November 17, 2011

I'm Done.

I like you guys. I like you a lot.

But I am done.

I am tired of explaining why you need to do what I do.

I am tired of repeating myself.

If you don't know by now what you need to do, you are never going to know it.

Either do it, or don't. I have ceased giving a fuck.

Three years after I began asking for your help and support, and three years later, you are still asking "Why?".

I give up.

To my regular readers: I love you all. Really, I do. But I cannot continue. I don't know how stupid one has to be to not understand what I have been writing about for the last three years. If you still don't get it, there is no point continuuing. There really isn't.

I'll carry on doing my thing, I just won't bother telling you all about it, every step of the way.

Tread your own path. Surprise yourself. Be amazing.

Entertain yourselves. I am tired of entertaining you.

Be well,



George Speller said...

Come on CR! It's just getting interesting.

Dick Puddlecote said...

It'll be a lesser blogosphere without you, mate. :(

Sukyspook said...

"You can check out any time you like can never leave" - you know it's true, I've tried it too. This is your calling Cap'n so take a break and jump back to it when you're ready.

See you soon,

SBC said...

I couldn't agree with George and Dick more.

Captain Ranty said...


Fuck you.

You were part of this.

I have had enough. I will go on fighting them, but I am tired, so dreadfully tired, of fighting you.


Nick said...

Oi; Captain, I give a fuck. Please, please don't take your ball home. Your posts educated and inspired my affidavits to Queeny. It took 3 visits to 3 Different N.Ps to find one who would commission my affidavits. You are making a difference.

Captain Ranty said...


The ball is yours. It always was.

I'm happy that I helped but my work here is done.

How many times do people need fucking telling?


Duncan B said...


Ahoy Captain!

You are my Bible and I gird my loins as we speak. Mid Devon is my bete noire (and there are more than me here in that regard...we do talk).

Apologies for being 'silent minority'. Your last post did it for me. I am prepared.

Do not stop. I conclude with this quote gleaned from the comments section of Anthony Watts post on the occasion of his blog's 5th anniversary (today).....

Congratulations, Anthony!

This quote from Calvin Coolidge applies to you more than ever-

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race”

Anonymous said...

Writing stuff is habit-forming. You'll miss it. Have a rest and try again. There are plenty of other subjects out there to feel ranty about.

All the best, Northern Worker

PS I get down when I'm in India. Are you still away?

SBC said...

I was part of it? That surprises me and certainly I never had the impression we were in any kind of fight....infact I seem to recall going out of my way to explain the non-aggressiveness of my questions. That said, i haven't yet read anything you may have posted in reply since I checked this blog last.

But so be it. If you'd rather I don't read your blog in future then I will of course not- if that helps you 'man up' enough to keep on writing.

I will however say that I'm a little disappointed in the you, you seem a bit of a delicate flower for a rebel-lawful or otherwise- if a few questions from me can send you into a tail spin.

I pray you never have to stand in the dock of any high court to defend your beliefs because they will make mince meat of you.

NewsboyCap said...


No,No,No captain we are just getting to the fun part, The Euro about to implode, the EU to disintegrate and all the traitors to be brought to book.

I don't blame you some of the sheep just refuse to see, they want proof every step of the way and cannot understand that you get one chance only at this life. And no matter how miserable their existence they are not prepared to at least try and change things a little bit for the better.

Please leave the Blog up as it is a mine of information.

To all the spineless naysayers and legal jobsworths FUCK YOU....Cunts.

Thanks Captain its been a pleasure, be well!

Duncan B said...

As it happens I sometimes think of you as that bird with her tits out for the lads storming the Bastille or some such back along.You know...flying a flag and so on....not giving up etc. Unlike Marat.

Nick said...

If you are really done then I thank you for your all of your hard work. It's my ultimate wish to buy you a G&T and shoot the breeze should we ever meet. Don't let the bastards grind you down matey.

Woodsy42 said...

Either do it, or don't. I have ceased giving a fuck"

I sincerely hope, and believe, you are lying to yourself.

I have learned, and continue to learn, more about opposing the misuse of authority from reading this blog than almost any other site on the net. And no I don't agree with everything you suggest, nor do I have complete faith it will work - basically because I am convinced TPTB will change the rules and lie rather than lose. But that's not the point, the point is to keep an ongoing passive opposition to TPTB's defilement of our rights and this blog is helping lead that. It will be sorely missed if you quit.

Captain Ranty said...


I am just washed out. I feel that if I cannot inspire you all in 36 months, I never will.

