January 13, 2011

Democracy? Not Here, Not Anymore.

I just read an interesting essay over at Rosie's Hoose.

John Souter raises some great points and to answer there would force me to keep it brief. I thought I would instead jot down my thoughts here.

I think democracy is just a word. A vastly overused word. And you know what happens when you say a word over and over and over again. It loses all meaning. It sounds like gibberish. Where democracy is concerned, not only does the word lose all meaning, but the very concept itself.

John is right. True democracy hasn't existed here for many years. Maybe it never did. "Allowing" us to vote makes us feel part of the process. We think we are actively involved in the running of our nation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I remember watching those Labour fools when they lost the election last May. They were shocked, stunned and bewildered. They had no idea why they were kicked out. They genuinely did not know why. After a few weeks, they (or at least some of them) realised what it was that caused their downfall. I hesitate to write this woman's name but I must, because it was Hazel Blears that said on radio that : "We weren't listening. We just did what we thought was right". This was either an epiphany from Wee Hazel or it was some sort of twisted plea for sympathy. She got none from me. That bastard party can stay in the hinterland forever, for all I care. They destroyed this nation, its' sense of self, its' sense of place, and in doing so they affected our collective psyche. They damaged us far more than they will ever comprehend.

Of course, the new mob, the ConDemBorg, are merely continuing the work that the LabourBorg began. They are systematically handing our country over, piece by blood-stained piece, to a retarded Gollum in Brussels. A Gollum who is stateless. A Gollum whose own, and I hesitate to say this as well, country, you know, the one without a parliament, is now famous only for housing the inept and the unaccountable in a big shiny building that we paid for.

My point is that most Britons would leave the EU this very afternoon, if asked in a referendum. The ConDemBorg know this and yet they continue with the charade that any of our wants, needs and demands matter in the slightest. They don't. We. Don't. Matter. The sooner you all learn that, the better. Cameron and Clegg are no more "in charge" of this country than I am. They are puppets. Muppets. Marionettes. They dance to a tune played by an almost invisible piper. They take instruction from an insidious group who have always remained nameless, blameless, but ever present. This shadowy group, let's call them the UnderGovernment, for want of a better (or more accurate) name, who watch. They watch and they listen. They watch and they listen and they learn. The saw that Camerons star was on the rise. They waited until the election was over, they waited as he thrashed out a deal with the spineless fence-sitters, the LibDims. And about five minutes after Brown was dragged kicking and screaming from No 10, Cammy got briefed.

They, the UG, would simply not permit a pawn like Cameron to make his own decisions. That would upset the applecart. That would destroy decades of planning. Look back down the years. Can anyone tell me that we have not just got on with that "thousand year reich" so beloved of the short-arsed corporal? We aren't all speaking German, but everything else is on track. One nation, one currency, one big blobby nondescript population (Ein Volk!) and soon, one leader. One Super-President to rule us all.

Where is the democracy in all this? Where are the voices of the people? Democracy is dead. The voices of the people go ignored, unheeded, unneeded, even ridiculed. Four million people signed a petition to stop the post office closures. To no avail. They were ignored. Over one million marched against that illegal war in Iraq. They were allowed to gather and to sing and to shout and then they were ignored. Because Blair was briefed. He was told that it was happening whether or not he liked it. Whether or not it was legal, and whether or not we, the people, said no. The Masterplan must be followed. We are slaves. We are chattel. We are things owned by them. We prove it every single day by not racing down there and ripping off their fucking heads. We prove it every time we say yes, when no is the only right answer.

I see more individual freedom in "backward" nations in Africa. I see more democracy in villages that have no running water and no electricity. I see more wisdom and compassion from those "savages" than I have ever seen from one of our politicians.

There are so many millionaires in the present Cabinet that I fail to comprehend how they could possible know the harm they are causing with their never-ending greed. Their never-ending theft of our money, cloaked in some ridiculous Statutory Instrument, and their seemingly endless stupidity and incompetence. We are stuck with a government nobody voted for. The debt that exists can never be repaid. It can only grow. It can only be passed down to our great-great-great-great grandchildren. As far as I can tell, none of us voted for that. None of us agreed to bail out the banks. Not enough of us agreed to wage war on the Iraqis. None of us agreed to wage war on the Taliban, those same people who never attacked us here in Blighty.

We weren't asked. We weren't consulted. We have disagreed with many governments over many years. We have petitioned, we have protested, we have complained, and we have written our fair share of stern letters to those that purport to represent us. Those are the rules of the game. Those are acceptable acts by the people. They are also useless. Protests and demonstrations can be ignored, our letters end up in the bucket, and our complaints go unregistered.

