January 14, 2011

Clusterfuck In Old & Sad.


I am struggling, mightily, to comprehend the thought processes of those gibbons in Oldham & Saddleworth that voted for a Labour candidate.

Have you forgotten that they, the Labour apparatchiks, broke our country?

Have you forgotten their criminal negligence?

Have you forgotten all the thieving from the taxpayer pot?

Have you forgotten that they were idiots, led by an insane, nose-picking, pant-pissing, Nokia-hurling freak?

Have you (already) forgotten that they are now led by a 12 year old?

Have you forgotten that for thirteen years they systematically handed our nation to a bunch of twats in Brussels?

Have you forgotten that they murdered Dr Kelly?

Have you forgotten that they took us into two illegal wars?

Have you forgotten that they sold all of OUR gold for pennies on the pound?

Have you forgotten that they put us, our children, their children and their children into debt?

Or don't you care?

Either way, and there is no nice way to say this: you do not deserve the right to vote. You haven't got the required brain-power to make a choice. Not if you happily trot down to the booth and scratch an X next to ANY Labour candidate.

Labour MPs, all of them, should be refused entry to Westminster. For all time. They are treasonous, traitorous bastards. They couldn't run an orgy in a brothel. They are devious, feckless, dishonest and disloyal.

They are the scum of the earth.

And you mongs voted one of them back in.




joe said...

Ha Haaaa!i know i shouldn't laugh,but Ranty,that is exactly what i was thinking thismorning on the way to work.I had radio 5 on and they was talking about it,it just shows how thick people are,i try not to get angry about it.The people who keep voting for labour are so thick,they think they still stand up for the working man, they don't realise they are all the same.I mean the last labour government really shit on the working class but these people still fall for the same tired old rethoric.Its unbelievable, it really is.

Xen347 said...

'Or don't you care?'

Question asked and answered.

There really isn't any hope that the mongs will ever learn their lesson.

Thank god I've just cracked open a bottle of red. A couple of hours of blissful respite from the lemmings of the UK.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Thanks a million for fox story, I have posted.

Anonymous said...

... 80 per cent of the electorate didn't vote for them CR. It's start mate, but I have to agree the one's that did (vote for Marxism) must be sans interweb, soldered to their armchairs and totally X-Factored.

Steve (a non-voter)

Dioclese said...

Goes to prove that you can't educate pork!

Bill Sticker said...

20% of the electorate voted for more of the same. Expecting otherwise in such a partisan constituency would seem to me the triumph of hope over experience.

Ranty, me old mucker. Those 20% voted to preserve their 'benefits' and non-jobs. They voted that way because they've always voted Labour. They voted for Labour because like a Vogon guard they cannot and never will learn to think for themselves. Perhaps because said part of the electorate would vote Labour even if it meant sending their children to the metaphorical gas chambers.

Why do you sound so amazed? Damn, my cynicism's showing again.

Caratacus said...

Since not all of the animals can remember them, the Seven Animal Commandments were boiled down into one basic statement: "Four legs good, two legs bad!" which the sheep constantly repeated, distracting the crowd from the lies of the pigs.

"So the burnt fool's bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the fire..."

I am using others' words here because I can feel bad ones bubbling up.

But these words were written 66 and 92 years ago respectively...

Xen347 said...

Hmm, as I've now finished that bottle, I have to agree with Bill Sticker. There's nothing to suggest that it'll ever be less than 20% who vote for the Gulags.

What's needed is to energise the 50% into voting for something different.

Also I think that both Dioclese and Caractacus may have arrived at the same destination, albeit by different routes. Although the reference to pigs is entirely apposite considering the location.

Ahh, fuck it, I'm going to open another bottle.

Anonymous said...

The sleeping giant will rise.

History always repeats.

Even when trying to cover all angles, mistakes will be made.No one, or thing, is infallible.

Let them feed, let them scoff. It makes little difference.

Money and greed being their death knell.

20% voting cannot all be apathy, maybe a way of saying "not one of these fuckers is worth voting for".

Give humanity a little respect. Some will wake up later than others. Its just the way it is.

Be well..Morgan.

James Higham said...