SBC, Nice try. But I am not afraid of TPTB, I am not afraid of anyone. You worry me even less.

Critics I can handle. Naysayers I can cope with. But people who need to be told, time after time, I cannot handle.

There is enough here for even the most fragile to deal with.

Use what is here, just don't expect me to cajole, convince, or convert. Either you accept this stuff, or you don't.

I am tired. I am tired of educating. Teach yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Captn' What ever you decide to do (and believe me I hope you find the strength to carry on) I'll respect your decision. However, don't think for one minute you have not been both an inspiration and are where I get most of my information. I have also spead the word and got loads of people reading about those ideals of fairness.

All the best and thankyou capt'n


Captain Ranty said...


I hear you.

But I keep repeating myself. How long, seriously, can a blog continue to say the same thing, over and over?

Despite the new shit I throw your way, you still question it. Not that I'd expect anything less, but how often do you need to hear the same thing?

The monarchy is fucked.

The judiciary is fucked.

Parliament is fucked.

We. Are. All. Fucked.

Unless we do something.

And most of you are more concerned about Freddie in the cunting jungle. Today's revelation-that the courts are all illegal-got fewer reactions than that cunt out of Coronation Street. The realisation that "Their show matters". Matters to who, exactly? I dug. And I discovered that it matters to 32 million fucking people.

No-one cares that courts are all illegal. Just that some big titted dame off Coronation Street has herpes. Or some fucking thing.

Makes me look like a cunt. With my 30-40,000 readers.

How do you compete with 32 million fuckwits?

Answer: you don't. You give in.

You keep doing your own thing because you swore to yourself that you would never, ever, ever give in.

And I won't.

I have, however, given in trying to convince, to convert, and to persuade people that I am right.

I clearly am not.

Watch Corrie.

32 Million people cannot be wrong.


Captain Ranty said...

Seriuosly folks, what is the point?

If you know, you are already doing what I do.

If you are not, it is going to take a lifetime to convince you.

I have better things to do. Really.


andy5759 said...

Captain, I would like you to know that my local pub (in St. Albans) is becoming a live version of your blog, a sort of Pub Parliament. Without the knowledge and erudition though. Every few days there is to be found a group of people who know your blog, who visit WFW, Underdogsbiteupwards, EUReferendum, ATW, WoodpileReport, I could go on. These people have been inspired, mostly by yourself and others like you. If you need to recharge, I can understand. If you need to go, I can understand. Please take with you my thanks, you have set this little man on the right path. I only hope that I am worthy of you.

Anonymous said...

Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity...
George Patton ... Well done... Stand down with honour Captain Ranty...

Tarka the Rotter said...

Well Captain, you have set me on the right path, so thanks. Yes, I will miss your postings - I've learned a lot from you, and because of you I have found things out for myself. Again, thankyou - keep doing what you do even if it is for your own peace of mind...

Paddy said...

CR, your contribution has been and continues to be vital. It not only wakens those who need a constant banging, but helps sustain those of us who already know AND DO. It is another viewpoint on a fucked up world, and it is important; it has certainly made a difference to my life, to many lives, and I hope knowing this will help. It is your story, another man who fights, and it makes a difference. Keep well, keep strong, and please, keep writing.

FireballXL5 said...

Capt. you are right, 32 million can't be wrong, it's obviously how they want to live their lives. Best just not to give a fuck about it. Sure as hell with the brown stuff now close to hitting the spinning blades they're going to be the first crying out for someone to blame and wondering where/how it all went wrong. But we already know who's to blame and quite a few of us have a head start in looking after ourselves, free from the mafia protection of the state.

And Capt. a lot of that is down to you. One thing, above all, I have acquired from following your blog is the freedom from fear. As a direct result of following your exploits and employing the same "awkward bastard" mindset I am no longer afraid of saying no or of the consequences of doing so.

I've said no to the banks, I've said no to the taxman, I've said no to the council tax, I've said no to the TV licence. Two years down the line, having fought a few battles I'm still alive, not in jail, never been in court and living an altogether different, happier and more liberated life.

I have found freedom in an unfree world.

That is the point Capt. you can't change the world we live in, it's too big a job for any one man, but you can change the mindset of a fortunate few. That is your achievement, don't knock it, be proud of it - you've done far more than you realise.

Even though we've never met, I've gained a lot from knowing you. So I thank you. And hope to fuck you change your mind!

tinks said...

Hey Captain Ranty. I know this must be a slog at times, and it requires endurance. Frustration comes with the territory. What you do is informative and appreciated.

