January 21, 2011

Shit Continues To Hit Fan

This time in Albania.

Full story here.

It looks like the Albanian slaves have had enough of their masters taking the piss. Pretty much like the Tunisians in a lot of respects.

Not that they have finished having their say yet. More unrest in Tunis today.

Biffo Cowen has badly let down his party, Fianna Flail, and his country, again.  This is the second time in a week they have tried to dump the useless bastard.

The Americans are doing no better. The Republicans are now back in charge at the House of Representatives and the first thing they did was to dump Barry O'Blimey's doomed HealthCareForAll Bill. For those of you that haven't been to the US, I can tell you that things are different there. Housing is cheap, cars are cheap, dining out is cheap, and you get to keep most of your hard-earned. Point being that most of them have money to spend on healthcare plans. It is a damn sight cheaper than our "free" NHS, I can tell you. Even so, things are not all as rosy as you would think. Sovereign movements are growing apace in the US and A so there may be trouble ahead.

The Belgiques have no government. They also don't do protests. Ever. About anything. Ever. (OK, OK, I concede that they did get a mention here.) In fact, here is a quote:

"Unions said 100,000 demonstrators had gathered in Brussels although police put the figure at around half that, 56,000, and reported a couple of hundred arrests following scuffles with "anarchists" in the city centre."

(Further investigation revealed that 55,996 of those were just Brits who were there to buy cheap smokes and took a wrong turn. The other four were part of a stag do from Bruges. They also took a wrong turn. "It was the beer" they said, "We have drinkened too much beer".)

The Dutch have a coagulation, just like we do. They don't go in much for protests because they are a laid-back population. But they have horrendous immigration problems, so they may just get unlaid-back enough to jump and shout a bit.

The Greeks are just about clinging on. Old Papandreou only just won a majority (160 out of 300 seats) in 2009, but his slaves kick off regularly. Over anything. 'Twas ever thus. Read your history. The Thracians, the Macedonians, and the Spartans were warry bastards. And let's not forget the women: no female population anywhere beats the Greeks for facial hair. Yes. They are that tough the chicks grow moustaches and beards.

The French? They kick off fairly regularly so all we have to do is wait until they piss off all the slaves and we should see some fireworks there.

The Portugese are a lively bunch and I think that (more) protests there are long overdue. It's all that Mediterranean hot blood.

Ditto the Spaniards. They like a good ruckus. It doesn't take much to get their dander up.

The Italians are getting fed up as well. They like a good protest and they are not averse to a bit of violence when it is necessary.

Here is a general sense of who will do what and when. It is important to remember the numbers. 600 million of us, 500,000 of them. It will be a cakewalk. A mornings work.

The point, which I hope I have made succinctly, is that the slaves are growing restless. Not just here, but all over the place. Most of us are forced, daily, to chip in far more than we should have to. It is particularly galling when those in government don't seem to be feeling any pain. And I mean absolutely none.

Most will blame "austerity measures" for the rioting, but what will erupt will be decades of oppression. The protests will become a natural release for all that anger at the mismanagement of their nations. Uselessness seems to be a requisite when becoming an MP. We deserve better. Much, much better. If they don't offer it, we will have to take it. By force, if needed, but peacefully, if we can.

Either way, it will all end in tears. For them.

And tears of joy. For us.



William said...

Much like that Met office Sligo woman saying the cold winter was 'local'. What she obviously meant by local was global!

This sort of info is where the interweb scores every time. It must really piss the slave master off when the slaves get to see what is going on in the next cell.

Captain Ranty said...

I love it.

Information is just a click away.

If only the same could be said for revolution....


will said...

Even the fucking belgians!? What is wrong with us? When you think of all the qualities we are told define britishness quite a number of them could be considered control mechanisms. Things need to kick off, state services need to fail and or be irreparably damaged to the point that people turn to alternative provision be it mutual or commercial. Once people awaken to reality there is the tiny chance statists will struggle to win back support. Nice dream eh? Wiki Agorism.

Sue said...

Riots in Malmo too with "youths".. code for muslims of course.

The sad thing is that it is all being kept quiet in our MSM.

Not one newspaper or TV station has the balls to fess up.

William said...

What I hope we are witnessing is the demise of the MSM. The penny has yet to drop with their slavemaster controllers that we slaves can see through their prophesies and smokescreens and they really don't understand the word 'web' at all.

Given the falling readership of most if not all titles they must be being kept afloat for political reasons through sycophantic advertisers and some of the slavemasters billions.

Bring it on.

will said...

Alongside night by j Neil schulman is a good story about an agorist revolution. Does rather depend on widespread awareness of the root cause of problems being the state tho...

will said...

Amen to that my fellow William. The sooner the better

Manu said...

While I agree with your overall sentiment, I am cynical about what the unrest is actually about for the most part: is it really the beginnings of a general uprising against overbearing Government and excessive tax & spend, or actually more about people wanting the atatus quo (i.e. keep spending other people's money on me!) to be maintained...?

