November 18, 2011


I just read last night's post without the gin and red wine flowing through my veins.

Although it is scrappy it still says what I meant it to say.

I also read all of your comments and wanted to thank you for the support. Many people who have an interest in this just get on with it. No blogs, no fanfare, they just rebel all on their own. I made the decision to write about my journey in the hope that I could inspire others. According to the comments I managed to reach some of you. I am really pleased about that.

Maybe this kind of thing was always going to be a long haul. Maybe I expected too much. Maybe, as one of you suggested, the timing is off. The comatose are not quite ready. They are not quite angry enough about the state we are in. And, on one level I agree with them: if you never come into contact with the police or with the court system, why would they need to know this stuff? Who really gives a crap if the monarch violated her oath? Who really cares that the police violate their oaths on a daily basis? Who really cares that our courts are not legitimate?

The answer? Not enough people.

To some, my numbers look good. 40,000 readers (in a good month) should please me no end. Instead I wonder why it isn't 400,000. In a bad month. I wonder why it isn't 4,000,000. After all, the subjects discussed here affect all of us, all the time.

I snapped. I snapped because I was looking for news and instead all I found was that sleb shit. No matter where I looked. Is this us? Is this really what we are prepared to settle for? Tittle-tattle, gossip, and who is humping who?

Somedays, yesterday especially, I was convinced that that was all we Britons needed. Utter bollocks, and a daily diet of it. I know, like most of you do, that this is a symptom. There is a cause, and most of it can be laid at the door of the education system and the government. We are, largely, a product of their brainwashing.

I figured that if I could escape it, anyone could. But I wanted to escape, and it finally dawned on me that some people just want to be sheeple.

I was just stunned when I realised how many are happy that way.

Cut me some slack here. I'll bog off and think things over. It is very frustrating but I will try to get over it and come back to you at some point in the future.

Be well,



Angry Exile said...

As I said in the last, in your shoes I might be inclined to lay off the instruction manual approach and concentrate on winning and relating victories, whether your own or those of other pathfinders. As you've said, you've put it all on here and so it doesn't seem all that necessary to rehash things unless there's something new to add. But post on the lines of 'Now I'll never have to pay Council Tax again, and here's how I did it' will be emulated by more people than are prepared to pick over MC1215 Article 61 to see if it'll do what's hoped.

Anonymous said...

Oh Captain My Captain,

Methinks it is the old ‘blogger fatigue’. But step back a moment, only a few short years ago the BBC news had two permanently interchangeable lead stories; dead polar bears and Gordon Brown saving the world. It is thanks to the many bloggers like yourself that these have now been consigned to the dustbin of history. Even yesterday on The Guardian site, an article about smoking in cars was met with a torrent of abuse about encroaching on people’s liberties, with several using the oft repeated refrain of ‘they’ll be coming for you drinkers/fatties etc next –and this was The Guardian ffs!

Perhaps you are expecting a tsunami of anger to engulf the nation, but it doesn’t work like that. Instead the bloggers are like the constant drip drip drip that will eventually undermine the foundations, bringing the whole rotten edifice down.

Take a break, have a drink, and some back refreshed with all guns blazing.

F***W*T TW****R said...

AE may have a point. At least take heart that all your work and journey is documented and thoisands now know where to come when theu are angry enough. Take care CR. (Obnoxio the clown stopped for a while).

IanPJ said...


I am pleased that you have taken the time to reflect. It is not about the numbers, or it shouldn't be, for if you only get through to one person, you are doing right.

There are many more waiting, watching and learning. They are looking for the breakthrough, that day when a court is taken down, or a major victory is established, then they will bring their floats to the parade.

We all have our down days, we all suffer with exhaustion, but we know what we do is right, so we continue.

I have only ever looked up to one person for inspiration - Gandhi. When I get low I remember this.

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

Twisted Root said...

I looked at your All Courts Are Illegal post yesterday and was as stunned as you are Ranty that no comments arrived as the hours went by.

I don't know anything about 32 million watching something to do with Corrie, but there is a truth there which needs to be understood. The elites understand it perfectly well and it is going to sound harsh and callous but it is a truth.

That 32 million do not matter, they will never matter because they have made a choice not to.

