November 18, 2011

21st Century Blues

I think I have those.

You bastards are a rare breed. You manage to find the words to gee me up and make me get back on that damned horse.

Even rarer, is to have a choon dedicated to you, and I am profoundly grateful.

So go give it a listen, why not? (Say this in the voice of Dr Zoidberg, the lobster off Futurama).

The link, she is here



Jason said...

Nice one..

Anonymous said...

I'm really pleased abt that Captn, It's not all in vein, there are more people getting wise to whats going on and need people like you to point out what they were suspecting They are now losing the fear of the TPTB.

I suspect the "I knew you wouldn't" people will start shouting up in a mo, so I'll leave you to enjoy shooting them down.

Nice one,


MWaPW said...


Told you you'd feel better after a good night's sleep. If that was the medicine you needed - great.

Anyhows, whatever happened, you are not alone and are inspiration to us all.

When change finally happens it will be quick - your guidance is known to many, and we will be prepared.

It will come as a shock to the sheepies, and we will all help in the readjustment to "normality" - its been so long, I've forgotten what its like.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

I am a comrade in Arms. I am ex-Army.

I am learning.

You are more advanced than me. For you to stop now is unforgivable.

Fuck the 32 million. They are brainwashed. The fight does not come from them. It comes from people like you.
I have read want you wanted to say. I reasoned with myself and then said "Well, why not? Give it a go."
And when you individually take baby steps, and win? Well, you know, it opens the mind. For me, and also my family.
But I didn't get that win without your guidance.

You are more advanced than them and therefore you should not retreat teaching the one.

One more is all it takes.

LividfromBarnsley said...

This is one happy bastard,thanks Cap'n.

Katabasis said...


Anonymous said...

See new Freeman site

Antony said...

I am anon 21:18

Think of it as Selection, or P Company or the Commando Course.

A student will eventually be better than you and come and bite you on the arse.

Until then, lead.

Bollocks to the 32 million. We are in new territory here.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear your spirits are up again Capt'n. I have on occasion wondered what the hell I am doing, what with what seems like the rest of society thinking we are just 'tin foil hat' mad-men.
I didn't respond to your other post because when one gets in to a state and frustrated as you were there is nothing that can be said, it is for one to search ones own conscience to realise that what we do is not for selfish reasons.

There is a brick wall out there and we that are closest see how big it is, it is daunting, however when we start to take out a few bricks there will always be those further away telling us to stop, "The wall will fall and hurt a lot of people". They, have never attempted to help, they are just 'lookers on' and when the wall is dismantled they will happily rush to get some benefit from it.

For me, and I suspect you too Capt'n, it's knowing what is behind that wall and getting our hands dirty to pull it down.

We do it to benefit all, regardless of what they think, do and say. Your contribution, and as little as YOU may think it is, it IS doing something and not hiding the fact that you are doing it: Blogging.
I have seen and so have you what is behind that wall, although it isn't easy to dismantle it has to be done, however sometimes it is good to take a rest and let someone else take over for a while. Stand back, take a look at the progress and then get back into it with a fresh view.

Whatever is said and whoever says it doesn't matter, you are working with people you know and trust and some you have yet to meet. Remember though we are not doing this for the glory we are doing it because it is right.

Think BACK, are there times when you might have done something or had the chance but didn't do it? I have, and although I have no regrets (what is done is done) I think it would have been pretty cool to HAVE done it and I am still here to tell the tale.

Things that we are doing NOW is being given attention, TPTB have started the smear campaign and this means only one thing - What we are doing is having the desired effect.

Your time will come when you will be writing in your blog the story of the victors instead of the story of the fight - We should, rightly, do what we have to do and fade in to obscurity, in the knowledge that what we did made a better life for those who are yet to be born, if we do it right there will not be any need for anyone to have to do this again.

You have yet much to do, and I promise I will be at your side even if it's on the gallows. We have NO time for FEAR and we have NO time to be distracted by those who just do NOT want to see. We are warriors not baby sitters.

