January 16, 2011

Coming Apart? You Betcha.

I am no fan of governments, of politicians, or oppressive regimes-often they are all wrapped up in one-and sold to us as our saviours.

They are anything but.

Just ask Ben Ali, former MFIC* of Tunisia. He won't be hard to find. Just follow the trail of shit. Since he was ousted on Friday, he did the only thing possible: he ran away screaming like a choirboy with a randy priest at his heels. Where is he now? Who knows. Maybe he didn't organise his brave escape in time and now the boys are baying for his blood.

If he's lucky, he will end up begging the Saudi's to care for him into his dotage like that other model leader, Idi Amin Dada.

OOPS! The Jordanians look set to follow suit.

Or, take a look across the water at Gordon Brown II Brian Cowen. This fat useless bucket of monkey spunk copied Colostomy Broon in every respect: he was the Finance Minister (he fucked that up), then he was the MFIC*, (and he fucked that up), now he won't do the decent thing and leave office. He is clinging on like genital warts and will not, he bleats, be forced out. Here he is, whining like a stuck pig.

Seriously, is he any better than Ben Ali?

Meanwhile, over the big water, the debt grows like a cancer. Sovereign debt has now topped $14 trillion. Which is almost one hundred percent of GDP. Misery loves company, they say, and soon our American cousins will be just as miserable as we are when (if) they all learn that they each owe $45,300 to some nameless, faceless, invisible loanshark. The MFIC* added around $4 trillion to the national debt. "Change we can believe in"? No change here, folks. Elect an idiot and they fuck up the finances. It's axiomatic. Mind you, even Monkey Boy only added $3 trillion when he was the MFIC*. The brown stuff is just about to hit the twirly thing.

Barry O'Barmy will copy his cousin Bobby Mugabe in Zimbabwe and the presses will roll. 

They have to churn out more fiat currency. Where else will it come from? Thanks to the Federal Reserve, (which is neither federal, nor is it reserving anything), and Little Timmy Geithner, the printing presses will be singing like Elaine Paige on speed. And every time they print off a dollar bill, all others in circulation lose a fraction of their value. The Chinese must be pissing themselves in delight. Hu could have known?

OOPS! The EU need to top up the piggy-bank as well. Guess who will end up paying for this?

Just three examples of MFIC's around the world. All three have broken the toy they were given to play with.

Now the other kids are starting to ask why. They are starting to wonder just how clever they were putting up with these cretins for as long as they did.

Call Me Dave and Boy Wonder Clegg should start paying very close attention.

All is not well on the home front. No X Factor, no Strictly, and the tramline storyline in Corrie has been sucked drier than a witches tit.

Is the giant waking up, at last? Is he tired of being poked, prodded, tagged, watched, and of being ordered around & robbed blind every month?

I seriously fucking hope so.


*MFIC = motherfucker in charge.


The Wasp said...

The Irish Central Bank just discovered the button which starts up the printing presses as well :


So let's do the math: ICB "money printing" has increased by €40 billion. For a country whose GDP is about €160 billion, this means that Ireland has printing the equivalent of 25% of its GDP.

Should just about put them in the same buggered category as the USA without the benefit of having the world's reserve currency.

Barking Spider said...

Hopefully it will all kick off right across the whole Middle East, CR, seeing a few more MFIC dictators getting theirs might be just the encouragement our lot need to get off our arses and out in the streets to scare the shit out of Cleggeron!

William said...

It's business as usual here.
Petrol tax escalator hike-going ahead anyway.


The Government has backtracked on a promise to bring in a stabiliser which would have ensured petrol tax was reduced if oil prices went too high.

Which of course leads to this.

Britain is facing possible petrol shortages after the country's largest union threatened to call 3000 fuel tanker drivers out on strike.

Head in sand, head in clouds or bent over to the horizontal receiving anal attention from their masters. All three describe the twats posing as politicians we are currently saddled with.

Taxation from fuel
Fuel Duties £25.7bn

If we ground our country to a halt for a week... well that should be obvious to all.

Income Tax £155bn
National Insurance £104.6bn
Value Added Tax £83.8bn
Corporation Tax £52.3bn
Fuel Duties £25.7bn
Council Tax £24.9bn
Business Rates £23.7bn
Other Taxes & Royalties £15.7bn
Stamp Duties £13.5bn
Tobacco Duties £7.6bn
Vehicle Excise Duties £6.1bn
Capital Gains Tax £5.0bn
Beer & Cider Duties £3.4bn
Inheritance Tax £3.2bn
Wine Duties £2.9bn
Customs Duties & Levies £2.5bn
Insurance Premium Tax £2.4bn
Spirits Duties £2.3bn
Air Passenger Duty £2.1bn
Petroleum Revenue Tax £1.7bn
Betting & Gaming Duties £1.5bn
Landfill Tax £1.1bn
Climate Change Levy £0.7bn
Aggregates Levy £0.4bn

Anonymous said...

The true culprits are the electorates who vote these clowns in and tolerate them.

There is plenty of rope and enough lamposts.

will said...

I am praying that one day one of these uprisings overthrows an entire state including military leaders and doesn't plunge head first into replacing the state with another one. Somewhat like the deliberately misrepresented Somalia. Google leeson better off stateless.
We need to drop the R from Revolution that Repeats the same problem just differently and move to Evolution. We don't need the state. Overthrow it and get on with natural human society of voluntary organisation.

Angry Exile said...

The Cleggeron isn't going to be paying any attention. It'll be too busy arguing with itself over whose turn it is to go in front and whether it'll get a reach around.

Anonymous said...

European Elections TV Spot - Polish version

Watch for English part !!!


Captain Ranty said...


James Higham said...

The scum always rises.

Anonymous said...

So the Irish are printing Euros?

Oh dear!

Thank God we still have the Pound.

I wonder who is willing to buy all that British debt up?

Let us hope that out esteemed leaders do not go full retard over this.

That will really put the Cat among the Pigeons.

Anonymous said...

Many other bloggers with their eye on international affairs think this is another CIA 'inspired' coup.
If you delve a little - Tunisia is one of the more secular muslim nations and the most successful country in Africa.

Who really benefits if there is a regime change there? I bet you it isn't the people.