I read every word of Michael Burke's 20 page document. I also read the comments and Sue provided a link to a dismissive article at charonqc about Freeman stuff. Now that matters because despite the haughty, sneering tone of the article (what else would one expect from a lawyer) it means that they have noticed and are forced to address the subject. Ignoring it for ever would be the favoured tactic if possible. That is progress.

It is so tempting to count success in numbers, but if you really think about it that tendency is no less an imprinted and indoctrinated idea than 'the law' or the value of money.

Prop said...

Agree with AE. Nothing2Declare take this approach

JuliaM said...

Looking forward to your eventual return. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Red wine and gin? No wonder you felt down! Like I said yesterday, you don't have to write about just one thing. Some of your stuff about your travels is great. I found your notes on Libya excellent.

Cheers Northern Worker

Anonymous said...

Take a break CR, tis all you need. An old toppie like you can't keep up at this pace :o)

I'll be sad to see you stop because you, with a few other opened this sheeple's eyes, and now I'm fighting my battles on my terms, with no surrender :o)

Chin up, have a wank and then carry on :o)


Anonymous said...

Thanks to you, Captain, I now know that I can say "no" to the powers that be. I may not agree on the specifics of lawful rebellion, but the insight that people like you has given me has been invaluable in my own journey. Ten years ago, I begrudingly filled in the census, paid a TV licence and was on the electoral roll. Now I am free from all of those, thanks to a healthier attitude - inspired by pioneers such as yourself. Keep fighting.

karlos said...

A very good decision in my opinion Mein Capitan, but don't be gone too long, you will be missed by us all. Karl.

Anonymous said...


Saltimbamba said...

" finally dawned on me that some people just want to be sheeple.

I was just stunned when I realised how many are happy that way."

Why so surpised?

In Animal Farm Orwell incorporates the character Mollie for precisely this purpose.

"Will there be sugar after the rebellion?"

The majority of us are so addicted to our simple luxuries that we can't imagine making sacrifices for a social movement, even if, in the long run, it's supposed to be for our own good.

We're a national of Mollies who prefer slavery to freedom.

"People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both."

Anonymous said...

ooops above,

You sound like I did some years ago. I'll share a bit just for you and the others.

In 1996, the then Secretary of State for Wales, William Hague, ordered an inquiry into allegations of hundreds of cases of child abuse in care homes in former county council areas of Clwyd and Gwynedd between 1974 and 1990. Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC, a retired High Court judge, was appointed to head the inquiry, which began in 1997 and reported in 2000.

When I heard this announcement I thought'yes!we done it, we got the bastards'. As was elated to say the least. All them twats who worked in the system were fucked now.

Anyway time passed. I appeared in the media(they couldn't find anyone else to articulate the feelings and thoughts of those in the system, basically because everyone was off thier heads. I was a Champion of the victims. My heart raced whenever I watched any of them giving evidence, and I watched them all mate, all.

So more time passes. I get asked by a firm of solicitors to create a group to represent the lads and lasses who were to give evidence. I jumped at the chance. Fancy me starting a help group, oooh I was the dogs bollocks. All this time the solicitors are asking me to recruit more and more 'victims'. I'm made a director of the group, the group is registered and it's all official. So time for funding maybe? Who could refuse to give/donate money to a group who represent victims of child abuse? Answer- fucking everyone and their cousins. The Government?Not a fucking penn. NSPCC? Nope, 'you can fuck off, any monies are OUR monies'. Refusal also cam from loads and loads of other charities and help groups.
I was devestated to say the least. My heart was in bits, as was my head. I could not for the life of me explain why no-one would fund the group. I used to write hand written letters to all and sundry. Noting was forth coming. Even the media wouldn't pay for lunches or shit anymore. The story had finished, no legs and off the front pages. I was in a space I'd never been. I was sorry for the whole populace of the country. And I drank to quell the sorrow.

For 3 years I couldn't accept the reality that no-one gives a fuck. Not one person I came across give a damn fuck about the victims. It's a problem for others now as I have learned not to live in the same existence as I did then. Now my world is full of laughter, nature and family. The rest of the comsumeristians can fuck off.

