August 18, 2010


This is a notice that I sent to the Solicitors Office at HMRC on 13th July 2010. It remains unanswered to this day.

Victory is mine.

I refer to your letter dated 06 July 2010.

I reiterate that my “tax debt”, as you call it, has yet to be substantiated legally and lawfully. I have asked a number of questions in recent months, all of which remain unanswered. So far, you have provided nothing of substance. You have ignored my questions, questions I am entitled to ask, especially considering the legality of the tax statutes you refer to. You are, as ever, in dishonour.

You also choose to ignore just how powerful my standing is concerning Lawful Rebellion. It would appear that you have no understanding of common law. I strongly advise you to speak with a lawyer trained in constitutional matters and common law. One who perhaps understands the might of Magna Carta 1215, Magna Carta 1297, the Bill of Rights 1869 and one who knows, as I do, exactly what it means to have entered Lawful Rebellion.

You should also ask him/her about unrebutted affidavits. In case you didn’t know, an unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in law. I have two of these in existence. One is filed with the Home Office, and the other is filed at 10 Downing Street. To date, neither has been rebutted.

For the record, whilst you/HMRC may have “statutory obligations”, I do not.

I DO NOT consent to your continued taxation of my pay through any UK Government taxation scheme which implicates me in illegal war crimes, genocide and crimes against peace under International Law. I have asked for written confirmation via your office from the Minister of Justice that I am absolved of these crimes perpetrated by the British government. These crimes were NOT committed in my name and I hereby demand that all taxes paid since March 2003 are repaid to me.

You may still opt to pursue this through the courts. Whilst this would be premature on your part, court action is not something that fills me with terror. In law, I have already won. I refer you to my notice dated 8th December 2009. Your failure to answer that notice with substance ensured that I gained permanent estoppel by acquiescence.

I will ask you one final time to answer the questions I have previously put to HMRC. If they remain unanswered 30 days from the above date I will consider the matter settled.

Without frivolity, vexation, or ill-will,

Captain: of the Ranty family.

(Today's notice).

I refer to my notice dated 13th July 2010.

I find it passing strange that you ignored my Notice. The last paragraph was crystal clear: respond, with substance, within 30 days or our business is done. Not for the first time I have gained permanent estoppel by acquiescence. If that phrase disturbs you, another maxim in law says "He that does not disagree, agrees".

Over the months I have won in various ways. Shall we recap?

1. I am in Lawful Rebellion. Your statutes do not apply to me. My affidavit to HM Queen Elizabeth II remains unrebutted.

2. I am a Freeman on the Land. My affidavit to the Home Office clearly states that I am not obliged to pay any form of taxation. This affidavit is unrebutted.

3. My affidavit, again unrebutted, to David Cameron dba The First Lord of the Treasury, also states that I am no longer obliged to "obey" statutes.

4. I have already paid the "demand" you made of me. I used the negotiable instrument that you sent to me on 8th December 2009. According to the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 you had three days to refuse that method of payment. You did not a) refuse payment and you did not b) return the negotiable instrument to me. I am a fair, honest, and honourable man, so I will enclose another negotiable instrument for the same amount. I am sure you aware of the term "Reprobata pecunia liberat solventem" (Money refused releases the person paying). 

All that remains is for you to confirm in writing that our business is concluded.

Two final points- 

1. I am informed that a different HMRC office has been sending letters to my old address. I have not lived there for almost three years and I have instructed the new owners to destroy any letters from HMRC. I have lost count of the number of times you have been given my new address. 

2. If you wish to contest the contents of this notice and you require a response I will be unable to reply until October 2010 as I am travelling in Africa on business for the next five or six weeks.

Without frivolity, vexation, or ill-will,

Captain: of the Ranty family.

As always, I will update you when/if they reply.



IanG said...

Nice one. Yesterday I became a FREEMAN after my NOUICR was ignored by Cameron and the Notary signed off my Default Notice. Today I've been practising my AFV's. Tuesday I'm in court for no road tax - should be fun.

Hope you'll still be blogging/tweeting whilst in Africa!

Captain Ranty said...

Congratulations Ian! Welcome aboard the Freedom Express!

AFV's-I recently heard that we should avoid using a red pen. Apparently that is considered writing in "blood"! Use purple instead, that really upsets them!

Let us know what happens in court. It's all a game and they will try to enforce their (unfair) rules.

I will blog & tweet as long as the interweb connections hold up. They are both sub-Saharan countries I am visiting this time and good comms are not always guaranteed.


Fascist Hippy said...

Good on you and have a great trip.

He's Spartacus said...

Well done, Cap'n, you bad lad!

The ghost of Oliver Wendell Holmes will be haunting you on those cold, lonely nights in the desert.

I spent a wonderful six weeks travelling through Senegal, Mali and Mauritania back in the '80s. I envy you.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks FH!

Captain Ranty said...


No desert for me this time.

I'm visiting Nigeria and Ghana. I have been to both countries several times.

Nigeria is dangerous if you don't keep your wits about you. Good people though, not everyone wants to rob, rape or kill you.

Ghana is a beautiful country. Nice and stable. It's dodgy driving at night because some people think it is fine to take a dump on a main road at midnight. I have nearly killed several people this way.


He's Spartacus said...

I got arrested in Accra once, but that another story for another time.

James Higham said...

Electrodes up the proverbial for you, my son. If they can't win the argument, expect the boys.

Captain Ranty said...


I'll be here.

If they try to use force I will respond in kind.

They won't though. They will use paper. And I will use mine.


Barking Spider said...

Good man, CR, things seem to be moving in the right direction!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Spidey.

I've logged this as a decisive win, but they will want to whine some more, as James says.

I'll play the cards as they fall.

Not much else I can do.


Anonymous said...

U not go to africa

Captain Ranty said...


It's where I do my thing, Anon. The word "Africa" is even in my job title.

Do you think I make stuff like that up?

What would be the point?


Indyanhat said...

How did you taking a dump in the middle of the road almost kill several people Cap'n...thats got my imagination going nicely, di it cause them to skid?

Well done on dumping in the road in front of the HMRC mate!

Have a good trip and stay safe we want to hear more of your adventures with the Taxtwats and any one else that messes with a 'Freeman'!!!

Old Nick said...

I have done my best to help


The Talking Clock said...

Inspiring exchange, Captain, and I can certainly envisage that one day over the next year or two, your inspiring bravery will sway me to follow suit.

I've obviously seen other people's examples of this, but I think that your intellect and demonstration of knowledge holds more persuasive sway than any other I have seen.

I do my hat to you as a mark of genuine respect.

Captain Ranty said...


How could you possibly think that I would poop on the main road?

I go behind a tree.

Thanks for your good wishes.


Captain Ranty said...


It's a good man that you are.

I doubt anyone will argue with your decision!


Captain Ranty said...


You are too kind.

I am not brave, just angry that they take the piss all day and every day.

One of these fine days I will be able to put up their letters to me. Some have been a little insulting, most are condescending and almost all are threatening.

I bear them no malice. They are just drones enforcing the rules, but the trouble is that the rules are illegal.


jonah said...

Super stuff, Captain.

Angry Exile said...

Superb job, Cap'n. There must be people on your case desperately wishing someone else in the office had got the file instead of them. That alone should give you a warm fuzzy. Keep it up, mate.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Jonah.

Captain Ranty said...

Thank you also, AE.

This is their modus operandi. They ignore lawful Notices at their peril.

This is potent stuff we send their way yet they prefer to write us off as ignorant peasants.

I have them by the balls, and they know it.

The next move is theirs. I am done with them. I am not waiting for them to confirm that I am right. I already know it.


Man with Many Chins said...

Well done Captain :-)

Neil P said...

When citing Freeman or Breach of Magna Carta, please refer to me; In re T & J, Humphrey v Humphrey 04-1036 ; (Acting) Lord Protector Neil P.

Breach of Magna Carta (Right to Fair Trial) against my personal (sovereign) rights, is breach against you.

The UK and its national debt are void ab initio.

In 2006, US Court of Appeals vacated for Arbitary Judgment; but lower judge unlawfully refused timely New Trial (by Clerk under Rules of Procedure).

To preserve US Supreme Court original jurisdiction as my own Commonwealth of England (Runnymede) Ambassador, I fielded an army at Runnymede, and retook this sovereign acre from the USA. Treasonably given by QE2 (and the UK) to the US in JFK Memorial Act 1965. Sic "People of Britain" is in fact (Roman Britannae) England & Wales, not UK. (US London embassy marines declined to accept war notice during height of anthrax scare, its marines declined verbal invite to field in battle, as recorded in S016 Diplomatic Protection Group police notebook as court record). In good faith it was held for a year and a day, under Bannockburn precedent. (Military Historically, this was first zero public risk, Matrix won battlefield. Cheese is porous substitute for Kiegelsguhr, stabilizing Nitrogyclerin and other explosives. It is edible by animals, and compliant with Treaty on Landmines; which USA refuses to sign.) US Court of Appeals was aware of action arising from Breach of Magna Carta; appointed counsel, who as an officer of the court, did not consider necessary to raise lawful cause of war as terrorism in USA, and permitted to be at war with unconstitutional Virginia, as treaty IS supreme law.

