January 17, 2011

Where Were You When It Happened?

"What?", you may ask. What is the old duffer on about now?.

This is what I am on about.

It is a truly enormous number. Never has so much been owed by so many thanks to the inept actions of so few.

It is Labours debt. It belongs to Brown. To Blair. To Darling. It belongs to all the toadies that worked for them. It belongs to all those insane Labour voters.

It isn't my debt. They can come and take my wallet from my cold, dead fingers.

So, (your grand-children will ask you, I swear it), where were you when you realised the country was well and truly fucked?

I was in my home office. I watched the number trip over to ONE TRILLION and I wondered what we had done to our children and their children and their children.

I wondered if this huge number would register in the empty heads of the now largely Fabian populace.

And I sadly concluded that no, it would not.



Angry Exile said...

And of course it's an underestimate. Britain and everyone in it are on the hook for so much more.

Parkylondon said...

According to the counter I'm watching it hadn't crossed the line as of 16.55 today.


Which one were you watching?

Captain Ranty said...

You are right.

But that suggests that we can "handle" one fucking trillion but any more than that would frighten or worry us.

God help us.

God help us all.


Captain Ranty said...

I am watching the one I linked to Parky.

If I'm honest I can't take my eyes off the obscenity.


PS-I had to decide exactly when to post this. I couldn't do it later because I wanted to give others time to see the change.

Anonymous said...

It's a Auegean stable situation .
Too much shite to clear out and there is no Heracles to do it.

Parkylondon said...

Yes, same one. Understood about post timing. Good idea.

The Last Of The Few said...

I am watching it too.

I est about 12 mins past 5 will have us screwed.

Well we where anyway but too find ourselves in this position is beyond my comprehension.

I am not even shouting abut it............for some reason I can't........I am totally speechless.

Jacobite said...

This is the fuck up we get from the so called masters of the universe, and the 1 trillion is only what we know about, you can bet your life there is creative accounting going on in goverment and big banks and these cretins who piss in our face say if we regulate them and their bonuses they will relocate somewhere else, I hope they do prefeably China, see what fate befalls them when it goes tits up.
The MFIC game plan is inflation (STEALTH TAX) the BOE propaganda machine says CPI 3.2% when in truth we are running more like 6/7% and rising fast. I think 2011 could be a game changer, here's hoping.

Parkylondon said...

I thought it would do something. I wish the bomb had exploded or something! Would have summed it all up rather nicely..

Here we are. We owe a trillion quid.

Labour has a lot to answer for and this lot don't seem to have much of a clue.

Richard said...

17:15 it was.

We're bollocksed.

William said...

Yes but don't forget all money is, is a 'promise to pay'. What is actually 'owed' is a trillion credits and what is a credit?
To whom are these credits owed?
The BIS and the IMF are in the frame but HM Government and the Windsors are key players in both of these lenders.
Who creates money?
Who creates credit?

The so called debt is the responsibility of the Corporation known as the United Kingdom not mine or yours.

The world seems to be turning into Fantasy Island which would be fine if only we can rid ourselves of the cancer called the state.

defender said...

Wot debt?

Captain Ranty said...

I was kind of hoping it would just stop.

But it hasn't, of course. (Which is also why it didn't blow up, Parky).

When I put the word out on Twitter I asked "Is this our JFK moment?" and "Should we mark it?".

Richard did just that:


Thanks Richard. Someone needed to. The rest of us were still in shock.


Anonymous said...

1 Trillion excluding liabilities. PFI, PPP, Pensions black hole etc.

Richard said...

I'm in two minds about this. On the one hand, these are very big and very serious numbers. On the other, they are too big and too serious to worry about. Imagine a man falling out of a 10th-floor window. Should the microbes who live in the dirt under his fingernails worry about their future? Probably not: they will survive in one way or another, although their lives will probably be different. I suspect that the whole shebang won't be catastrophic, but will be the prelude to parhaps half a century of high taxation and creeping state interference. When we wake up, China will be in charge and Islam will be the de facto religion of these islands. I think those predicting catastrophe are wide of the mark. More of the same, only more depressing, is my guess.

And what about this thought?

Dioclese said...

On a similar slant, did you read the Milipede's speech to the Fabian Society over the weekend. Seems he is proud of Labour's record in office, and it was all everyone else's fault!

I have disected it and scheduled a piece for release tomorrow morning which - I hope - you might find interesting

What confuses me is that if we are all in the same shite, where is everyone borrowing the money from?

westcoast2 said...

Maybe as the counter increases the time to a reset decreases?

The UK is £1T and the US $14T in debt.

Food prices and oil prices are increasing as the US exports inflation due to Bennie and the injets printing fiat $s. This is not just a UK issue.

The global financial system is broken. FOFOA (and of course FOA/A) suggest a trail. ZH not only has the gold, silver and ammo bugs but also recommends 2 bears with insider info!

Can this sitution continue as suggested by an earlier remark? I think not. When people go hungry anything is possible.

