January 05, 2011

Pity The Bankers...

...their little fingers are worn out counting all our money.

They have done spectacularly well out of the financial meltdown. Is there ever a time when these wastrels actually feel any pain?

Alice explains it perfectly. She has graphs and everything.

If you think you can stand a little more truth, and more importantly, you can stand to learn just how much they are taking the piss, click your way over there.

It will do nothing for your blood-pressure though....



Jacobite said...

The banking system in my opinion is corrupt to the core, Since the glass stegall firewall was dropped they have gone loopy in their big casino houses, gambling away with imaginery money and then when it all goes tit's up we the lowest common denominator in all this get robbed to fill the gaping black hole, meanwhile they enrich themselves with huge sums in bonuses.That fuckwit Alan Sugar comes out and says we must not bash the bankers! it makes my piss boil. If you pay into a private pension all you are doing is giving the financial sector a licence to steal from you never give them control of your money.

Trooper Thompson said...

I know what you're saying Jacobite, but you've got to make sure you go for the bullfighter, not the cape.

Anonymous said...

The story sounds familiar enough. Make saving money a losing proposition and punish the savers, saving for a rainy day and retirement, acting conservatively in their own self interest by not burdening others, by being self-reliant. Meantime do everything you can to encourage the borrowers, from whence the banks can earn tremendous income, plus have the advantage of people enslaved to debt and thus enslaved to whatever social, political and economic demands get placed on them, by business and government both. Doing it that way makes certain self-reliance is punished, to be done away with, and reliance on government, banks and business demands are insured - thus holding the population hostage. And being held hostage means it's not the individual any more in control of their own lives and destinies, but the control now rests with the banks, governments, businesses, fake-charities, international organizations and any and all other comm/fascist social structures whose only purpose is to put into practice whatever dictates someone way, way higher up desires. The king rules, the serfs do as they are told. That's what that article is saying to me.

William said...

Good find Ranty old man, good find.

Jacobite said...


Yes you are right, it the shadowy cretins pulling the strings (the puppetmasters) who are the real scary ones, I think they have big plans for all us little people.

FireballXL5 said...

Privatise the profits and socialise the losses, why are banks the only business not allowed to go bust when they fuck things up?

I've said it before, if everyone defaulted on their debts (which given the money out of thin air scam, is the moral thing to do) then the whole corrupt house of cards would come down. Then we could start again with government issued non debt currency to free everyone from financial serfdom.

Westcountry Man said...

OK Yes but....
If the Bank Of England had not cut rates more companies would have gone under. More people would have lost their jobs.

Not all borrowers are profligate scoundrels; I like many other was forced into accepting a substantial pay cut over the last two years, so a reduction in the mortgage payment was a must.

I agree that the banks are crooks and that they'll do anything they can to 'enhance' margins but that is different to painting all borrowers as thieves of savers interest as some seem to do.

Many more people (me among them)would have lost their homes if interest rates had not been cut when they were.

Once you have trimmed out your holidays, subscriptions, magazines, switched to cheap German supermarkets, stopped hiring DVDs, changed your insurance premium and done everything thing else you can think of to save money, where do you go next? (And many like me already do extra work to bring in a small amount of additional cash).

Now some think we should pay more interest? With what exactly?

The banking system is evil but it's a bit like a fish arguing that water is bad for you; that's what we are swimming in and there is no real alternative right now.

So please don't bash all the borrowers; we are being shafted on the interest rates we pay as well, with 19.9% credit card rates and bank loans at 14% there is a very healthy margin for the banks when they can borrow at 0.5%.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

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Captain Ranty said...

To hear is to obey.

'Tis done.

James Higham said...

Is there ever a time when these wastrels actually feel any pain?

Only when it's their personal capital, which is never.

Anonymous said...

Crash the currencies.

Never do personal trade with Gold.


And to think, they thought that guns were the problem!

When God closes a door, he opens a window.

World War 3 will be against ourselves. Einstein would agree.