August 02, 2010

Swap Your Paper For Gold

and silver.

Fiat currency is, as we all know, worthless. They are promissory notes. The UK Treasury has admitted (under the FOIA) that our notes have no intrinsic value. A £5, £10, £20 or £50 note is worth about 3 pence.

Much like Christianity, or Judaisim, or Islam, our currency is a faith-based system.

Here then, in this Dutch programme, we have a solution. Bear with the subtitles. The video contains some important information.

Any arguments from the financial people that read this blog?

I can't see any flaws. It's a win-win. For us.

The banks won't be happy...

But since they have never cared about us, who here would be sad to see them suffer?

Or even die out completely.



Anonymous said...

It's ironic when you think of it that at the time of the American gold-rush, the possession of a sidearm was vital to protect you from those who would attack you for your gold.
They are slowly trying to remove the carrying of firearms in the USA and have completely done away with them in the UK.

Of course they tell us that the need to carry a credit card makes us safer from attack from those who would steal our money, yet people fail to realise that were we allowed to protect ourselves, we would still be carrying weapons, this carrying our gold & silver and the NWO, banking systems wouldn't have the control they do over us.

I'm all for buying gold and silver CR. It's the way forward. All we have to do is put back a proper monetary system and banks that don't charge or give interest that doesn't exist as well as going back to just protecting the money and leaving the money where it is, instead of utilising it to make money for themselves.

I believe that the banks will eventually collapse and money won't be worth the paper it's printed on. This is a good thing. There will be total chaos but it will get better. It always does.

Captain Ranty said...

I hope that we are going full circle, H.

I wouldn't mind carrying a sidearm 24/7. Nor would I mind carrying gold and silver for my daily needs. The weapon, worn visibly, would act as a fair deterrent, IMHO.

The film makes a number of good points. The bankers are highwaymen. Just because they dress up in Gucci suits doesn't make them any more acceptable.

Usury has to end.

Actually, it's my belief that it cannot sustain itself. Look where the last 100 years have gotten us? It will explode soon. Hopefully when it does I will have converted my paper to gold. I'll still be able to buy bread and bullets, and defend my herd.


bofl said...

they are dealing with 2 different markets....the indonesian currency is falling because the country is perceived as being a bad risk........

gold is perceived at present as a tangible investment......

whether these arguments are valid doesn't matter.this is just how things are at the moment.......

all economies around the world are being run by incompetant politicians and bankers........everything they do is short term and to favour themselves.......

in the uk we had almost zero inflation for 500 years from circa 1200-1750......but new found freedoms and the industrial revolution allowed the proles access to money never dreamed of before.........

we still live in a dream world.....all focused on 'getting'.....and the banks until recently were quite prepared to allow us to get mortgages for 10X our earnings !!!!!

with right dishonourable politicians and deceitful bankers and a population in a trance things will carry on until a massive depression hits.

Captain Ranty said...

Hard to disagree, BOFL.

Gold is always the "go to" mineral, right? More so in war time than any other, or at least that used to be the norm. Nowadays you can't escape the ads telling you to send in your gold to turn it into cash, but it is absolutely the worst move anyone can make.

They will need that gold when that "massive depression" you mentioned arrives.

Mugabe will sit back and laugh like a man demented. He has already dragged his people through it and they now use the dollar instead of that worthless paper they kept printing. I realise that the conditions were different, but the result will be the same.

Deep shit.


tapestry said...

Gold used to be money in the middle ages. People horded it and didn't spend. The economy stagnated.

People didn't steal whole coins. They filed and clipped bits off.

Captain Ranty said...


"Gold used to be money in the middle ages"

Gold and silver used to back our money 80 years ago in 1931. (Not exactly the middle ages!). As soon as we stopped that the rot set in. Clever people back then predicted that we would be in this situation.

"The economy stagnated."

You and I both know that this (fiat currency/debt system) is going to go boom! The only way we can maintain the game now (as always) is to borrow, and borrow, and borrow until either the sun goes cold or it blows up. My money is on an explosion, and that it will happen very soon now. The market is going to stagnate anyway. At least by having some gold/silver coins in your pocket will mean that you don't lose it all.

"They filed and clipped bits off."

Yep. No system is perfect. They counterfiet the notes now, don't they?

"People didn't steal whole coins."

If we are armed, and they come for my gold, at least I will be able to deliver lead instead.

We are heading for something cataclysmic. The only people who dispute that (publicly) are the money men. The very people who need desperately to cling to the illusion, and for US to cling to the illusion.

The wheels are coming off. It's going to hurt but it is a pain most of us will bear and live through.

Then, and only then, can we rebuild.


Revolution Harry said...

Alright Captain,

I've seen the idea that gold is our salvation being pushed in several videos and articles recently. There have also been several efforts to equate an honest money system with Islam (Islam good, Christian West bad).

The PTB know the finance system is ready to collapse. It is being kept afloat until the opportune moment. My best guess is that they won't want the collapse to be directly attributable to the bankers or politicians, so it might be as a result of conflict in the Middle East or some other 'crisis'. That's only speculation on my part but I think it would be naive to think that, in classic 'problem, reaction, solution style' they haven't already lined up a 'solution' that suits them.

Rather than write a lengthy comment on why a gold backed currency is not a good idea I'll suggest reading this articlee on Henry Makow's site. I certainly couldn't put it any better.

James Higham said...

Haven't even got paper ....

Captain Ranty said...


You are so right.

The collapse will be engineered. It will be finessed to the Nth degree.

Hell, it will probably be blamed on us.

The end was forecast decades ago. Everything between then and now has been smoke and mirrors. We fell for it all. Like children watching a conjuror our eye was taken away. We were (and are) misdirected.

I'm off to see what Henry has to say.

Thanks for the link.


Captain Ranty said...


Would it surprise you to know that you can make your own "paper"?

The Bills of Exchange Act is full of surprises.

You might want to spend some time researching promissory notes.

Hidden in plain sight, old chum.

Hidden in plain sight.


banned said...

Reports last week of 41 million fake pound coins in circulation (how do they know?).
What's the problem? Free money courtesy of the blaggers!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know any videos that prove that this Freeman information is actually real? I mean something like full coverage of a court case where someone has beaten the law? To me, Freeman is really fascinating, and I'm an open minded person....but so far all I have seen is people talking about how the entire legal/business system is an illusion. And they claim that many people have freed themself of the system. So where is the evidence?

Captain Ranty said...


I didn't see that report. It doesn't surprise me though.

Mind you, it must be more expensive to produce coins rather than paper money, no? (But easier to get rid of).


Captain Ranty said...


Video evidence is tricky to get hold of. They don't like cameras in the court for a variety of reasons.

There are several out there though. Including a few from the US. Mostly the quality is bad because Freemen have used hidden devices.

You are right to seek proof, and I urge you to double-check everything you read. Cross reference wherever you can.

I will add that I am not the last word on this. I am merely a jumping off point. Your journey may well start here, but the end is determined by you.

Research, study, learn. There is plenty of information out there. How real it is, is for you to decide.