January 05, 2011

Democracy? Not In Suffolk, Thank You Very Much!

I love it when a poll comes together.

Tourism chiefs recently ran a poll to find Suffolk's most iconic image.

Despite winning by a landslide, black metal group, (WTF is one of them when it's at home?), Cradle of Filth were rejected by the chiefs.

Not right, see? Not right at all. Not for sleepy old Suffolk.

***Weasel words warning***

And here they are.....

Speaking about the decision, Tim Passmore, the interim chief executive of Choose Suffolk, said: "The finalist icons have been selected because the judging panel believe they have a countywide resonance and are symbolic of Suffolk, and extend across the county and beyond its borders.

"As a user-generated gallery, the site was designed to engage with visitors and encourage their participation. We are encouraged this remit has been successful. However, while some of the images on the site may have gained a larger proportion of visitors' votes, the judging panel felt that their list of finalists displays the required credentials to act as representative iconic images of Suffolk."

The needs of the few damn well outweigh the needs of the many.



Dioclese said...

What do you expect when the County Council is run by a useless, overpaid, consultant speaking cunt?

See : http://dioclese.blogspot.com/2010/12/rotten-boroughs-suffolk-county-council.html

I am Stan said...


Where`s Suffolk?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Well, you learn something new every day - there was me thinking bmg was some abbreviation for an ethnic group!

Off topic CR, (and any of your commenters who may be interested) can you make a note of the new URL for WfW please? Thanks.


Derek said...

Black Metal eh?

I wondered what the racket was from the neighbours motor:

That's Suffolk is it?

William said...

Typical response from the species. The Council Jobsworth is adept at two things only.
They are brilliant at pissing other people's money up the wall and they are very good at making sure their own income isn't affected by any government cuts.

Cretins the lot of them. Come the revolution...

Iar R Thorpe said...

Great story that. I led todays blog with the headline Filth Is The Most Popular Thing In Suffolk.

One of my commenters confided he nearly bought a house in Lowestoft once but it turned out to be on Prostitute's Row - the property was cheap but so were the women.

Well I guess in East Anglia prostitutes rely for trade on blokes that don't have sisters.

Anonymous said...

If you're interested, black metal is a subgenre of heavy metal that uses guttural vocals, distortion, fast guitar and drumming and, less so now but certainly in the past, low production values. It's usually misanthropic, anti-religion and occassionally Satanic (although there's a lot of self-parody and black humour involved).

The most notorious black metal bands are probably Mayhem and Gorgoroth. Wiki them to find out why.

You'd be surprised at how well it combines with orchestral/classical elements, opera and folk music. Metal is, honestly, the broadest genre of music in existence.

Personally, my favourites are Månegarm, Equilibrium, Finntroll, Moonsorrow, Wintersun and Myrkgrav. They all use a lot of folk music elements (Finntroll is actually mostly polka).