I am struggling, mightily, to comprehend the thought processes of those gibbons in Oldham & Saddleworth that voted for a Labour candidate.

You speak for many of us here, Cap'n. It was a reactive vote, of course, swinging wildly one way, then the other.

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 26:11
"As a dog returns to its vomit, a fool returns to his folly"

Jacobite said...

Zombies voting in Zombie in chief.

mescalito said...

and some will never wake from the constant chemical dumbing down that we are all subjected to but the change is inevitable, allow the ignorant their hour for it will be our laughter that echoes through eternity in the end.

Anonymous said...


The more I think of it the more I realise that all the above would have happened had the Tories or Limp Dims been in power. All parties are merely following on the agenda and nothing more. The demolition of the UK really has nothing to do with Labour, that is they're merely the puppets of the real people behind the controlling of the UK and every other country in the world.

Also look at the situation in Oldham. It is (most certainly by now) a heavily Muslim population. Therefore you can guarantee that no Muslim will vote the Tories, not that the Tories would be any different to Labour.

I said ages ago that Labour will win the next general election. Our society is a socialist one whether they think it or not. They've been fed snippets of socialism over time for so long now they don't realise they've got Communism, or should I correctly say - Communitarianism.

If people in the UK are happy to support a party that 'in the MSM's eyes' has destroyed the UK, then I hate to say it Captain, but the downfall of the UK into complete totalitarianism has been 100% advocated and supported by the people. In other words, no one's put the chains of slavery on them - they've done it themselves.

Anonymous said...

Could this not be sorted with a NO vote? Those not prepared to vote for any of the candidates simply vote 'no to all' and if the no vote wins then there is no MP. The 650 would be reduced until they had to listen to the population or not be there! If nothing else it would give a true indication to turnout.

kitler said...

what percentage of Oldham is Muslim?

Could it be that the democracy in Oldham is completely in the hands of a controlled minority?

Anonymous said...

I tried to open a debate on Facebook. Some moron threatened me. He apologized when he realized that I am trying to calm things down.

They have no idea how bad this could get.

I am preparing for the worst.

Anonymous are mostly a peaceful movement.

It is the real crazies I am worried about.

This could escalate very, very quickly.

They think they are like the BNP.

They are not.

We need to show them in a non-violent way exactly the kind of clusterfuck that could happen.

If the state turns against us, it will make Afghanistan look like a holiday.

Chavs with AK-47s?

Fucking no!

Anonymous said...

If you are on benefits, on the public payroll, or an immigrant,it makes perfect sense to vote Liebour out of pure self-interest.

Demetrius said...

Many people have pointed out that only just over 20% of the electorate voted Labour. Given the present demographics of the constituency it might be worth looking at where the postal votes went. My view is that Labour has lost the kind of vote it had in previous generations.

Happy walker said...

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Derek said...

Kitler, even a minority group will win an election if no-one votes for anyone else. That's 'democracy' in action. None of which makes any difference as Harbinger states, they are all puppets of a grand master organisation. We, are merely the audience in the pen.

Anonymous at 11.26, I haven't a clue what you are talking about.

nominedeus said...

Think TUNISIA, think hard!!!! It is what is needed here, now. The sheeple will overwhelm us again voting for the parasites/sharks. Time for a bit of Tunisian action methinks!

Anonymous said...


Scuse interruption. I trawl round these threads and have conversations with the "word verification" panels.

Captain Ranty said...

Whatever blows your hair back, mate.


Caedmon's Cat said...

We had a similar result in the settlement of Auldholme. The Redistributionists romped home for a momentous victory. Whatever.


Olly said...

Starve the Beast it's the only way!

When 20% of the population decide on who represents 100% of the population you know the system ain't fucking working!

Sorry to be a link whore Leggy, however....

I'm standing for election in 2012 in London. Help! If voted in:

London weill get a referendum on Europe
Landlords can choose to be smoking or non-smoking

Etc, etc ad infinitum.

Fuck what parliament says. If I get a mandate from the people of London via my manifesto by god I'll give them what they want!



Anonymous said...

Would help if I pasted the right mother-fucking comment into the right comment box eh? Sorry CR that comment was supposed to be addressed to you.
Like the div I am ....