August 06, 2010

Dogs Of War

Our four-legged pals are clearly fucking mental.


When it's a donkey para-gliding we get all misty eyed.

Parachuting dogs? Not so much.

I'm not sure how many of you read The Register. It has some good stories sometimes.

Here's the one on war dogs.

They get body-armour and everything.

Whatever you do, don't show this to our troops in Shitistan.

For them, Kevlar is just a pipedream.



Anonymous said...

Free fall is such fun and dogs don't have depth perception - no wucking furries there.

Good you stuck around CR. The blogosphere is wider than you think and sooner or later things will get interesting. Just pace yourself mate.


Angry Exile said...

Christ alive, they must be high up. He's on oxygen. That makes me wonder what conclusions about Allah some Taliban bod ten miles downwind will come to when it starts raining dog shit.

microdave said...

"They must be high up. He's on oxygen."
It could be a "HALO" operation: