August 06, 2010

Bill Maloney-Champion.

We all know that our "establishment" is jammed full of paedophiles.

This includes politicians, senior policemen, judges, barristers, lawyers, and civil servants. Then there's your film stars, your singers, and the sicko down your street.

They abuse children because they are psychopaths. They do not think like normal humans. They cannot empathise with their victims' pain.

This is also why they tend to excuse child abuse when a case comes to court. These fuckers are in league with each other, so they protect each other. So many get off with short sentences it defies belief.

Bill Maloney-as you will learn when you watch this video-is a victim himself. Instead of just doing his best to live with his horrendous experiences, he has chosen to fight. Not only that, but he has taken on the fight for every abused child out there.

Tomorrow he will join the rally in Trafalgar Square, during which he will commit an act of treason. If you can get there, please support these activists. More details here.

Children need to be protected from these animals, these fucking freaks who do not care how much they  hurt, or how much they damage.

When you learn that "well respected members" of our society are committing these vile acts, and nothing is done, it's time to get angry. It's time to pay them back.

Good on you Bill, and Lilly, and all the others fighting for justice.



Anonymous said...

It's sad to think of all the corruption. There's nothing worse than being made to feel helpless and someone say to you "We're going to f*ck you and there's nothing you can do about it."

Remember again that these evil people are being protected by the public, that is those who work for them. Yes, the shaft the very people who protect them. This is reality.

There is a choice you can take and that's to continue playing by the rules, or stop playing by the rules. The establishment did so a long time ago. They're quite happy to knock off people here and there whenever they feel like it (David Kelly, Diana, Jean Charles de Menenez etc) and I wonder what would happen if the general public started behaving the same way?

This is a game, but we're still playing by the rules that they make but most certainly do not follow.

It's time to play the game, only by our rules and then let's see who wins, or should I say submits first? I can guarantee that the people of this land most certainly won't and the prize for second place won't be a very nice one. You can be rest assured on that.

Abuse rips families apart. I know all about it, as no doubt do many.

Taking back our land will not be easy. Those who control it won't give it away. And they are no different to the underground villain networks in the way they play either. Yet they continue to pull the wool over our eyes via continued propaganda by the media they control.

Time people began to wake up, or else what happened to Dyana may very well happen to you or a loved one.

JJ said...

I hope he lights up a cigarette...that should get on the six-O'clock news!

Corrugated Soundbite said...

I'm in central London tomorrow. Hope to have something to report back.

By the way, glad to have you back with us, Cap'n. Excellent news.

James Higham said...

It's very much a Them characteristic e.g. the Franklin coverup.

Bucko said...

Captain, good evening. I can't watch the video again because my PC is absolute pants. Investment required I think.

I am assuming that the guy in the video was abused as a child and is fighting back? If so then bloody good luck.

I have strong vievs on pedos that I am not sure are shared by most, considering the pedo mania that has gripped the country in Labours reign. You seem a sensible chap and I would value your input.

I see two types of pedo. The hideous monster who sexually abuses a young child. be it a family member or someone else who he has been trusted to care for. Then there is the chap who has consetual sex whith a fifteen year old girl.

I worked in pubs for many years and the strict law is you can't serve alcohol to someone who is under eighteen. I have met many sixteen year olds who are mature enogh to come in a pub and drink booze responsibly. I have aslo met many (even more) twenty to thiry year olds who are so stupid, they don't deserve to be allowed booze.

I tend to see sex in the same way. Legal age barriers are pretty arbitry. Maturity and responsiblity come with the person, not with the age. I'm sure there are many underage girls who can view sex in a responsible manner yet have the ability to send a eighteen year old (say) to prison to be beaten up for two years. In the same manner, ther are many much older women who can keep popping out kids to different dads whose only punishment is a council house and many benefits, paid by us.

Sorry if it's a bit off topic. I'll watch the clip when I can.

Anonymous said...

Hope the Rally goes well today. Good luck to all concerned.

Oldrightie said...

As someone whose daughter died from a lifelong exposure to these shits, I have every sympathy. Sadly, the cunning manner they protect themselves is as unbreakable as it is unbearable. I wish the people in London every success. Yet until the people behind Dunblane like lifestyles and those in power are outed, it's a very difficult issue to resolve. When the likes of Peter Mandleson and his cohorts bestride the world with impunity, what chance success?

richard said...

John Stalker said there were about 150 corrupt policemen in the Met. who were beyond the reach of the law. If you look at David Icke's take on Dunblane, he reckons that the gunman was mind-controlled and ordered to eliminate the witnesses of abuse. I dunno if that's true, but I hope it isn't. And why oh why are 5 year-olds being taught the facts of life? They've barely learned to walk and talk, they should be watching the Clangers or whatever they have now. Something's badly amiss.

Captain Ranty said...

I haven't seen the Icke/Dunblane thing. I'll look it up.

The "sexualisation" of children is right out of the Frankfurt School. It's one of dozens of way to break down civilisation.

Everything they have done/are doing is predicated on that.

There will be a reckoning. Depend on that.


richard said...

While you're at it, have a look at this -
A grim tale of sexual abuse of a Downs Syndrome girl, and an alleged cover-up by people at high levels. The girl's uncle was found carbonised in his burnt-out car having apparently died in the fire, but he had been beaten to death beforehand. He had - it is claimed - been an accidental eye-witness to sexual abuse of the girl and consequently was very far from happy. Now he can't testify. Damien Green, a journalist, was arrested on a breach of the peace charge as he was preparing to hand out leaflets about the case.