November 23, 2011

Rage Against The Abuse

It really is hard to stay calm.

This country is broken. Not quite beyond repair, but not far off.

Look at these links for an idea of how low we have sunk:

1. Abuse of the elderly

2. Sexual abuse of our kids

3. When we aren't abusing the elderly, we freeze 'em to death

4. Financial abuse of everyone else

Makes you proud, eh?

I'm sure if I looked I could find stories about how badly we treat the sick, too.

The point here is that we are supposed to be a developed nation. We are meant to lead the world with our fabulous tried & tested ways of caring for the weakest and most vulnerable in society. Yet we demonstrate, to the world, again and again, how awful we are. I was not abused as a child and the very notion that someone set to look after a child would use them as a sexual plaything fills me with horror. My punishments for these animals would be medieval.

I am very lucky in that I rarely get ill, so I have no idea how bad/good hospital treatment is. I do know that the NHS-more accurately, the inepts within it-negligently kill some 66,000 people a year. How many of the criminally neglectful are punished? Not enough, is the answer. If they were gaoled for these wrongful deaths, maybe they'd start to try a little harder.

I will get old. That is a given. And I do not want to be found frozen to death by a visiting relative. I do not want to be abused by "care" staff in Sunnyside Acres. I want to be treated with a modicum of respect, and I want to maintain my dignity for as long as possible.

Lastly, those bastard MPs are at it again. Orphans have the story, and they have the right response to this crap: No.

Lately I have found myself erupting, and venting, and semi-apologising for it. I wonder if I need to apologise? Our country is in a mess, and I should excuse myself for actually caring? I should stay silent when far too many of us already stay silent?

No. No I will not.

I'll keep shouting until someone starts paying attention. When we have everyone's attention we can get to work fixing it.



Anonymous said...

I will not cease from mental fight nor shall my sword sleep in my hand.

Duncan B said...

Oh Captain, my captain! I'm shouting too. Keep it up. I'm right behind you

Bill said...

Apologies for what?
Being a human being?


Just a little tale that shows clearly at least to me just how controlled our 'free press' are.
The local Christmas 'switch on' happened last Saturday organised by some council jobsworths inc a 'town centre manager' I kid you not!
There was lights on a tree and 'entertainment' outside the town hall.
On the local rags Facebook page they asked the question 'Did you enjoy the lights?' on the Sunday. Every commenter on their page was scathing to say the least.
The rag prints an article on Monday which was full of people saying how fantastic the whole thing was without a single comment of dissent.

What isn't clear is who is actually pulling the rags strings but if they can spin such a simple event entirely one way instead of being balanced they can and do spin anything. Thus the MSM, large and small, can only be seen for what it really is the state's propaganda machine. This is why there are millions who think 'better the devil you know' and keep their heads down.

Incidentally I am of the opinion that it is at this 'grassroots' local level where most of the fire needs to be directed. These 'local statists' cannot hide in Westminster or on jollies to foreign lands, they walk the same streets as us so let the ridiculing commence.

Have a read of Bexley-is-Bonkers to see just how easy it can be and no Bexley-is-Bonkers is not my site.

Duncan B said...


Spot on. It's a 'local' thing. Girding my loins to start undermining the pyramid (if you see what I mean)

Woodsy42 said...

You are not meant to stay calm. The 'Ranty' bit is a giveaway!

berni said...

Were hearing you and shouting along side.

our voices WILL be heard.

Keep Ranting captain.

Incidentley i have found out this week that while our aged population starve and freeze to death....the CEO of the housing Association that rents their homes to them in my area is being paid in access of £250.000 a year and was paid a bonus of £22.000 in 2010.

The community i live in is made up of a very high proportion of those that fought for our freedoms.

Angry does'nt cut it.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the links below are the same nationwide.

Unfucking believable. We've had this bunch of pensioners running us for 20 rotten years. The welsh assembly is now on about postponing elections. Is/can this be even legal?

Mick said...

Capt Ranty,

Rage away!! Just don't blow a gasket.

I'm ranting half the fucking time, governments of all flavours couldn't organise an unbaised piss-up in a brewery.

Abuse of kids - It would seem that little can be done except catch them and lock them up for good or until they are not a danger.
I separate that sort of abuse from the others as I can only conceive of it as being perpetrated by sick fucks that can't help themselves (I'm not excusing them, fuck no, they are sick cunts), their actions dictate they must be pursued and stopped.

Abuse of the elderly - This massively fucking enrages me as these acts are perpetrated by normally people with a total lack of respect. Unlike kiddy fiddles, I would hope, they do not sit in darked rooms masterbating over images of the elderly in distress. They have taken it upon themselves to just ignore the requirements of another human being, and judge the other to be less than a person because they are old. These are wilfull acts and must be punished over and above 'normal' assault-like crimes.
Unfortunately, the government, the NHS, and the medical bodies seem to have a different set rules - they investigate themselves, wankers.