The world turns slowly and people generally don't like change, even when it's obvious that change is necessary and could lead to better things.

Take a break and refresh the batteries. Blogging does change hearts and minds.

You kindly posted my song Wake Up back in October; a song which drew on what I'd read on blogs and my changed view of the world. Such things seem small but all together people hear and tune into the dissonance that we feel.

Whatever you do, you have had an impact.

Dioclese said...

I know how you feel. In my own part of the world I am surrounded by total cunts most of the time and when I stand up to them, it is me that is at fault. Nobody listens. Nobody cares. Nobody gives a fuck.

But I do.

Do your own thing in your own way. Do it to please yourself not to please anyone else.

Banging your head against a fucking great brick wall will eventually bring the wall down - provided you keep banging...

Fuck off if you like but you will regret it. I guarantee it.

Captain Ranty said...

If I have helped, I am pleased.

If I have fucked you up, I am pleased about that too.

If I annoyed you, well, tough titty. You probably deserved it.

If I have educated, I did my job. That is all I ever wanted to do.

If I bored you, I am genuinely sorry. That was never my intention.

If I ever turned down a free G&T, that was a genuine oversight, and I shall kick myself.

If I ever failed to learn from you, forgive my ignorance. That was not my intention.

If I ever failed to amuse, the fault lies with me.

If I ever failed to thank you for your support, I thank you now. Unreservedly.

It has been a blast. But it is over.

I will fight on, as we all must, alone.

Be well,


MWaPW said...


I recently "gave up". I slept well, jumped into the bath the next morning as my wife had made it, and then I complained that she didn't need to as I wasn't going in to work.

She said what am I talking about - I said we agreed last night. Don't be silly she said, and I have been fine ever since.

I had to go over the edge to recover from the situation I faced. And, just the release reset my whole body (and mind).

Tomorrow morning will be better for you - welcome back, then.

In hope...

Woodsy42 said...

"But I keep repeating myself. How long, seriously, can a blog continue to say the same thing, over and over?"

One answer CR would be: for as long as new readers keep turning up who need to start from the basics.

But I'll give you an example where I think your attitude has helped me, but in an area quite different, you may not even approve but...
Earlier this year a close family member died. He was far from well off but had a few thousand pounds worth of share ISA, sold by a large UK bank as a PEP dating back I believe to when he retired.
The other executor has spent 3 months arguing with the bank who have demanded all sorts of paperwork, made various broken promises, had him running in circles and failed to hand over any money to the executors - he and I.
I received the money today. It took me 2 weeks and 2 letters. The difference: I used the 'NO' word when they demanded stuff like more duplicate paperwork and probate - not legally required and I did not ever agree to their internal guidelines. Plus I also politely but forcibly reminded them of their duties and obligations, effectively putting them on notice.
Maybe I would have been determined enough to be obstinate anyway, maybe it's chance, but maybe reading your blog empowered me, who knows? But my co-exec doing what he was told got nowhere. My alternative approach worked.
So that has nothing to do with sovereignty or rebellion, yet you may recognise the use of the power of 'no'. I even got an apology for the delays!

Maverick said...

Ranty .. You inspire us all and will continue to inspire and everyone you convert helps the cause .. I have read your stuff and love it .. Maybe you should do an e-book ... Dummies guide etc .. but at least update us with your tussle with the pigs ..

BrianB said...

Well if you are now going to have some spare time on your hands, how about getting back into action at the 'old' place?

It is a much diminished site without your previous inspirational stuff, Col.

You are missed by many - myself included.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Good call, BrianB. ;)

coz said...

I don't know how the one person bloggers do it, it seems to exhaust them all eventually.

Loved your site. You're great!

karlos said...

I have come to your domain several times a day for the past 12 months,and you are one of the best (2nd behind Northy). Now piss off, no more comments on this decision that you have made, take a few weeks off (or months), and enjoy life with the missus - I do think that the people that come to your site wish you well - Now piss off, YOU WILL BE BACK !

Jason said...

