November 03, 2011

Dear Brenda, Arrest Cameron.

The following is a letter from the relentless Albert Burgess in his quest to right those serious wrongs of the monarch.

Heady stuff this. Strap in.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II                                                       
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA  

Albert Burgess
(address redacted by CR).                                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                                        01 November 2011

Ref the Bill of Rights 1689

Your Majesty

I am attaching a copy of a letter to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police which gives my reasons for requiring the arrest of David Cameron on a charge of High Treason.

Your Majesty will be aware that the Declaration of Rights 1689 which is fully incorporated in the Bill of Rights 1689, was and is a statement from the people of England as to how they wish to be ruled, Scotland have their own Claim of Right. You will be aware that both these documents are of major Constitutional importance because they lay down the terms under which we the people of Great Britain offer the Crown to our Kings and Queens.

The terms of the offer of the joint Crowns of England and Scotland are not negotiable, they are as they say, cast in granite. David Cameron is attempting to alter those terms but you will be aware that you are forbidden by the Contract William & Mary agreed to and to which you agreed when you accepted the Crown on the death of your much loved and respected father King George VI, from giving the Royal Assent to. In the unthinkable event of your Majesty giving the assent to any amendments you will immediately under English Constitutional Law cease to be Queen of England and Scotland with all that entails as though you were dead. The assent would be void and Prince Charles would have to accept the terms of the Declaration of Rights as they were given to William &Mary Prince & Princess of Orange. Should he fail to accept these terms he too will be disqualified from ever wearing the Crowns of England and Scotland or receiving any commonwealth countries as his Kingdom all this is dependant upon Prince Charles accepting the terms of the Declaration of Rights.

Your Majesty we your loyal and loving subjects most strongly counsel Your Majesty against ever giving the assent to these proposed treasonable changes, we further respectfully request that you carry out the duty the Crown and the oath you took before God and to your subjects places upon you to order the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, to arrest David Cameron Prime Minster of the United Kingdom, on a charge of Conspiracy to commit High Treason, by placing your Majesty’s Crown in jeopardy and that of those who will follow Your Majesty, in the great office you hold, and who will be given the love and loyalty given to Your Majesty by your subjects. 

Respectfully Submitted

Albert Burgess 

I love the way Albert uses all the correct terminology when addressing Madge, and then slips in that line saying " though you were dead". Priceless.

The thing I have learnt about Albert is that there is genuinely no malice. AB is a huge respecter of royalty and sees it as his sworn duty to put this mess right. Most people have no clue how messed up the system is. This is evidenced by millions waving stupid red white & blue flags whenever the opportunity arises.

If only they knew.

For those of you in the comments who say it is a pointless exercise, this may be our last option:

Thanks for the graphic John!



DAD said...

Bravo ! Albert

Anonymous said...

Captain - with all due respect to Mr Burgess, whilst this is all very admirable these letters/affidavits/etc, never end up with the queen - they end up with the government, so to all intents and purposes they are utterly pointless, even if due process is being followed.


Magna Carta Society Blog said...

Hi All,
Albert Burgess has an emergency situation. He feels that the powers that be have had his email host, Hotmail, ban him. He tried to set up another email host but was told that they can't because he has already been banned. His current host want him to fill in a form that is asking, amongst other things, the email addresses of his contacts! This he is not prepared to do this and will taking it up with them.
So he regrets that he will off the air for a while whilst he gets it sorted. Do you think it could be to do with asking Bernard Hogan-Howe to arrest Cameron?

Regards, John Hurst.

mescalito said...

David- even if you think its pointless, it still shows them that we know.

Anonymous said...

I'm with David on this one. It is a completely pointless exercise, posting any complaint to the authorities. Why? Well they are the system and the system protects itself - ALWAYS!

Mr Burgess has done his research but not enough. Why on God's earth if this man knows what's going on is he an admirer of Royaly, possible the very people sitting atop the top stone of the pyramid of power? More so, if he knows anything about government (which he professes to) then he'll realise that the Queen controls it and every politician within and not the other way around. So telling the Queen to arrest Cameron for treason is a totally pointless exercise, again for the simple reason that both have committed treason to the people of this land, not forgetting that the Queen has broken every coronation oath she gave to the people.

If our justice system was a fair one then guaranteed, there'd be a transparent government and no 30+ hidden-from-the-public's-eyes documents there to protect the corrupt with the establishments. There'd be no secrecy or Chatham house rules. And moreso, every prime minister of this land, including their cabinets would all have swung from their necks for their devious and insidious actions that has not just destroyed the British people and their individual cultures, but smashed umpteen others in their foreign lands over time.

And mescalito may state "it still shows them that we know" but they already do without pointless letters. They built the system we live in. They created the monopoly board we all move around in. They know everything that the public knows and more and the sooner people realise this the sooner they will realise just what they're up against.
In a nutshell, they are up against a totally psycohpathic and ruthless elite, who see humanity merely as their cattle to buy and sell. The end justifies the means for them and killing 1, 10, 100 million or even billions doesn't flutter their eyelids.