Would be happy to be proved wrong, obviously...

mescalito said...

the brits only attack one and other its like they are blind to who the real enemy is, they say we are too passive when it comes to taking action against our government but we don't mind kicking the shit out of each other on a alcohol induced Friday night!

Captain Ranty said...


Does it matter? (Genuine question).

At least it shows that people are awake (to something) and they are shouting about it.

I liked the student protests for that reason alone: it didn't matter to me that they were wrong, just that they had the gumption to do something about it.

If there is to be a revolution here, it starts with the youth.

They usually do.

When did you last read the headline "Pensioners Riot!"?

Revolution is an act of the young, mostly.


Manu said...


I look forward to witnessing a libertarian revolution in the UK, although forgive me if I don't hold my breath... ;-)

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Whilst I think the students in thsi country are on a hiding to nothing, students are the key to showing the world how it's done.

Paris in the late '60s was a model for student rioting. (It was also a boon time for Parisian dentists. The CRS 'speciality' was to knock out the front teeth of rioters. Instant pain, and one less rioter.) So the students ripped up the cobbles, and got their own back. They were joined by commies, and low-paid workers, if my memory serves me well.

I can't ever see the same, large-scale thing happening here.

Most of the population is asleep, and those who aren't are either doped out of their heads or watching the telly.

Meanwhile, Blair, Mandelson and all the associated political scum get richer by the second.......

Jeremy Hartley said...

This is just Illuminati stirring up trouble so they can have a Marxist revolution.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Sue said...

Riots in Malmo too with "youths".. code for muslims of course. XX

Whats new?

Malmö Rosengård has been like Beirut for YEARS.


Furor Teutonicus said...

See also;


Anonymous said...

What I believe is that this is merely a combination of people feeling the pinch of higher fuel costs resulting higher prices overall, anger at the thought of losing their beloved materialism, realisation that the banks are shafting society along with governments and corporations and finally agent provocateurs, riling up the crowds in order to initiate more draconian laws (read statutes) in order to fuck liberties yet more and more.
This is of course our masters moving into the final phases of the agenda as they obliterate many countries economies stating that a one world bank would be the best agenda, because there have been too many 'fly by night financial cowboys' running the national banks.

I don't really see hope here. The average person on the street (some 95%+) are still totally oblivious to the fact that their lives are about to get far worse. More so, when that does happen, many won't care because they've got TV, sports, celebrity, technological gadgetry and fast food and that's really all they want. There are far too many people living in a superficial, materialistic comfort zone.

And to Furor Teutonicus, on his 'Islam bashing' I'll say that I was where you were - Jihad Watch, Gates of Vienna, Fjordman etc etc but woke up to reality. Look at the bigger picture; Muslims are like foxes that have just seen a huge hole in the chicken coup fence. They will do what they have done throughout time and that is seek lands to conquer under Islam as we did in the past with Christianity.
It's not the Muslims whom you should be worried about but instead those who are allowing them unfettered migration into the west and growth within. The water, so to speak, will continue to flow and therefore we need to catch the people who continually turn it on and let it run.

Islam has been the main religion that the NWO have used to smash the Christian west. Add to this the continuing promotion of Atheism with the likes of Pat Condell (Zionist shill) and Richard Dawkins (probably another Zionist shill), not forgetting the promotion of Judaism above Islam above Christianity and therein is the problem. Islam maybe the hammer that's smashing the west, but who's holding it is the problem.

I realised that my animosity towards Islam and my growing dislike into near hatred was not only screwing up my life but also doing just what our masters want of us. You see Furor the goal is to stir so much hate up within the indigenous British that they will eventually 'have it' on a large scale as the EDL are doing on a small one. Then when they have enough support not only will it enable them to introduce more terrorist laws (read liberty obliterating ones) they will have ready made support for their war against Iran, kicking off WW3 (planned) and to strengthen the illegal state of Israel. Israel, I believe is to be the 'ONLY' nation left in this world once all others have been destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone find a mention of this on the BBC news website? I can't.


Anonymous said...

We are very fortunate in the UK that we have not been invaded for a thousand years.
Is it just an accident that the smoking ban was first introduced in Europe in Ireland? I think not. Not only has Ireland not been invaded for a long time, but it is a small country, and it was, before the recession, economically buoyant. The smoking ban was then spread to the rest of the UK - again, not a country which has been subjected to the jackboot.

Now, Tobacco Control is trying to invade the countries of Continental Europe. One can see why these countries are resisting this invasion.

It is about time that we in the UK stopped being pushovers for the Healthists. We have a right not to be healthy if we wish. Also, we have a right to know what the proof is that our little habits harm others. There is no such proof.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Harbinger said...

And to Furor Teutonicus, on his 'Islam bashing' I'll say that I was where you were - Jihad Watch, Gates of Vienna, Fjordman etc etc but woke up to reality. Look at the bigger picture; XXX

In Germany we are accused of "doing nothing whilst Hitler came to power".

