January 25, 2011

Riot Sandwich!

Deep joy.

Next door to the left, the Tunisians continue to express their discontent. Next door to the right, the Egyptians have begun to express theirs.

Your humble Captain is stuck in the middle. The Libyans are no better off than their neighbours and they have exactly the same complaints.

It will be interesting to see if it kicks off here.

I just hope they wait until 4pm on Thursday. By then I will have taken off and hopefully I will be on my second G&T.

They shut down the airport here for the slightest of reasons and I am buggered for a land option. I do not want to head south and then west across the desert to get into Algeria. I have been arrested there before and I have no desire to repeat the experience. Without the right papers it is a given. Unlike British gaols, they do not feed you. Your family has to bring food in. I can confirm that I have no family there. On the upside, I may lose a few pounds....

EDIT: Sue tells me that Algeria is no good. The peasants are revolting there too.

That leaves Niger, the Central African Republic or Sudan. (The dodgy half of Sudan).

I should may be back on Thursday night.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me until then.



Sue said...

There have been riots in Algeria too.

Not sure if they have settled now but same reasons, unemployment, food shortages etc..

Oldrightie said...

It's all getting out of hand. I better walk the dog!

James Higham said...

You love living dangerously, Cap'n.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Sue.

I have edited the piece.


Captain Ranty said...


Be careful out there.


Captain Ranty said...


I have been coming to Africa since I was four years old. I should be ok.

If not, I've had a good life.

Mind you, it isn't me these guys are mad at. It's the dictators masquerading as democratic leaders.

Much like the Camercleggeron.....


Sue said...

You stay safe!

Captain Ranty said...

I will Sue.

It's what I'm best at!


Jacobite said...

59 outbound shipments of gold were seized at the airport in Egypt. a sure sign something is afoot.Watch yor back and stay safe.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Jacobite.

I put this post up as a joke but you buggers are getting me worried!! :)


Caratacus said...

Captain, would it help if I mentioned that I agree with you in that Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi (Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution) is a wonderful human being, and that - in a certain light - he could be Marco Pierre White's brother?

If it does kick off I expect you to do what any self-respecting ex-soldier would do in the circs: sidearm in belt, clips in various pockets, avoid the brass, find beer, feet up in nice dark room, light ciggie and wait for calm to descend... (obviously a supply of mars bars would be a bonus).

defender said...

Should you get stuck, Malta amy be nice.
"Ranty of Libiya" or "you jest" does have a ring to it. You can ride a camel, I take it.

Anyway, stay safe and smoke a lot.
Humphrey Bogart images come to mind with you wandering about.

English Viking said...

Hey CR,

What on Earth are you doing in Libya?

Get out, while you can.

Anonymous said...

I hear Gaddafi is not that bad a dictator.

I mean, he pissed of America.

That is normally a good sign.

Give us some on the ground intelligence when you get back.

And some pictures of his bodyguards!

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX I mean, he pissed of America.XX

Not difficult.

You can piss off America by telling them you don't like Coca Cola.

(I PRESUME you mean the U.S, and not Brazil, or Argentina, or any of the REST of America?)

Furor Teutonicus said...

Follow ups to...

defender said...

Ranty, it's looking like your right flank is not an escape option. We might have to send the navy to fetch you out.

Some of the videos on the possible revolution in Egypt taking place.


Anonymous said...

I mean the USA of course.

Is there a country in the world that does not hate them at the moment?

I came up with Israel, and the Saudi monarchy.

Any others?

Furor Teutonicus said...

Depends on whether you mean "Governments" or the people.

"Government" here speaks for it's self. Arse lickers.

People are about 50/50.

Steven UK said...

Coming soon to a self-named "Great" nation...

Steven UK said...

Hey CR,

A podcast I hope you'll enjoy on your work related travels.


more details here


Lion of England on a distant shore said...

So lets take our pick? Who are the agitators lets see who we have 1 CIA,2
FBI,3 UN, 4 EU,5 NSA 6 MI6. among others if it is the people alone then power to them,but i have
a nasty taste in my mouth,that tells me some one with a very big interest are pulling the strings,.I leave you to work it out.