August 03, 2010

My Work Here Is Done

Or rather, my work here has failed.

I have decided that after a year or so of trying to show people that options exist-to force change-I am getting precisely nowhere.

When I set this blog up, I had two reasons:

1. to document my own long walk to freedom


2. to show others where the path was.

(OK, OK, and the odd rant).

After 14 months, 82,000 visitors, 350 posts, and many, many hours of research, I have realised that half of my mission has failed. I had secretly hoped that thousands would be incensed enough to join in. To take back their country from the monsters in Brussels, and to take back their freedom and their sovereignty from a treasonous, unlawful and illegal parliament. Either you are not ready, or I am not delivering the right message. I need to fix that.

The other half, my battle with and against government, will continue unabated. For good or ill, I am on the path and I will see that through to an end. I am no less determined now than when I started this. I am resolute.

So far I have:

Served the government with my NOUICOR (Notice of Understanding, Intent, & Claim of Right). This document made me a Freeman. Or, I thought it did. I was a Freeman at the very moment I decided to be. (But the paperwork will be handy if I ever go to court).

Served my Lawful Rebellion papers on Her Maj. (But I am serving them again using a Notary Public. I used witnesses and I don't want anyone telling me that my documentation is invalid without an NPs moniker on it).

Served David Cameron with two Affidavits. (The third goes in the post tomorrow).

Picked a fight with HMRC. (It is almost over. Victory is just ten days away).

Helped a colleague at work beat a £60 speeding fine and three penalty points. (Just by writing a couple of simple Notices).

Told two debt collection agencies to fuck right off. The amounts were tiny, but the process is the same for £25 as it is for £25,000. (Oh, and I didn't owe them in the first place. I pay my bills).

Learnt a ton of stuff about money, the law, politics, history and a thousand other things.

Got to know a goodly number of you via your comments and your own blogs.

And generally had a right good time.

But, I need to go away and think about stuff. About how I (and/or the movement) can energise and motivate more people. Normally I would bung it on here and ask you guys to chip in, which you usually do, and do well. The truth is we aren't reaching enough people fast enough. I believe with every atom that massive changes are on the way but I don't want to wait. I want to be part of it. I'd even welcome the chance to shape it. And that means that I will have to be more astute with my time management. The blog takes a lot of effort and I know I can be directing my energy towards something with a bigger impact.

I'll leave the blog up. For posterity. Or for people to look at and say "That's the dozy twat who thought he could beat the system using just the truth!!".

I'll be around. Just not quite so......visible.

Thanks again to all who supported me during this adventure. Of all the things I will take from this experience, it is that kindness and support that I will remember most.

I salute you.




Olly said...


Just take a small break I did, I too became a little despondent especially after my epic fail of Cromwell Day.

I too was idealistic (not a criticism of you of course) but found out that people aren't as motivated as I to make a change. I'm back, while not as active as I was it's my mission to be a pain in the arse to anyone in authority.

If you keep plugging away slowly, eventually people will awaken, granted not enough to affect change but at least you're planting the seed.

I've enjoyed your blog, not that I ever commented that often (apart from blatantly link whoring to mine). Good luck on your journey whichever way it decides to go.

Oh and thanks for the education ;-)


Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration Captain.

..hige sceal þe heardra, heorte þe cenre, mod sceal þe mare, þe ure mægen lytlað..

You'll be back.

(Oh, could you please leave an 'idiots guide' to Lawful Rebellion, etc)


Witterings From Witney said...


To quote the Maggietollah: No, No, No.

Don't you dare 'disappear'. Like you, I am quite dispondent with the electorate, but I will not give up.

Seriously though, wherever you go and whatever you do - good luck.

As anon said: You'll be back......

Snowolf said...

An idiot's guide would be lovely. Some of us admire what you do, but perhaps lack your courage and want to see if it actually works first.

A step by step guide would be gratefully received by a number of people, I think.

Perhaps a job for the old Lulu self publishing?

Freewoman of England said...

I shall have to dig out your phone number There are some of us who are here but until 95% of the population wake up we are not going anywhere

Anonymous said...

Captain Ranty

Been reading the blog since almost the start. Like a lot of others mostly through a feedreader so I may not show up in numbers but I have been educated, amused and entertained by your writings. Even enjoyed the Merlot music taken down the next day!

Thank you for your work and please return......


William said...

Your decision is to be respected of course. Nothing is more important in life than one's own sanity and one's own family.

Your impact on me personally has been to act like a lens focussing things for me. I have been uneasy about the way things are panning out for a few years but hadn't managed to bring clarity and therefore direction to my feelings.

