well very put together and thought-provoking.

Unfortunately, it then starts to go wrong. It starts with an attack against Smith/Mises/Hayek (Keymes is mentioned right at the end just for the illusion of balance) despite the fact that most of the issues being railed against are most definitely Keynsian in provenence. There are snide remarks about the UK, Republicans (well - perhaps that's not a problem!), etc. We see numerous screenshots of articles posted in the left-leaning MSM (WSJ, Guardian, etc).

I had to stop watching after about an hour or so, at the point when the film states that a 'global resource system' could be set up all run by a computer. Sounds great in theory, but who would program this computer? Who would set up the algorithms to decide what resource should be priorised over another, and given to what person?

I'm fully in agreement with the film creators that there are fundamental problems with how the world works at the moment; I just completely disagree about how these could be addressed.

Have you finished watching this film again CR? Would be interested in your views on it once you have...

Anonymous said...

Much as I can see the upside in having a system to govern the usage of world resources, I can see it becoming a very slippery slope to one world government by the back door.

Nations should capitalize on what their location gives them. I imagine parts of Africa would do very well with solar generated electricity.

Not so much in Britain.

The Severn Barrage was a very good idea, as the estuary has a massive tidal range.

Never trust a Politician.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Woodsy42 said...

A couple more interpretations.

Here is a song lyric from the Levellers Zeitgeist album, very apt!

And here is a future version?
Although Hawkwind use the english language phrase.

James Higham said...

watch the whole movie here

Prefer to read one of your posts.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed by the number of libertarians taken in by Zeitgeist.

It is proposing world communism and the removal of remaining property rights from everyone.

Jiks said...

Communism is a Monetary System concept. It has no relevance and is not possible under a resource based economy.

Instead of property a RBE has open access to everything with no price tag or other restriction. If I can use whatever I want, when I want it, unrestricted by any government or laws what possible advantage could "owning" something have?

Anonymous said...

Property is necessary because we don't live in a world of unlimited abundance. As such, if we don't have property rights, someone has to make the decision about what we are allocated.