August 12, 2010

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave...

...when first we practise to deceive.

Are you ready for a trillion dollar scam?

Just look at the people/organisations involved.

Watching the court case unfold is one of the few things I would park myself in front of the idiot lantern for.

How the mighty will fall.

(I won't hold my breath).



Bucko said...

Thanks Captain, you funny bugger:-)

Bucko said...

Captain - Good evening.
I've been catching up on the videos you've posted, plus a whole heap of other Freeman and LR stuff off the internet. My piss is really boiling right now.
Trouble is I can't find anything to show that this kind of action actually works.
I've wacthed people go to court for council tax and traffic offences and get evicted. I've watch people get stopped by traffic cops for no licence plates or insurance, but so far I've not found anything that says what happens to the people in the end.
I can't see that the cops and courts are going to let the law slip, just because someone says they dont beleive in it.
Everything that these folk are saying is spot on but to me they just seem like a bunch of folk getting themselves in a lot of trouble.
I would love to say fuck it and join in but I think it would probably just land me in prison eventually.
What say you?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Capn. Your link doesn't seem to work :(

Captain Ranty said...


Linked fixed.


Captain Ranty said...


There have been many successes.

This is not a question of belief, it is fact in law. Using their rules. How can it be otherwise?

Very soon now, LR will be tested in court, by an expert in constitutional affairs. I watched a video last night which gave some details. I will try and find it and put it up for you to look at.

I understand your need to stand back and wait for "proof". No-one, least of all me, would want you to leap in without being 100% confident. It can and does go wrong for people who have not prepared themselves thoroughly. As I keep saying, you have to live and breathe this stuff.

More later.


Bucko said...

Cheers Captain, and I'll keep digging. The subject is fascinating.

I am Stan said...

Yo Capitan,

I wont hold my breath either,but Ill cross my fingers and pray that some big heads will roll!....greedy bastards!.

jimhook_uk1 said...

I'm fairly new to this LR stuff and I have to say I'm really excited by it after years of feeling like a slave and forever paying out for crap and nobody listening to me etc etc.

I want to use the A4V method but also want to be armed with all the facts first, do I need to send an affadavit to the Queen and the PM first? Is there a "user guide" somewhere?
I'm ready to live and breathe this stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hi C.R mind blowing stuff eh? Theres a quote from Plato that goes....all the gold which is upon the earth is not enough to give in exchange for virtue....These people have no morals,conscience and definitely no honour.I'm learning cpt i'm learning...Reading about Malta Knights its members and oaths.Keep well...P&L Morgan.