August 05, 2010

The Sunset Of The State

Stefan Molyneux whacks us between the eyes with another dose of truth.

Put aside ten minutes and listen to this.

And, as a special bonus, watch this video as well. This is Stef with his rant switch maxed out.

I have watched this one before but I don't think I ever put it up. I know you will enjoy it.

Tip of the beret to the good people over at FMOTL for both videos.

Oh, there are dead bodies in the first video and some pretty nifty swearing in the second. If these things give you nightmares, fuck off and watch Tellytubbies. Or something equally meaningless. The news, perhaps.



Bucko said...

Fuck off and watch tellytubbies! LOL

Witterings From Witney said...


First, many thanks, not only from me but also on behalf of your readership, for a demonstration of democracy: ie those that read you did not want to see you disappear and so you agreed not to.

On the two videos - yes good, however..... We do need some to administer our society and therefore we do need certain rules by which to live. The burning question of course is how few rules do we actually need....

On the second, the argument about walking away from a corrupt voting system is based on the fact we have no-one worth voting for - ergo, do those amongst us not need to show a lead by forming a new party and standing for election ourselves.....?

Just two thoughts for discussion by those that follow me........

Captain Ranty said...


Stef provides the answers here:

(Haven't seen it all yet. Watching it now).


Witterings From Witney said...


OK watched it - too many 'holes' in his argument - too many to go into here, but would make an interesting conversation & discussiion were that possible.

Understand his basic 'concept', but....still have to return to the idea that some form of 'government' (basic rules) is required and this can only be done through the idea of 'localism' - local 'government' decided by the majority view.

William said...

Watch his video on procrastination. He nails it for those who think taking action is too scary a thing to do. IMHO.


richard said...

No government, as in "we don't have a Lord.." A classic.