I am now taking on a credit card company which saddled me with an unenforceable CCA.

My TV licence is now history.

I have discovered the minefield that is known as legalese.

I have read more statutes in these past twelve months than I have in my preceding decades of life. They are all utter bollocks.

I now understand I am not my name and neither are you.

I am becoming anonymous and moving as quickly as I can to a cash based way of living and cutting out as much tax as possible.

I even fill my Surf with neat veg oil even though the price difference is down to £1.68 just because it keeps the tax out of the political classes pockets.

All small things but together with your prompting they have taken me in a completely different direction.

I feel enlightened, more focussed, safer bizarrely than I did before I began reading your blog.

The way I am reacting is to follow Schaeffer Cox's methods only doing it for myself. I have long given up attempting to persuade people, who don't even know the problem exists, that there is a better way that the one we are hoodwinked into accepting.

I am basically ignoring the state and its criminals and going my own way. Thankfully my family are with me on this so it won't be a 'lonely' journey.

I have learnt the art of no and apply it at every opportunity. I stunned a PCSO into silence today when he asked me to give him my name with this little two letter word.

I am convinced it is the most powerful in the English language.

I wish you well on your own journey and if I may offer you some advice without you being offended...

I live in a world of marketing and the single best piece of advice I was ever given when I entered this apparently murky world is CLARITY TRUMPS PERSUASION and time after time I prove this to be true.

My very best regards and should we decide as a family to move north west of Carlisle to a little town called Newton Stewart (its one idea in the melting pot) I will make a point of getting back in touch and hopefully saying thank you in person.


killemallletgodsortemout said...

There are more of us than you think, CR.

Not all of us comment all the time, but we're there.

Whatever you do, good luck. Keep the faith.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

I've felt great disappointment myself. Not being a Lawful Rebellion buff (yet), I've settled for merely trying to explain to people in pubs that they're being had, thieved from, and taken for mugs. I hoped for a slow but potent fightback. Not gonna happen until survival depends on it.

They agree with me face to face but go home to the comfort of the sofa, central heating and the telly. This is where it all falls apart for us. We've got to be a better option than the telly. Watching TV and coughing up the dosh is simply easier than facing up to things, until they're forced to.

When the power cuts come, CR, I'm fairly sure we'll see more of an interest (if those good folks can get online, or add 2+2, of course).

As for my own little blog; it serves as more of an inspiration to me. For the 9 months I've been about I've learned more than I ever did in the MSM both by following other bloggers and receiving comments from them.

I enjoy my rants and will continue, although possibly with a lower frequency, whilst I look further into telling the State that wishes to control my every movement and brass farthing to fuck right off.

We'll still be about should you come back into things, Cap'n.

Rest up and take care.

Anonymous said...


Your response on my blog post From ignorance, to frustration, to anger, to understanding, to eventual peace and acceptance.... was an enlightening one. It meant a lot.

I too used to blog a lot and within 6 months of writing I was notching up some 50 posts a month, all of the usual 5k words + posts. I was like a speed demon, learning. However I was on a mission against Islamisation and eventually it got too much, more so after I'd realised that there was far more at play than Islamic growth within the UK, as my post stated.

I had to get away. I packed up and left London, a land I'd been living in for 16 years, my life, my friends, my x and young son (whom I don't know). My life was in turmoil. I was angry at life, angry at society, why can't they just f*cking wake up! My frustration grew and grew and I packed in blogging for a while and thought, long and hard, as well as read and was reborn, with new vigour.

You've done a hell of a lot CR. You don't need me to tell you that. You're already far further down the road to becoming a freeman but one day I'll be joining you.
Take a sabbatical CR. You deserve it and most undoubtedly need it.

I have a feeling you'll be back and it's good you're feeling the way you are. You're becoming motivated more than you already are. You want to move from blogging into activism, which is ultimately the goal of anyone with a passion for integrity and simply doing the right thing.
It would be nice to meet up for a chat sometime, as I'm also in Scotland, Dundee to be precise. My email's on my blog profile (I think).

Take a break and put your contribution to blogging into direct and affirmative action.

Been a pleasure.

Anonymous said...

I'll keep it brief.

Don't fucking go for good. Have a break .... as long as it takes .... re-charge the batteries. You haven't fucking well failed at all. Maybe you haven't lived up to your own high expectations but you've certainly impressed me.

You do good work.

All the best mate ;-)

Indyanhat said...