Financial Abuse - Yes please government, take my money and spend it all on your fucking social engineering and self-agrandising projects. It's not like I need the money to -

1.Pay for private health care to protect myself from the truely 'NOT the envy of the world' NHS
2. Pay for my old age when you've spent all the fucking money and can't con some other fucker out it
3. Pay for cranial reconstruction from constantly banging my fucking head against the wall in frustration at how fucking stupid most of you twat-brained wankers running this doomed country are.

Dioclese said...

Never mind. If the EU get their way we won't have to feel guilty about all this because we won't be making any decisions.

The really bad thing is that the Fourth Reich treatment of the elderly and infirm seems chillingly similar to the Third!

And we don't need to worry about the Welsh assembly elections because it's only a plastic parliament ( see )

For some reason, the Welsh don't seem to like me. I can't imagine why...

Anonymous said...

Its time to cast out these evil ministers and despots. It is our democratic right to protest. How dare that scumbag dismiss our protests and us as zombies

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bill it must be said. I have long since firmly held the opinion that those who make our lives a misery should not find their decision to do so an easy lifestyle choice. As was stated, they walk the same streets as us, our streets by the way, and at no time should these people be in anything other than perpetual scrutiny. Let's see how their little diktats fly when they themselves have to weather the storm and bear responsibility for their actions. Councils, for instance, need to empty the bins and the rest of the time fuck right off. Job description? Councillor - facilitator of bin emptying. That's it. As for the elderly, the sick, helpless children as opposed to the "chiiildren" whom the state is always using to justify their latest effrontery, well I don't know if too may others have noticed but this country and many others have no respect for life whatsoever. Contrast that with their concern for fake environmental issues (issues that are nothing other than a means of control) and you will plainly see that an old man or woman suffering alone on a trolley or freezing to death in his home in a so called developed country is of less worth than a fucking insect. If anyone wondered just what the meaning of life was, well the state has an answer that suits it's purposes very well. Work, consume and fucking die.

With regard to being angry, don't worry about Captain. I am perpetually enraged, and disgusted at the willful ignorance of my fellow man by no small degree. It shouldn't be this easy to imprison entire populations but look around and you will see that people just roll over and let it happen. They will even defend it, so why wouldn't a rational, intelligent mind get angry?

An Angry Man

Anonymous said...

When I was young we used to sing this very British hymn I suppose they sing global warming lies now or stuff about being gay or something .
This stuff instilled a sense of courage and pride.

When a knight won his spurs, in the stories of old,
He was gentle and brave, he was gallant and bold;
With a shield on his arm and a lance in his hand,
For God and for valour he rode through the land.

No charger have I, and no sword by my side,
Yet still to adventure and battle I ride,
Though back into storyland giants have fled,
And the knights are no more and the dragons are dead.

Let faith be my shield and let joy be my steed
'Gainst the dragons of anger, the ogres of greed;
And let me set free with the sword of my youth,
From the castle of darkness, the power of the truth.

Michael Fowke said...

I'm not sure we have the spirit to fix it. Something's seriously wrong with the British people.

Mick said...


I think we have the spirit but now seriously lack the means.
Our police are now verdging on the paramilitary with their surplus of powers and lack of humility.

Those of you that will stand up and fight I take my hat off to, the coward in me wishes to avoid trouble as I need to work can't afford to get in the shit.

What a grim admission to have to make.

That for the most bollockeds-up of reasons the fuckers can take your DNA, keep it even if you are innocent, and anyway fine you in a case of 'your word against theirs'.

The country is fucked, and I'm tired. A nap and things will look up.

Anonymous said...

fucking hell. Roll up roll up, come to wales where you're sure to walk out of court

FireballXL5 said...


"Its time to cast out these evil ministers and despots. It is our democratic right to protest. How dare that scumbag dismiss our protests and us as zombies"

Having followed the link to the 38 degrees website I'd agree with the minister. Although cretins would have been a better choice of word than zombie.

Meanwhile, keep up the shouting Capt. - we're right behind you!

Anonymous said...

All of these outrageous, unacceptable problems don't need to exist. They shouldn't exist. If common sense ruled they wouldn't exist. They can be solved with extant means but it is all allowed to fester as part of the grand tapestry, with a neat side effect that it makes the people feel impotent and powerless.

The elite and its nomenklatura is never held accountable because in their eyes we are incompetent and incapable; enemies to be distrusted, corralled and directed at every turn, all for our own good of course. We must be, because we accept the need to be taxed, licensed, boxed and labelled. And we have the temerity to ask questions, demand answers, and even desire change?! (Re-reading Heather Brooke's “The Silent State” knowing about the sort of things we talk about here at the Captain's is quite illuminating.)