People like Albert Burgess are still inside the game of monopoly telling the game creator that he can't do this or that. It's an exercise in total futility to say the least. Step out of the box (system) and then start thinking about how to take it apart from outside. It is a malignant tumour that's spread across this globe and unless it is totally destroyed then we will never, ever, ever have any liberty or freedom whatsoever. The problem with Burgess is he's using the system to try and defeat the system. It protects itself and always has. He's bringing a knife to a gunfight and will inevitably always lose, especially when the other side is sitting miles away with their finger on the destruct button.

And if his email has been deleted then again, it's merely the system telling their commodity to behave and not try and go above their station.

Pointless exercise. Totally and utterly pointless.


Stealthy said...

Great letter from Albert - Depressing but most likely true summation from harbinger :(

Anonymous said...

It is a dirty job but someone HAD to do it, well done Albert I say!

Captain Ranty said...

Well, I am with both sides on this.

I think it is a fantastic letter but I also think it will be ignored.

For interest, Brenda's Private Secretary opens all of her mail. Whether she sends it through for Brenda to read is a different kettle of fish.

I do know that if the EU is mentioned at all, the letter is sent to Billy Vague at the Foreign Office. I doubt that fucker reads it either....


Sukyspook said...

Cap'n, I'm with you on this too - futile on one level but necessary to let 'them' know we know that they know we know...know what I mean?(lol).

Now that the drumbeat has begun for attacking Iran (done posturing since at least 2006 bear in mind) imho we need those with a firm knowledge of the mortgage & tax scams to come forward and volunteer to help the troops get rid of both mortgage & tax and hence bring them over to 'our side' ie the right side that wishes to live in peace within the natural order of things.

We all then need to become Peace Officers and at a specific date/time, report this Treason to our local police & higher up the food chain in a blaze of online and if poss, lamestream publicity and in as many public places as possible.

I can dream can't I?


Captain Ranty said...


Dreams become reality more often than not.

Hardly a day goes by now that I don't see comments in the MSM (online) in which people write about the bankers, the politicians, and the judiciary and their complicity in this mess. Folk are waking up. Slowly.

The revolution cometh. My bet is that we will all be surprised by the speed and intensity of its arrival.

I think blogs like this one are necessary to plant seeds, and to reassure people that they are not alone in thinking/knowing that there is something very wrong with the world they thought they lived in.

We have two stark choices:

1. Do something

2. Do nothing

I prefer Option 1.


Bill said...

For what it's worth, not much probably, my opinion is that although he is doing something and therefore deserves kudos for taking action ultimately Mr Burgess will not succeed because at the end of the day the establishment, whatever that is and I am not a believer in the NWO mumbo jumbo I think there has always been a 'world order' at least for the past 250 years or so, that shrinks slowly and grows slowly on the whim of whoever is alive at the time, will simply ignore Mr Burgess even if he is 100% correct.

The establishment pretends all the time. It covets pretence. Nothing is as it seems absolutely nothing. Law, legal, crime, finance, money, wealth, credit, freedom, rights none of them are what the people of these islands think they are. They are what the establishment pretends they are. For this reason I am utterly convinced that change can only come from outside the system.

Sadly I don't beleive that aliens who can cross galaxies would turn up at this rock in space and reveal themselves, nick a few peeps and cows for 'experimentation' let alone drop in and remove the political aliens that are the 'customer facing' part of the establishment nor the backroom boys and girls who gain on so many levels so its down to the people.
I'd go further in saying it's down to the individual to decide what they are willing to do to bring about continuous change. I've been on the planet for fifty one years and in that time there has been no change. Just a constant growth in the establishment and a constant removal of personal liberties and freedoms along with having to walk around with an ever growing hand of state in my trouser pocket filching from my wallet.

Voting is a dead duck because voting just perpetuates the establishements pretence. Armed revolt is no answer because basically we have no arms. The establishment pretends that it can protect the people so the people have no need of arms. It also convinces people the police force is there to protect them even though every constable swears an allegiance to 'the crown'!
People will in the main believe whatever they are told by 'authority'. Yet more pretence. Even those who don't beleive what the establishment tells them pretend they do because to argue against it would bring them to the attention of the establishment or horror of horrors ridicule by their deluded peers.

I am struggling to see where the catastrophic change that is required will come from. 'Left field' as our American cousins say being the most likely option, unless I've got the alien visitors thing wrong, but I can state that I know it will not come from within...

Captain Ranty said...


Surely it will come from those most wronged by this corrupt system?

You, me, the neighbours. Then the next village along, then a town, then a major city, then all of us.

You can only beat a dog for so long. At some point it will retaliate and bite you.

A clever dog will bide its time. It will wait until it can join up with other abused dogs.

It's clear to me: the wheels have come off. The farce is displayed in all its ugliness. We just have to wait for the other dogs to find us, and to be reminded how to bite.