Every five years we get a chance to change the people that ignore us. Sometimes we do, and sometimes we don't change the Ignorati. Sometimes we like being ignored by the same mob for years and years. Then we pretend that we are in control and we vote out the profoundly deaf and vote in a new mob suffering only from tinnitus expecting that the condition will clear up. It never does. The hearing problem just worsens. And, we continue to repeat the same experiment whilst praying for a different outcome.

But to call this a democracy?

No such thing. Not here. Not for a very long time.



NewsboyCap said...


I agree with every single saddening word.But praying for a different outcome is not going to produce one.Action is unfortunately the only way I can see a change.

PT Barnum said...

The only protest I can recall which made any difference at all was the fuel blockade, which initially had full public support until people couldn't get petrol anymore. TPTB postponed the fuel duty rise, a sop to allow corporatism to get back on track. The French do these things so much better...

William said...

Like you for many a long year I laboured under the idea that democracy was real in so much that our 'vote' mattered.
I now know that this was a false position to hold. It was a position we are told to hold.

I now understand why Hitler saw the 'gypsy' as an underclass. The gypsy has no need whatsoever for government no matter how small and their lifestyle proves to anyone who pays the slightest attention and igores the MSM lies that living without a government, anarchy, works better than living by government.

This mind set cannot be tolerated by a state no matter how big or how powerful. State has to control people because it is by its very nature a control mechanism.

I am looking more and more to how the gypsies render state or governmental control impotent as I want to do the same. Trouble is they don't write much down and they don't talk to outsiders about how they negate the state so its a slow process.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

You highlight the obvious CR and I have for a long time held the view that NewsboyCap offers - the only way sadly we will rid ourselves of the present political class is by action - direct action!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Excellent piece, Captain. In the past 50 years, instead of the state working at how to listen to us more, they have simply bolstered their means of keeping us quiet.

Licences to protest, section 44, surveillance, spot fines, you name it, all a deliberately placed buffer between politicians and the people.

They know what they want to do, and they don't want the public messing it up.

hangemall said...

Captain, I have commented in a few places about our politicians being "compromised" one way or another. My usual example is this comment from
Guido Fawkes' blog as follows:-

reg511 says:
April 8, 2009 at 3:00 pm

Under the pseudonym Charles Linton the young Tony Blair pleaded guilty to importuning in public toilets at Bow Street Magistrates Court and was fined GBP 50.00. This occured in 1983. So, I guess our future European Emporer has a bit of a colourful history, which of course does not colour his judgement (such that it is) on contemporary issues today. Not at all. Err-hem. Puke.

Gordon, Bliar, Mandelbum, you couldn’t make it up

(End quote)

It wouldn't at all shock me to learn that half of the cabinet, past and present have been shown photographs of themselves snorting coke, buggering gerbils, eating babies or whatever and being told that if they did what they were told they would be allowed to continue in politics.

It would certainly explain the recent long line of senior politicians comming back from abroad nursing their ravaged arses and then passing the compliment on to the rest of us.

PS Speaking of senior politicians, we don't seem to have heard much of young William Sorebottom since last September's kerfuffle. Is he still with us?

Jacobite said...

A truly inspired rant capt, every word so true, there will be a tipping point hopefully soon when the people will say enough is enough.

Anonymous said...


A great post!
However I would like to correct you when you state: "The [TPTB] saw that Camerons star was on the rise." Cameron's star was on the rise because 'they' made it rise. Cameron was told a long time ago that he would be PM, no doubt at one of his freemason meetings. I really wouldn't be surprised if it was while, or before, he was at Eaton.

Also, it wouldn't have mattered whether the tories had continued in power in '97 or the Limp dims had won for the damage done by Labour would have been done by them in the same timescale. No political party is there for the people.

You also mention of the millionaires in Parliament and yet the people still haven't cottoned on as to how on earth can rich people, 'governing' (although we know they're not as you correctly say) a country know how the other 90% lives? How can they know what it's like when the cost of living rises, especially with more money on food and fuel?

There never was any control of society by the people, merely the sham we know as democracy. The same people have been running things for thousands of years all over the world and what we're seeing now is the moving from the old world order into the New and people haven't a scooby as to just what that's going to be.

Again Cap'n a great piece.

Thank you

Guthrum said...

Ne'er a truer word

Andrew Withers
Libertarian Party

Steven UK said...

Not much democracy for Robert Green either


Michael Fowke said...

And there's probably nothing we can do about it. It's too late now. "Every man for himself!" I'm afraid. Forget about your country. Your community. It's gone forever.

Chuckles said...

Well said CR, great post.

I'd have liked to see your musings extend a bit further however, since this constant reference to democracy is simply allowing those forces you note to control the debate. It is their narrative you are using.
There is nothing noble, wonderful or anything else about democracy. It's a polite name for mob rule, and the tyranny of the manufactured majority.

I suspect that what most of us would welcome is a return to some form of representative government?