Taxpayer subsidy of political parties is going to happen eventually, in some form. Calamity Clegg may claim that the time is not yet right but these sorts of ideas are always “floaters” for what is intended to happen in the future. It boxes the debate; the question is shifted from “should this be done” to “how much should it cost for this to be done”. And in the case of politics it is already being presented as a means to eliminate the influence of special interest groups like, for example, trade unions, which is why the "cash for amendments" stuff is being brought up now when it has been bleedin' obvious for fucking ever.

The same thing will eventually happen in respect of the TV Tax as well, once it becomes obvious to all and sundry that the present system is obsolete, unworkable and easily avoided. Just wait for it: “How much should the BBC receive from each computer sale?” “How much should the BBC receive from each broadband contract?” “How much should the BBC receive from general taxation?” A few such have been posited already.

The NHS is another example of the same. It has long since reached hallowed status, where anyone who mentions that the premise may be flawed, or that there may be a different way of doing things, is regarded as a nutcase. Read the politics sections of sleb-obsessed sheeple forums like Digital Shite to see the debate box in action. Or that 38 Degrees link posted above. (One of its campaigns is "Stand up for the BBC", FFS. And miraculously the Licence Fee isn't top-sliced after all!)

The default position in respect of the NHS and the BBC is that they are the "envy of the world". No questioning of the basic precepts is permitted. And so the state has its socialised healthcare and propagandist mass-media machines, and gets the people arguing amongst themselves as to precisely how much money should be spent on them as opposed to whether there is a better way or not. Job done.

By an amazing coincidence socialised healthcare and media propaganda also happen to be parts of the NWO guff that is the Earth Charter. You could even argue state funding for political parties is in there too.

The welfare state was not created out of any sense of altruism. The modern template was drawn by Bismarck and even the established “non-conspiratorial” history says that it was done to win over the working classes and counter the growing support for the SPD in the Reichstag. (However, given Prussia's position in the far more powerful Bundesrat, perhaps so-called “conspiratorial” history has the better explanation).

Systema delenda est?



analiensaturn said...

I have pigs, send me the nonces

wayne said...

Another fucking paedo spared prison today becuase the Judge said it might make him worse....WTF? They should be fucking strung up

James Higham said...

Sadly, there are some utter lowlifes about and though the cracked society is a major factor, they embrace that it is and blame anyone but themselves.

Anonymous said...


"All of these outrageous, unacceptable problems don't need to exist. They shouldn't exist. If common sense ruled they wouldn't exist. They can be solved with extant means but it is all allowed to fester as part of the grand tapestry, with a neat side effect that it makes the people feel impotent and powerless."

You're an intelligent human being from reading what you've had to write here in the past, but, you're missing what's really going on.

Sure, were common sense to prevail then we would have no problems in life. There would be no wars, no global corporations busy buying up all the land and controlling the water and food supplies. There would be no Monsanto and their terminator seeds. There would be no bankers and fractional reserve credit. There would be no open door policy to flood the country with hordes of Africans and Asians, bringing with them their illnesses and diverse cultures, to further fuck up society. There would be no judges presiding over anything but common law of the land cases....Need I go on?

You and I are all living within an agenda. This agenda was created a long time ago and is near fruition. It cannot be stopped simply because of the utterly huge indoctrination that's gone on daily over the last 60 years at least. How on earth can one stop the emerging of a globalist world when all who live within thanks to state indoctrination through schools and the MSM are globalists themselves?

Understand what we are fighting against and you will see the bigger picture, that we are looking at the total smashing up of an old order into the creation of a new one.
I think you and the rest of society will soon see the bigger picture, when exhausted by wars, America, once a major world manufacturer, collapses and turns into a Zimbabwe. Any land that gives its ability to sustain itself with its own labour and manufacturer of its own goods, to another country has signed its own death warrant. You'll also see reality more when the average weekly wage plummets to below £40, while the cost of living continues to rise. Yes, we will soon see Serbian and Eastern European wages here in the UK, simply because this country no longer produces anything worth any value, or should I say, something that the Chinese or Indians, can't produce far, far cheaper, with a workforce who won't ever complain, but be glad they've got a job, no matter how appalling the conditions and pay are.

We do not live in a developed society. We live in a society, controlled by incredibly powerful people and the reason our society has been predominantly far better than other ones, is because those elites happened to use the UK as their base of operations in order to bring about their one world dystopia under their total control.

This is the reality. Stop thinking things will get better because they won't. Smash the enemy or they'll smash you and they already are.


I am Stan said...

Smashing times old bean!.

coz said...

I don't comment a lot because the Australian lawful rebellion situation is different due to an attempt to extinguish common law here called 'The Austalia Act, 1986' so uh I don't want to confuse the issue with non-UK specific stuff but I'm always interested in how others are attempting to get their heads around it or implement it in their own lives.

If you don't mind a bit of slightly effete 80's oz pop, this sums up my sentiments re Ranty and the lawful rebellion movement.