November 07, 2011

South For (A Bit Of) The Winter

That's me off then.

(Baboons drive on the left. Who knew?)

In a little under 24 hours I will be ensconced in 5 star luxury in the centre of Windhoek. I'll have time for a swift shower before heading out for my first meeting. The local ale, Windhoek (it's good stuff), will have to await my arrival back at the hotel at beer o'clock.

This trip is unusually long for me. Almost a full month. Not a lot will happen with my UK based trouble-causing and when I are abroad, I do as they do, so hopefully the trip will be event-free, apart from the usual adventures at airports. I have two Visa's but I am visiting five African nations. I will blag my way in to those for which I do not have a Visa. I have yet to be deported from anywhere so I don't anticipate any problems. A smile goes a long way, I have found. That, and pretending you're an idiot abroad. (Not hard for me).

I'll blog whenever possible.

In the meantime, be excellent to each other. Labour loons, Tory tits, LibDem losers, and absolutely anyone who thinks that the EU is a good thing are all fair game. Have at them. Teach them the error of their ways. No insult is too cruel for these drones. Go to it with enthusiasm and conviction.

See you in December, if Allah wills it. If not, avenge my death and stuff.

Be well,



Chuckles said...

Cheers Ranty, Enjoy the tri, and have a beer at Joe's for me.

Captain Ranty said...


Will do!

If it is the same Joe's, they do stunning food. The menu looks like Animal Planet.

Last time I was there it got hit by lightning. Power went out. Two minutes later the gennies kicked in and half the clientele had fucked off in the dark without paying!

I was pissed and didn't think of doing a runner in time. The owner bought us all a drink for NOT fucking off!


Caratacus said...

Bon voyage Cap'n.

Jealous as hell :) Should Sarkozy be found 'in flagrante delicto' with Merkel, I'll try and get a cleft-stick runner to you ... you can then tell Sarlozy's relatives (portrayed in your photograph).

Wayne said...

Have a good trip mate ;-)

Anonymous said...


Oh well, some fuckers got ta look after ya...

The ferryman follows everyone, even stan.

Be well stay safe...


Woman on a Raft said...

Excellent baboons, thank you.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks all.


I also saw some warthogs this time. Around 30 of them. The driver was going too fast for me to get pictures. The baby ones were just arsing around. Would've made a good photo.

I leave tomorrow at dark o'clock so I won't get any happy snaps then either.

Next stop: Cameroon.


subrosa said...

Behave yirsel'!