Captn.. This is the first time i've been able to comment because before i couldn't see the word verification image (I think it was something to do with my flash gizmo thing). Anyways I hope you change your mind about posting and continue to provide us all with the narrative of your LR as it has proven an inspiration to the vast majority who follow your progress. Today I was in town for a meeting and afterwards had a few minutes so made a point of nipping to see the occupy Sheffield people camped outside our cathedral (oops i've given away my position). I was chewing the fat with one of the protesters and he told me to look you up online, having been reading your blog for the last couple of months I was able to discuss with him the points that you have raised and we imeadiatly had something in common and felt a camaraderie even though the 2 of us were poles apart in looks and social background (I am an average joe with a couple of houses, a couple of cars, a wife and a cat.. He had long unkempt hair, missing front teeth and a dog on a piece of string). The point that I'm making is that we would never have even given each other a second glance had it not been for our common interest..... That was you and your blog, now I am going down there again tomorrow when I have more time to sit and chat with him again and hopefully get to know the rest of the group in more depth. People who close these social divides are few and far between and do far more good than they ever realise. So if you can find it in yourself to continue then please do so but if not then godspeed and the very best of luck (although I doubt you'll need it) from me and my new mate Jeff..

P.S The morons who's life revolve around the cross factor or "I'm a fame hungry tithead who was on telly once a billion years ago please care about me" are the ones who are missing out on reality (they call it reality tv when in truth it's anything but) Don't let the minority spoil it for everyone... Majority in numbers, minority in braincells...

Found A Voice said...


Do what you need to do. I've seen my life transformed by your blog and libertarian thinking now underpins my entire way of life.

And for that I owe you a big thanks.

I can understand your frustration especially considering the effort that you put in.

For me though, the power of this blog was not all the interesting articles on where to develop one's knowledge nor the tremendous amount of output.

No, for me was watching YOUR journey as you walked where angels feared to tread, has been inspiring.

I hope we still see the occassional post - I love seeing your reactions and their (non) reactions to your letters. But still, if you need to spend your time on other things, I am truly grateful for what you've done already.


P.S. If you are ever in Hong Kong, please drop me a line and I'll buy you a beer. That is a genuine offer - I'd give you my wet signature to prove it! LOL!

Woman on a Raft said...

I don't think anyone can be expected to blog at this level indefinitely, particularly while being begged to run about getting the animal pictures without getting bitten, stung or arrested.

Therefore thank you for so much interesting reading. I don't pretend to understand all of this - there's rather a lot to take in - and some of it I plain don't agree with, but all of it has been an incentive to get to grips with constitutional law.

Your writing always demonstrates that it is possible to write about it in an accessible way that people want to read, even if they disagree with your conclusions.

If you feel like writing again, I shall be back to read it.

Angry Exile said...

As I think I've said before, Cap'n, if you feel blogged out as far as the educating people bit goes then fair enough, but you were always going to struggle more by telling people this stuff as opposed to telling people about your victories. You're one of the pathfinder and you can't expect much attention until the path becomes clearer and the destination can be seen from the starting point. Right now it's a jungle track and you're going to get the attention of people who don't mind the insect bites and discomfort, but you'll get more as the path becomes wider and better trodden, and you'll attract the people to do that by reporting actual victories.

To use an analogy, next to nobody would care if I blogged about how I intend to make a hundred million dollars over the next year, but if I was blogging about how I made a hundred million dollars over the last year lots of people will be interested in how. To adapt that to your cause, there will be more interest in your victories, particularly over what might seem the more mundane stuff like the TV licence and unreasonable speeding fines. If you want to compete with soap operas and reality TV then people need to be hooked on what happens to Captain Ranty next rather than what complex and ancient law he's found. I know the complex and ancient law is an important part of what you're doing but it's a hard sell compared to simply reporting that you've won a battle over X and by the way anyone else in the same situation could win that same battle.

And it's true. I don't do soaps but I'm intensely interested in the outcome of your various battles.

Anonymous said...

You really should not quit but refine the message by keeping it short and simple. People under 40 often have the attention span of a fruit fly.

John the Bastard

Anonymous said...

30 to 40 THOUSAND readers!
Top 50 Libertarian!
Top 50 Non-Aligned!
Top 100 Political! Top 100 Non-Aligned!

I only WISH I could accomplish that much readership attention to my ideas, even 1/10 that much would make me pleased.

But please bear in mind, it does not take a majority sitting around watching Coronation Street to be the ones to chart a new course in society. They're just following because they've not ability to lead.

But it is among the minority comes the ones with the leadership, ideas, talent and perserverance to carry it through the daily grind of repetition of the truth, the facts, the reality, over and again, until eventually it starts taking off with a voice of its own.

I imagine with that much readership and high marks of approval, then surely you've already made a small dent and enough to plant some seeds, from whence the ideas take on a life of their own, eventually, in due course of time, once moods among those watching Coronation Street begin to notice it is time for a change, that things aren't quite right, no matter how much they've previously bought into the general mainstream propaganda.