We, the "islam bashers" are warning you NOW. We are doing EXACTLY what you expected we did with Hitler.

Are any of you listening?

Would any of you have listened any more intently in 1933?

XX Muslims are like foxes that have just seen a huge hole in the chicken coup fence. XX

And like all good farmers, the only answer to a fox is to eradicate the problem.

James Higham said...

Pretty well summed up, Cap'n. And this was classic:

And let's not forget the women: no female population anywhere beats the Greeks for facial hair. Yes. They are that tough the chicks grow moustaches and beards.

Anonymous said...


"In Germany we are accused of "doing nothing whilst Hitler came to power"."

The rise of Hitler, that is the indoctrination children received while at school was for reasons alien to what we were taught. Hitler's rise to power was not only planned by the elites (look into Fabian Socialism and Eugenics, not forgetting their praise of Hitler) but his rise, his anti semitism was a DIRECT result of semitism. It was (as we were not taught) the Jews who launched a war against the German people, who directly brought about anger from them. When Hitler came into power, the Weimar republic was like Sodom and Gomorrah, due to crushing financial repayments to the west for WW1 and Jewish usury, not forgetting their total control of the banking and business systems in Germany. When Hitler decided to change all of this and remove the power the Jews had, "a 1 in every 100 German people", the Jews decided to launch a boycott on German exports. Seeing as Germany relied heavily on their exports in order to import two thirds of their food, they then went around Germany putting Jewish star of Davids on their doors which told German people to boycott their businesses. The Jews then launched into their second wave of attack and got in touch with their newspaper buddies in London and New York who then started printing lies of German horrors upon them.

So Furor, I hate to say it but your action against the Muslims would be no different to Hitler and the German people's reaction towards the Jews. If you believe you are right in removing the Muslims then you there have to agree that Hitler too was right in removing the Jews from Germany as they were a problem to he and the Germans as Islamic growth is to us in the West.

Everything isn't so clear cut I'm afraid. Everything you've been taught is a lie. You have been indoctrinated in order to believe the lie so that future lies will fit into place over the past lie. This is what the problem is.
The mass immigration of Muslims into the UK, was planned a long time ago as it would directly oppose Christianity as I've said in my first reply to you. Was Hitler right in his attitude towards the Jews? Is your attitude towards the Muslim right also? It's something you have to consider, but more importantly you have to realise that there is someone behind the mass immigration of Muslims to the UK and they are most certainly not Muslim.

As I said to you in my first reply, I was where you are until I looked at the bigger picture. I was in contact with the EDL and Paul Ray (Lionheart blogger) into 'sorting' out the Islamic problem and thankfully I woke up before I did something I would certainly have regretted later.
You and the rest of society are being incredibly oppressed by a tiny minority of people (not Muslims) and they are using the people to oppress and suppress one another as they have done throughout time. You are merely following the wishes of your assassins. It's time to change your strategy and understand the bigger picture.

Furor Teutonicus said...

So Furor, I hate to say it but your action against the Muslims would be no different to Hitler and the German people's reaction towards the Jews. If you believe you are right in removing the Muslims then you there have to agree that Hitler too was right in removing the Jews from Germany as they were a problem to he and the Germans as Islamic growth is to us in the West.XX

The Jews do not have a book which they will kill for, that TELLS them to "take over the world" They do not, and never have (in recent history. Say 1000 years) knocked over New York buildings, threatend to kill all non believers, behead Popes,sent army after army against Europe to turn us into a carbon copy of what they are all supossedly trying to escape from as refugees in said Europe. The Jews have never turned our city streets into "no go zones" for Police, fire and ambulance, they have never lived here for three and four generations and still not been able to speak a word of our language, etc etc.

Hitler was not wrong. He picked on the wrong people.

Methodology of HOW his ideas were translated into actions are neither here nor there for the purposes of this discussion.

Anonymous said...


You know, from previous comments you've left on blogs, I thought you were a man of wisdom. In fact I even fell out with Subrosa for removing one of your posts, but your reply above is really nothing but complete and utter blindness to reality:

"The Jews do not have a book which they will kill for, that TELLS them to "take over the world""

Really? I strongly suggest you get hold of the Babylonian Talmud, the religion of the Freemasons. In it you will find much that will change your perception. More so, although I'm not supporting Islam, one thing I will say about Muslims is they revere Christ as a holy man. The Jews state he's bubbling in hot faeces in hell and his mother was a whore.

"They do not, and never have (in recent history. Say 1000 years) knocked over New York buildings, threatend to kill all non believers, behead Popes,sent army after army against Europe to turn us into a carbon copy of what they are all supossedly trying to escape from as refugees in said Europe."