What has n't been said already Cap'n;

Try this for size, the Buddha is credited with saying "a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step", and that is as true now as it was then when he was trying to show people a better way to be.

For me you are/have been a friend on the same journey as myself, we may be at different stages of it but it is the same one. I too despair from time to time and wonder why I am doing this blogging thing, like you I had hoped to contact and influence thousands (and then I re-checked reality), I have for years been telling people the same sort of stuff that you put out so succinctly on your blog, I for all my verbiage cannot say it as clearly as you do, but now (if you do leave) I will have to try!

There is a solid chance that your words and advice have actually changed the direction of thought of more than just one person (as the posts above suggest strongly)sometimes all it takes is a single word, a single blog at the right time and in the right place and we who know should be aware of that and that it is by our constancy that others will know that the fight is still ongoing, that we have not been beaten down or knocked out of contention!

I hope you stay, not least because you are a "strong voice" and your blog is well written and thought provoking, but also because you have become a friend in the ether to me here and I enjoy your presence!

Whatever you do, live well and be happy

Namaste!(the light in me bows to the light in you)

Ro-me-ro said...

Just to echo the others... You have not failed. Sure don't post as often but don't stop for good. I've only just woken up and i am sure there will be others in the coming years

FTAC Watch said...

Yeah, I came to the conclusion that there is no hope for any of us some time ago.

These regimes will fail in the end, but they will out last most individuals.

Trooper Thompson said...

Remember three percent started the American Revolution. The majority will never get off their knees. The establishment uses their dead weight on us. We can use it against them just the same.

Get angry. Stay angry. Fight these mother fuckers.

All the best to you, Captain.

Longbow said...

No, dont go, just ease off trying to motivate the apathtic, those who value your work, really, really find a kind of solidarity and comfort in hearing others.
We are after all fighting a very lonely fight and it is great to know that there are others.
How about we compile a list1000 and 1 ways to say fuck off to the elites.
In the best possible taste of course, if others fancy it they can have a go at finding new ways to be naughty.

Anonymous said...

CR - I've also been on a similar path, and have taken solice and thought from your posts, particularly on the Freeman concepts. I too am trying to educate others, and apathy reigns, but communication amongst us all is vital if we're ever to realise your dreams of change. Maybe we're both too optimistic, but whenever anyone I've told sees the truth, the effects are amazing, so please, keep the blog up as long as you can, and keep posting your experiences, to give others the benefit of your wisdom, and to allow learning to occur.... christ, I can write some cheesy stuff sometimes, but it comes from the heart. Peace to all...

Anonymous said...

I have never commented before but feel like a thank you is in order.
thanks for the education and showing me a path that with careful study has liberated me,i am now in lawful rebellion, served my notices and affidavits and on my way to being a freeman as i always was..From my perspective thats no fail and im sure there are many more like me.It will be strange not having your blog to read as it was always my first port of call....youve done some great work and you will be greatly missed...hope you return again captain..vive la revolution comrade..

Woodsy42 said...

I only found your blog relatively recently and I have greatly enjoyed reading it and have been considering the ideas you put forward.
But I think perhaps you are unrealistic to expect crowds of people to suddenly 'up sticks' and follow the action you have taken. It's a frightening prospect for many people to shake the habits and security of a lifetime. I'm no shrinking violet when it comes to giving my opinion but I admit I will need a hell of a push before I face the risks it might create to my family life.
But that doesn't detract in the least from what you are doing in this blog. The important point is the ideas are getting out, your readers talk to other people, the ideas are spreading.
Eventually, as state influence becomes more and more oppressive, the cost of inaction will exceeed the costs of action for more and more of us. Then you, and your experience will be a resource that helps us.
Obviously you must do as your heart dictates, and I wish you the best in whatever that is, but I urge you strongly not to think you have failed, you haven't!

microdave said...

Fer Gawds Sayke!! In the space of half an hour I've seen Holby encouraging everybody to start a blog, and now find you're giving up!

"Either you are not ready, or I am not delivering the right message."

You are delivering the right message, it's just that 90% of the occupants of this once great country are living in La La land.

Take a break by all means, but don't quit - how will we know the outcome of your battles with authority?

Just because some of us don't feel up to heading along the Freemen road just yet, doesn't mean we aren't inspired by your efforts.

I had better start trawling through your earlier posts for useful info, and copy it into a file for future reference!

Illegitimi non carborundum.....

Captain Ranty said...

Fuck, you don't make it easy for a bloke, do you?

I am inordinately pleased that I reached some of you. It makes the effort worthwhile. I mean that.

I just want to up the ante a little bit. See if I can't get more involved on the front line, rather than sitting here, clacking away. Others are better at this, so I will leave them to it for a while.

This is difficult to walk away from, so I won't, not exactly. As I said, I will be around. And after over a year it will be impossible for me not to visit your blogs for my daily fix of common sense.

Another thing I am proud of: I never told a single lie. What you see here is the plain, unvarnished truth, however unpalateable to some. I started and ended with honour. It has become second nature now, and I am aware of it every time I draft a new Notice. This is important to me, and it should be to anyone getting into this. It allows you to look them straight in the eye. It is a great feeling. They are the ones in dishonour, they are the ones telling lies, or cleverly omitting the whole truth. Stay clean, and stay in honour.

For those who asked for an idiots guide, there is one here already. Dig down into my older posts and you will find it.

If I achieve anything that I know will help, I will swing by and post the details here.

Thanks again folks, it is a pleasure knowing you all, and I know we will reconnect soon. You said some fantastic things and I am certain I am not worthy. But thanks so much. It means a great deal.

Yer ol' pal,


michael said...

Dear CR,

You are wrong to say you have failed. Plain WRONG.
We are involved in an epic struggle against the insidious and gradual deconstruction of our nation and peoples at the hands of a super rich unelected and cowardly shadow power structure, intent on our subjugation and the continued rape of our planet.
Your blog imo is a worthwhile 'part of the conversation'(apols to the A-T) and I have looked forward to your invaluable rantings and disseminantions ever since I found your blog.
I have been making my small contribution to the fight for some five years now and it doesn't get any easier. You're in a down period - we all have them; just never give up whatever course of action you embark on, because then they will have won. Have some r&r then come back and kick some more globalist ass!
Anything to keep transmitting the message. If ultimately we fail the alternative is going to be bloody.
(My NOUICoR will be going in later this month by the way)
No surrender!

Indyanhat said...

Cap'n one word....NO!!!!

Anonymous said...

To all,

You all know it. He needs time to regenerate his batteries as what he and all of us discuss and are trying to do and achieve takes a hell of a lot of energy out of us.

He'll be back. You can't keep a good man down.

Fascist Hippy said...

I've not been reading blogs for long but this one is without doubt one of the very best, it never fails to inspire new thoughts about the dire position we are all in. I wish that I had found it much earlier, please do like others have suggested, take a break and don't disappear altogether.
Good luck!

Archie said...

Your on the up an up CR, though I can understand why your feeling a bit despondent. It's like banging your head against the prison wall holding all the sheeple inside, your trying to break em out they're watching the box doped up by the state.
I feel the same sometimes mate, I was one of those that walked into Mansfield police station to present evidence of treason. We had a nice letter telling us that they didn't think there was a case to answer. It aint over we expected it and the next phase has begun soon the fat lady will sing and we have allready written the music.
People are waking up, we are having success, from stopping bailiffes in their tracks to taking on the CSA in court. People are rising and learning and I'm glad to read that you are leaving the blogg up as it's bloggs and webb sites like these that help to focus peoples minds and make them realise that they are not alone.
Take care mate all the best to you and your family, once a warrior allways a warrior see you in the shield wall.


Leg-iron said...

Yeah. What they said.

It's going to take a long time to undo all the brainwashing, the 'entitlement' attitude, the 'I don't like it so it must therefore be illegal' thought patterns and all the rest of it.

Once in a while you just need to get off the front line and let others fight it while you regenerate.

Take a break, and if you feel like a pint, you know (roughly) where I am.

Revolution Harry said...

Captain, I know how you feel. I remember thinking that all people would need would be access to information denied to them and the 'revolution' would be soon in coming. If only it were that easy eh?

It's hard trying to balance researching, investigating, trying to get to grips with it all and blogging. I've had to wind down on the blog quite a bit.

The area I'm looking into at the moment is the idea of the 'second matrix'. That is that the PTB know all this stuff is going to come out and as such are attempting to control it in certain ways. This ties in with another idea termed the 'double cross'. In short, while the 'bad' NWO is being built up they 'expose' it and eventually 'defeat' it. What then follows is the 'good' NWO. Think Huxley instead of Orwell. A NWO the slaves actually want and are happy to serve.

I'm going to try and express it better in article I'm about to start.

Anyway, enjoy your rest from blogging and come back stronger than ever when you're ready.

Anonymous said...

There must be something in the air tonight (Collins).

I've been reading blogs for the last two years and never commented and now I've done it 3 times.