I could go on about the whole story( I might yet, in my own blog) but nows not the time. The feelings you're experiencing will make you stronger, wiser, more determined and a better person. Stick with it and write about it. You've got an audience most of us can only dream about.

Anonymous said...

Your writing for thickies like me Mr Ranty. I am learning, I speak to others (most do not have the internet), they are learning.
Its a slow burning fuse but its also one that cannot be put out.
Thanks for the matches, take a breather and resume the lessons please.

William said...

Never mind Christmas is coming and that is bound to piss you off enough to sling out an odd blog or three.

For my sins I started a blog to expose the lying manipulating County council officials and councillors who were foisting an Academy on my town and destroying three schools in the process and I succeeded in spades.
Hardly took any effort to be honest because councils seem to be populated by thick twats who hide behind the statutes but the blog attracted what the council officials termed a 'vociferous minority' and no bugger else.

Cutting a long story short common purpose reared its ugly head and let loose some attack dog solicitors so I simply walked away BUT the thing it taught me is that the majority of people upon these islands really don't give a flying fuck about anything. They can be taxed, regulated, controlled and I suspect starved to death but as long as they don't have to put their name on the line they will consent to this madness.

My advice for what it's worth is leave them to whatever their fates have in store for them. Hopefully pennies will drop but having spent thirty minutes last May convincing my best friend that she should stop paying the TV tax only to hear her say she would still pay it anyway because 'you are supposed to' I fear most will never hear the penny drop.

Have a rest get your 'bike legs' sorted and come back if and when you feel it's worth it.

Robert the Biker said...

I hope you won't be chucking it in.
You must realise that many of us out here who support you are nevertheless tied in to things we can't walk away from; that doesn't mean we don't cheer every time you win something. I just won a PPI thing with Lloyds by using just your methods and inspiration, a small victory admitedly but mine own. What the movement needs is someone to do more than talk and write opinions but to actually take on a high court case which will set precedent for us all. I would willingly contribute to such a cause.

Dioclese said...

If you reach just one person and they reach one more you'd be surprised how quickly things spread.

"The journey of 1000 miles starts with but a single step". I think some clever Chinese bastard said that, but he's mostly likely been locked up for saying it!

Jacobite said...

It would be a travesty for you to stop posting, take time out and come back with all guns blazing.

SimonLeRosbif said...

Be back soon.

microdave said...

"Cut me some slack here. I'll bog off and think things over."

Of course we will - you've thrown in the towel before and come back, so I have no doubt you will again!

Just accept that the numbers are unlikely to be what you hoped. Bare in mind how few sheeple actually read ANY blogs, let alone your rantings. As others have said the majority will never take action until the shit really hits the fan.

I'm not in a position to do what you have, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested. I mention the Freeman movement to other acquaintances, and if everyone reading your postings does the same it WILL spread the news. In any case don't you DARE bog off and leave us all wondering how your dealings with the police and other agencies are working out!!!

I get pissed off on a more or less daily basis - usually on more mundane matters such as keeping my car running, but at the end of the day I have to keep struggling on. I do hope you will, too.


nisakiman said...

CR, it's not necessary to be evangelical. You write a great blog.

I've learned a lot of stuff I had no idea about. Ok, for me it isn't quite so relevant, since I'm an ex-pat, but in the unlikely event that I return to Blighty, I will be looking more closely at your modus operandi.

The drip, drip, drip of information and example here has a ripple effect. It will never be immediate, but it will spread. And I'm afraid you will just have to accept the fact that the vast majority won't want your subversive ideas disturbing their comfort zone. They like being told what to do and what to think. That way, they don't have to think for themselves. They can be suffused with the warm glow of being part of the law abiding majority, content with being a small and insignificant part of a large, amorphous mass. They can enjoy the frisson of righteous outrage at those who would buck the system, secure in the knowledge that their backs are covered, and there is no risk of finding themselves out on a limb - a terrifying prospect.

TPTB know all this.

Corrie, Big Brother, X Factor....

Bread and circuses, bread and circuses.

Stay with us mate. It doesn't all fall on stony ground.

Jason said...

Forget about all the sheeple they will be the first to complain when they are raped for their last bean.
As someone once said...

"If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything"

Captain Ranty said...

Great encouragement, guys, thank you for that. I think we all know that I'll be back. I haz vented.