Really? Who do you think was behind 9/11 and 7/7? Go back further including all armed conflict back to the English Civil war and you'll find that the Jews were instrumental in organising these wars, purely for profit. Also do some research on Roman Catholicism and realise that they have nothing whatsoever to do with Christ but the mystery religion of Babylon, that religion that is the inner sanctum of the main three religions - Sun worship/Lucifarianism. More so, the Roman Catholic church created Islam. The symbology is there do some research. I may even look up some links for you. If you truly believe Muslims were responsible for 9/11 and 7/7 then you are truly lost Furor. Your hatred for Islam, a hatred created on purpose by your controllers will destroy you and more importantly continue to cloud the truth. In order for me to understand Islam I studied it. I do not support it nor follow it, but I realise what it is, what it has done and what it wants to do like any other religion - CONTROL THE WORLD.

"The Jews have never turned our city streets into "no go zones" for Police, fire and ambulance, they have never lived here for three and four generations and still not been able to speak a word of our language, etc etc."

You'll find that Jews don't need to because they're part of the exclusive club. You won't find unemployed Jews. Guaranteed they'll be there, political activists, fighting for equality, fighting for minority control, fighting for gay rights, fighting for immigration...the list goes on. They have and always have looked after one another. You'll never find a poor Jew.

"Hitler was not wrong. He picked on the wrong people."

Had Hitler destroyed the menace of Judaism, we would not be sinking into usury hell and Jewish domination of our land. I strongly suggest you do some research Furor, because you are seriously unknowledgeable on much. If it's any benefit to you I used to be a Zionist and heard no wrong about Israel and Judaism. Oh how wrong I was.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Harbinger said..
Really? Who do you think was behind 9/11 and 7/7? XX

Oh dear, a fucking tin foil hatter!

And you have the cheek to question MY intelligence?

As to the rest of your post, You sound EXACTLY like that mob of brown shit we have here called the NPD, or probably better known to those in Britain as the "Neo-nazis".

I would not be at all surprised to find you had your secret Adolf Hitler shrine in a wardrobe in your bedroom.

Sieg Heil Harbinger.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure the Republicans have dumped Obamacare, Captain.

It is unlikely that their repeal bill will make it through the Senate - and in any case, Obama can continue with his plans via executive order.

If they'd really wanted to get rid of Obamacare, they could've gone for constitutional annulment, according to Judge Napolitano.

The best hope they have, short of that, is to refuse to allow its funding - which is one of the few remaining (real) powers that Congress has.

Given that the Republican Party gains from corporate patronage, this will be an interesting space to watch!

Anonymous said...


You need to seriously educate yourself. A good start would be pulling your head from your posterior and removing your mouth from the MSM's left tit.

The very fact that you think I'm a tin foil hatter because I question the official story of 9/11 and 7/7, already ripped apart by thousands upon thousands of people proves how completely ignorant you are.

I am no neo Nazi or supporter of Hitler as he was another shill of the NWO. And no, I'm sorry there was never any shrine for Adolph Hitler in my bedroom. In fact there wasn't a shrine for anything. The only shrine in my bedroom were books to read while growing up.

You discredit yourself in your attack Furor. Your reputation with me has just plummeted through the floor. And if you are German, you have no idea of the rape of your country by Jewish bankers. This is truly sad, but then you are a MSM junkie, unable to decipher reality from fiction.

However just to prove to you that Israel was involved have a look at the following video. In it you'll see the four suspects, arrested by NYPD, for dressing up as Muslims, filming 9/11 and dancing when the planes hit. They were extradited back to Israel, where they will be free from any prosecution whatsoever or extradition back to the USA to face trial. These people were MOSSAD operatives and if you listen you will hear one of them say the following:

"The fact of the matter is we are coming from a country that experiences terror daily. OUR PURPOSE WAS TO DOCUMENT THE EVENT!"

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OyUoGUV7b8

Now tell me Furor, why is they talk about documenting the event? If you document an event it means you had prior warning of it happening, yes? The fact they were already set up, camera pointing at the twin towers, long before hand proves, beyond all shadow of a doubt that 9/11 was planned with the help of/by Israel and the American secret services. The other overwhelming facts that have been brought out on 9/11 prove it was a black ops/false flag operation. For you to not see this, even with evidence proves beyond all shadow of a doubt that you're a fucking ignorant cunt, who is so indoctrinated by MSM bullshit, you haven't a clue what's going on and I'm amazed that your brain has the ability to send signals to your heart to keep pumping. You are without a doubt a bloody fool who has a serious intelligence problem. You are a mindless, automaton, nothing but an NWO wet dream.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Your attacks on Jews PROOVE your political leanings, nazi.

Anonymous said...


Like I said you're a bloody fool. It is ok for you to attack Muslims but not ok for others to attack, or should I say, prove beyond all shadow of a doubt in Jewish complicity on western atrocity? What is it that gives one religion precedence over all others? Why is it anyone who criticises Judaism is immediately attacked and yet those who attack Christianity or Islam aren't?

The problem is Furor, you're just so fucking stupid to what's going on that you have gladly jumped on the bandwagon of the moron, buried deep in MSM propaganda, oblivious to the real world and what's going on.