I do read CR and I do want to know how your struggles turn out and to see if the rest of us gutless wimps can follow suit.

But, as most of my feeble musings tonight point out the blogosphere is only as real as Dungeons & Dragons.

What would be the effect of 200 smokers standing a legal distance outside the HOC every night (or whenever the bstards knock off).

Or the same number with cameras taking pics.

Or 200 locals in a pub smoking...

As Yul would say etcetera etcetera

On the other hand take care of yoursen, don't forget it's not a test drive

Anonymous said...

for what its worth, it all boils down to this..... look after you and yours..... everything else is gravy mate....

the story will continue, its the truth and can do nothing other than continue.. it cannot be bound...

Be calm.. find balance... have a long earned rest..

lfb x x x

Rob F said...

Not you, as well! And there was me, covertly sticking up copies of DK's excellent speech at work, hoping some peoples' brains would engage.

The only difficulty I ever had with this blog was undestanding thes freeman stuff, which I found a little difficult to follow at times.

I'll keep trying, though. I promise I won't bug you, but if I evere need an answer that I think you might be able to help me with, do you mind if I email you?

Best regards for the future, Rob F

Barking Spider said...

I avoided the internet for years, CR, I have only been online for about a year and a half and I have been blogging for about a year.

I have found out more in the last year from people like yourself than I could ever have found out any other way - I've had my eyes well and truly opened, mate.

I've been able to open a few people's eyes myself down at my local pub and I must say that watching the penny drop and seeing the realisation kicking in is extremely satisfying indeed.

I do a lot of my blog reading on Google Reader so you won't always have seen me show up here, but I am reading your articles - I saved the documents and instructions you posted and when the time is right for me I will take the plunge, mate.

So recharge those batteries of yours and come back as soon as you're ready - you know you'll want to! ;-)

Joe said...


Don't think I've commented here afore but here goes

I'm starting on the freeman route, in as far as I can I'm trying to educate people and I've tried the saying 'no' to persons of authority. It's working but I'm working on it. As has been mentioned before a lot of it is due to conditioning and whilst we can all work on breaking it, it takes time and it does take a few trailblazers. Think of yourself as a pioneer, a maverick and enjoy your rest you've earned it.


richard said...

Thanks for pointing the way re: lawful contracts. I've saved a ton of money. Thousands, that is. Apart from anything else, you've shown that there are still a few swords hidden in the thatch here and there. Wonderful stuff. Enjoy your rest. Watch out for the midgies. Lloyd Pye was right.

The Underdoug said...

Please keep your readership posted on your tussle with HMRC, if nothing else.


subrosa said...

Auch CR, you underestimate yourself. Problem is with me and my presbyterian generation is we're scared to change. Years of being force fed fear causes that as you know.

Take care and be good to yourself. Cheerio the noo.

Catosays said...

Whatever you do and however you do it, I wish you all the very best for the future.

Stitch's Master said...

It's been mentioned above, but a really simple guide to all this would be really useful. Much of the material at the moment seems to be on Video or spread around. I know you and others have said that you need to make the journey for yourself, and maybe you do, but if those that have gone before make it easy for others to follow then they will. If they have to follow the same difficult path, they are less inclined to make the effort.

It may be useful to provide a summary of what you have done and how you have got to where you are from where you started.

Anyway, power to your elbow!

I am Stan said...

Yo Capitan,

You have been an inspiration to me.


With a wobbly lip

Captain Ranty said...


What a great bunch you are!

I just wanted to say that this isn't a "standard" bloggers burnout. I need to re-evaluate what I am doing here.

You are right: I may have overestimated the ability of people to see the light straight away. Years of programming needs to be undone and I am no miracle worker. I'll try and find a way of saying it better.

I'll be back.


Anonymous said...

Captain Ranty, I discovered your site about 2 months ago and have enjoyed every second. Like many (I suspect) I am waiting to see how you get on before doing the same myself.

Futhermore, as you often point out, we each need to go and investigate for ourselves, which is not a short process. Having someone there, doing it in front of us first does give inspiration.

So before I commit my wife and children to what could be a damaging set of circumstances, seeing you complete your journey would be a major plank of that.

So yes, I need to grow a pair; but no, you shouldn't think that you are not being successful - we will reach a tipping point soon.



Bucko said...

OMG. Looks like I've stepped into this one a bit too late. Sleeping on the job again; I'll have to do something about that.

I can't expand on what's already been said so I'll just wish you luck. I have enjoyed all your inspirational posts (also had a bit of a laugh) and I will miss you.

