November 11, 2011

For The Fallen



Anonymous said...

Slightly different subject - but surely I'm not the only person who is concerned by the police arrests today of EDF members who may have been thinking of causing a "breech of the peace" - ? JC

Captain Ranty said...

It's certainly directly related: those men and women gave their lives so that we could (amongst other things) protest.

The police-and whoever instructs them-continue to plumb new lows. I have lost the last vestiges of respect I once had for them.


Amusing Bunni said...

That's a beautiful Cap'n, and I'm going to update my blog post and h/t you with it.

I also have lost all respect for the plods who ruined the day! I just wrote about it w/video's.

Anonymous said...

Remembrance Day “Perpetual Commerce (usury) Through Perpetual War” the NWO Ashkenazi banksters (and EDL pro counterfeit Ashkenazi jews) funding both sides of the war. Including multiculturalism “to divide us”, it sounds so noble and neighbourly to some, but that is not the evil intention behind it.

Isn't it obvious? The real purpose of poppy day is to celebrate the Nazi's victory. Slowly destroying the UK and the rest of the modern world whilst still invading the 3rd world (who can’t even defend themselves) and Middle East to fulfil a global domination agenda. But like gullible naive sheep every year the English wear their poppies with pride, what a farce.

Are we proud that millions died so the EU can screw us into the ground and build their NWO police state whilst enslaving us into a mountain of debt that should not even be paid? I'm certainly not.

Real heroes should have shot the leaders on both sides of the wars in defence, if they were both aggressor nations.

richard said...

Captain, no. I will not transform dead men and boys into a little plastic badge in order to feel good about feeling bad. Enough is enough. A death cult is all it is. Anyone who dies for the State is a fool. The Queen laying a wreath for dead Crown forces, aye, Montezuma may as well have laid a wreath for sacrificed Aztecs. At least he had an excuse, to ensure the sunrise and preserve life on earth. Our excuse is what?