November 21, 2011

The Meltdown Continues

And I am loving every minute.

Papandreou gone. Berlusconi gone. Zapatero gone. Knickerless Teacozy next? If there is a god, then yes. He will go. And then there is Frau Merkel, clinging on like a stubborn genital wart. Surely her days are numbered? One can but hope.

The euro is breathing its last. It is, was, and always would be unsustainable. Its' demise heralds the death of the EU. I continue to pray daily for its swift but painful passage to Dante's 7th level.

Those climate control freaks lose more credibility by the hour. (See this by His Eminence, The Filthy Engineer).

The anti-smoking zealots have lost the plot entirely, with their useless leaders, the BMA, having to lie to make headlines. Sadly, for those believers, second hand smoke is harmless. The science says so, no matter how badly they want it to support their nastiness. It just doesn't.

The Occupy groups around the world gather more support than criticism. Whether you agree with their stance or not, (I don't. I think capitalism = growth, jobs, & stability), but I am pleased that they are doing something. I applaud anyone who is being a PITA, and annoying TPTB.

Oh yes. This is a meltdown.

It was badly needed. Perhaps we can build something worthwhile when it all crumbles to dust?

I sincerely hope so.



Captain Ranty said...


I'm torn between slow and painful, and fast and painful.

As long as we bury it, in unconsecrated ground, soonish, I will be happy.

Instructions for those attending the funeral:

No flowers. Wear bright clothing. Be happy. Drink to excess and celebrate this death. Please note that the pouring of concrete over the coffin is vital to ensure this bastard never, ever, rises again.


berni said...

And once the concrete drys i shall do a very merry drunken dance on the grave of the our freedoms and their demise.

Bright clothing.......mine will fluorecent pink....the bastard thing won't miss the sight of me when the death knell tolls.

Good to see you in good spirits again catain.

Anonymous said...

it's like watching a big fuck off whale being tracked by some Orca's. You know it's gonna be a while but the biggun is doomed

Anonymous said...

When the EU is burried I will make a solemn annual visit, slowly lower my trousers and shit on the grave whilst whistling a happy tune.

Woodsy42 said...

I think the Euro is doomed, but I fear the timescale may be longer and much worse than we would wish. The Eurocrats could easily have diffused the problem by allowing Greece and others to leave. The EU and Euro would have been weakened but continued.
But they won't compromise and will therefore do everything in their power regardless of the financial and social damage that will inflict to keep it all going.
The only plus to that is that by the time it does give way their all or nothing approach will destroy themselves too.

Anonymous said...

I see the Albion Alliance is soon to make a form available, for people to fill in with the names of the traitors and their lapdogs who have taken us to the brink of ruin and almost destroyed this fine country of ours. The rest of us are going to have to work like billy-o to put it back on its feet but we will relish the opportunity and will be in excellent company. We'll celebrate each small step with a pint and a ciggie down the local pub WHERE THERE WILL BE ROOMS FOR BOTH SMOKERS AND NON SMOKERS YOU FASCIST FUCKWITS!!!

My God, am I looking forward to bringing these people to heel and stripping them of everything they own, then forcing them to live in the toilets they've create for the rest of us.

Bloody marvellous to see you back to your feisty self Captain.


Tarka the Rotter said...

God, you are BACK! Great - I love it when you talk dirty! Look forward to the demise of the EU and will most certainly party.

Sue said...

Yep. The chaos has been a long time coming. The Greeks are holding banners telling the IMF and EU to fuck off out of their country and the Italians won't be too far behind. I'm assured by my Spanish friends that they are prepared for riots should the same happen here. They didn't fight the last dictator just to inherit another!

The Eurocrats are pooing their pants every time they hear the word "referendum". Just think how much power Cameron could have if he just uttered those words? Instead he goes creeping and crawling around the Frankfurt Group like a runt waiting for the last pickings, lap dogging whenever the occasion arises.

We may all suffer in the end but it's better than being a slave to the EU!

Duncan B said...

Agree with all of the above...great to see you back. 'So much time, so little to do'.....strike that.

Anonymous said...

the crash is inevitable but what will follow wait for the next wave of crap welcome back captain

The Filthy Engineer said...

My piano wire futures are soaring by the day.

ChasC said...

Clearly my music had cheered you up. I am pleased. Welcome back

Wayne said...

And then there is Frau Merkel, clinging on like a stubborn genital wart << Ha ha ha ha ha I love it

danton-mcgrugger said...

I really can't understand why anybody that never (or very rarely, except to go on holiday) comes into contact with the Euro should want to see the end of it?
Honestly, ask yourself "What possible harm does the existence of the Euro do to me" We have the pound over here and unless you are directly involved dealing with/exporting to Europe/Eurozone your contact with the Euro is minimal, negligible, non-existent even. So what's the big deal here?
I'm only asking cos I want to understand your point of view.
A lot of what you say rings true with me also but as someone who has lived and worked in Spain for a long time, I know just what an almighty upheaval the collapse of the Euro would be... it won't be pretty and a lot of innocent people will get hurt (some physically). The parasitic politicos will, as ever, escape the shitfest that will ensue. I don't want it and am not looking forward to the destruction of the €.
P.S. The word is cOjones NOT cAjones it's the difference between having testicles inside your trousers and having drawers (cupboard type) in there... just thought I'd enlighten you. Keep up the good work

Lion of England on a Distant shore said...

Sludgegulper,Hi you say you dont know what
the fuss over the Euro? that we don't have much contact with, we have the pound,

then ask youself why does the Ununited kingdom send thousends of pounds to the
EUSSR to help out Greece look at the two pound coin that was pressed by brownlo
Labour scum,and do you really think that Little boy camerroon will stop the the Euro moving to a home near you he is already licking Merkel and sarkosny.