Hurry back.


opsimath said...

You have shown many of us the way, Cap'n, even if we aren't strong enough or ready to join you in your journey. That doesn't mean you're being ignored - how many blogs get much of a response anyway?

We need you, CR - why not take a well-earned rest and come back when you've got yourself recharged? There are lots of us who would follow, but we can't do that without someone to lead us.

If your mind is made up, however, then go with my thanks and good wishes for everything you decide to do. You will be forgotten - as MAA said, we all are - but not for a very long time.

Good luck, Cap'n!

Anonymous said...

Oh no. Please don't do it Captain.

Whilst we are not all out there in full rebellion with you it is your blog that gives us hope.

I have never commented before but your blog is where I start each day to find out what all the awkward old sods of this country are up to.

To loose yourself and Constantly Furious in the same year would be a tragedy.

Please reconsider Cap'n.

Anonymous said...

Captain Ranty,

I am sorry to hear your apparent despondence and I am commenting for the first time, despite reading your blog daily, to reassure you that your time has not been wasted, certainly not in my case, and probably many others that you have not heard from.

Over the last couple of years, frequently inspired by your work, I have been withdrawing from the state and denying it funding and cooperation in as many ways as practical.

This is difficult due to the medusa like nature of the beast and its total entanglement in our lives but you do what you can and start the ball rolling, especially in trying to educate others, which is apparently your forte.

I am reminded of the story of an ancient emperor who offered a subject anything he desired in payment for serving the emperor so well.
The subject asked if he could have a grain of rice on the first square or a chessboard, two grains on the second square, four grains on the third, and so on, doubling until the 64th square of the board.
The emperor foolishly agreed to what initially seemed so small a request only to discover that it would require more rice than existed in all of the world.

I have observed a growing number of people concerned and acting upon their concerns, eg. a customer came into the local shop last week and gave out dvds to staff and customers exhorting action for withdrawal from the EU.

All we need to do is keep that number growing.

Thanks for your efforts and good luck wherever you choose to direct those efforts in the future.


Lost said...


I can only echo the sentiments already expressed.

You never failed, quite the opposite you've enlightened many myself included.

Your blog has been a beacon of light in a ever darkening world and your rantings will be sorely missed.

I hope your not gone for long, and wish you all the best.

May your path continue leading to wisdom and in wisdom find ye peace

Thanks for keeping the blog up I'll continue picking at it for the bits I've no doubt missed.

Regards & respect

(typed through moist eyes with a quivering lip)

Anonymous said...

hey captain ranty please dont go your blog is fab rather than give up why not organise a time when we can all meet up for a drink and a chat although with enough notice for us that have kids etc to make arrangements to travel : ) surely grouping will pass the word and the education quicker

EG said...

Hi CR,

Your blog has become the first place i log into when i get to work every morning. I have learnt a great deal over the last year and am sorry to see you head off into the sunset. All has been greatly appreciated.

Still i understand your sentiments, i have given up trying to explain what's really going on to other people and listening to the same old replies.

I salute you sir and the horse you rode in on and are about to ride out on too!


fraser said...

You will be missed Ranty,i have only been around the net for maybe 18 months,only reading blogs 7 or 8,and yours was one of the first i started to read,and it was a bloody revelation,because it brought me into contact with people who think the same way as me,trying to wake up the tossers at work and in the pub was doing my head in,i thought i was going mad.

Anyway hope to see you around,and good luck....

Onus Probandy said...

Can I offer a suggestion?

Don't lose heart that people aren't following you.

I read your blog regularly. I am extremely interested in the idea of taking back liberty from the state. However, I'm not brave enough to do what you have done just yet. I need to see other people taking the steps and hear reports of them succeeding.

If I have a complaint with the freeman movement it is that they are very good at the blustering, shouty beginnings, but not so good at the ends. It's all very well saying that ones has declared oneself a freeman, and written a few letters. How do we (as potential freemen) know that the letters succeeded? The answer is blogs like yours.

If, as you say, you are ten days away from escaping from HMRC, then why stop reporting now? I want to see you succeed. I want to see successes, I want to see that what the freemen say is true is actually true.

For me to take the plunge (and I guess many other, ordinary, not so brave people) I'd want to hear what happens when you don't pay your council tax, or your income tax bill? What happens to your credit rating? Can you still get a mortgage? Do you get pulled over by the police when you don't renew your car tax? What happens when you photograph the police officers who abuse your rights? Have any freemen actually gone to court and won (not just had the matter postponed) -- actual cited cases?