Will it be the 'me me me' crowd or the 'freedom' crowd who rise up? Possibly the 'me me me' crowd (like the students) demanding the govt 'do something' or later 'Get another govt to do something'.

So where are the 'Freedom' crowd? Aha, keep your powder dry and watch as the film plays out (the debt ticks bye), freedom was at the beginning and will be there at the end and /** spoiler alert **/ is the main player in the sequel, default and reset :)

Anonymous said...

After escaping over 5 years ago, the missus now wants to return to the UK. She says she's had enough of it being no better where we are, than where we were.

After some depressing events followed by particularly "colourful discussion" over the weekend I was running out of reasons to refuse her.

Then you posted this. Thanks, you've just given me more ammo....


Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

The phrase I'm totally fed up with hearing from the mouths of the childlike coalition is "the debt we inherited from Labour."

Not that I'm excusing Labour - in truth the only position they should be in is recumbent and sent on their way with a requiem sung by a ghostly choir of bankers.

But what were Her Majesties Loyal Opposition doing during the stewardships of Blair and Brown that they can claim surprise at the levels of debt. Is opposition a euphemism for sabbatical, perhaps a Pantomime of cheers and jeers or just a rejuvenating semi coma, heavily compensated for suffering the ignominy of being on the reserve benches.

Just who are they trying to kid, Rip Van Winkle?

will said...

there was a discussion over at leg Iron's t'other day about what might be the straw that breaks the camel's back if indeed there ever will be such a moment. LI thought it would be something tiny and inconsequential when compared to years of persecution as a smoker. he could be right. someone else suggested when the lights go out. i think he's right.
a tree fell onto our local substation during a storm last week and i experienced my first power cut for a long time. no goggle box, no web, no phone (battery flat), no heat (boiler safety cut out), no light. nothing to do. and thats the kicker. if these become more prevalent as is predicted with a switch to green power then there will be no MSM telling the sheep to remain calm and stay indoors. an instinctive reaction is to go outdoors and check on your neighbors. discussion will ensue. dissatisfaction, frustration and perhaps anger will be shared and grown. there may come a day when enough is enough and facing another cold hungry night of boredom is less appealing than joining your neighbors and bricking in some windows. and so it may begin.

Woodsy42 said...

Thank God it isn't actually money, that much money doesn't exist. All we have is virtual data and numbers on account sheets that pretends to represent money.

Anonymous said...

We should all tell the bankers to get stuffed.

Anonymous said...

Well with the fantasy energy policies the fools are putting in place the lights may well go out ,even before the money runs out.

English Viking said...

Anon @ 18:16,

You entirely correct. The true figure is not even close to 1T. It is more like 4T and growing exponentially.

Anonymous said...

They'll do what they always have done which is inflate the economy by turning up the printing presses, devalue the currency and then a Trillion will seem like a smaller sum. Because of the inflation, everyone will carry larger nominal values of debt load and taxes and the game can continue on into the future without the enslaved Fabianized grand-children ever any wiser. They'll just come up with a new slogan or two and everyone will think it fine. It's the sad truth I think.

Ben said...

"What confuses me is that if we are all in the same shite, where is everyone borrowing the money from?"

We're borrowing it from ourselves. In other words, its all just a con to raise more taxes.

Anonymous said...

IT's a CON.


Angry Exile said...

It'd be interesting if there was an amount of debt which all experts agreed would be so huge that the country would be irredeemably fucked when it gets there, and then have a second and more conventional timer on the bomb which is counting down to that day as the money timer is counting up. Or maybe they didn't bother because Gordoom McSnotgobble took it past that point ages ago, and where the UK is right now is like the bloke who jumps off the roof of the skyscraper and halfway down is still yelling, "Well, nothing bad has happened yet."

I am Stan said...

What`s a Fabian?

Captain Ranty said...


They are a collection of insane people who believe that eugenics and selective breeding is the answer to the woes of the world.

Apart from that, they seem like a nice bunch.




Captain Ranty said...


Good point.

Crinkly raises another. The Opposition did fuck all for 13 years. They merely sat there and put up no fight whatsoever.

They share the blame for this clusterfuck.

As do we, for not rising up.


I am Stan said...


Them Fabians shamelessly describe themselves as "a left of centre think tank affiliated with the Labour Party"....ie Champagne Socialist,two faced,robbing, meddling twats!

Not unlike the load of filth we have pushing us around and robbing us now.

I feel unclean and in need of a drink,its going to be one of them days....AGAIN!!!!

Derek said...

There was a very good documentary on Britains debt several weeks ago, no longer available I'm afraid (at least, I think not) which showed Britain owed not £1T, but £4.3T. Too much to comprehend. One analogy was; that if fifty pound notes being a few thousandths of an inch thick were stacked one upon the other in a column, they would reach over one thousand miles into space. Or another: if you threw a fifty pound note away every second, you'd still be throwing them away 3,000 years from when you started. (If you could live that long.) And our government as well as the U.S. government have managed it in just a few years.

Who do we owe it too? Who cares. So sue us already.