AE does have a point, but, I think I need to show you the supporting stuff. I know a lot of it is arcane*, but it is important.

*Arcane = older than 25 minutes.

I get that, but the old dudes knew what they were doing when they wrote these treaties and declarations.

Our modern day numpties screw it up all the time.

We are in a mess and it won't get fixed by reading Hello magazine.


Anonymous said...

hay captin i have recently found your blogs and am inspired by them truely i am i even wonted to manage a chain of ranty pubs to spread your word where smokers could be free under rebellion.
Maybe to educate people in a less wordy way doing talks or try organising a hall and meetings to teach people im trying as fast as i can to learn what i can and would be greatfull if you could send me reading material but as i am sure you know politicians and such have spent many years perfecting the art of getting into our living rooms on the tv so easy to sit and soak in what your being told a nation of heavy weights teaches us we are lazy your message and efforts are not the problem just the delivery system i would love to be able to do what you do but am worried i will mess up and ruin things for my children once that fear leaves me ill be sending in my letter

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again - you are an inspiration to me and many others. Yes, our numbers are relatively small (but growing), and there ARE far too many people who will never be reached but you have to accpet they don't have the intellectual capacity to understand that things are very very wrong. There are many types like this:

- the welfare scroungers (and I don't include anyone that has genuinely fallen on hard times and needs it purely as a temporary measure - after all many of us may have had to rely on it in the past - or those who post here who find themselves unwillingly reliant at the moment)

- the terminally thick, whose lives revolve around Strictly Come Dancing, East Enders and 'Boy with an Arse for a Face' style reality TV

- the loony left (say no more - unfortunately all mainstream political parties are now infected)

These people are lost - there's no point fighting for them. But Captain, there are millions out there who KNOW that things are badly wrong but are hoping that it will miraculously come right - mainly through the totally fcucked political system. And there's the rub - they don't realise it's fcuked. Oh, they're not happy with it and - again - they know that something needs fixing, but try and tell them that all these parasites are in it for is money and a ride on the EU/Directorship gravy train and they'll think you're being estreme.

These people are not fcukwits but they are scared. Scared of kicking aganst the system in case their livlihoods are destroyed; scared of being labelled, of not conforming, of being 'confrontatinal'. They're not bad people but it IS going to take something huge to realise what needs to be done.

I regularly wonder why the freedom movement doesn't push itself forward. If someone advertised a public meeting about council tax I bet there would be a packed room, and even if just a handful of people walked away from that with a determination to start saying no that would build the momentum.

Why doesn't the movement reach out more to ordinary Joe? They're not going to seek us out - most don't even know that such a movement or blogs like these exist. We need to go to them and inform them. We need stalls in town centres, leafleting campaigns, stickers in loo cubicles, etc. There's indeed a sense of urgency and, unfortunately, it is down to us to keep plugging away until it sinks in - and it will...

All the best - chill out, relax and I'll be hoping you do return refreshed. Your blog is so vital to many.


Sue said...

I must admit you turned my interest in Lawful Rebellion, into a passion.

I loved law anyway and whenever I read something that you've found, (and manage to understand it), it gives me a feeling of getting back some control of my life.

In our own way, Mr MuffV and I are practising bits here and there whenever a situation arises. So far, we've won each little fight. We're taking it step by step until we can fully understand all the processes and legalities.

By far, the most glorious feeling of all, is getting one up on the corrupt system!

Each time you post, I avidly pass the information on to at least 20 people by email. They in turn pass it on to others.

Your efforts are NEVER wasted and always appreciated.

James Higham said...

Cap'n - it may appear no one's listening but they are. There are a lot of quiet readers and comments are for the vocal like us. There are a hell of a lot of people out there who have heeded the word. I have myself and am supposedly in trouble but I don't think so, if I'm legal.

Never think you've lost this. And the EU too - too much despondency when we're so close to victory. It's not in the nature of our true countrymen to ever stop. Keep at it, even if you're only going by instinct.

ChasC said...

My friend Dioclese told me you were thinking of quitting, so I dedicate this piece that I wrote to you. Don't let the buggers grind you down!

Hope it cheers you up, mate.

Gareth said...

