November 01, 2011

I Are Back!

Hi folks.

I haz returned.

The birthday party went very well. Our pal had arranged to feed us all in a lodge at Chester Zoo. It was a great day out.

I took a picture of a very rare, long-necked horse for you.


(Not sure what the foal is trying to do).

Slightly embarrassed to say that I had a steak made out of one of these a few years back. Tasted pretty good. I had chips with it. Could have had rice, but I went "old school".

I was very pleased to hear that the Greeks are going to have a referendum. I guess we all know by now how that will turn out, eh? Keep voting Stelios. We'll let you know when we get the right result, endaxi?

Manchester seemed slightly shittier than usual. Even the good areas looked a bit run down. Still, I wasn't raped, robbed, mugged or molested so we will chalk that up as a victory. It's a helluva drive though-just over 400 miles door to door-and we won't be repeating it anytime soon. Not unless someone is about to cross the River Styx. Pain in the arse driving oops, travelling all that way in a car conveyance. I think I may have been nicked speeding once, or possibly twice. I'll let you know next week when the brown envelopes arrive.

Thanks for your comments on the previous two posts. Some good links in there. I will have a butchers as soon as the jet-lag eases up.

End of the month stats looked good: we made another 4,500 friends in October. Mind you, they will probably all bugger off this month as blogging will be light again. In a few days I start out on (what I hope will be) my last trek of the year. It begins in South Africa, takes me to Namibia*, then back to South Africa, up to Cameroon, over to Nigeria, over a bit more to Ghana, and finally has me coming home on or around 3rd December. I may squeeze in a week or ten days in Benghazi as well to end the year with a bang. You may catch me on a news report. I'll be the twat wearing a dustbin lid strapped to my head to ward off all those rounds coming back down to earth....

*The drive from the airport in Namibia to my hotel takes around an hour and there are usually baboons sat by the side of the road scratching their nuts. I'll try to get a picture for you. (Baboons can't sue, can they?)

Good to be back.

What's happening in your world?



WitteringsfromWitney said...

Good and pleased to see you back CR. Try and get back on the 3rd Dec and you can help me celebrate my mum's 100th!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks David.

100! What a fantastic age. Give her my best wishes!!!


Caratacus said...

Welcome back CR. Unscathed and rash-free I trust...?

btw - if they're the baboons I remember they're usually scratching each others' nuts... ;)

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks C.

Rash far.

That's very true and the picture will prove it. Little bastards usually run off when I whip my camera out so if I do get a pic I may frame it.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Captain!

Glad to hear you survived Madchester. After that excursion, your next trip should be a breeze...

Today's display of petulance from politicos, MSM and the markets has been most amusing!

Had anything "interesting" been left for you whilst you were away? ;)



Captain Ranty said...

Thanks TSL.

I see that the EU (dick) heads now want to interrogate G-Pap about his ridiculous decision to let his people have a say in their own future. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Nothing waiting for me at all. I was a little disappointed....


OBO 110X said...

The baby long necked horse is saying "fuck me it's cold, when can we go back to Africa?"

Anonymous said...

CR my ou maat...

Arrested and charged with harassment...


PS: Any tips for court on Monday? :o)

James Higham said...

Manchester? Sounds like you might have gone past my place on the way. Should have dropped in.

JuliaM said...

"The drive from the airport in Namibia to my hotel takes around an hour and there are usually baboons sat by the side of the road scratching their nuts."

Hmm, again, not so very different from Manchester... ;)

Woman on a Raft said...

Hurrah! Animal pictures - I look forward to those.

The little zoobiwab is playing hide and seek and has camouflaged itself by the barn wall. The mummy is playing along: "Where's that baby - I can't see it anywhere"

If you knitted a scarffe for a giraffe it would have to be at least 20ft long and it would be a Fair Isle pattern of snowflakes and deer with l-o-n-g necks.