January 15, 2011

Tommy Tiernan Solves The Debt Problem

It's all good, but do watch it right to the end when Tommy explains how we get out of debt.

Simple answer to a complex problem.



Oldrightie said...

He sure has a point, who do we owe it to?

microdave said...

I think it's more than one bastard.....

will said...


stefan molyneux explaining that it is not our debt. we will be forced to pay for it but it is not ours. i was just about to type that we didnt ask for it but i suppose if the politicians said vote for us and we'll give you 'free' shit as they did and some of us subsequently did vote for them then it is arguable that those voters did ask for the debt. then again we cant vote on each and every issue. we have to accept a package of bollocks which noone could possibly agree with 100%. some money grabbing twat might have been in favour of policies of wealth redistribution but he may have had the good sense to not be in favour of pointless billion dollar a day wars. he voted for one but is he liable for the other?
as an anarchist im in favour of binning the whole lot and writing it off but im sure that the creditors (UN security council) will be quick to 'prop up' the uk state to ensure the bonded tax slaves remain in order to pay off the cash that was borrowed against their future labour.

joe said...

I haven't seen him before, very funny.

defender said...

Funny guy, he also asks the question, who do we owe what and why?

I believe thats a fair question.

Anonymous said...

Those primarily behind the US War of Independence in 1776 were businessmen - Oh right, about freedom and liberty was it? - who owed large debts to the City of London.

The debts disappeared with the outbreak of hostilities.

Just goes to show.

Anonymous said...


The Philosophy of Liberty (PoL)

Anonymous said...

What I can't figure out is who is stupid enough to lend us money? We import most of our food and manufactured goods, plane loads of welfare hungry immigrants, and we don't have any natural rescourses to speak of. If they're that stupid tell them "sod off, we're not paying"
Paris Claims

Captain Ranty said...


Maybe it's all fictional....

There is no debt.


Andyj said...

The CIA world factbook does indeed show every nation has a debt.

External debt:

Public debt:

The idea of business is to keep the assets to itself and sell off the debts to the proles as enslavement.

It's about time we absolved ourselves of our Gov'ts. Leave their debts for themselves to pay for. They are a business with a trading number. Doing this will also dissolve the EU.