I wouldn't speak of Judaism as I do, were I not knowledgeable of it. I would not feel as I do, had it not been for a deep period of study, totally changing from my pro Jewish/Zionist stance.

I can't help but attack Judaism for Judaism is and has been responsible for many of the world's ills, but then this is expected when they are brought up in their ethnocentrism of being superior to all others. The same can also be said for Muslims also.

Remove your head from your posterior you Zionist knob and do yourself a favour, pick up some books and educate yourself. You've proven yourself to be the mindless buffoon you are in your ignorant comments on here, as you lambaste and sully anyone who should offer an alternative to your warped and ignorant views of the world.

Even with evidence before you, you still deny Jewish complicity. You are the worst kind of being in society, that is one easily led by MSM propaganda, a MSM that is totally controlled by Zionism.


Dark Lochnagar said...

Furor, I won't insult your intelligence because I have never spoken to you before, but if you think the Muslims are the problem here, you are deluded. The Jews are as usual pulling the strings and getting intelligent people like yourself to jump to their demands. Harbinger is right, FFS go and do some research and look at the big picture.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Hey Captain Ranty, I never realised you were running a Nazi site here.

Captain Ranty said...


We both know I'm not.

People must be allowed to express their opinions. God knows there is enough censorship in the world. I will not add to it by restraining people on here.

You have failed to agree with Harbinger and he has failed to agree with you. This is just human nature. I am willing to bet that you will find common ground on 99 other topics.


I am Stan said...

Surely it was Osama and his Saudi buddies wot done it.....

Anonymous said...

Finally Furor,

The Jews are involved (most certainly not all) along with Christians, Muslims etc etc. Anti Semitism is a direct result of semitism, even though the semites accusing others of anti semitism are not semitic, but instead South Russian/Turkish Khazars. The anti semitism going on today is being predominantly carried out by Israelis (non semitic Jews) on the Palestinian people (semitic).

Now I will not blame all Jews, but Zionism is a potent force, connected to the mystery esoteric religion of Babylon. And if you care to do some research you will see that this hidden mystery religion is within all main religions worldwide.
The reason that I feel as I do towards Jews is that they have exactly the same feeling towards non Jews as Muslim do towards non Muslims, whom they call kuffar, as you know. They are an exceptionally ethnocentric people, a tribe, who see themselves as the 'chosen' ones of God and thus above all else. It is their superiority complex which I despise, their continued political activism and as the following video verifies, their drive to turn the west into a multicultural hell hole. Listen to Barbara Specter, a former American who states that the Jews have an important role in the multiculturalisation of Europe. She says what she does because Jewish people, removed from some 83 countries, 109 times are behind the mass immigration into it, because by destroying the majority indigenous block, do they therefore protect themselves from yet another eviction, when they continue living off of others, as parasites, with their control of the nation's wealth. Need I remind you of the Rothschilds?


What amazes me about your position is that you, because of continued brainwashing by the media (or the fact you may possibly be Jewish/Christian Zionist) believe that it is a heinous crime to attack (verbally) anything Jewish, yet you think nothing wrong of attacking Islam. Of course many people attack Christianity and the likes of Pat Condell and Richard Dawkins, if they attacked Judaism as they did Christianity would find themselves in deep water. Thus the hypocrisy is complete.

You are unable to debate Furor and drop into ad hominem attacks brandishing anyone a Nazi who disagrees with your warped historical beliefs. The fact you call me a Nazi, proves your indoctrination by the MSM and education system. Just because people disagree with Judaism and their ways, it most certainly does not make them in agreement with those of Hitler and the 3rd Reich. This is where you lose the argument, for you have no counter debate to mine.

Lion of England in a distant land said...

Oh,oh! when will people see the truth of it all, do i need a religion to lead my life? OR to teach me how to live with people,The ANSER IS NO! ALL i need is common Law.
For to long religions have devided people
and Nations it is about time they were all
put in a sack and thrown into the see of rome,or the Atlantic.

English Viking said...

It's the JOOOOS!

Yeah, right.

BTW, Harbinger, You confuse Jews with Zionists.

You're right that we must blame the scum that have been running our country for the last 70 years or so, for allowing Islam to do its dirty-work, but wrong in your conclusion.

We should remove both the Government and Islam from out shores immediately. By all means necessary.

Anonymous said...

I most certainly do not confuse JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS with Zionists you moron. There are two types of Zionists - JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS and Christian morons.

83 countries.
109 times.
That's some record for being evicted eh? But of course this was persecution eh? Funny that a man banned from a couple of pubs may have a case, but if banned from 6 or more, people ask questions, you know, behavioral problems and the such?

The JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS because of their ethnocentrism and superiority complex, not forgetting their loathing of Christianity have played an instrumental part, as part of the NWO to multicultiralise the west and destroy the Christian roots. No doubt they've been promised their religion will flourish.

Look Viking, educate yourself on Judaism, the Babylonian Talmud, historical actions of JOOOOOOOOOOOS before getting into a debate.
Muslims and JOOOOOOOOOOOOS are both sides of the same problem coin. One's in yer face while the other plans in private, both to the detriment of the non Muslim/Jewish people.

