August 09, 2010

Agenda 21, Anyone?

I am fairly new to Agenda 21.

If you know more, please wade in.

All comments welcome.



Goodnight Vienna said...

Agenda 21 - for that you may as well read Common Purpose, Fabians, Marxists, Frankfurt School. I nearly signed up for them once - they knocked on my door and asked about local issues I felt strongly about. As always with these organisations, it's best to look to their roots and their backers rather than the foot soldiers before you sign up with them.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks GV.

I won't be signing up. Not if the video up there is even half right.

It seems that people are the problem-not them of course, just us-and must be reduced to protect Mother Earth.

Most of the people involved have degrees up the wazoo, and one of their "studies" says that on the whole, more educated people use more resources. I notice that none of the scientists involved volunteered to top themselves to save poor struggling Mother Earth...

Hypocites, eh? You've gotta love 'em.


Barking Spider said...

You might like to have a look at this, CR - 90% to 95% population reduction - ruling elite, strictly-controlled slaves and wildlife - everything is owned by the state - there is absolutely no private ownership, (unless, of course, you're one of the ruling elite!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks BS.

I saw that map on the video but it wasn't up long enough to get a good look at.

Scary shit, this.

I didn't understand depopulation until I discovered that we sailed past peak oil in 2006. This means that we have used more than half of all there is and we are now using the second half. (Assuming no more can be found).

It took us around 100 years to use up the first half but that was with a rising world population.

Then depopulation made sense. If we lose around 6.5 billion people now (ish) then the elites will have oil for another few hundred years.

Then I wondered who would do all the work. Not the elites, surely? No. They will allow some of us to live so that we can "serve" our masters.

It's a stunning plan.

I think I will be, erm, resisting.

Quite a lot, in fact.


Anonymous said...

Hi Captain,

You might also find this interesting.

Best wishes,


Goodnight Vienna said...

Come on guys - Malthus anyone? Even Goldsmith is a malthusian - rope in attenborough, gates et al and you have a fair selection of the type of people who favour population control. (I'm putting that politely).

Barking Spider said...

I, too, will be resisting every step of the way, CR. ;-)

trippy-malcolm said...

you might like this, lindsey williams non energy crisis at

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks T-M.

At one time, not so long ago, I said that there were two theories about oil.

One was the biological story: there are reservoirs in the porous rock and once we pumped 'em out it was all gone.

The other theory is the abiological story: it replaces itself.

Looks like the real answer is the second theory.

The chaplain said some worrying stuff.

I'll bung it up as a stand-alone post. It needs to be seen by people.

Thanks again for letting us know.


Snakey said...

An interesting site I came across yesterday:

It covers Agenda 21 and the UN.

Still unsure about this theory. Need more info and evidence (population isn't decreasing as yet).

Captain Ranty said...

Yeah, I saw that site. Some interesting stuff, as you say.

I just don't understand how they are going to slaughter 6 billion people.

Do they do it quickly, and hide in bunkers until the massacre is complete?

Or do they slowly poison us?

Would you really want to give people time to figure it out and risk them coming after you?


Anonymous said...

Here is another series of videos that are very interesting, CR.

I am Sick said...

"Or do they slowly poison us?"

You are getting very close there CR. Check out a couple of websites, and Interesting videos and info, tying back into Agenda21 and it's own genesis The Lima Declaration 1975. It appears there are some rather revolting people at the highest levels of the world elite.

Anonymous said...

I don't know more, but I'm pleased to wade in.
Jumping off the deep end, the way to learn to swim.