August 08, 2010

Jordan Maxwell-The Rothchilds Own Your Ass

If you haven't yet watched/read/heard Jordan Maxwell, this video is a good place to start.

Then put aside some time and watch the others over at YouTube. This video will give you a good grounding.

Jordan is an intelligent man, and he has been studying his subject for decades. He fears for his safety because of some of the information he has shared with the world. He has been threatened regularly. By his own government.

Which tells me that he is on to something.

Check him out.



Anonymous said...

Saw this video a while back CR. There's a lot of interesting stuff in there that Jordan Maxwell discusses. And yes, Rothschild do own our ass and the sooner people realise that the better. Bank of England (and the rest) hello?

P.S. By you may enjoy my second latest post: Media Manipulation leading to Muslim Mayhem

Forgive my blatant plug ;)

microdave said...

I'm sorry, but I had to hit the stop button after a couple of minutes. What F***wit put that intensely irritating soundtrack on the clip???

If there was only one law on earth, it should be something that caused these pricks to suffer slow painful deaths....

Does anyone produce software to remove such noise?

Apologies for the outburst, but I've just come from DK's where a link in one of his comments lead me to the Grauniad - say no more....

Anonymous said...

Maxwell comes out with a lot of anti-NWO stuff but it's the rest of his material you need to be concerned about.

The NWO know that some of you are going to become aware of what's going on so they're trying to control what's released, when and how. They're also trying to shape your conclusions, specifically in regards to religion. The likes of Mawell, Icke and Tsarion all push a 'we are all one', 'consciousness shift' that is essentially theosophic. Theosophy is luciferian/satanic as evidenced by Alice Bailey's creation of the Lucifer (Lucis) trust which published and disseminates UN material.

Maxwell also appears to be a mason.

The rabbit hole is deeper than you think.

Anonymous said...


I haven't got into Maxwell much, but I've heard a lot about the anti anti NWO people such as Maxwell, Tsarion and Icke (also Alex jones). It's all interesting and there's a lot there put in to completely confuse. Prime examples are films like Esoteric Agenda which do promote the pagan/one love situation with all, which promotes the effective coming together of all peoples, the wiping out of indigenous cultures, beliefs, languages into one big homogenous blob.

This interests me quite a bit, because its aimed purely at kids who see this as the way forward. Unbeknown to them, they are actually pushing the NWO agenda of globalism, one world government, banking systems in the way they behave, by continuing the "we're all one people" attitude.

It can get very confusing, but the NWO know that the internet is the most powerful tool against them but can also be their most powerful tool for them by planting as many disinformation agents as they possibly can.

Sometimes I just want to forget about it all and live in a cave somewhere, hoping to be hit by a lightning bolt before it all gets rather grim to bear.....

I am Stan said...

Yo Capitan,

Mmmm seems to know what hes waffling about,I suspect a mysterious car crash,or a fatal walk in the woods will see the end of him.