Like I said, stop being silly. I wouldn't mention that JOOOOOOOOOOOS weren't a problem if I hadn't done my research on it. While I most certainly will say they're nowhere near the problem as the Mystery Babylon religion of sun worship, they are still a problem. It's a big club for them, jobs for the boys and the such and herein is where the problem lies - do not give aliens positions of power within your own society with which to abuse it and only promote their own kind over the majority indigenous. Always been a problem.

The solution is to smash the tower of Babel and let people, live in their collective nations without the interference of other cultures within them to cause anger and inevitable bloodshed. Certainly promote tourism at home and abroad but remember the saying - East is east and the such.

Furor Teutonicus said...

I think it is now pretty clear WHO the ranting idiot on this subjet is.

He shows it SO admirably.

Clive said...


Have you seen the article I have just put up on my blog from the indigenous people of America, seems they have noticed Obama, the UN, in fact the whole world that they have taken back their lands, seems the treaties that were sign are null and void, read the docs linked to at the bottom of the article.

Anonymous said...


You're just ignorant on the subject. it's clear to all. You are no doubt a Zionist and lapping up the anti Muslim sentiment from their controlled MSM. Be wise whom you cast the word idiot at, especially when it's already been noted your level of intelligence (or should I say ignorance) on the subject. You're a hypocrite, shouting anti semite at anyone who should criticise Judaism, while you sully and lambaste Islam.

It doesn't matter whether you believe in Jewish manipulation of our society and the west over the last 400 years or you don't. The bottom line is they have and to our detriment.

The Passenger said...


I think it's just the case that a few of us have started to join the dots regarding Jewish influence on Western Establishments, like the fact the only genocide (as far as I know - I'll be happily corrected) that it's actually illegal to question is the Holocaust.

There's also the whole "semite" thing. About four fifths of Jews are about as semitic as I am (they're descendents of the Khazars who converted in the 8th century). Israel has run the most anti-semitic regime anywhere in the world for a long time.

This isn't to deflect from respective governments' quite deliberate growing and appeasing of Islam within the West, it's juat what we're not told about Judaism at school or by the media.

And one does have to remember that Islam hasn't had to work very hard at all to get a foothold in the West. It's been invited in, fed, clothed, bathed and been given a four poster bed in the penthouse sweet. Someone invited it here in the first place and encouraged it (not for the purposes of political correctness either - a mixture of Zionism and Corporatism perhaps?), presumably with some kind of endgame in mind.

It's already worked a treat twice though, with massive support from the Neo-Con quarters in the West during both the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Cue the war against Iran in years not too far from now...

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX I think it's just the case that a few of us have started to join the dots regarding Jewish influence on Western Establishments, like the fact the only genocide (as far as I know - I'll be happily corrected) that it's actually illegal to question is the Holocaust. XX

Only in certain countries. Germany, Austria, France, Holland, and a few other European states. Poland as well, IIRC.

The Turkish genocide against the Kurds. It is nearly at the point whereby it is illegal to NOT deny it. A few people have alraedy been prosecuted here for "Volksverhetzung", which is our law which people are prosecuted under for "inciting racial hatred", because they have run campaigns for "justice fir the victims of the Kurdish genocide".

As the law here reads, it is in fact illegal to deny ANY incident, which has been legaly (internationaly) declared a genocide. Bosnia, for example.

As to a mere questioning of the facts. "Historical revisionism". Which is what ....(Oh damn, what was his name? The historian from Britain that was in prison in Austria....?) Well, whoever it was, was prosecuted for. He never DENIED the holocaust, he merely questioned the numbers.

(I also object to the name "Holocaust". Before a film (Series /Documentary) came out in Britain in the late 70s (?), the name had, as far as I know, NEVER been used. "Shoha" was the name. (Which even IF it means the same, was the word used NOT "holocaust"), which was grabbed upon by the media scum as "A jolly spiffing idea".)

The Passenger said...


I would certainly agree with the word "holocaust" being the wrong word altogether for that particular event due to the semantics of it (i.e. its meaning of something similar to "whole fire").

I was unaware of the German "hate speech" situation re the Kurds, although I suspected Germany might not be too far behind Britain - if at all - in terms of similar legislation. Germany has been attacked both societally and financially time and time again so it's important to get to the bottom of it all and who is behind it.

David Irving is the name you're looking for, BTW.

English Viking said...


That you need to resort to abuse in your very first commuication with me is evidence of the weakness of your argument, character and mind.

The Jews are 'ethno-centric'. And this is a bad thing? Wanting to preserve religious and cultural identity is wrong?

Oh, I see. It's only OK when Nazi's do it.

BTW I need no research on Judaism, apart from the 20 years I've already got, to dismantle your confused, hateful rantings.