So to me, seeing you plant the seeds, I don't frankly see it as having been a worthless venture and could understand you taking some time off rather than giving up altogether.

Certainly, with those kind of readership stats, someone, somewhere, must be listening and taking things to heart. Of your audience, remember not each and every one had a blog to broadcast back to you what they have taken in and been seeded, but with those stats, then surely some must have been affected in some large degree and probably passed on information second-hand to others, the way a seed takes root, sprouts and sends out stems. But growing takes a little time until a new way of thinking starts being more common.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the people you are trying in vain to educate,but since reading this blog,rather than having the knowledge(or maybe courage) to go as far as you I certainly see everything regarding Law,Mp,s and anything in authority in a different light and rather than accept it think,WHY?
I thank you for that,and respect your decision,but will miss this blog immensely....

Anonymous said...


you have not failed. 30 to 40,000 people reading and discussing your posts with others is no small thing. Well done.

I have noticed many more people having an opinion, discussing and debating whats going on in the world, it is great. FFS even my son has bookmarked you and Max Farquar and a few others, he even phones me to discuss some point or other. He is re-discovering critical thought.

Give up if you must but please do not underestimate the role you have played. The tides of change turn slowly.

many thanks and best wishes whatever you decide to do.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Ranty.

Love you to bits and we'll miss you (I think you'll still be around in some form - like us, you care too much to leave it alone)

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Cap'n - you can't do this to us!!!

Anonymous said...

Captain, people like SBC deliberately infest blogs like yours BECAUSE you speak the truth. Everyone has moments of doubt or fear about standing up to the state brownshirts and SBC and others tap into that to derail the fight. They know exactly what they're doing and I see their tactics clearly having studied NLP.

I can see why you are totally exasperated, and probably angry, after all your efforts, but remember that most people who comment here back you all the way.

Please don't let an arse like SBC silence your voice. You are WAY too important to disappear into the ether and we need to hear you.

David M

Spycodog NZ said...

I wish you wouldn't have these periodic tantrums, they are most unsettling

Captain Ranty said...

I wish it was just a tantrum.

I know how to handle those. This goes beyong foot-stamping.

Judging by the comments, (and thank you all for those), it appears to be just me that thinks the water is stagnant.

I'll mull it all over for a bit.


DAD said...

I do not often comment on your writings as my father taught me, "You have two ears, two eyes, but only one mouth. Listen twice, look twice and speak once".

I prefer working quietly in the background, your blog has encouraged me to write to HM ElizabethII twice; British Embassy Paris with Albert Burgess's Treason Document; two FiO requests to the CPS (including one appeal). At the moment I am preparing a letter to send to Kier Starmer CPS regarding the rejection of Nick Green's complaint to the Cumbria Police. I am also persuing the Lawful Rebellion path.

(The downside is that two attempts have been made to break into my e-mail account.)

All this activity has been inspired by you and Albert.

Your last posting on the illegality of the Courts has given me the subject of study for this winter.

Please do not give up blogging. Just ignore those who are your detracters. You are a mine of information. You collate information from divers places which I could never find for myself.

Maverick said...

Just remember why you are doing it Cap'n and those of us that look to you for guidance and your illuminating views on the subject matter .. Some of us may ask questions just to clarify points and get it clear if we have trouble understanding ( the detractors .. just ignore) ... But your invaluable advice and research would be sadly missed by a great many who are fighting the fight ... Good Luck in the future whatever you decide ..

William said...

Last year I closed my blog down and stopped talking to people about the things I had learned because they didn't want to hear what was being said. Fair enough it's their life not mine. It dawned on me that I cannot change anyone no matter how hard I tried nor how well intentioned I was. Turns out horses can indeed be led to water but they won't always drink.

The last PDF you posted nails it completely. Nothing we consent to as reality is real. It really is just a simple mind control game that can only work with our consent. Withdraw that consent by the expedient use of the word NO and the game stops. More often than not the word NO isn't actually required. Simple ignorance seems to work just as well for me.
People do not want to believe it really is that simple.

Whatever you decide, stay blog, argue, cajole, persuade, illuminate, run away, leave quietly or simply stop blogging I would like to add my personal thanks for all of your output over the past couple of years. Most of it has been eye opening, some of it has been bordering on science fiction but it has all been a key part of my journey to discover what I want my reality to be, thank you.

Jo. Smith said...

