August 26, 2010

Welcome To Mega City One

If you read nothing else today, please read this at the Lawful Rebellion site.

I think Dave Ophalus has done a wonderful job, with some great research on government statistics, and a telling interview on Newsnight.

We are closer than ever to a fascist state.

Colostomy Brown and the sicko Blair got us off to a great start. And apart from some world-class rhetoric, the Cleggerons haven't brought much action to the game, have they?

Those minions who claim "I AM the law" need to be put in their place.

"Fuck off!", works nicely.

"No", said politely, but firmly, works even better.

Get to it folks, or they will keep repressing, bullying, lying, and stealing your money.

Only we can stop them.



JJ said...

Facist Britain?...You bet!

Great post...and I thoroughly enjoyed the Judge Dredd vid...great comments about the smoking ban.

EG said...

Met Alan a few years back, great guy, grew up reading 2000 A.D, was overwhelmed by the comic paraphenalia in his humble Scottish mansion.

Agree with everything he said.


Old Holborn said...

You've won an award

Captain Ranty said...

Good Gravy!

This is a helluva surprise!

Thanks for letting me know.

I'll never get out of my hotel room now. Head got all big!