You strike me as a person who thinks he has found THE truth, a zealot - rather like those irritating ex-smokers who think everybody else should stop as well - who is stamping his feet like a snotty-nosed child when the grown-ups won't believe that he's seen a fairy.

English Viking said...


Missed this gem. The MSM is full of 'anti-muslim sentiment'.


You're funny.

BTW @ The Passenger,

You wouldn't happen to be Harbinger with a different face, would you?

Shall we ask the Captain?

Anonymous said...

English Viking,

If you need to understand Judaism and what it is all about I suggest you read some more.....a good start would be Michael Hoffman's study into Judaism called "Judaism Discovered." This should HOPEFULLY enlighten you some more on the religion of Juadaism, far more connected to the esoteric religion than you could ever possibly imagine.

As for insults.....well.....Joooooos pretty much summed up your initial attack on me.

Judge not lest you be judged yourself. Ignorant you are like I said but it's understandable.

Anonymous said...

English Viking,

I strongly suggest that you look back to 1649. This was (if you know) the year that Cromwell allowed the EXPELLED JEWS into the UK again. If you care to see what they introduced will you then realise how they have miss shaped society to their own means with the many changed within, USURY being one of them.

You are clearly ignorant on Judaism from your writings. I strongly suggest you start educating yourself outwith MSM bloox propaganda - OWNED BY THEM.

English Viking said...

Harbinger/The Passenger,

'ignorant you are'. You're not Yoda, are you?

Have you been drinking? Come on now, you can tell me.

You have, haven't you?

If not, I suggest you start, with a very large bottle of Scotch.

PS Your Jedi mind-tricks won't work on me.

PPS If you wish a debate on the English civil war (without recourse to Google), I'll happily hand you your arse. Note: Anyone can appear clever when they silently use Google. Why open your mouth and spoil it, eh?

English Viking said...


What is 'bloox'?

Don't bother, I know the answer, and it is: you are tanked.

The Passenger said...

No English Viking, I'm most definitely not Harbinger.

I am, however, someone willing to explore as many possibilities as I can even if I don't like the answers at first and they go against much of what I've thought for most of my life.

Anonymous said...

English Viking,

"If you wish a debate on the English civil war (without recourse to Google), I'll happily hand you your arse."

Now why on earth would I choose to use Google when I've already read books on the English Civil war (I don't use Google either)? Why do you feel you need (and why do you think I'd even want to) discuss the intricacies of the English Civil War? I do not wish to discuss the various battles of the war between the roundheads and the cavaliers. I am however incredibly interested in the simple fact that until 1649, Jews had been exiled from the UK (by King Edward's Edict of Expulsion 1290). I am interested by the fact that Jews funded Cromwell. If you choose to look you'll find the following link very interesting, but like Furor, it seems to me that should anyone DARE criticize Judaism then out comes the attacks from either Jews, Jewish sympathizers or those totally ignorant on Judaism (take your pick).


As for being drunk, no, not me. It's something I don't really do, drink that is. It was merely a typing error and nothing more.

The sad thing is English Viking (nice oxymoron there by the way, like saying English Scot for example) whether you agree or disagree, Jews (not all however) have been instrumental and complicit in the downfall of the West and continue to this day. It's really that simple.

And no The Passenger is most certainly not me either.

Anonymous said...

English Viking,

"That you need to resort to abuse in your very first commuication with me is evidence of the weakness of your argument, character and mind."

You started it with "It's the JOOOOS!

Yeah, right."

and as for:

"The Jews are 'ethno-centric'. And this is a bad thing? Wanting to preserve religious and cultural identity is wrong?"

I've no problem with ethno-centrism, but in the case of the Jews I have a huge problem with their ethno-centrism, especially when they're doing their best to keep their Nation while promoting the obliteration of all others. Might I point you to the video of Barbara Specter in my reply to Furor?


If you care to do some research, then you will find that the very people involved (at top level and a massive minority to boot) with the promotion of homosexuality, feminism, equality, interracial mixing, mass immigration etc etc were in fact Jews, or should I say Zionists. The reason they were removed from so many lands, not just because of their usury, but also because of their political activism, always trying to uproot the majority and impose their minority views on them. Today, we can clearly see the manipulation of our society as the minority now have total control over the majority.
The bottom line is that they are hypocrites as they promote Israel as a Nation state while doing their utmost best to destroy all the others.
Again, it seems you lack certain understandings and therefore unable to debate this issue properly, but if it's any conciliation, as I said to Furor, I was pro Israel, pro Judaism/Zionism and anti Islam at one point. Then I wised up.

English Viking said...


Your hate has blinded you. You keep telling me that I don't understand, I am unable to debate (I'm thick, basically). What you really mean is 'I don't agree with you'. You need to stop watching those conspiracy videos on Youtube, they're doing your head in.

BTW English Viking is not an oxymoron. There were loads born in England and using the comparison 'English Scot' is poor, as 'Viking' is not a nationality.

Anonymous said...