It's a shame if you feel it is time to stop, but thank-you for everything. Your exploits/posts have convinced me that it is worth taking a stand.

You have made a difference
Have a G&T on me and keep fighting the bastards

Sukyspook said...

Well, I hope you're still "mulling it over for a bit" as after reading all these brilliant comments you must see there is great value in what and how you say what you do.

The XFactor/Corrie/Eastender bots will simply be 'led' no matter who is in 'charge'. What matters is who leads them and whilst us Truthers know that 'leaders' are often, nay regularly 'placed', this time the future is coming from the bottom up and is REAL.

If you're there, we'll be here.
It begins and ends within each one of us but some of us need a kick. You have the kickability. You can't do any of this for us but you sure are a Wayseer (now go watch that video to remind you why you/we do what we do:) ).


Anonymous said...

That's why you're called captain Ranty, now that you've had a good rant, get on with it.

Mr Ecks said...

You don't have to convince 32 million idiots of anything Cap't. There never was a revolution that involved more than a small fraction of people. The only people reading your site will be those who have whats needed to fight back and win. It is to them that you are speaking.
You must remember that revolutions do not come out of prosperous times. Our times have swelled with a bogus prosperity created by the state's trickery--but that is coming to and end. Many of the 32 million will be sitting in the dark. That is when a small group of people holding the torch for Liberty count Captain. That time is coming--fight on a while longer and see what miracles can be accomplished.

LividfromBarnsley said...

Thank you Cap'n for opening my eyes take a rest you deserve it,but please come back.

Delerium said...

Thank you for putting yourself out there and saying a lot of things I've wanted to say, that I've wished I could say but you articulate things better than I ever could, and yes, you've kicked me in the ass.

Perhaps I've kicked myself in the ass because of what I've read here and elsewhere. I've made changes to the way I live in the world b/c of bloggers like you.

If I, and others who have stopped by here... and commented, or just read along quietly... can encourage you to take a break and come back at some point, then we all will have have gotten something from your blog...

that's "change you can believe in"

G-d bless you.


handymanphil said...

Rantypants-just hold on there mate, Brian B has said exactly what i have been thinking.......BrianB said...

Well if you are now going to have some spare time on your hands, how about getting back into action at the 'old' place?

It is a much diminished site without your previous inspirational stuff, Col.

You are missed by many - myself included.
I am not gifted enough to match your writings, your scribbles or your musings Captain @that' door is always open to you my friend!
Oh and by the way, I/we have exactly the same problem-"just what do you do when the fukwits refuse to accept the truth?"

Anonymous said...

Mr Ecks - brilliant comment and spot on.


Anonymous said...

So sorry, Captain. :(

I understand that it's tough fighting psychic asteroids, particularly as the world looks set to blow up, anyway!

Please leave your blog up? Maybe one day, after you've terminated all the asteroids, you'll get back to giving us the benefit of your wisdom and the pleasure of your company.

All the best, mate.

Anonymous said...

Captain, I think you do yourself a disservice by fundamentally undervaluing your worth. It was through reading your posts, along with it has to be said other such cantankerous and thoroughly non compliant bastards that I myself finally realised the power of the word "no" and decided that I belong to me and no one else if you follow what I mean. The collectors of personal information last March got nothing here nor will they, and I for my sins, received a first hand lesson that the state is a manipulative bastard. I learned that by simply ignoring them, by refusing to play the game they way they wanted that all was not as it seemed and the true power lies within our hands.

I know how difficult it is to convince those who are so consumed with nonsense that they cannot see the truth even when presented to them, and I also know just how enraging it is too. Maybe, the right situation needs to present itself in an individuals life for them to seek out the answers, who knows, but there will always be those who are to thick to ever give a shit. As I said to you once before, I read your blog each and every day, without fail, I downloaded the recent document you recommend about the courts though I have yet to go through it and I honestly believe that you are needed. Never think your efforts are wasted; they are not. Death by a thousand cuts works just as well a shot to the head. The end result is the same and you my friend are slowly but surely making a difference. Why stop now?? Just keep your readers appraised of your thoughts, your exploits, your successes and your failures though may they be slight. On your worst day, you're an inspiration and I for one would hate to see you bow out.

An Angry Man

Span Ows said...

sorry, bit late and already situation has can't go,they're writing music about you FFS! :-)

Stealthy said...

Mate if you chucked it in i would be sooo gutted, love your blogs whether it be law or strange road side fag shops - your not just a blogger anymore, your a friend and a rock in a storm! Long live Captain Ranty! :) *man hugs*