November 22, 2011

And Finally...

Still love her to bits?


Picture courtesy of Rev Phil from FMOTL.


F***W*T TW****R said...

Wonder if D of E knows this.

robbo said...

I thought two crowns existed, one the monarchy the other the city of london, which one is getting the money?

Captain Ranty said...


We should send him a note....


Captain Ranty said...


Both, I imagine.


Smoking Hot said...

errr Crown Estates has the windfarms, not the Queen. Income from Crown Estates doesn't go to the Queen, it goes to the Government.

Just saying

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

Having been protesting for years about the plight of the underprivileged pensioners I believe the whole point is that the money is NOT going to HEAT those that ARE going to die because they cannot afford the cost of heating this year.
It happens every year and these guys, or at least the majority, have worked a lifetime in industry and helped build this country, not just so royalty or the government can capitalise on it.

Good points though and thanks for the info. Rather makes the point more serious though doesn't it.

I'm not that far from being a pensioner and I believe ALL you guys out there will, hopefully, reach that position. I hope your retirement will bring you what you richly deserve after all your hard work and not having your pension pinched by ass wipes that are yet to be spawned by these inbred families.

Namaste, rev;

Harry J said...

Slightly off topic CR but I think this may be worth supporting.

Sackerson said...

Re recent outburst, Ranters, don't get disheartened. Anger is exhausting, but you can keep going with cool observation and comment. People are very busy with their own lives and likely will be more so as things get worse, but don't think what you're doing doesn't matter. Think of your work as a salt shaker. And enjoy the red wine.

Captain Ranty said...


So the money is ours then?

Lovely. Where's me cheque?


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for that.

A petition with noble aims-how refreshing.

I think it is well worth following up and I will do so.



Anonymous said...

"Slightly off topic CR but I think this may be worth supporting."

"Abolition of credit creation by private banks

Responsible department: Her Majesty's Treasury

To remove the power of credit creation from private banks and place it in the hands of either the Treasury or the Crown so that all credit for public spending shall be issued debt-free, and if necessary for Britain to withdraw from the Treaty of Maastricht with particular reference to Article 104(1) and its prohibition of debt-free government credit creation."

It already is debt free, if people realised it. The crown and Treasury are private to the banks already.

That petition is not going to redistribute what has been stolen from the people.

Captain Ranty said...


It showed a lack of control. I was incensed and should have cooled down before attacking the keyboard.

And it is hugely negative.

That's their game, not mine.

I followed several other links today and discovered that most of the anti-Freeman comments come from.....lawyers! What a surprise. The people with the most to lose are the most vociferous.

The Libbies continue to confound me though. These are the very people that should quietly cheer us on. Or at least, they should say nothing and see what happens.

This is a new thing. Many Freefolks go out on a very brittle limb to test this out in court. Some will lose, many will be ignored, but some will win.

Right: I'm off to hunt down a cold one. 32 degrees here.


Anonymous said...

"errr Crown Estates has the windfarms, not the Queen. Income from Crown Estates doesn't go to the Queen, it goes to the Government."

The government works for the crown and mrs battenberg qe2 with other parasites, a main benefactor of the stolen money/resources. Just like skull and bones pirates jesuit jews of old still up to the same game.

James Higham said...

Mrs. Welf.

Harry J said...

Captain, apologies, I'm afraid I got a little carried away with my enthusiasm with that petition. A commenter on the bog where I first came across it suggested that instead of credit it should be money that is created. I responded with the following.

"I think you’re both correct to some degree. Surely the ‘credit’ created is in two main forms. That is private credit (loans, mortgages etc) to businesses and individuals and to governments themselves. In the case of the former the intention of the petition should be to remove this function from private banks. In the latter case surely the government or government body would not be creating credit for itself but creating money with which to spend on such things as necessary infrastructure projects, even if that money is in digital form.

I’ve signed the petition myself and suggested it on several websites. However I do have a small reservation. A conspiratorial view of history would place the Crown (the City of London Corporation) at the centre of all that ails us. Even if you don’t hold that view then it is still the case that the Crown is not elected and therefore not accountable to the people. It is surely essential that whatever body does serve the function of credit and money creation is wholly accountable."

A re-worded petition would be a great thing to get behind though.

Harry J said...

Mmm. For bog read blog.

Anonymous said...

Bog sounded better!


cuffleyburgers said...

Well yes actually.