Your story (and blog) is fascinating because it answers some of these questions.

Don't stop now. Just because you haven't achieved world domination in a matter of months, doesn't mean you aren't having an effect. Changing the course of a nation was never going to happen quickly.

Billy Blofeld said...

You haven't failed.

Take a break and then come back. These things take time........

I've been considering for a while now that it is about time I put my head above the parapet and had a crack myself.

...... I've had a minor skirmish with the DVLA - the time is right to stick it where the sun don't shine.

Anonymous said...

Hi CR,

You're the first read of my day too.

I'd been toying with the idea for years, that it must be possible to take the state on in my own terms, to somehow rise above petty beauracracy and statism and to remain true to myself, but never had the tools nor the vocabulary to do so.

You and the other talented, ranty, obstinate and conscientious bloggees are making that very real for me and I'm truly heartened that there is a visceral root of individual thought and action in these broken and cowed septic Isles.

To borrow from Emerson:

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Keep on keepin on Sir,


Phil.T.Tip, Scotland

Old Holborn said...

If it's any consolation, I reckon I have 2 years more blogging and then I'm going completely off grid, aiming to live without ANY government at all.

As for convincing the slaves that they are slaves, well, we've all done our bit but Freeman is a mindset not easily accepted by those who have been seduced by Plasma tvs and KFC.

Stay in touch, email me with your phone number and we'll go out and get smashed sometime.

Remember, you beat the system the minute you refuse to play anymore

The Last Of The Few said...


We are here,

We read, we act in our way.

You do the writing, I learn and follow the lead.

Just take awee hol.......some of us have a bit more to learn.


William said...

Holbonkers has hit the nail on the head.
To all those wavering or saying they aren't brave enough or need proof...
Remember, you beat the system the minute you refuse to play any more.



Lawson Narse said...

What William and Holby said. I can't see any sign of you having failed at all. In fact, I'd say that both you and this blog are too successful to lose. Kick back for a bit and watch from the sidelines. I reckon you will be surprised at what you observe regarding your achievements.

Live long and free mate.

Man with Many Chins said...

CR I have been a big fan of your blog for over a year now, interestingly enough I found your blog after I started following OH's blog.
You are without a doubt, an inspiration, and also a beacon in the sea of disinformation that seems to be present in certain areas of the Freeman movement.
I have also shared your blog with numerous other people to try and get them to open their eyes. I have also used some Alex Jones movies and AntiTerrorist vids to try and get these people to open their eyes FFS.
Please don't go completely, keep us updated with the occasional post whilst you recharge and re-evaluate.
If you would like to keep in touch outside of the blog I would be honoured if you would share your email address with me.
Best wishes and be with Honour.

Lescromps said...

As other posters have said there are more of us than you think we have been educated by you;r good self and others"Ollie,OH"and more the movement for saying NO is out here we are going nowhere,come back when you feel ready,we will be here waiting,best of luck,keep the faith.

Chalcedon said...

Capitano, please just take a short break. and do leave us links to the various things you did too, like the debt collection agencies and HMRC et all. What about an e mail adress for those seeking advice?

have a good break.

ReefKnot said...

Your blog is fantastic - I really enjoy it. Please don't go away permanently. As others say,have a rest but make sure you come back !

bofl said...

don't give up.......most people are morons that is true......but.....

we have been enslaved in the uk since 1066 (and before) so you have a thousand years of badgering,hectoring,indoctrination and abuse to get through........

the powers that be hold most of the strings.we are all brought up to be obedient slaves........

slowly,very slowly,some are waking up........

most of us know that the whole system is a farce.......but how to change it legally is difficult...

keep up the good work......

He's Spartacus said...

Sorry to see you go.

I'm sure you'll be back.

handymanphil said...

Ranty my friend, your industry has not gone in vain as many words of wisdom have been impartedon the interested, the curious and the unknowing. You must remeber that 99% of the population are conditioned that 'this is the way we do things', it takes bravery beyond that which is normal to tread the lonely path of freedom. If, say, 10 have followed the path and those ten get another ten each then your words of wisdom are not in vain. Same applies to our mutual friend.
Take heart Ranty, you are a bloody inspiration-not a failure!

Giolla said...

It'll be a great shame to see you go - so do come back. Failing that I'm going to have to archive most of your blog as there are so many articles I want to reference and still have open because I either haven't had time to read them yet or need to read them again.

For my part, I took your advice about needing to read up on things and tread carefully - which I simply haven't been able to find the time to do.