Anonymous said...

Fight them for every last penny.

Call their bluff.

Corporate power has no chance in a real Court. And they know it!

Keep the faith.

If they imprison enough of us, they will have lost.

If Nick Griffin can get a fair verdict, we can easily!

There is zero chance that people will accept greater taxation.

Britain will never bow to Communism.

France would though.

Anonymous said...

Can our MPs just reform as a Libertarian party?

We must have friends in the big three that are sick of this.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks guys.

It seems I am preaching to the converted here.

But I am chuffed to see the consensus!

Now, what to do about it.....

I get stuck at "violent revolution" every time I ponder change these days.

There has to be another way.


microdave said...

"Every five years we get a chance to change the people that ignore us."

That sentence should get an award!!!

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Well CR, the first part seems to have fired up your dendrites.

Look forward to your response to the second.


Anonymous said...

Keep an eye on Guido, Comrades.

It is coming!

Extremists are going to blow up the Euro!


Anonymous said...

Be very careful.

subrosa said...

An excellent response to John's post CR.

There's just one wee bit I'd like to highlight and that's our membership of the EU. Our leaders love the EU. It provides them with every excuse in the book. Never believe any from the ConDems, Labour of Greens about their scepticism regarding Brussels. Some may publicly insist they're sceptics but, for my money, they're fakes or they would have taken action long before now.

FireballXL5 said...

Depressingly every word is only too true Capt. I think we're finished, the only glimmer of hope is either violence, or protests in such huge overwhelming numbers, in more than one country, that they cannot be ignored. Sadly either of those options would be used as an excuse to finally crush us and impose martial law rather than heeding our concerns.

I am coming to the belief that we will never see collective freedom so it has to be found within ourselves by opting out of the mainstream and living life on our own terms free of all the restrictions that the state wants to impose. In other words, rather than fighting it and trying vainly to change it, just ignore it. I have been reading Harry Brownes "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World" I commend it to you.

McGonagall said...

Cameron postures as an EU skeptic but wants Turkey in the EU. He promised that if the Lisbon Treaty were ever altered he'd call a referendum. Now that it's being changed the changes aren't big enough, apparently, to trigger that referendum. Ever felt like you're being treated like a dick?

opinion prole said...

Sooner or later the tax earners are going to rise up and destroy the tax eaters. Perhaps this will start with the outraged voters of some EU state demanding the removal of the parasitic elite in Brussels. It won't be the UK because we are so nice and tolerant, the doormats of the EU, giving away our birthright to any sod who wants it.

graham Wood said...

Rany said:
Thanks guys.
"But I am chuffed to see the consensus!
Now, what to do about it.....

I get stuck at "violent revolution" every time I ponder change these days. There has to be another way."

Answer: There is another way.
It is to deliberately withhold voting for any political party, at any time in the future. All of these parties have a collective political or ideological axe to grind which 99% of the time does not operate in the national interest, only in the 'party' interest.
Answer 2. Vote only for NON party political candidates who are independent. If the 'party system' was banned tomorrow that would be a first step forward. It can be done

SandyRham said...

Richard North at EURef is looking for a million angry people, but I'd say a million awkward people would be more fun.
Suggested activities are bagging Gatso cameras, preferably on a Fri. evening, pay bills meticulously to the penny but leave off VAT since it is a foreign tax......

Anonymous said...

Check out my new blog!


I cannot live a lie any longer.

It is time to come out of the closet. As a Human.

john kelly said...

Capt Ranty

There's only one peaceful way - stop paying taxes, and the only 2 that allow you to do that are council tax and BBC tax. It's easy and I've done both, lost 1 won 1, and the publicity is well worthwhile. BBC websites are several but they need co-ordinating but I'm not
aware of any council tax website, try TPA. John Kelly

NewsboyCap said...


Liebour win in Oldham WTF!!!
How can this be Democracy,when more than 50% don't vote,when more than half the electorate either can't be arsed or can't find someone to vote for.
Well I'm with the majority from now, Fuck'um, don't vote for any of 'em.
That's real democracy, "I don't vote for you,you don't represent me" now FUCK OFF.
If 'more than 50% of the electorate' refuse to vote in future elections how can the PTB claim to govern the country?
William has it right, come the Census,when they ask:Occupation ? TRAVELLER !Religion? TRAVELLER !Now FUCK OFF and leave me alone.

Edward Spalton said...


After all, a lynch mob could be said to work by majority vote.

One of the American Founding Fathers cautioned his colleagues against "too democratical" a constitution for their newly independent country "else we will but have exchanged King George for King Numbers".

Many of the checks and balances in the US constitution have been overridden by the huge increase of Federal and Presidential powers.

Anonymous said...

I am preparing for the worst.

This has the potential to escalate rapidly.

I am getting out of the City.

I tried.