As (English) republican wielder of the breach is called Lord Protector, my title has been acknowledged by 10 Downing Street, in correspondence under royal perogative, by Tony Blair.
In fact, he could not even resign by taking office under me not queen, so you'd all been conned. And as a Catholic creating a war under threat of royal perogative, was also treason.

I have been subject to many attempts against my person, including one noted by Nottingham police; who responded within 1 minute (backed by armed police); and MI6 in Titan Niteclub, Nizhnekamsk, Russia, during pending asylum claim. (Too hot, and out on plane under supervision of Russian Defence Minister).
(I am unofficially on European Court's hotlist of political dissidents for any inquest).

Hence, I am lawfully acting on behalf on Oliver Cromwell, although deceased and then executed, is pardoned void ab initio by present monarchy's Magna Carta breach.

Refer to

Neil P said...

The law...

In 04-1036 Humphrey v Humphrey (in re: T & J), recovery of my internationally abducted twin children; Dame Butler Schloss, for the Royal Courts of Justice, Family Division, devolved sovereign question to Virginia (USA), in behalf of United Kingdom union under English law.

Sovereign question arose because...
(0) 'Virginia was ignorring treaty, in judicial bad behaviour, against US Constitution; and under both laws, arbitrary judgement (was racist against British). Of all former colonies, only 'Virginia retained personal property in spite of Paris Peace Treaty bringing Independence.
(1) "Authority" in preamble of Acts, including taxation and HMRC, stems from Magna Carta limitation and exercise on sovereignty in perpetuity.
(2) QE2 told commonwealth New Zealand that Breach of Magna Carta end UK sovereignty, but its Parliament and Government subservient to dissolution and royal perogative, her courts as only remaining check would not be that stupid. (But they were in 04-1036)
(3) Human Rights Act has sovereign exception, but my Magna Carta sovereignty excepts UK sovereign exception.
(4) Magna Carta Right to Fair Trial is current law in England & Wales. Devolved appeal court declared Breach (of Fair Trial) as Arbitrary Judgement (unresolved).
(5) US Constitution places treaty as Supreme Law.
(6) 'Virginia uses lex-loci, the law of the place (not fori forum).
Its courts are capable of hearing not only child abduction, but Breach of Magna Carta.
(7) 'Virginia retains our Common Law against Child (Kid) Abduction (Nap) to colonies; and defines word later extended to adults and non-international.
(8) USA does not prevent duel, which complies with 1965 JFK Memorial Act as "any recreational purpose between dawn and dusk". This also equates to Trial By Combat, the fallback position under Common Law. Since QE2 is a lady over 80, sovereign precedent is for the eldest son, Prince Charles, not appointed champion (who is obliged by Magna Carta to field on my side). Such a duel is by conquest, recreating Cromwell's Commonwealth of England. Full devolution.
(9) QE2 attended 'Virginia 400 years, even though British Embassy and Whitehouse had been previously served.
(10) Whilst QE2 may contend she cannot be compelled to appear in her court, the republican courts of England's Peoples High Court of Justice, and those of USA are not obliged. I have the republican sovereignty, not her.
(11) I have made it clear, that I would be satisfied with Prince William instead, or even Prince Harry, who probably isn't even Charles', like Prince Andrew. No wonder the royals want to be secret and don't want to DNA, as required by 1701 Act of Succession. Whilst a female line my be proven on paper, a male line is subject to modern science. Historical samples taken from sole-use hair-brushes are known to be in republican symapthiser hands!

In 2015, QE2 and Prince Charles must attend 800 Magna Carta. Duel is set to be televised, and as such prevents Charle's accession by US injunction enforceable in English Courts.

Refer to
once I have completed pages. It lawfully has entire shadow government, courts etc.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Neil.

This is fascinating.

Not many people will see these comments so I would like to work with you to post something that would be seen by the 20,000 + visitors that come here.

Can you write to me here:

captainranty at btinternet dot com