The lawful rebellion step is one I'm about confident to take and hope to do so soon, so you have got some of us moving, just maybe a bit slowly.

Oldrightie said...

Sometimes, Captain, just being there is enough.

D-Rex said...

Ahoy Cap'n

Sad to hear you may be quitting, but I think you are judging yourself too harshly. Many of us, well me anyway, haven't known about the Freeman movement for long and we are thirsty for information. So we need all the resources we can get. Your passion and writing style make the information and advice you supply very easy to read and understand and in this at the very least I say you have not been a failure.

Your site and some others have really inspired me to take a serious look at the state of our country and sparked a desire to stop complaining and get off my arse and actually do something.

If you do decide to give up blogging for a while I hope you won't be away long.

All the best Captain


Goodnight Vienna said...

"O CAPTAIN! my Captain! our fearful trip is done;
The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won;
The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring:
But O heart! heart! heart!
O the bleeding drops of red,
Where on the deck my Captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead."

No - there's still much to do, CR. Take a break and come back to us.

Thomas B. Anderson (fact not fiction) said...

Oh Captain please don't go.

Blogging against The Matrix is better than not.

Your reach is wider by blogging rather something else.

You write well.

Make some videos perhaps - like Charlie Vietch of the Love Police and The Anti Terrorist.


KC & The Sunshine Band - Please don't go

Captain Ranty said...

Ok, ok.

You had me at "Don't go, you whining old fucker. Some of us are actually reading this!"

I'll ponder my navel for a bit and come back.

Thanks again for the kind words.


Witterings From Witney said...


Re your last - you do whatever you need to do viz-a-viz you, family and other factors.

You will return - we all know that, the immediate response by commenters is just an intitial reaction to your 'sabbatical' intentions.

You take your time as, just for once - albeit strange in this world as it is - you are in 'control'!

Indyanhat said...

Bugger just fucking rearranged all me blog rolls too and added several more to make up for the fact you'd fucked off to the great wherever...
three options viz;
change me blog rolls again
leave em as they are
get you to reconsider your return

OK i'll take number two if it means you'll stay, welcome back did you have a nice rest? might try havin a rest meself one day!

Angry Exile said...

To quote the petunias, oh no, not again. Every time I clear off for a few days a good blogger seems to hang up his keyboard. Well if you do I'm certainly not going to shoot the puppy on the left first like you asked. Nyer nyer nyer :-)

Seriously, I hope you don't. If nothing else I'd certainly be interested in updates along the lines of who you've most recently invited to go and fuck themselves and attempts by various of Her Maj's Thieving Bastards to get you to do what they want. Might not be immediately useful for me personally but I still find it interesting and it's going to be handy for someone to know.

And if you do then I'll be lining up some baby dolphins next to the puppies.

JuliaM said...

Just heard the news over at AE's, and would like to echo all the sentiments here. And hope they are right in their predictions, and you'll be back.

You may not think you had much of an impact, but I can assure you, you had far more than you might think...

Anonymous said...

When I read this yesterday I felt such real sorrow that I could not bring myself to leave a responce.

I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog, it really lifts the spirits! You have been an inspiration to many, myself included.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours and I hope you will return to update us as you go.

No matter what you think you have been a screaming success here!

CrazyDaisy said...


Inspiring you are, I've have stood up to the system and won, it felt great. They don't like it up them!

Seriously considering the Freeman way, but I've 9 years to wait! In the meantime I've been reading and absorbing and will make my own way when time permits!

Change needs to happen, people need to free themselves from the slavery, you are a catalyst for that change.

I have sat up acknowlegded and absorbed your direction and guidance.

Enjoy the downtime, I too am keen to understand the outcome with the HRMC.

Haste ye back

Crazy Daisy

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks to all for your encouragement.

I am back already!!

(It was a very short break).


Indyanhat said...

Perhaps the hardest part of blogging every day or so is not the research or writing of the blog but the thought once published that no one is listening/reading what you have written. There are some bloggers who have several/many regular reader commenters but for the rest of us it can be apretty lonely life watching post after post roll by with no commenters opinions or feedback
The Cap'n doesn't suffer from this too much but it is good to see a new name appear in the commenters from time to time, so if you are wandering past someones blog and enjoy a couple of mins reading something do say so, just acouple of words will brighten someones day and make them feel the effort is worthwhile.
Good to have you change your mind Cap'n by all means back off for a bit, deal with your other life and come back to this freshened with a new perspective, a change is as good as a rest they say!

Frank Davis said...

Here's my response.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Frank.

I left a link over at your place.