It's a skill we have all forgotten.


Bill said...

Surely it will come from those most wronged by this corrupt system?

No. The slaves didn't free themselves from the slave masters. It took groups of vested interests in another part of the world to achieve that little miracle in Empire and America.

NewsboyCap said...


So there is absolutely nothing we can do to rid us of this corrupt system?
We must stock up on dried foods, water, candles, wind-up radios/torches,home made weapons? Board up the doors and windows for when the SHTF? Ready for the next group of psychopaths who decide they are our new Bosses.EU,UN NWO?
No. Albert, the Lawful Rebels and FMOTL are at least trying to make changes no matter how small. If it means walking away from the system and creating their own reality over a period of time so be it.But to sit and do nothing is shameful.
We need to re-evolve a spine or just shut the Fuck Up and take it, no matter what 'they' decide is best for us.
Lawful Rebellion, IMHO, is the best idea to come along in many years to benefit the majority of the people, if commenter's such as your good self have a better idea lets hear it or if you can promote LR more positively please do, just don't put others down for trying to educate others including Brenda.

Anonymous said...

There is no debt it's just credit from thin air to facilitate trade debits person to person, no dedt is owed to the issuers, it's just credit from thin air. So people are foolish to pay debt to the people that issue it from thin air.

Which is why "writing of the debt" the "year of release" should be done on a regular basis as part of any lawful economic system. And why would someone, anyone, want to pay debts made from thin air.

BCG, alternative system, Bull shit thats what that is. Can't? Don't want to by the looks, even on simple things.


Albert Burgess and the BCG, so-called lawful bank, UK culumba.

All look like:

"Organisations are fairly easily infiltrated but what seems to have happened here is that certain organisations were already controledl from their inception."

Learn the Law not their vast talmudic legislation nonsence and Magna Carta etc talmudic legislation nonsence,(Return to the Law) change the rules and you can win.

Bill said...

Newsboy I didn't say do nothing.
We should all do what we feel we can or better yet what we feel uncomfortable with to bring about whatever positive changes we can to our own lives and then spread the word.

What I am saying is change will not come from within the existing set up. There is no 'good and honest side' in the establishment to appeal to. At least there doesn't appear to be and even if there is it's keeping its head down. Albert Burgess for all his pluck and right is barking up the wrong tree in my humble because the tree is deaf and blind.

I would hazard a guess that almost everyone who comments on here and the majority of those who read without commenting are 'outside' of the establishment in the 'left field' which is where I think the catastrophic change required to sweep the establishment away will come from.

The hurdle to any sort of catastrophic change is unless it grows very quickly and is focussed on one goal, may I suggest the removal of the establishment to be replaced with something better akin to the Swiss model for example, the establishment will be able counter it and crush it.
The only real changes in life come from the ground up not the top down. The establishment is totally reliant on two things consent and taxation. Withdraw one or both in sufficient numbers and it will collapse. I've no idea where the tipping point is nor if sufficient numbers of people are up for such a 'confrontational' approach but the establishment wouldn't be able to react because there was no clear target.

Of course I may be barking up the wrong tree of course and Brenda will actually listen to Albert and do the right thing. Anything is possible.

NewsboyCap said...


I don't disagree with you, I just feel that we must try and LR is for me the best idea so far.
Is lawful Rebellion not the removal of consent, refusing to pay unlawful taxes, to make the job for TPTB that bit more difficult? Indeed a ground up 'movement' it's not about educating Brenda, it's about letting Brenda know that we know, that the proles know.
Our job is to educate the proles, that's the hard part.

Sorry I'm late replying the Pub was calling.

Angry Exile said...

Seem to recall an opinion that Mrs Queen has already violated her Coronation Oath aired a few times before in this 'ere vicinity. If so she's not going to hesitate a nanosecond before treating this with the same disdain. Face it, folks, her priority is the House of Windsor and she couldn't give a fat rat's clacker for anything else. If she sniffed a serious prospect of major constitutional change - and I'm talking disestablishment or something close to it - then I expect she'd suddenly start paying attention. Short of that she's going to let her government, whatever it is, do more or less as it pleases.

Anonymous said...

"That jurors ought to be duly impanelled and returned, and jurors which pass upon men in trials for high treason ought to be freeholders; "

This clause from the Bills of Rights has already been repealed. So I guess the government feels they have the power to do whatever they like.

Anonymous said...

That jurors ought to be duly impanelled and returned, and jurors which pass upon men in trials for high treason ought to be freeholders; "

Rubbish Talmudic legislation.

Full Allodial Title to Land and free for every family is what people need.

Wolfers said...

Just to pick a little hole, I understand that the correct opening gambit in a letter to Herself should actually be 'May it please Her Majesty,'

A nice letter, however I become ever more concerned that nice notes on paper ain't going to do it. I look south over the Med and fear that happening here.

Why fear? Revolutions tend to end with one bunch of out of touch arrogant nutters being replaced with an equally out of touch bunch of arrogant nutters.