English Viking,

There is no HATE whatsoever in my body and there never has been..ever. There has been, however from time to time dislike of 'certain' situations and peoples. I won't disagree with that whatsoever.

I have not called you thick anywhere. That is your presumption not mine. To call one ignorant on a subject does not mean they are thick, merely unknowledgeable on it, thus their inability to debate on it.

Sadly you've just lost any argument whatsoever with your "You need to stop watching those conspiracy videos on Youtube" statement. Anyone who has a slight modicum of intelligence, prepared to research outwith the MSM on many topics, who ultimately comes up with a far different story to what is told, is automatically ridiculed by the MSM. In other words EV, you have been conditioned into attacking that which you have no clue about as nothing but conspiracy theory.

Sadly, for your information, our society has been ALL ABOUT conspiracy from time immemorial. Wealthy elites have continued to collude in private to the overall detriment of the people. More so, to describe your situation, you are the voice that tells Dorothy to ignore the silly little man behind the curtain.

Viking was the name used to describe the Norsemen. In England there were the Britons, Celts, Angles and Saxons - not Vikings, that is unless you include those whom invaded. The term English is of Angle, thus it is an impossibility for a Norseman to be an Angle and thus English. My description is just. It is like saying an English Scot - oxymoron.

Believe what you will EV, as it seems you seem to think you know all about Judaism and Zionism, when it is apparent you do not.

English Viking said...


'slight modicum'. Tautologous. Look it up.

'Immerorial' should read 'In memoriam'.

'Norsemen'. From the north. Google 'Normandy', and see some French ones as well.

You haven't got a clue.

PS Don't give me the 'typo' shite; you don't know any history, let alone your own. You can't spell, you can't debate, you hate and you lie.

I'm not like some of the other muppets you may have come across in your web-fantasies.

I know what I am talking about.

You're not some 14 yr old mong with too much time on his hands, are you? Maybe something else in your hands?

Tro meg. Jeg vet hva jeg snakker om.

English Viking said...

PS What about the Franks, the Picts, the Gauls, etc, etc.


We discuss not what the English were. We discuss what they are now, and have been since The Conqueror. And what they will become, if dozy loud-mouths like you represent the 'brave and the best' of our fighting men.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


I will forget the rubbish before on grammar for that is what it is.

"PS Don't give me the 'typo' shite; you don't know any history, let alone your own. You can't spell, you can't debate, you hate and you lie."

On the contrary you are like many of the muppets I come across and no, I'm not 14 either.

"What about the Franks, the Picts, the Gauls, etc, etc."

What about them? How about a short history lesson before I close this conversation altogether?

You continually go on about the Norsemen. So let's go for it shall we? Ok the Norsemen, the men who moved North from Germania, a Germanic people settled in the lands we know as Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Incidentally if you care to look into history you will see that the Norsemen, those of Denmark (Danmark - the mark of Dan) were one of the lost tribes of Israel.
Upon reaching their lands they stayed for a while until some moved to the area known as Normandy before invading England, under control of the Anglo Saxons.
Now considering at that time, there was no French culture so to speak, to call the Normans French would be like calling the Scots Saxon - stupidity. What is French identity? We know that the name of France comes from the name of the German tribe of Franks who defeated the Gauls (Celts), but the Bretons, the Gascons, the Basque, the Flemish, the Catalans most certainly do not classify themselves as French, as do the Cornwallians English. What's interesting about all of this is the laughable circumstances that all in all this has been about Germanic battling against the non Germanic peoples and then when there were no non Germanic peoples to attack they then fought against themselves. The Normans/Norsemen, the Franks, the Angles, the Saxons, the Jutes were all Germanic peoples who left Germania and invaded the lands of the Celtic peoples. The Franks - French (Germanic) battled against the English - Anglo Saxon (Germanic). The Normans (Germanic) battled against the English (Germanic) and French (Germanic). So like I said it's all one big Germanic bash fest against fellow Germanics once they'd no Celts to bash.

And this is how society has gone on for a very long time. The dominant part of Europe is and has always been Germania. Let's look at the Holy Roman Empire, the creation of the Catholic Church etc etc? All German matey! So I have to say Mr English Viking, the problem that this world has seen has been down to Germanic invasion of many lands. The Celts always pretty much got on with one another but sadly the Germanic peoples simply couldn't help bashing the crap out of everyone and anything including themselves and continued throughout time. And then along came the English Empire, first under Norman/Anglo Saxon ancestry and then under Germanic Sax Coburg!!

Now have a nice day English Viking. I think the history lesson should prove the overall situation and let's leave the Captain's article in peace as really there's nothing more to discuss with one another as I haven't got the slightest interest in wasting any more of my time with you.

English Viking said...

All your 'history lesson' proves is that you spend too much time on Wickipedia.

Denmark is so named after the biggest tribe that lived there - the Danes. No missing Children of Israel there. I suppose you think scandinavia is a Zionist construct, created by the Jooos to help them take over Sky TV. You've got a bit of an obsession dude, really.

Fair comment on stopping this futile argument.