Namaste, brother, rev;

tinks said...

Good man.

Do what you do. Don't sweat it. Small steps. Enough people care. It will be alright.

Angry Exile said...

Glad to hear it, mate.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thank fuck for that!!!

Soren said...

You are not alone. Personally, I find a lot of consolation reading this website

But it is very academical.

The state is a berzerker.

robbo said...

I read your site at every opportunity,and relay your information to my workmates, its hard work but im gradually getting through to them, but if you take them out of their comfort zone to much they become dismissive, as they say water will wear out a stone, I,m thankfull for you efforts, and i hope you carry on

English Viking said...


I have read your site off and on for a year or so now, and, as you know, I think you are wasting your time trying to use the law to prevent the criminals that make the law from breaking it.

I would advise you to stop wasting your time with pieces of paper and buy a gun.

Having said that, my interest increased after seeing posts about persons who have tried this stuff in Court and befuddled the Recorder, JP or Judge.

Perhaps your approach will work after all, but if you give up now, you'll never know, will you?

PS The tune was shite.

Anonymous said...


looks like I was wrong about the "I knew you wouldn't" bregade.

Proves you are respected i suppose so just thought I'd dedicate this link to you and everyone else on here.



Anonymous said...

Thank You Captn.
John Gibson

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how bloody relieved I am to hear you're picking up your bayonet and marching on towards the enemy Captain. Your troops need you; the battle has yet to begin and we're with you all the way, even if some of us are only taking small steps while we grow in courage with your excellent guidance.

Have a good weekend and rest assured that your wise words reach many more people than those who read or comment on here.


Tarka the Rotter said...

Great news Captain, great news!

Ex Squaddie said...

Hooray you are back to fight the good fight, your loyal army is behind you.

F***W*T TW****R said...

Celebrating with mushy pea pizza surprise. (Surprise, no pizza). :-D
P.S. Don't burn yerself out.

wayne said...

Glad you're ok CR. Nice to know you're staying and butts will continue to be kicked! Nice one mate

F***W*T TW****R said...

Btw CR, like some of the above, I too am an ex squaddie. We gave that oath in the heart and in the soul. Too find out about the coronayion oath etc from you was tough on my principles. It was however, a rude awakening and for thay I thank you.
(on me mobile, so sory for mistakes. :-)

LividfromBarnsley said...

Little bit off topic....stay on that bloody horse Cap'n hehe!

But can anyone point me to a link to a web site whereby i can find out how much my Legal fiction/Strawman is worth?

I've searched but can't seem to find anything.


bollixed said...

This will cheer you up.....let's all take a very close look at this new Act and use it as part of our toolbox.

I'm still laughing. Was he bounced for being a bad boy or because he was robbing the court of funds?? lol

Anonymous said...

great tune captain , this is my first comment , but not the last , i hope ur feeling better and keep up the good work , the sheep r learning , slowly our way of thinking is making an impact. ;D

Tickety said...

So very pleased you are continuing the good fight, Capt. Have only just found you in recent months but have gladly passed on snippets to various friends and family. I am ex forces myself, RAF, but not Officer class, and Saudi expat. Love your site, and as the poster says.......Keep Calm and Carry On.

ladyraj said...

I'm glad you changed your mind. I visit your site regularly because it's refreshing to read the offerings of a principled individual. The comments also contribute to my knowledge base.

Assuming the point position in trail blazing is not an easy task. Kudos for your efforts.

Off-topic: It appears that many people with a military background are drawn to your site. As an air force vet I feel that I am in good company!

Captain Ranty said...

Thank you all for these wonderful comments.

They revitalise me and remind me why I am doing this.

I feel like I should apologise for my outburst but I don't want to. This is a unique thing I am attempting and my frustrations level is off the scale.

Feeling much better now and I will carry on. I cannot guarantee that I will not lose the plot in the future.

Thanks again for bearing with me.


Anonymous said...