Captain, this isnt about either of your posts. I came here to tell you something! Your gonna bust a nut reading this girls blog. She's like you, but with GUNS and GOD!

Now dont do that, that wincing expression. She's a corker. Youll love her!

Go here, and just read. Read about why she shut down her company - thats moral courage there. Listen to her radio interview a few posts down while your at it, then read "We the whipped" parts one and two a few posts under that.

Now i dont even ask for anything in return, but it would be real swell if you could keep keeping me informed on whats going on with your battles.


Gareth said...


Anonymous said...

This is my first post to your blog, but I've been a silent reader for over a year.

My comment to you is this. The reality is that we never really know just how much we influence others.

Throughout my (many) years it has never ceased to amaze (and hearten) me when people tell how much influence or inspiration they have taken from my words or deeds.

You are sitting at your keyboard without really seeing or feeling the full impact you have on others, and that is likely contributing to you experiencing this 'Blog Burn-out'.

Believe me when I say, your writings have had a massive and profound impact upon me, and I thank you for it.

Please return after you've taken your 'burn-out' break - the real world needs you.

Love and Light to you,


some cunt said...

The call of public service is too strong for you, Ranty. Toddle off and have a nice lay down for a week or two. Then come back refreshed to join the fray. You know you want to!

Anonymous said...

ok you've had long enough. You've read enough. You are read and readable, so just do what you do ok. I'm still in awe of your stats you cunt, good cunt I would add

bollixed said...

Don't you fucking dare pack it in, Ranty. You have absolutely no idea how many people there are out here who have put their various items of genitalia on the table and are taking on 'the man' at various levels. Sure, not all read blogs but those of us who do spread the word and any interesting snippets or news. Visitors means bugger all.

I stopped giving a crap about the mongtard majority a while back. Screw them. They are morons. Beyond help. Scared of their own shadows. That's how they have been trained to behave. Pity them. Focus on the few thousand of us who are on the front line and making real sacrifices for the benefit of all.

Ranty, my other half came from the soviet system. You want a major fucking motivational intake then spend an hour talking to her. I mean it because she is happy to explain to anyone how she had more freedom under the soviet system than she does in the modern UK PLC. The offer is a real one. Anytime it suits you. She's 100% behind everything I do and sees us as the last hope for the very British Britain she used to dream of visiting as a little commie. You know, where the police were generally decent and the Law protected us from villains and punished the bad guys? The fact that most Brits now are complete selfish brainwashed wankers now is by the by. I just look at the pride my other half has in what we are doing and that's all the motivation I need.

We have the solutions now. Everyone I speak to knows it. The bent judiciary and police know it. These solutions are being tried and tested as we speak. Watch and see. The good news is that we don't need a fucking majority. We don't even need a substantial minority. The American Revolution succeeded with only 4% max support. And that involved set piece battles. We need much less than that. At the extreme, it only takes one major court victory and the game's up. Don't lose track of that and never lose faith.

Sometimes I have days when I feel a bit low and coming onto your blog reminds me I'm not the only nutter in the village. Stay a nutter, mate. Being a mongtard wouldn't suit you. ;)

Gareth said...

Bollixed; Does she write a blog?

Anonymous said...

Just to add to all the other comments of "Don't you dare" above. And of course you have now taken the very wise decision not to.

You may see 40K visitors but they don't reflect people like me who read it from within Google Reader.

Anonymous said...

I had your post about quitting open for two days along with entirely too many other tabs and pages (no wonder this thing crashes)as I intended to do my bit to get you to rethink your decision. I just have, and then returned to the main page to see the crisis is thankfully over. Good to see you back in the saddle!

An Angry Man

Delmorpha said...

I am yet another of the 40k who lurks in the shadows and appreciates every word you type. The real reach of the people who are actually switched on is far greater than you realise and again, touching on what other people have said, disconnecting the Corrie watching masses to read and digest the stark reality of their own world isn't going to happen immediately or with one killer post.

If you want a bigger reach, you'll have to blend your posts with some seeds that will help people disconnect themselves; baby steps with things they will find you in Google for with some things that affect their daily lives.

There are plenty of SEO bits of advise I can give you that would barely scratch the surface of thanking you for what you do for us all. I'd be more than happy to help.